3M #9808 15x24Filtrete AC Filter

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Product Description

15" x 24", Filtrete Micro Particle Room Air Conditioner Filter, More Effective Than Ordinary Foam Room Air Conditioners Filters At Capturing Airborne Particles Including Dust, Pollen, Mold, Pet Dander & Smoke.

  • 3M #9808 15x24Filtrete AC Filter

 Customer Reviews:

  • Great! Get this for your Air Conditioner and you will see and feel the difference.
    I have been using the Filtrete Room Air Conditioner filters for three years and these are great. I cut the filters to fit with the inner AC filter-screen. Tape down and that is it. The amount of dust, dirt and pollution it collects so that it is not re-circulated inside is amazing. I had always suspected that there was dust and pollution circulating, but I had no idea. I could actually feel a difference. Now, I change them out every summer although the instructions say every two months. This is a must have so I stock up on them to save on shipping. I think the Filtera web-site is slightly cheaper if you buy in bulk and it has a $1 shipping promiotion on orders. Highly encourage you to buy once you see how much dirt it collects and how much cleaner your air-conditioned air is after a summer. ...more info
  • I knew it was a problem but
    I knew the screen filter on my window unit was not adequate filteration for dust, etc so I decided to give Filtrete Room Filter a try. It works great! I've noticed a difference in the dust in the house. (No central air.) It has been three weeks and the filter looks pretty gross so I guess I'll be changing it fairly frequent. Also, I was able to cut one filter to fit two units: 5K BTU + 12K BTU. ...more info