Empower em10 Bench
Empower em10 Bench

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Product Description

A complete and compact fitness tool for working out at home, the Empower em10 Workout Bench has women's fitness goals in mind. The em10 includes a multi-position, easy adjust backrest cushion to vary your fitness routine, an illustrated workout poster demonstrating many exercises and, to complete your fitness experience, a follow-along workout DVD with a certified personal trainer. Built for free weight workout routines, the em10 offers multiple positions and easy adjustments, enabling you to vary workout routine. Free from the bulk and complexity of a typical fitness bench, the em10 folds flat for storage, is compact and extremely easy to use.

Features and Specifications:

  • Space saving design folds flat for storage; fits under your bed or in a closet.
  • Easily adjustable four-position bench design significantly simplifies changing bench angles. The four bench positions (decline, flat, incline & upright) target muscles from multiple angles for maximum results.
  • Extra thick cushions, similar to those found in health club equipment, add comfort to all your bench exercises.
  • Patented, contoured backrest cushion allows for full range of motion, increasing the effectiveness of your bench exercise workouts.
  • Dimensions, unfolded: 43 x 15 inches (L x W)
  • Dimensions, folded: 42 x 15 x 8 inches (L x W x H)
  • Seat height: 18 inches
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds

Manufacturer's Warranty
Ten-year warranty on frame and welds, three-year warranty on pulleys and parts, one-year warranty on upholstered cushions

About Utility Benches
Despite the competition from trendy new fitness inventions, free weight lifting continues to be a popular option for home strength training. Free weights offer a special benefit in strength training because they promote quicker strength gains and require more balance and coordination. Free weights also work a larger number of muscles than resistance machines, which tend to focus on isolated muscles. However, free weights must be used properly or injury is more likely to occur. A utility bench helps manage free weight routines. Specially designed, adjustable pads, grips, and bars help limit and guide movements to minimize the possibility of muscle or joint damage. Plus, from a single utility bench, a vast number of exercises can be performed. Whether you want to focus on your abdomen, arms, chest, or any other muscle group, a utility bench can help you maximize your strength training goals while minimizing your risk of personal injury.

  • Easily adjustable four-position bench design targets muscles from multiple angles
  • Extra thick cushions, similar to those found in health club equipment
  • Designed for use with free weight workout routines; includes DVD and workout chart
  • Elegantly styled in a rich champagne color with soft elliptical curves
  • Folds for easy storage; 250-pound maximum user weight

Customer Reviews:

  • Empower
    I ordered this item thinking that it would be the perfect bench to easily use and store away. It is also inexpensive compared to others I looked at. I like it because it suits me considering I'm petite -I would not recommend it to anyone tall or heavyset - and it's lightweight so I can move and fold it without a hassle. However, it's difficult to do certain exercises on it particularly if you have to lie down. My biggest pet peeve is that it came unassembled despite what the ad states. Apparently some people didn't have to deal with assembly, but I did and it took hours to do. The instructions are crude pictographs and I had to improvise in areas. Fortunately for me it hasn't collapsed and I've used it several times already. Overall it was a good purchase to start - further along I will probably upgrade to a different bench....more info
  • Finally a bench designed for women
    I am average height (5'6") and have trouble keeping good form on some of the bigger benches that are really designed for men. This allows me to sit up straight and keep my feet flat on the floor so I can really focus on the workout and not getting steady on the bench. I love products designed specifically for women! ...more info
  • Great Bench with caveats...
    Strong, sturdy and foldable at a great price. It does exactly what its said to do.

    It comes in pieces, with all the necessary tools to build. Total time assembling was 15-20 minutes.

    Now the caveats (and this in no way detracts from my score, but its just something a buyer should know before purchasing):

    -I am 5'10, 180 lbs. This bench is perfect for someone my height (or shorter). I feel anyone taller than that and this bench would be too small for you. The front tip of the seat to the upper end of the bench (laid out flat) is 42 inches. If you feel this is enough for you, then you're set.

    -When FOLDED, the highest point of the bench measures 10 inches from the floor. If you had plans on shoving this under your bed (or any other space) you better make sure it will fit.

    -A lot of people complain that with a lack of leg support, doing decline exercises is difficult (no balance). This is true. However, an easy cure for this problem is simply to anchor your feet to the bottom of your bed or couch or coffee table. No this isn't ideal, but with extra leg support, the cost of this bench would increase, not to mention the foldability and compactness. Its a trade off I'm MORE than willing to make....more info
  • Assembly Required!
    This isn't a bad bench for the price, though it did NOT come assembled, as promised. I can't imagine why they would describe it as shipping fully assembled--it isn't very difficult to assemble, so why bother with the false pretense? This really irked me. This is not really a bench for bigger people, either. It's great for me (an average female), but there's no way my husband could use it (he's 6'3", 200 lbs.). I'd buy it again, but if you aren't willing to assemble, and you are above average in either height or weight, I'd think twice....more info
  • Excellent weight bench!
    This weight bench was perfect for my light to moderate dumb bell workouts. Its light weight and the folding feature allows me to keep it out of the way when not in use. Even my wife was impressed with the esthetics. However, the three settings may not be enough for the serious body builder types, but they are ample for us older folks who are just trying to keep fit. Also, good price and free shipping as an Amazon Prime member. ...more info
  • decent bench
    I bought this bench for my 15 yo son. Decent bench for the price. Would recommend....more info
  • Good bench for the money
    I got this bench as part of a home gym and like it very much. It was
    pretty easy to assemble and seems sturdy. The only concern I would have is it might not be great for my husband or son since they are much taller & heavier. It seems to be designed for a woman so it works great for me.
    ...more info
  • Exactly what I was looking for!
    I wanted to purchase an exercise bench for my 61 year old father who has been doing free weight exercises on the floor for as long as I can remember. I needed something that could fold for easy storage. This bench folds and unfold easily, is sturdy, attractive, comfortable, light weight, offers 4 positions for different exercises, and comes with an exercise DVD and pamphlet. There was no assembly required, although there is a spare part that looks like a cap that we couldn't determine where it belongs...I highly recommend this bench!...more info
  • Broke after 2 months use
    I had this bench for two months, and all of a sudden the metal bar that keeps the bench upright snapped off and broken (almost got injured). I have another bench that I have been using for over year and never had that kind of problem. The em10 is decent quality but it's not built for durability or stability. Overall not worth it in the long term....more info
  • Fully Assembled? I Think Not.....
    One of the selling points of this weight bench was that it came fully assembled, but when I saw the box waiting on the porch for me I had a sinking feeling that this was not true. Sure enough, when I opened the box it was in pieces with assembly instructions included. It wasn't hard to assemble, but it would have been nice to know in advance so I could take that into account when comparing the different benches in my price range. Also, it is a bit on the small side as mentioned in other reviews. It doesn't take up much room, though, and does fold up nicely to stow away. Overall, I am happy with my purchase....more info
  • its okay
    Its okay. Too small and too expensive for the price! Also, you need to assemble, it doesn't come pre-built.

    ...more info
  • Think twice on this purchase
    Not really a bad value, although it would be a slam dunk if there were a couple more incline settings and the seat could be raised. Also, if you're 6' or better (as I am), you're going to find the bench is shorter than you'd like. This is a tough product to buy online - it takes a few uses to test it out and by then it's too much trouble to return. I'll use it until I can find a better one at a yard sale. ...more info
  • Empower em10 Bench
    This is a great little workout bench with the emphasis on "LITTLE".
    No where did I remember reading that this was a small bench meant for women or small men. I am 6'0" and it is far to short for me. My head hangs over the end of bench when working out.
    Otherwise It was built nice and folds down a lot flater that the Bowflex bench I was looking at.
    If you aren't a short person... don't buy this bench. Spring for the Bowflex. If you are short...this is a great bench at a great price.
    ...more info
  • Excellent design, solidly built
    Great bench, solidly constructed and easily stored. The only element missing is something to support the legs in decline position. Happy with the purchase....more info
  • Danskin Weight Bench
    This little bench is perfect for women, but men can use it too! The price is reasonable and it is attractive, sturdy and easy to assemble. I own 2 now and love them both....more info


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