5 in 1 Pest Repeller PC51 - Ultimate Pestcontro Unit Which Includes 5 Powerful Features

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Koolatron's Multi-Purpose Electronic Pest Repeller - The PestContro 5 in1 System! Ultrasonic sirens to fight pests within the room; Electromagnetic technology to help drive pests out of the walls where they might be living; Ionic air purification to help cleanse the air quality within the room wher the unit is plugged in; a soft glow floor light; and an extra outlet built into the side of the unit so you don't lose any plug space! Designed for average sized rooms, the PestContro 5 in 1 Dual Technology Pest Repeller begins working the moment you plug it in to drive rodent pests from your home or office, producing ultrasonic sound above the hearing range of humans and common domestic pets such as dogs, cats, snakes and birds. The electromagnetic function also begins creating an uncomfortable environment for pests within the walls of the home or office, encouraging them to relocate their nests out of your home. The electromagnetic feature works within the wiring of your home and will not affect computers, tvs or other electronic devices. The Ionic feature is controlled by the On/Off switch found on one side of the unit. Color coded LED's on the face of the unit confirm the various functions are working correctly to assure your PestContro 5 in 1 electronic pest repeller is performing at peak capacity. Great for: Homes, Apartments, Garages, Warehouses, Offices, Restaurants. Anywhere rats, mice and other critters are a problem!

  • Safe near children, cats and dogs
  • Ideal alternative to baits and traps
  • For indoors use only
  • Includes built-in night-light
  • One Year Warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Do Not Buy if you have children of any age
    Do not buy this product if you have kids of any age. My two daughters, aged 17 and 12, both came running from their rooms immediately after I plugged the unit into a wall socket complaining of a horrible noise. My eldest described it as if there were a million crickets screeching into a microphone. As such, this product is unusable in my home. It would be nice if the product documentation gave fair warning....more info
  • It repells....
    I am sure it repells all creatures it should repell, but unfortunately, it repells people as well. The whole family could hear the high pitch tone, which you can tolerate for only a few seconds. Unfortunately for us, this investment was a total loss. I purchased other similar Lentek product and it does not have this problem and seems to be working. Purchased through As Seen on TV, unfortunately contacted them after return period was over and they did not have any replacement products on stock. Nevertheless, they were kind to reimburse me for about half of my cost, which was a nice gesture, as the product malfunction was not their fault....more info
  • Field tested and not approved
    I received and started using this product (5 in 1 Pest Repeller PC51 - Ultimate Pestcontro Unit Which Includes 5 Powerful Features) just over a month ago. I live in the country where rodents and other pests are a common concern and the ad stated "Anywhere rats, mice and other critters are a problem!". So I was hoping this would solve my pest issues and I would not have to resort to poisons. But it seems that it has not. The traps are going strong and I cannot say if the "Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent" part of this thing or the "electromagnetic function" is doing anything at all. I could not and would not recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • headache- noise and mouse still here after 3 wks
    So far not good. Two live-traps baited with chocolate and peanut butter and kitty food have not been successful in catching our mice so I broke down and bought this product. Plugged it in the kitchen and found it emits unpleasant AUDIBLE (yes, heard by humans) high pitched noise which gave two people in our apartment a headache. So, I installed it in my room as it didn't bother me as much and a second similar product in the kitchen pantry that is just EMF-based repeller (and w/ no sound non-headache producing). Several weeks have passed but we still have mouse sightings and found mouse droppings all over the floor in one room. Product promised results in 2-3 weeks.
    The air-ionizing and nightlight f(n)s seem to work just fine, but I bought this to chase away rodents.
    Disappointed, housemate has lost patience with non-violent approach is calling for kill-traps. :(
    ...more info
  • does not work
    bought a similiar product, does not work, still see a lot of dropings, waste of money....more info
  • Can't hurt to buy
    I live in NYC and discovered some unwanted mice in my apartment. I bought this product (and I also sprayed peppermint oil and had my super fix any holes in the apt)...and so far, I haven't seen another mouse. I am hoping it's a combination of all three things. One thing to note about this product - when you first plug it in (day 1 through day 7), the noise will drive you crazy..especially if you live in a small place. It not only drives mice out but it may drive you out. The good news is...either the noise has subsided or I no longer can hear appropriately. I think it's worth it to have no mice. ...more info
  • It doesn't work...
    It seemed to work for about 2 months and lately I see mice again.
    It is a waste of money.

    I wouldn't mind the high pitch noise if it works....more info


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