Lasko 1820 Performance 18-Inch Adjustable Oscillating Pedestal Fan

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Product Description

90 Degree Oscillating Or Directional / High Volume Air Movement / Energy Efficient / Sturdy Round Base Requires Minimal Floor Space / UL Listed

  • 18-inch pedestal fan provides 3 whisper-quiet speeds
  • 90-degree oscillation or stationary cooling; energy efficient
  • Adjustable height and tilt-back head for maximum versatility
  • Sturdy round base; assembles easily with no tools required
  • Measures 20-1/4 by 20-1/4 by 57-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent, for the money
    I purchased this fan for one of my child's un-airconditioned classrooms. The teacher thought it was a wonderful gift. The product is easy to assemble, moves a substantial amount of air at all three speeds, and is reasonably quiet. Equal in performance to much more expensive fans....more info
  • It Blows
    You want an oscillating fan that stands tall and will agitate large numbers of molecules of air to rush in a desired direction for a predictable period of time with the desired result of a cooling sensation? This will do it. ...more info
  • Good fan at $25
    I purchased one of these a few days ago for $24.99 and found it to work quite well. It moves a lot of air for the amount of noise it makes. Its a great buy at $25 but the current price of over $50 is too much....more info
  • Great fan. Good deal. Get it.
    It is quiet, powerful and durable.We have had one for 4 years and it runs about 8-10 hours a day. Easy to clean. Adjustable for height and angle. Closest thing to a ceiling fan without messing around with the ceiling. ...more info
  • terrific!
    This is a relatively quiet fan which does a nice job of circulating the air when the living room gets warm. It turned out to be pretty easy to put together too....more info
  • Loud
    The fan is extremely easy to assemble and works fine. It does a good job of moving plenty of air around a room. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is just too noisy. I bought it for my bedroom and it's just too loud to sleep with it on if you need a room that is relatively quiet to sleep in. It says "3 quiet speeds" on the box but is one of the loudest fans I've ever heard for its size. If you're looking for something that needs to be reasonably quiet, keep looking. I'm returning mine asap....more info
    This isn't the best fan on the market but after doing some comparison-shopping it's probably the best value. This simple fan works well and has three different speeds. It puts out plenty of airflow. It's a little loud on the high setting but so is pretty much every other fan that we have ever owned. Overall this fan has the power and will get the job done if you don't need a remote control....more info
  • Lasko 1820 Pedestal Fan
    I purchased this fan a month or so ago and it runs all day without a problem. I was concerned as reviewers had complained about a sound that came from it so far it doesn't really bother me I got used to it pretty quickly.
    I wasn't too happy to see that the cage that fits over the fan itself is made of plastic instead of metal. I didn't have much trouble snapping it in place but I am going to have to be careful when I put it away for the winter that it doesn't get knocked or bumped into because the plastic cage could break and that would be pretty much it if a large chunk of it broke. The plastic cage is the only thing I would say would be a problem other than that it is a decent fan for the price....more info
  • Moves a decent amount of air. It is loud. Mine broke the first day
    I wanted a pedestal fan that was pretty cheap. It went together easy like any basic pedestal fan. I decided to get this fan after going to walmart and seeing what they had. Although it seemed sorta cheap looking/feeling it seemed to push the most air and was large. It has a plastic cage which is kind of bad because those can break. I like the metal ones. It's kinda loud but not so much that it bothers you. I like sleeping to that sound anyway. I only used mine on the low setting and it pushed plenty of air. High would be like on those really hot days, you will only really use it on low most of the time.

    Mine broke.. On the first night of using it. It worked fine, I used it for a couple hours. I turned it off and didn't really touch the thing but turn the knob. Then a couple hours later I went to turn it on and... nothing... I checked my power outlets, etc, thinking it had to be that. Nope, the engine doesn't turn on anymore, doesn't make a noise or anything. It's dead.

    I am returning it and probably staying away from Lasko for now on. No way would I exchange it for a new one and then have it happen to me later down the road when it's to late to get my money back..

    Junk fan or just bad luck? Either way, it happened and it has to say something about the product from Lasko....more info
  • Excellent fan, quiet, much superior to 16" fans.
    I don't know what the other reviewers were smoking, but we found this fan totally awesome. We have many fans in our huge house, but this by far is the best. It is quiet, attractive to look at, solidly built, and moves far more air at even medium speed than the 16" fans on high, and it does it much more quietly. We are very pleased with this purchase. The price was incredible for a fan of this quality. ...more info
  • Piece of JUNK!
    I've purchased many item from Amazon. This is far the worst item I've purchased from Amazon. How can some people give a rating of more than one? I would have given ZERO. First, the parts were all over inside the box. Parts were not in the hard foam or packaged. One of the fan grill fin was broken. The propeller of the fan is cheap thin plastic. The edges of the blades were not cleanly cut. Looks like just removed from a mold. The pole support at the motor had a screw inside which prevented from mounting a pole securely. If the fan tips over, the entire fan/motor will pop-out. You get what you paid for. I am returning this item. Poor quality, Poor construction, Poor design. Terrible quality control. By the way, this was assembled in USA. The company should be ashamed to sell this product. I would expect this type of product at 99 cents store....more info
  • Works Just Fine
    I received this fan in the mail in perfect condition. It seems a little flimsy because the entire thing is made out of plastic. Some of the pieces don't quite fit together right but I was still able to force it together. It blows air just fine. It does have a bit of a whistle to it though. Looks nice. Not an eyesore....more info
  • Returned Product
    The fan was not packaged properly resulting in the motor burning out before i received it....more info
  • Good Inexpensive Fan
    I had one of these a couple of years ago. I used it almost continuos and it lasted about two years. It's a little noisy on the high setting but overall a good cheap circulating fan....more info
  • Just what I needed
    My wife needs a fan to sleep at night, and of course just before spring, when every store has them, hers finally dies. She had one similar to this, so I was familar with the brand, and the ease of assembly.

    People are usually looking for whisper quiet operation in a fan. Not us. No, I was looking for something that sounded like and F-4 Phantom powering up for takeoff! I read previous reviews, and as soon as I read one that had said that it was quiet on low, but anything above that it was noisy, I knew it was the one.

    I was not disappointed, nor is my wife!...more info
  • Awful, both of them...
    This is my second time writing a review for these awful fans. I guess they did not like the fist enough to post it?? They are complete garbage and not worth half the cost. Save yourself the time and aggravation and buy something with perfect ratings. One fan showed up with a broken blade (Quality control) although the box it was in was in perfect condition? The other only works if you angle it straight up at the ceiling??? And kick start the humming motor with a pencil. They are both loud and you would not want them in a bedroom unless you wanted to blow air (straight up at the ceiling and have a pencil handy. Do I even have to give them 1 star?...more info
  • Cheap, noisy, not good
    The flimsy plastic grill is really the problem. You have to assemble the fan which wasn't too bad, but the back and front grill pieces are supposed to snap together. Mine only fit so-so, and the grill pieces themselves are made of surprisingly flimsy plastic. The fan also makes a kind of a soft high-pitched whining wind noise in addition to normal fan noise I would have expected.

    I would skip this one....more info
  • Not Worth It At Half The Price
    To say the quality of this fan is poor would be an understatement. The plastic is extremely cheap and poorly made. The overflow of the plastic when the pieces were molded was never even cleaned off. The kicker however, is when putting this fan together; I discovered that the plastic nut that is supposed to hold the fan blade to the motor shaft is a smaller diameter than the shaft itself. In other words there was no way to assemble the fan with the parts from the factory. If I could give this fan zero stars I would most happily do so. It is a waste of time and suggestion: pass it up! ...more info
  • well worth the price
    well worth the price and easy to put together. would definitaley purchase another if I was in need...more info
  • OK fan when it works, too noisey and flimsy
    I was suprised at how noisey it was at the highest setting and it was not just the noise of the air moving, but an annoying noise in the motor itself. It does move air when it's working, but I've had problems with it, as the speed decreases on it's own sometimes as if the motor is burning out. I have to turn the fan off and then back on for it to work again.

    Also, too much plastic use makes it feel flimsy and breakable....more info
  • Excellent fan!!!!!!!!!!
    I purchased this product for my mother, becuase she does not care so much for her air conditioner. She stated that the fan blows great air on low. She put it on high and got too cold. \
    Bottom line she loves this product. ...more info
  • Good Fan
    I've been really happy with this fan. In fact, it's the only thing that gets me to sleep at night. I think it was a great deal....more info
  • Nice fan, highly recommended
    This fan is good value for the price. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is that it is a little bit noisy at the highest level (3). But for other levels it is pretty quiet, which was a feature that was important to me.

    Anyway, the fan looks great, is very easy to assemble and comes highly recommended...more info
  • Cool!
    Yes the fan is cool (pun intended) and it was a breeze to set up....more info
  • A very value for money fan.
    I never go to the fastest. It has three modes, 90 out of 100 times, the slowest mode is sufficient. Very powerful, and value for money. Highly recommended....more info
  • excellent value for cooling down and saving energy at once
    This three speed adjustable oscillating pedestal fan by Lasko is exactly the way it is advertised. The three speeds all operate smoothly and the fan gets the air circulating rather quickly. Setup is a breeze, the instructions are clear and there are no tools required for the setup.

    The price is right for what you get: my own fan is just about one year old now and it still works strong and hard to create good air flow. This wonderful fan also cools the room down on days when you can't use an air conditioner or when you simply don't want to use one. The fan can either oscillate or stand still blowing air constantly in one direction--and that's great to have this choice. I usually let it oscillate to get the maximum amount of air flowing throughout the room. The head of the fan does tilt back just as they say it does; but I wouldn't tilt it back all the way--it just doesn't feel like it could stay that way too long without the risk of falling over. I could be wrong; but that's the sense I get.

    I recommend that the fan stand between four feet to maximum height (which is almost six feet) so that the air current it creates reaches you whether you're lying down or walking around the room.

    One important feature: this fan can save you money, especially over the long run. It is rather economical to use in that it won't make your electric bill spike sharply upward the way an electric air conditioner would. It does make some noise but not too much noise; the noise actually helps me fall asleep and that's a great extra plus from this fan!

    The fan comes with a limited warranty for one year just as noted above; but I highly doubt that you'll need to use it. This fan is built to last--certainly more than just one year!

    Overall, this is a great fan and I highly recommend it as just about the best fan out there in this size and price range. It will not disappoint you.
    ...more info
  • Great Fan
    We got this fan for our basement and it works great. It really helps circulate the air....more info
  • strong fan
    My Husband likes to sleep with a fan blowing, after summer was over, the fan we had died. There were none to be found in the stores. Since I shop Amazon alot I looked and found this one. At the time, I thought it was alot to pay for a fan, but it is top quality. Would not buy the whimpy ones anymore....more info
  • Good, not so good that is the question
    I bought 2 of these fans during the hot summer months. One worked well, the other worked too. What I found though was that 1 of the fans made the room smell like it was burning. I could not smell anything near the fan, but the smell persisted for a couple days. As soon as I removed the fan, no more smell! So is this product good, and most importantly, is it safe? Use with caution....more info
  • Fans do the job
    Purchased for office. Made out of all plastic. Easy to put together. Put out a lot of air. ...more info
  • Decent Budget Fan
    It gets the job done... The material is a cheap plastic that could potentially break easy especially where the fan cage clips on. The fan motor just sits on top of the stand with no attachments. The fan is obnoxiously loud on speeds 2 and 3. I would not recommend this fan....more info
  • Review
    I got this about 2 months back and it works perfect. It seems just a bit noisy during nights but is worth it....more info


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