Schumacher SC-1200A SpeedCharge 12/8/2 Amp Charger/Maintainer/Starter/Tester

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Product Description

12A/8A/2A, Speed Battery Charger, For 12V Batteries, 12A Fast Charge Monitors Battery Condition & Adjusts Charge Rate Downward To Prevent Battery Damage, For Car, Truck Marine, RV, Farm Equipment, Agm, Gel Cell & Deep Cycle Batteries, 8A Medium Self Adjusting Charge Rate Ideal For Everyday Charging Needs & Keeping Your Battery In Peak Condition, 2A Slow Charge For Charging Small Batteries & Maintaining Large Ones, Charges Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobiles & Lawn Tractor Batteries, Easy To Read Digital Meter, 50A Clamps, Retractable Handle, Self Stored Cables, System Test Helps Diagnose Problems With Battery & Charging System, & Electronic Push Button Controls.

  • 12 Amp fast charge to monitor battery condition and prevent battery damage
  • 8 Amp medium charge to self-adjust charge rate and keep the battery in peak condition
  • 2 Amp slow charge to maintain small batteries
  • 50 Amp clamps for top and side-mounted battery posts
  • Electronic push button controls switches for selection of display mode, charge rate or battery type and retractable handle for easy portability and storage

Customer Reviews:

  • This is not a 120/40/15/2 Amp Charger, it's only 12/8/2 Amps
    This is not what Amazon is thinks it is. They have confused the SC-12000A Schumacher Speedcharge Battery Charger, Model# SC-12000A
    which is no longer available and substantially a more powerful unit.
    This listing (this one above, SC-1200A) has the correct picture and model number, but the descriptive text in the title and details touts the specs of the the 12000, not the 1200.

    I sent it back today once I saw that it was the less powerful charger. I missed the Gold Box this week because I saw this unit and thought it was the better unit. I went out today and bought locally as I can't wait for an alternate item to ship.

    One of the earlier reviews (4-12-2007) alludes to this issue but it appears this was not Amazon's mistake. A model number with a single zero difference enables confusion all the way around....more info
  • stay far far away
    Have used this charger for A year to charge my boat batteries. Never completes A cycle without having to un-plug and restart. Charged battery overnite, and found battery was boiling. Had to replace. Bought new model(walmart) and returned old in same box, and still having same problems.My life depends on dependable power offshore. This charger is garbage, going to sell at fleamarket and get real operational charger....more info
    Schumacher Charger
    For recharging my big 29 size deep cycle marine battery for my trolling motor, this charger was the best of 3 chargers that I tested. This higher voltage around 15.9 does a better job says Interstate Battery manufacturer (one of the biggest manufacturers). After I got a long life of 10 years from my last battery, I say that higher voltage turbulates the electrolite (boils) and stirs up the sulfates off the bottom. It prevents accumulation at the bottom of the cell causing a premature dead cell ruining the battery. This charger was the only 3 stage automatic that charged my battery to it's full capacity of 1300 specific gravity. The other chargers I tested (one even made by the trolling motor company it self) only charged it about 80% at 1265 specific gravity so it was down to 3 of 4 bars on my motor out on the water in just 15 minutes insted of 1 hour. Chargers that only partially charge defeats the hours I can fish and shortens the life of the battery down to only 4 to 5 years. After 30 years of buying batteries and chargers I try to get the better quality at a fair price. I went with the famous name brand Schumacher charger and a genuine Interstate deep cycle battery to get trouble free performance and longer life for my money. I leave it on a $10 high amperage Air conditioner timer for 1/2 hour a day....more info
  • charger
    charger is ok but the number of charger is too close to the 12000a. Wanted 12000a got 1200a. Pay attention, seller home & beyond are not customer friendly....more info
  • Good Product
    It Charges the battery really fast when you need it. The only problem with it it's a noise it makes when charging....more info
  • Gary Hoyt
    Two out of two went back to WalMart $(42.77/2005)
    I bought Schmacher because the present charger that I have owned since the 1970's is a Schmacher and still operational. IT has been a supurb product BUT this newer breed of Schmacher chargers seems to leave allot to be desired....more info
  • Stay away from this charger!
    Stay far, far, far, away from this charger. I walked away from tested, good, low charge battery being charged on the 8amp setting connected to a 750CCA regular car battery and when I came back a couple hours later it was boiling and still trying to charge! I checked the charge voltage and it was at 16 volts (measured with a Fluke meter)! Bad, very bad, charger and not automatic or smart at all....more info
  • 'Dumb' charger
    I bought the charger on closeout at Walmart for $41. The 'smart' function apparently goes to sleep after the battery charge is complete. I watched the voltage indication on the charger drop below 12, and it never resumed charging. After unplugging/plugging back in, the charger got 'smart' and showed my battery was down to 80 percent. It took 5 hours to bring it back to 100 percent. The same thing happened on the second cycle (deep cycle boat battery). Last time around, the charger aborted and had to be plugged/unplugged several times to finish the charge. I emailed Schumacher for help and got no reply. This is my second defective out-of-the-box Schumacher charger in a row. This one is going back just as the first one did. If I had left the boat for long, the battery would have run down, and the bilge pump would have quit -- not good on a wooden boat. Buy a real charger....more info
  • charge review
    This charger is electronic. For charging batteries it works fine. As a 12vdc power supply it will not work. You cannot connect anything to it other than a battery. A headlamp or a backup sump pump, or any other 12vdc appliance will not work with this unit. Just so you know.Schumacher SSC-1000A Automatic Speed Battery Charger ...more info
  • AZCamera
    I think this charger is great. I use it to keep my Harley battery hot and conditioned. The battery I use it on is an ODYSSEY sealed battery. I also use it on a maintenance free battery in my car. It works great on keeping the batteries peaked up. When you plug it in you know it is running by the sound of the 2 cooling fans. Why complain about the fans? It is a charger and it is in the garage, who cares what it sounds like?

    I paid 25 dollars and change with shipping on the Speedcharge1200A from a vendor on Amazon. It was NEW, great deal. Wal-Mart sells it for 44 dollars and change. ODYSSEY has a charger that looks exactly like this and sells for a lot more $$$. The only difference is that the ODYSSEY is tweaked and has a better algorithm in its circuitry as well as a little different packaging.

    All in all, a good product. I would recommend it
    Schumacher SC-1200A SpeedCharge 12/8/2 Amp Charger / Maintainer / TesterSchumacher SC-1200A SpeedCharge 12/8/2 Amp Charger/Maintainer/Starter/Tester...more info
  • I love this
    I just got married, left home needed tools, saw this in wal-mart and pick it up. Gald I did my car battery died tested it with the on borad tester and charged it up I was happy. My alternator went out tested it with the on borad tester it was weak so I replaced it, Again very happy. My wife now of a few happy years and a son latter was on our way out the door to the mini van and it would not crank, got the changer out test it. it was dead changed it in about 5 mins. the speed/charger saved the day once agin.( A HINT for those other guys just like myself hook it up to the battery first then plug it in it will work and work great it does ). ...more info


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