SteamFast Handheld Steam Cleaner- SF-227

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Product Description

Oh! The horror of housecleaning! Look at those walls. Oh my, what have they done to my counters? Whjere's the bucket? Where are the bottles of pungent smelling solvent? It's time to attack! Stop dragging an arsenal of cleaning products and rags around your home. With The SteamRunner you get reliable steam power at your fingertips in a lightweight, portable design. Clean and sanitize anywhere around your home, both inside and out, with the strength of REALSTEAM?. Ready to use in minutes, this handheld steam cleaner has a 10 ounce water capacity that lasts for 12 minutes of continuous steaming. Stains, grease, grime and odors are eliminated from your kitchen, bathroom, living room or any room, with 900 watts of strong, penetrating steam. The ergonomic design and easy-to-reach steam trigger make going from room to room a snap, and storage convenient. The steam ready light tells you when The SteamRunner is set to go, so grab it, and steam it, in no time. Cleaning can even seem like fun!

  • Steams away stains, grease, grime, odors and more
  • Lightweight for portability and easy storage
  • Ergonomically designed with an easy-to-reach steam trigger
  • Ready to steam in just minutes
  • Steam ready light Product Specs:
Customer Reviews:
  • Shark Steam Cleaner
    I received the Shark as a Christmas present (puh-leeze!) and tried it out right away. I used it twice to give it a fair chance, although I was ready to throw it in the trash after the first use. Drawbacks: it takes two hands to operate, one to point the nozzle and the other to hold the canister, but you need another hand to wipe up the mess it makes while you are working. When it runs out of steam you have to towel down all the dirt and water you've just loosened. DOUBLE WORK!! It is not balanced correctly so if you set the canister down, it tips over and steam goes all over the place. DANGEROUS! It runs about 5 minutes before running out of water but then you have to wait a minimum of 15 minutes until it cools down before refilling it. TIME CONSUMING! There is an attachment to use for cleaning the tile in the shower. Another three-handed job and complete waste of time. I gave up trying after the first tankful. I want a product that sucks up the dirt, not one that spreads it all around so I have a worse mess to clean up. There is one thing it worked well on: the dirt that gets stuck in the corner where two baseboards meet...if I pointed the nozzle in the corner for a long time,all that gunk loosened up and came out. Don't buy it unless you enjoy being frustrated and annoyed. ...more info
  • Cleaning Machine doesn't work twice
    Bought this item with excitement and anticipation of germ free environment in baths and kitchen! Worked great first time I used it. Second time I tried to use it, it did not even work. Called the number included with the product, got an automated answering device, left message and no one ever called me back. Ended up throwing it in the trash!...more info