The Biggest Loser Workout, Vol. 1

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Real People...Real Solutions...Real Weight Loss! This is a workout DVD with 6 different programs, along with a bonus nutrition plan and features Personal Trainer Bob Harper and contestants from Seasons 1 and 2! The Five 20 Minute Segments Include: 2 Cardio workouts, Weights workout, Bootcamp workout, and Stretching. You too can achieve dramatic results like the contestants with the right amount of diet and exercise! Make sure to check out the The Biggest Loser Book for even more diet tips and motivation!

  • Workout DVD with 6 different programs
  • Features contestants from Seasons 1 and 2
  • Bonus nutrition plan
  • Lead by Personal Trainer Bob Harper

Customer Reviews:

  • Love the workout...Music not so good!
    Love the workout. Have been doing it for the past 3 weeks. You alternate the workouts for intensity purposes, so you don't get bored either. Music does not get you motivated though. ...more info
  • Great Workout!!!
    So far I have done Low Intensity and Bootcamp workouts. You can feel every muscle working in both workouts. I now look forward to working out with this DVD. I found it to be a good challenge. I am hoping to lose all my extra weight with this DVD and Cardio Max.

    So far after working out with this workout and Cardio Max, I have lost 3lbs in a week. These workouts really do work. ...more info
  • Great Video
    I love this video. It is easy on you when you start and has a preplanned 6-week exercise program. Fun to do and switches so you never get bored.

    Would highly recommend. ...more info
  • Tough workout-- just awkward at times
    My husband and I did this workout for the first time and we were begging for mercy! It definitely makes you sweat and keeps that heart rate up. The biggest negative is that it's really hard to stay on beat. I have a sense of rhythm from years of dance class and I had to count out loud in order to follow the moves. The music doesn't have a steady beat and Bob's moves are on the off beat, so it's a bit tricky. But, besides looking like a fool every once in a while, it's a great workout.
    ...more info
  • disappointment, will not use it again
    The first Biggest Loser video that I ever purchased and worked out to was the Cardio Max. I was so crazy about it that I decided to incorporate the Power Sculpt, which was another winner. These workouts make you sweat like crazy and you'll really feel like you had a great workout. I alternate these and workout six times a week. Now, I'm no skinny minnie, in fact, I have about 100 pounds that I would like to lose. But I wanted to expand my B.L. library and bought this video, Biggest Loser Workout 1, and was really disappointed. This workout was boring and repetitious. I didn't sweat ANYWHERE near the previous two. I couldn't believe that this workout was from the same people. So, If you love the Cardio Max or the Power Sculpt, you may not want to waste your money on this one, unless you're looking for a lighter workout....more info
  • I lost 50 lbs.
    This video is amazing. It helped me loose 50 lbs. I'm not even lying. Of course I dieted like crazy as well... but I only used this video for my workout. Awesome. ...more info
  • Pretty good exercise dvd
    Its a fun dvd and Bob is a hoot, his laugh makes you laugh. I'm not into lunges as they hurt my knees (too much running in the past) however its a great fun workout. ...more info
  • I love The Biggest Loser
    I love the show The Biggest Loser! Now I love this workout video!! It has shown me new moves and new muscles to work, that I don't work with other routines! I would recommend this video to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle!...more info
  • Dissapointed
    Thought I was going to see more of the show in it...just another marketing product...more info
  • OMG!!! No wonder they lose 8 lbs a week
    I love this video. The setup is amazing. You can customize your workout or you can use the preset, it even tells you how to rotate. I love it. The workouts are challenging but in a good way. It is one of the best workouts I have ever had at home. I am buying more!!!!!...more info
  • NOT for everyone
    I have degenerative and weight-related knee problems and was unable to use this video due to the excessive amount of side-to-side work. I had, wrongly, figured that a Biggest Loser workout would be adapted for plus-size people and their associated limitations.

    If you do not have joint problems this would be a good beginner to intermediate workout....more info
  • highly recommended!
    I love this DVD and am currently working through the 6 week program. I love that there are real people doing the workouts and not these gorgeous super-humans on other DVD's who seem like robots. The contestants struggle, joke around and talk during the workouts, which encourages me to keep going.

    The only problem I have with this DVD is the amount of time it takes! With the six week program, one session can take almost an hour because of the warm up and cool down sessions. Sometimes I just do not feel like I have an hour to devote to exercising, so I get discouraged for that day and end up not doing any physical activity. I think you can get a great workout in 10 or 15 minutes, and sometimes that's all I can do! If you are one of those people, this DVD probably isn't for you. But if you want to devote some extra time, check it out! It's great!...more info
  • Great for a start, then....
    Nice workout if your are new or have not been into fitness for a while. Then my weight loss group moved on to the book:
    Weight Training Workouts and Diet Plan that Work.

    In 7 weeks everybody(14 people) has seen major improvements in our body compositions. Weight loss and muscle definition

    Get started people! They work....more info
  • Biggest Winner
    The Biggest Loser volume 1 DVD is absolutely fantastic. I myself am someone who works out and dances nearly every day of the week, and I still feel these workouts really burning. The cardio is entertaining and not so difficult that you never want to do it again, but you will DEFINITELY be sweating, and I can guarantee that! The strength workouts really tone every muscle. I love the bootcamp, also!

    Contrary to what all of the other frequent workout-ers have said, myself being one of them, I do NOT agree that if you workout regularly that you will find this DVD a letdown. This is a great DVD with all the things you need to shape up, and with the added bonus of real people it really encourages me to know that they are going through the same thing i'm going through!

    ...more info
  • I lost 18 pounds!
    I love this DVD, has workouts for all levels and using it I have lost 18 pounds and I am very happy about it! :0)...more info
  • best work out ever
    hi everyone this is avery intence workout i was sore for 4days excelent workout i rated this item 5stars i would recomend this dvd to eveyone thatis seroius about losing weight it really does work i lost an entire dress size thans biggestloser sincerly emily in newjersey...more info
  • good workout
    I like this DVD because it lets you select which workout you want to do. I exercise regularly and still think the tape is quite challenging. Not for those just starting out but it is a great workout that is fun to do....more info
  • Wonderful all around workout adaptable for all fitness levels
    I bought this DVD in January along with the Max Cardio Biggest Loser DVD because I liked the show and found these on sale and alternated them with my Kathy Smith Lift Weights to Lose Weight DVD. Between the three of them and walking (I would choose one per day and walk outside or on my treadmill) I have lost over 43 pounds and 27 inches and now fit into size 8P (I was in size 16P)! I have also been watching my portion sizes obviously but I was into working out previously but had not been able to work out much for the last three years during my two nearly back to back pregnancies due to my history of miscarriage (I was limited to only light walking)so I packed on unnecessary pounds and was more than happy to get rid of them. I started slow and worked up, initially doing this DVD as my primary one because of the first segment which is low impact aerobics since I had a knee injury requiring 6 weeks of physical therapy after my last child was born. I like that this DVD shows you how to modify certain exercises to help your knees and you still feel like you get a workout. For anyone complaining they don't 'get enough' with this workout after doing the recommended 6 week program (which I followed) I have now worked up to being able to do this entire DVD without stopping (100 minutes total) and by the time you get to the last aerobic segment (Bootcamp) you will feel tired but envigorated that you did it! I use 6 lbs weights when I do the Strength and sculpt section and the Bootcamp but if I do the entire DVD I only do a 2 lb weight for the Boot camp section due to muscle fatigue and still get an awesome workout. The cool down stretch is a bit long but one of the best I have done. This DVD would be a great investment to your collection and a great one to start if you have a lot of weight to lose. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I just had a baby and let's be honest I'm insanely lazy, but it's quick and pretty simple and it's weird but it seems like Bob's talking to you. Love it!!!! I bought a bunch of videos and this is the only one that I've used....more info
  • A bit hard on the knees!
    I just got this DVD and as someone who hasn't exercised in I don't know how long, decided to try the "low impact cardio" to start off with. It is REALLY hard on the knees. Bob spends a lot of time in this 20 min. segment doing lunges and squats, both which are hard on the knees (and I didn't consider myself to have "bad knees") but it was really difficult. Another thing is it's hard to keep time, because you'll see Bob maintaining a certain rhythm, then they'll cut away to another person, then when they cut back to Bob, he's at a different pace. He's really motivational which is nice, but I just wish they didn't focus SO much on lunges. I think I'll be on this segment for a while before even attempting the "high impact cardio". It definitely makes you break a serious sweat though and I REALLY feel it today! ...more info
  • My results...
    After using this video 3 - 4 days per week for four weeks, I've started to see results. My boyfriend even compliments me on how much better my legs and stomach look. With using this video as a workout plus walking a mile 3 days per week & a healthy diet, I'm on average losing 2 pounds per week. I highly recommend it. If you have bad knees or ankles though, I wouldn't recommend this as it involves a lot of squats and lunges! Good luck!...more info
  • Review of Biggest Loser Workout with Bob
    This is a perfect DVD for those who havent exercised in a long time or ever,it also has features that allow you to customize your workouts from beginner to advanced as well as warm-up and cool-down segments.And some Cast extras with stories about them. You can also choose to use just music or music and trainer.
    I am not a huge fan of Biggest Loser but I am of this workout DVD! bob makes it fun,yes I said "fun"!...more info
  • Great workout
    It worked my butt off. You really get a great workout. And the cast is great to watch. They aren't robots in the background. They laugh and joke around. Highly recommend to anyone! ...more info
  • AS with all of these have to actually do it!!
    I, personally, like his workout dvd...I am not in the greatest shape, ... but am able to do the exercises...although it does "stretch" me. You can see how this would build muscle, sculpt, and contribute to overall good health, and it's created by a personal trainer. If you're really not serious, it's just like the exercise bike you use to hang clothes on, useless. ...more info
  • Good and bad
    I'm not overweight nor do I have any major health problems. But this video was VERY challenging in good ways and bad:

    -you can customize your workout
    -you will DEFINITELY work up a sweat

    -it is hard to "keep up" because the participants are constantly changing the rhythm of the routine
    -on that same note, the fact that the participants are having a hard time keeping up is a distraction.
    -the guy is pretty annoying. there were times where I wished he would just go away.
    -it was REALLY hard on my knees (i haven't had knee issues since running track in high school and even then they didn't have this much stress on them).

    Overall, I'm not sure if I'd purchase this again given the opportunity. But now that I have it, I'll make the best of it....more info
  • Love Bob, good mix of routines
    I just love Bob - he seems so genuine and witty. So that makes me want to watch this - plus he's just adorable. I know The Biggest Loser is a terribly unhealthy way to lose weight that intensely/quickly, but this is a great DVD for a normal person. The routines are varied and change quickly. You get a good mix of cardio and strength. My legs and arms are usually pretty sore after doing. The setup at the start is a little annoying, you have to individually select which workouts you want to do that day, so it takes some time away from working out. And there's no real stretching - just yoga, which I can't stand. ...more info
  • I love, love love this DVD!!!!
    Short and to the point, I love this DVD. It's challenging, and I find myself looking forward to doing it. Boot Camp is my favorite. I love the fact that I don't have to watch Fitness Barbie explain and demonstrate the workouts. I love that they are real people at various fitness levels. This is my favorite!!...more info
  • I hope to be a big loser
    It's like having Bob Harper in your living room directing you. One of my favorite things about this plan is that you can customize it. Sometimes I really need my [...] kicked and other days I just don't want to work quite as hard. The other thing I love about this dvd is that they are real people working out. They don't look like models, sometimes they fall over (I do too) and you can tell that they are really working hard. This dvd is a must for anyone who is trying to get back in shape. You can make the workouts as short or as long as you want and you can really feel it in the morning. I also just love the show and the people on this dvd happen to be from my favorite season....more info
  • As always, Great workout with Bob!
    The Biggest Loser Workout, Vol. 1
    Great workout video, with great results. I have all of the Biggest Loser Workout Dvd's and the results are amazing. I have been doing the videos for 4 months now, and i am down 2 sizes and still remain about the same weight...Bob and Drea make the video a little comical..I would definately recommend this if you need/want to change your body. Low intense cardio is a GREAT workout! Its all Good Stuff!...more info
  • Okay video, but not much for motivation
    I bought this because I was getting bored with my normal exercise videos. I had the "Extreme Makeover" beginner's DVD, but couldn't find one for the next level. I thought this might be the same type of video, but I found it really dry and boring. The exercises are okay, but I have a hard time coming back to it for some reason. You alternate between two different workouts for three weeks, then alternate between two other workouts for the next three weeks. I should explore it more, but at this point, I'm not impressed by it....more info
  • Definitely do-able!
    It's difficult for me to get to the gym with three children, and other dvd workouts were to fast paced or complicated for me.

    This workout was EXCELLENT. I can keep up, and if some of the workouts are too hard on my body in the moment, then I can step it down a notch with Bob's recommendations. It's easy to follow, and easy to memorize, so you can do yourself, at your own speed, without the video later on.

    Bob's relaxed spirit makes it seem like he is working out with you in your livingroom. Included warm ups and cool downs, and everything from low-impact to strength and sculpt.

    The plan is to keep moving, even if it's just from side to side. It's definitely a good work out for beginners, like myself. I feel the burn each time!
    ...more info
  • Great work out
    Great work out for anyone. It took me a while, but i built up the strength to finish the work out, in about a week of taking it slow, i could keep up.
    Many levels. Easy to use and pick the work outs.
    Don't give up. If u can only do 5 min., be glad.
    You will be able to finish it when your body is ready too.
    I was a beginner....more info
  • Worth the money and enjoyable
    Normally I dislike exercise videos, but I bought this one after the birth of my first child because I found myself at home a lot. I have really enjoyed it and continue using it. Bob creates a challenging workout and gives approximately two variations for each exercise to change the difficulty level. He is also not annoying to listen to (although if you think he is, you can select "music only" which is a nice touch).
    The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is that the Biggest Loser contestants who are also exercising do not always use good form. Bob does a great job of focusing on the people with good technique (Suzy, Rhea) but the others there may be distracting. ...more info
  • Gets you going
    I was pleasantly surprised. I am no stranger to workout videos, as this is my preferred method of keeping in shape. I'm a busy mom of 2 (1 infant) and a full time student.
    I'm kind of new to the high intensity cardio moves in this dvd. I've been doing Pilates (Denise Austin & 10 minute Solutions), walking (Leslie Sansone videos), and rollerblading for the last several years. I have always maintained a beautiful figure with Pilates. I'm 27 and just had my second child about 2 months ago. After my 1st child, the weight melted off of me in no time at all with just walking. 6 years later, I popped in my Pilates dvds with doctor's ok to resume exercising but just didn't see the results as I did before. I borrowed this DVD from a friend and started with the boot camp segment. I was NOT prepared for ALL THE JUMPING! I must say, though, after the initial shock and realization that I had a long way to go, I came to look forward to my progress: if I could keep up with the jumping, I knew I was moving in the right direction.
    I'm not fat by any stretch- 5'4" & 128 lbs (formerly 132 prior to starting the Biggest Loser regime) I got rid of about 4 lbs in 2 weeks - Not bad. I'm still working out every day with it. I feel MUCH STRONGER. The first to shape up were my buns & thighs, which was very motivating. I can button my pre-pregnancy size 2 jeans.
    The benefits of this workout for me are that I feel stronger, and I have more energy- a big plus for a mom of 2. I am getting toned in no time at all. I am now on par with the subculture of people who are maintaining physical fitness, and it feels great!
    I enjoy the customizing aspect: warm up, high intensity cardio, sculpting, & cool down.
    My other favorite combo is warm up, bootcamp, cool down.
    The workouts are very challenging to me. I am not a "sweater" even while rollerblading on the hottest of New Orleans summer days, so I know that when I have sweat rolling down my face I am busting my butt. I've never seen the show and had just heard of this in passing. Now I am going to buy my own dvd!
    BONUS: There is an intro to trainer & cast segment that I watch occasionally for motivation. I just love to hear the stories of the others and to see their before and after. I love the real people on the videos huffin' & puffin.' Bob is also very encouraging....more info
  • I lost weight with this one!
    I love this dvd. I lost my first copy and purchased a second one. I need this one. The exercise routines are fun and excellent. It works with you from fat beginning to slim end. Bob keeps it fun. The best part is they place Matt and Suzy's stories in the extras. What an inspiration. Matt is awesome. Suzy is a hottie. Anyway, skip Tae Bo, buy this one....more info
  • Good workout
    If you are just starting off this is a great work out. I like that you can select the different workouts. Also, the people you see on the video are not all skinny and they get tired just like you. For me it was more realistic, that other tapes....more info
  • the biggest loser
    while this is a good excercise, it is very hard on old knees. I had to quit after 6 days as my knees were so sore that they wolud barely bend....more info
  • Biggest Loser DVD is a BIG WINNER
    What a great dvd this one is! The format is great. The trainer is great! The workouts are great! It gives so many great options. This is one both my husband and myself will use over and over. It can be set up so many different ways it will never get boring! It's a winner!...more info
  • Makes you sweat - excellent!
    I can highly recommend this dvd. At first I didn't like the low-intensity cardio, and put it on the shelf without trying the others. Then I gave it another go, and I love it now. It is really making me sweat and making me feel sore (in a good way!). Personally I would start with the high intensity cardio.

    I don't usually enjoy warm ups and cool downs, but for some reason I really like these ones. The four workouts are really great and really work. I am alternating this with a latin dance workout and the NYC Ballet workout. The combination of all these is giving good coverage on everything without getting bored.

    If I start getting bored, I will definitely buy Part 2 of this one.
    ...more info
  • Great Workout
    I am really enjoying this DVD. It's a good workout that is done by people with real weight issues instead of someone that looks like a model.
    I love Bob, he's great....more info
  • solid workout
    This is a solid workout. You can choose to make it 1/2 hour and therefore can fit it in. I like seeing the contestants and having people struggling with me....more info
  • Will make you sweat as long as you push yourself.
    I purchased this video because I love the Power Sculpt and Cardio Max DVDs. I have only done the Boot Camp, High-Intensity Cardio, the Sculpt, and the Stretch workouts (being an intermediate/advanced exerciser, I bypassed the Low-Intensity Cardio segment because they said it was for people who have never worked out before). I must say, overall, I am impressed with this series of workouts. I love the "mix and match" option, so you can construct a workout that is designed for you. The Boot Camp is a nice addition for those mornings when I don't have time to do a full cardio and strength workout.

    The High-Intensity Cardio is very good--it is a bit repetitive, but Bob really gets your heart rate up, especially during the tires and football runs. He works the lower body first, does upper body, and then goes back to the lower body with some kicks. I like it because the moves are not complicated and can be done easily, but very effective at getting your heart rate up and moving. No, the contestants in the background don't always keep together, but I try to ramp up my own intensity, and end up being out of rhythm with them anyway. I tend to go faster than the people on the DVD, to really push my heart rate to its limit. Let me tell you, I was drenched in sweat after those 20 minutes!

    The Sculpt/Strength workout is good as well; it is a basic strength workout without any combo moves that work both upper and lower body together. Bob focuses on upper and lower body separately, but I really like his core moves towards the end with the reverse crunches, regular crunches, oblique crunches, and ab holds. I have a tendency to like the old school moves, so I didn't really mind the absence of the combination moves. However, I do other workouts during the week that have those, such as a plethora of Jillian Michaels workouts and some of the Women's Health workouts, to balance out my weekly rotation. Just because one workout you do doesn't have some of the moves you want doesn't mean the DVD is worthless. Also, I have read some complaints about the music; music is never (and shouldn't be, in my opinion) a factor in my decision regarding whether or not a workout is worth buying--if you're focusing on the WORKOUT, you shouldn't even notice the music!

    Overall, this DVD is worth investing your money in. All of the Biggest Loser workouts have a solid foundation, and this one is no different. It will make you sweat and help you sculpt at the same time, and will help you get the results you're looking for as long as you put the appropriate effort into it and see it for what it's worth--a very well-put-together "back to basics" workout....more info
  • The Biggest Loser The Workout-The Best!
    This is the one of the best workouts I have done in a long time. I use to do Billy Banks-Taebo when I used to work out regularly. He is good but so fast paced. Now that I have gained some weight and want to work out again this is an excellent choice. Bob Harper is so motivational and seems to really care about keeping up with the work out. If you haven't work out in a while and what to do something that works and is fun, I recommend this DVD! ...more info
  • excellent for everyone
    This is possibly the best exercise DVD I've ever used. It is very customizable. Also, BOB shows you other ways to do the more high impact exercises so you don't do more than you can. He really makes a point of keeping your heart rate up and lets you know how you should be feeling at any given time so you can amp it up or cut back if needed. If you are only buying one exercise DVD, this is the one you should get, you'll get everything you need from it....more info
  • Very happy with this DVD with a few minor exceptions
    I have purchased/watched quite a few exercise DVDs in my time and I like the fresh approach that this one takes to workouts. The first time I did the DVD I was pleasantly surprised at working up a good sweat and staying interested. I like how they use real people in the video and I generally like Bob's teaching style. I also like that you can opt out of the trainer audio if you would like too.

    Another nice feature is the customized workout where you can choose any or all segments to mix and match as you like. It's a little help in the fight against boredom which is common with workout DVDs in general.

    I do have a couple of minor complaints about the DVD which lead to a 4 instead of 5 star rating.

    As I said before I really like that they use real people but it's distracting and non-motivating when the participants bail out of a certain exercise because they can't hold it. It doesn't help my resolve.

    Another major pet peeve of mine is the fake counting where the trainer counts down and then just before the last count says something to draw out the misery that much longer. It only happens a couple of times on this DVD but it's kind of annoying. That's a good reason to use the 'music only' option.

    In all I would say this is a very good DVD to add to your workout collection. ...more info
  • Great bang for your buck!
    This video is a great way to fit a fairly intense and beneficial workout into your busy day. The option of choosing a custom workout along with the fact that they are each in 20 minute increments is such a plus. I choose the high intensity cardio along with either the strength & sculpt or the boot camp. This gives me 40 minutes of what the experts recommend that we as humans should be taking on in our daily schedules for a healthy heart, body and mind. Bob Harper is a joy and the past "Losers" are an example of the greater realm of this country who are not perfect looking, but perfectly heatlthy.

    This video is a must. Just look at the price!...more info
  • Great for beginners
    This video is excellent. However, you will outgrow the video & need something more intense & fast-paced in a couple of months. The cardio kicked my butt at first, then it gets pretty easy after a while. The sculpting section of the video is definitely the best! The next best section of the DVD is the Boot Camp section.....combines cardio & weights. For some reason, low-intensity cardio in this DVD is HARDER than high-intensity cardio. Overall, it's a great workout beats driving to the gym. Sessions are 20 minutes each....more info


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