Violight VIO200 Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer

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Violight Personal Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer Exposed toothbrushes are a magnet for germs in the bathroom. Those who travel are exposed to a higher risk of contamination because the toothrush is thrown into a travel bag or left on a hotel sink. You no longer need to fear the hazards of potentially germ infested environments due to the state-of-the-art germicidal UV bulb in the Violight Personal Travel Toothbrush sanitizer. Just brush, rinse and santitize! Uses germicidal UV light Kills 99.9% of germs in 7 minutes Use with most electric heads and virtually ALL manual brushes Great for hotels, airplanes, dorms and health clubs Battery operated Free toothbrush inluded Requires 2 x "AA" Batteries (not included) Uses germicidal UV light technology Healthier way of transporting your toothbrush Kills germs by destroying the DNA in bacteria Removable drip tray for easy cleaning Doubles as a sanitizer and a holder Eliminates E.coli, salmonella and other harmful germs

No matter how often you scrub and clean, microscopic critters will still thrive in the warm, moist environment of the average bathroom. In fact, a single toothbrush can harbor millions of microorganisms -- millions! -- which means it's a good idea to sanitize something that you put in your mouth several times a day if you want to reduce your chances of bacterial infection.

The VIO200 is a handy, travel-friendly way to kill bacteria on your toothbrush. View larger.

Violight puts the "clean" back in oral hygiene.
If you already have the Violight VS100 Toothbrush Sanitizer, then you're aware of its nifty design and the peace of mind that it offers. However, it can be a bit difficult to tote the four-brush VS100 on business trips and vacations. That's where the new VIO200 Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer comes in. That's right, you can take toothbrush sanitization with you on the road, keeping your toothbrush sanitized wherever you go.

There's nothing worse than getting sick while traveling, but it can happen to anyone. Some people are exposed to germs in an obvious manner, such as sitting next to someone who is coughing and sneezing on the plane. But did you know that you can also be harmed by germs if you lay your toothbrush down on the counter in your hotel room? Whether you're staying in a cheap road-side motel or a five-star beach resort, hotel rooms are filled with germs. Even when a bathroom looks clean it may still suffer from microbial contamination.

And here's something to think about: if you plan on staying at a friend or family member's house instead of a hotel during your trip, the germ count in the bathroom will probably be even higher. Even if the people you're staying with are "clean freaks," bathrooms are such a breeding ground for germs that it is near impossible for them to be bacteria-free. According to independent studies, Violight is able to kill 99.9-percent of the bacteria living on your toothbrush (including the influenza virus, streptococcus and staphylococcus) with its germicidal UV light . So no matter where you stay while you're traveling, you can rest assured the VIO200 will help keep your toothbrush clean and your immune system in tip-top working order. Plus, it's ultra-safe to use -- you don't have to mess with dangerous hot steam or boiling water.

The real benefit of the Violight, though, is that it provides peace of mind and good protection from all kinds of nastiness that might be lurking on your trusty bristles. Although toothbrushes don't feel any different after being sanitized by the Violight, it's nice to know that your brushes are clean and germ free. After finding out that the Centers for Disease Control has even stated that toothbrushes can be a significant source of "potentially pathogenic organisms," you'll be glad that the Violight is around. So if you're looking for the ultimate in brushing safety, you'll rest easy knowing that this handy sanitizer puts the "clean" back in oral hygiene.

There are few other things you can do to protect yourself from harmful germs. Travel experts advise you to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after you touch items that are prone to bacteria. You can also wipe down door knobs, lamp switches, telephones, and countertops with antibacterial swabs. And when it comes to the bathroom, whatever you do, keep your toothbrush off that counter. As Violight Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer inventor Joel Pinksys says, "You wouldn't put a dirty fork or spoon that has been sitting on the counter overnight into your mouth without sanitizing it would you? The same should go for your toothbrush."

So take it from Joel, get yourself a travel sanitizer. This device, which holds a single toothbrush and is powered by two AA batteries, serves as both a sanitizer and a safe, clean place to store your toothbrush while you're traveling. After you brush and rinse, simply put the brush in the case, push the button, and seven minutes later the device will shuts off automatically, and your toothbrush will be sanitized. The process couldn't be easier, and the results are well worth the effort.

  • Easy, one-button activation with auto shut off in just seven minutes
  • Kills 99.9-percent of the bacteria living on your toothbrush with germicidal UV light
  • Small, compact size doubles as a toothbrush travel holder
  • Measures 8.5 x 2.1 x 1.1 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 0.4 pounds
  • Travel sanitizer holds a single toothbrush (toothbrush included) and is operated by two AA batteries (not included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Works GREAT!...
    When I travel, I like to keep my toothbrush in my butt (for security purposes). Since I've been using this sanitizer, there's been almost no residual fecal matter in my teeth after brushing. GREAT PRODUCT!!!...more info
  • Started off great...then tanked!
    This product started off great. Then, within about 4 weeks, it would only come on if you shook it a little. Replaced the batteries. Worked great for a couple days, then would only come on with a little shake. Changed batteries again but still would only work if shaken a little. Now, completely dead after just 10 weeks....more info
  • Good, but not for long.
    The Violight travel toothbrush sanitizer works well. So there's no reason to give it a bad rating for the actual use of it and what you're buying it for. However I find it hard to use it when after only a couple of months the UV light stops turning on the way it should. And in an even shorter amount of time after that it just completely stops working. I got about three and a half months use out of this item before it completely gave out. Is it the batteries? No. Is it the bulb? Possibly, but that wouldn't make sense with a statement from Violight saying that it is a "lifetime bulb." Either way, it's ridiculous.

    Spending $30 on this item isn't a big deal to me in the slightest. But with it's shoddy design (which I'm not even going to mention) and even more pathetic lifespan it isn't worth a tenth of that. ...more info
  • Kills Pesky Germs-I Hope
    Toothbrush seems to stay good as new but the inside of the toothbrush sanitizer has been discolered by the light....more info
  • Ok so far
    Seems to be working fine. In my humble opinion, the size of the item is as compact as it can be with relation to toothbrush size and the size of the light mechanism that has to effectively kill germs. Again, I'm just stating my opinion even though others have complained....more info
  • Ok so far
    Seems to be working fine. In my humble opinion, the size of the item is as compact as it can be with relation to toothbrush size and the size of the light mechanism that has to effectively kill germs. Again, I'm just stating my opinion even though others have complained....more info
  • Keeps your toothbrush clean!
    Here is what you need to keep the germs off your toothbrush! Ever wonder what falls onto it when you're not using your toothbrush, or if someone sneezes around it! Well this sanitizes it! An ultraviolet light goes on for seven minutes after you put it inside and close it. Leaving the toothbrush clean and ready for the next use! Uses two AA Batteries....more info
  • Ciao Bacteria
    A great product. I initially had trouble with the light turning on, but I noticed that if I SLOWLY closed the lid, the light turned on EVERYTIME. That is the key to getting this product to work if you are one of those having trouble.

    The size is great and is a great place to store your toothbrush whether you travel or not. Yes, a long time ago, you would just store your toothbrush in a special holder, but would you want to keep all that bacteria in your mouth. Doctors have recently discovered that not only is it important to keep your teeth clean, but this also gives you an insight into your personal health.

    Enjoy and happy brushing!...more info
  • Better Products On The Market
    I just received this product for a holiday gift and while I am sure it will sanitize your toothbrush as promised, there are a couple of hiccups that should sway your purchasing this model.

    The worst problem is that there is no "on/off" switch, you simply shut the case and six minutes later the violight is done working. This is problematic when you wish to take out the toothbrush and close it for a later use, the light comes back on and you are left to either a. keep the case open or b. remove the batteries after each use.

    Second, it is not nearly as small as the picture would indicate, and thus perhaps not the best travel companion....more info
  • Started off great...then tanked!
    This product started off great. Then, within about 4 weeks, it would only come on if you shook it a little. Replaced the batteries. Worked great for a couple days, then would only come on with a little shake. Changed batteries again but still would only work if shaken a little. Now, completely dead after just 10 weeks....more info
  • This thing EATS batteries ....
    At the rate it's going, it'll use about 50/year. And then there's always the nagging question ... did I buy snake oil? I can't think of anything else I own where there's NO evidence to tell if it's REALLY doing what it claims it's doing! So the reason for 4 stars? Blind faith, optimism and the high tech box....more info
  • Seems to work...sometimes
    I purchased this several months ago and have been generally pleased with it. I do not use it to travel with, but rather have it on my bathroom counter and periodically clean my toothbrush with it once a week or so. At times when I place a toothbrush in it takes awhile for the light to activate. I sometimes have to shake it gently back and forth or open and shut the top before it activates. Minor inconvenience and overall it seems to do its job....more info
  • OK let's believe in the tooth fairy
    I purchased two of these tooth sanitizers. One worked, the other never turned off after 7 minutes, 20 minutes, 12 hours. I could only assume whatever sanitizing needed to be done, was done in 7 minutes on my toothbrush, but my wife's toothbrush needed some serious sanitizing, because hers never turned off. Made me wonder where her mouth has been that this unit never stopped sanitizing.
    I did believe this sanitizing crap was doing its thing. But I can't help but believe in fairies and Santa Claus.
    Basically on review of the two products I purcased, one works I suppose, the other is defective! I didn't get any flu or viruses but can we assume it was a disinfective tooth brush that saved me or was it the zinc tablets, airborne tablets, sauerkraut, garlic, vitamin c or the zillion times I washed my hands. ...more info
  • great for travel
    i bought this for a 45 day trip to Europe recently. i really wanted a case and then noticed this item. it worked perfectly for my needs. the sanitizing light came on every time i closed the lid and stayed on the requisite amount of time. the whole case fit perfectly into my bathroom bag and helped me not worry about germs. did just what i expected....more info
  • Daughter's Delight!
    I really can't attest to how well this item performs, as I purchased it for a gift. I can tell you that my "germ freak" daughter is delighted!...more info
  • I've had two, I'm buying another, but...
    I am about to buy a third one of these in as many years. First, the good: This is a great product that sanitizes my toothbrush. Also, it helps with drying (I shake off excess water, then I put it in, when the light is done it is almost completely dry and an hour later the bristles are stiff and dry, which helps against mold buildup which is a problem when you put your toothbrush in a case like this). It is small enough to travel with (fits in my travel toiletry kit at only 1" longer than my toothbrush; although it is not as small as a plain holder, you couldn't build this any smaller because of the parts inside). It works great!

    I use this every day, which means that my example of how long it lasts is an extreme one, but here's the bad: THe first one lasted about 18 months. The second a year. As the batteries get low (about 3-6 months on a pair of AAs), you will notice that the unit needs a shake to turn on. After 9 months or so, it will always need this. Then it will start to use a pair of batteries every month, finally it will completely die. The first one, which lasted longer, was much better built (one part that was metal is now plastic like the rest, the paint was better, the unit lasted longer, and the batteries lasted longer). The paint is also an issue, after a month it seemed like the unit was dirty, but when I went to clean it I found that the paint was changing color in splotches.

    Overall, this is a great product that would do much better if they would put some more research into it. They need to make the piece under the toothbrush head out of a better material (like the original metal part was), they need to make the case a bit studier, they need to improve the life (I don't know if it is cheap parts or if the bulb is going, but if it is the bulb it should be replacable like their larger unit's is).

    Cost is the final factor. If this lasted 5 years or more, $30 would be reasonable. But since this lasts only a year or so, they should lower the price to the $10 range (including shipping)....more info
  • Toothbrush sanitizer review
    i really liked this toothbruch sanitizer. I took it on my two week vacation and it was pretty lightweight for having to use batteries. It even came with a toothbrush that can stand on a hard surface on its own. It stopped working for a few days, but I swapped batteries and it worked fine for the rest of the trip. The light came on for a few minutes and automatically turned off. so easy to use!!! The funny part, is that when I came back from vacation and used a toothbrush that I have in a toothbrush stand in my very clean bathroom I ended up getting a tiny mouth sore. I think I will continue using the Violight even when I am not on vacation!...more info
  • Toothbrush Cleaner!
    I can't see what it is killing, but I know the effect of UV rays on killing germs. I love this thing!...more info
  • Great purchase, especially for those who travel
    I liked this so much that I purchased two more as gifts. It's a nifty way to carry your toothbrush when
    you travel....more info
  • Poor Product
    The case is big and bulky. The Violight stopped working after two trips. Save your money....more info
  • Great for the Office
    I recently purchased a VIO travel toothbrush sanitizer for my office. I tend to brush after lunch everyday, and I was a little concerned that germs might be building up on the toothbrush in my desk drawer, even though I keep it in a plastic travel container. After researching three different brands of like items, I settled on the VIO. It works very well, although I have not subjected my toothbrush to a microscopic examination. I'm going to trust that the UV device is doing its job. By the way, this unit comes with a toothbrush. The cool thing about the brush is that the very bottom of the handle has a suction cup on it. Sticking it on the mirror or the sink while you rinse sure beats lying it down where the bristles contact those surfaces. You will need to buy a pair of good quality AA batteries, but that shouldn't discourage potential customers. I'll take this unit with me on vacation, to conferences, or any other overnight venture. I highly recommend this sanitizer....more info
  • *** Edited Review ****
    After traveling with it abroad the darn thing stopped working. The light does not come on anymore. It did not last very long. Save your money!!...more info


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