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EURO-PRO" PORTABLEPROFESSIONAL STEAMER1550 watts of performance30 minute cleaning timeCleans, deodorizes andsanitizes without harshchemicalsCompact and portableIncludes patented doublesided steamAccessories include: floorbrush, deluxe squeegee, 2tubes, deluxe hose withconcentrator nozzle, shoulderstrap, nylon detail brush-double sided, machine washablefloor attachmentBoxed

  • 1550 watts of performance
  • 30 minute cleaning time
  • Cleans, deodorizes and sanitizes without harshchemicals
  • Compact and portable
Customer Reviews:
  • Awsome Machine!
    Just received my Shark machine today. I made the purchase after carefully reading all the reviews I could possibly find. While I still may be in the honeymoon phase, I simply love this steam cleaner. After just an hour, I had cleaned walls, a fridge, a bathroom (stuff that used to take me way too long)and I could not be happier. With just a sponge, a towel and the Shark, I got amazing results. The house smells cleaner, the walls look brighter and I am actually looking for more things to clean (something I never would ordinarily do).

    So far, no complaints at all. The unit comes with a guide offering tips on how to clean just about anything you would ever want.

    Tomorrow will be another wonderful day of cleaning (how sick is it that I am actually looking forward to that)! ...more info
    MELODY OCT 2008...more info
  • Not a miracle product, but a good help...
    I purchased this product after reading some pretty good reviews. I wanted something that could help me clean the corners and door tracking in my shower. I HATE cleaning bathrooms and was looking forward to using a steam cleaner to just melt the milder/soap scrum/mold away. Well, it doesn't just wash away, it kind of loosens it up a bit so that you can go in afterward with a scrubber of some kind and dislodge it easier. Still, a great help. Made the job much less labor intense. I didn't really like the squeegee attachment for the tile walls of my shower, didn't really do much, but I haven't tried it on windows yet. The steamer takes a while to heat up. All in all, an okay purchase....more info
  • Most fun cleaning ever, but quality problems
    First, the pros:
    - Most fun I've ever had cleaning
    - No chemicals. Fingers don't smell like bleach or whatever for the rest of the day.
    - Blasts dirt out of hard-to-reach places.
    - Excellent at general purpose cleaning; you need to wipe down surfaces with a towel after cleaning (it's not a vacuum).
    - While it's expensive, there's nothing to replace. Compare to other "innovative" cleaning productions which are mainly systems of pads, etc. that you need to keep buying.

    Now, the cons:
    - It's not a replacement for elbow grease. For example, on floors, it does a much better job than a mop, but it still doesn't beat getting on your hands and knees to scrape and scrub problem areas.
    - It was missing a manual and contacting the manufacturer through their website did not get any response.
    - After a few uses the inner hose got kinked and it would stop working randomly. Here's what I mean by inner hose: I could tell something was wrong with the hose, so figuring the thing was useless anyway, I cut the black outer hose and inside there was both an electric cord and thinner steam hose, which was kinked. So now I can try to pull the inner hose straight - however the area where is was kinked seems to be weakened, and it gets quite hot, so trying to straighten out the hose while the steam is under heat and press is probably not very safe. I can't find any information on how to get it repaired (probably cheaper to replace) but it's only this quality issue occurring after a few months that is why I don't give this 5 stars....more info
  • Great product, BUT!!!! There's something you need to know!!!
    First of all, let me start by saying I am now a firm believer in steam cleaners. When I bought this product, the tiles in my kitchen hadn't had a thorough scrubbing in years. The grout went from nearly black to red, very fast. I will NEVER use harsh chemicals again. Not for the floors, or bathroom or windows.

    This steamer comes with a fairly good assortment of attachments. The one I use the most is a small nozzle with plastic bristles. After 10 minutes of using this attachment the first time. Those bristles went from straight to permanently bent and it is no longer nearly as effevective. Understandable, I expected the scorching steam to do this. So I went back to Amazon to see which other attachments I could purchase. Couldn't find any. Then I went to the manufactures website, again I couldn't find any.

    Here is why you should NOT buy this particular steamer. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FIND/PURCHASE REPLACEMENT PARTS. Had I known this, I would have spent a little more for a model which parts can easily be found and purchased.

    If I could buy additional attachments for this unit I would give it 4 stars. But since you can't and the higher end euro shark steamers attachments aren't compatible with this model, it deserves 3/2 stars.

    Oh, one more major design flaw. There is no visual water meter. And since you might break the unit by inserting too much water, the only way to deal with it is by using all the water in the tank before refilling....more info
  • I have had mine for almost 6 months now...
    So To buy or not to buy the shark steam blaster. It was a question that I struggled with for over a year before going out and buying it and giving it a try and I am certainly glad that I did.
    There are cons to this product but the pros out way them over and over again.

    It cleans and cleans and cleans. If you have tile floors, windows, sinks, toilets, white garbage cans, ceiling fans, walls, stairs, even hardwood floors, you really need to give this baby a try.Oh and the thing that I love the most is the way that it cleans my radiators in my house no more scrubbing those suckers for an hour a piece to get them clean upon move in..Careful on the wood floors though some one reported that it warped her floors. I make sure to have plenty of replacement pads clean and when I get ready to do the wood floors in our new home When ever I get a streak that looks wet opposed to steamed I flip the pad over then after I get the same thing I take it off and replace it with a clean one.

    Yes it cleans it is great for allergies and mine has lasted now for 6 months being used every day. I wipe down my cabinets walls and kitchen floor and spray down my bathrooms pretty much every day. I deodorize my curtains every week knocking dust out of them. My windows I do at least once a month.

    So for the cons.

    1)Lots of people have reported that it breaks easily, I have not had that problem and if I do I will tell you that i will go out and buy a replacement that day.

    2) The biggest con on my end with the thing is this. When I bought it I went to the web page and ordered 9 new cleaning pads. After a month went by of not receiving anything I e-mailed them and they sent an apology letter telling me that the pads were on back order. I did finally get them though it too three months of waiting for them. You cannot wash the pad that comes with it with anything else so just one pad in the wash to me was insane so I just did the floor on my hands and knees with rags which I do on all my tile floors at least once a week any ways.

    To sum it all up if you are looking for a machine that will replace you cleaners, and clean really well for you for $99 this machine is worth every single penny. You have to put up with customer service which is a pain but well worth it in my opinion... ...more info
  • This Will Not Get You Steamed, But It's Steam Does Clean!!
    I highly recomend this product to anyone who requires a steamer that is multifunctional. This cleaner took care of my shower, bathroom floor, sinks, my fridge, and sliding glass doors perfectly the first day it arrived! The machine is simple to use, it comes with a myriad of attachments to steam clean your clothes, floor, shower, etc, It was well worth the money, and should provide me and my family years of quality and clean service. ...more info
  • Paid for it's self already in one day!
    I got very frustrated with reviews and what people were saying as one says great and the next says bad for all of these machines. Well let me tell you first I wasn't planning on buying THIS machine I had settled another one by a company that I don't know from Adam but had fair reviews and what I thought would be good accessories. Besides It was on this site. I wanted to see and feel it however, and couldn't find any. Well, I can't tell you the number stores I went to that had nothing from any company but the "oil can kind" I almost gave up and found this at Lowe's. I figured let me give it a shot. Well it was the best accidental purchase ever. I have done serious cleaning to a disgusting amount of grout in the Kitchen. I blasted out scum I didn't know was in there and can't be more satisfied. I also got the grout in another 3 bathrooms cleaner than I have ever seen in my entire time here. It turned gray grout white and even got the sealant out of a tumbled tile that I mistakenly sealed 2 years ago that was new with dark grout. Anyone who has done this knows it is forever runied as it makes all the crevices dark and disgusting. Now I have my new floor back again. My sceptical husband has been muling around and I think he's got some plans for it too. After 7 hours of cleaning yesturday and only 3 tank water changes I do need another nozzle but they sell them $4.95 for 3 on the website and I did about 300 sq. ft. so I don't have issue with it. It takes 47 oz of water and that's alot and it does alot with it. PS it gets seriously hot so be very careful! It is the concentrator nozzle that makes all the difference and that's not something I understood. What I can tell you that at least on this machine, if you don't read the directions on how to use the nozzles you will not get the effect you need. It requires the adaptor, then the concentrator and then the brush to do grout. Although you can use the brushes without the concentrator it won't do anything useful. I think that is where people are doing this all wrong. BTW all the parts are on the website so I am confident that if I overwork it I can get more. The only down side is not knowing how much water is left but it's a long time until you need to change it. It will just stop but I'm tired by then. To stay at its hottest and most pressurized it needs to reheat every few minutes but you need to wipe clean anyways. It's a different kind of cleaning than most think but it's paid for its self already. Next I'll try wall paper!
    ...more info
  • Attachements melt
    I love this product for it's versatility. HOWEVER...the 2nd time I used the mop attachment, a piece melted, breaking it off and rendering the mop function totally useless. When the model number is entered at Shark for parts/service, it comes up not found. I'm still waiting to see if they actually answer my inquiry and replace my melted part. I'm not holding my breath. They need to make the attachments out of something better than plastic. This product is too expensive to be made so cheap.

    It also would be nice if I could see how much water is left in the unit, but it's not possible....more info
  • Awesome product
    This is an amazing steamer. It's worth getting! I highly recommend it. These are the only glitches that I could tell so far . . . . Storage is a little difficult. It is not a retracting cord and the extra pieces (the ones that don't fit in the storage compartment) are large. (Not a major problem though.) Also, it does take about 8 or so minutes to heat up. Once you start cleaning, the steam only lasts for 10 minutes or so then you have to let it heat up again to continue steaming. One container did clean A LOT OF surface area, but I did have to let it re-heat 3 or 4 times in one cleaning. Still not enough of a drawback to not get it. The cleaning job it does is superior to anything else I have tried. Overall . . . THUMBS UP!!!...more info
  • Great product
    My old one got clogged by a bunch of earwigs, so I cover the ends on this one. It's great for getting rid of dust mites in the carpet or bedding. Fleas are no match for it, just do your infested area every three days for 12 days and they're gone. Mold and mildew in the shower disappear, no need to scrub for hours. I even use it to sterilize my dishes. It gets wrinkles out of clothes. I use distilled water, and afterwards my house smells great!...more info
  • shark Ultra steamer S 3325
  • Shark Ultra Steam Blaster- Cleaned Me Out of $100 Thats All
    This unit is a complete disappointment. Hang on to your money! It really does not do ANY of it's claimed tasks well. Aside from cleaning us out of $100, it simply did not work....more info
  • Shark Clothes Steamer (stupid product)
    I bought the Shark clothes steamer, which is not on the site but is very similar to this. I wondered why they made the thing shaped like a vacuum with big trailing wheels, as if you're going to run around the house steaming clothes. Now I understand, Conair couldn't be bothered to redesign the product for a different use. It is full of stupid features. The brush is impotent - you apply it to hanging fabric that instantly moves out of the way and doesn't stay flat. So your second hand must be brought into play; steam burns result. Why isn't this brush double sided so it clamps onto the fabric? The speed at which wrinkles dissappear is slooooooooooow. You will squander any money you saved, by becoming a part-time laundromat worker patiently waiting for this product to do its work. The slippery backlit on/off button is molded seamlessly into the teardrop shaped device, so you cannot turn it on/off with the tap of a foot, even though the button (by necessity) is three inches off the floor. Lastly a giant pole sticking up from the floor does incredibly little to address any need - Do people with wrinkled clothes not have a closet rod, or a door they can hang their clothes off, while they work onthem? This is a rotten, lazily concevied product.

    The Shark Steamer is a seriously goofy contraption pretending to be a well-designed appliance; certainly not a time-saver....more info
  • Fantastic Product
    This product is easy to use, portable, and an overall fantastic buy. I would recommend to everyone.

    ...more info
  • Works as advertised but not really very useful
    Bought this thing a couple of years ago for the primary purpose of cleaning the ceramic tiled floor in the downstairs of our 3300sq ft home. It does a reasonable job of that, but it doesn't do much better than a traditional mop and bucket - which is a lot easier to set up.

    The Shark makes lots of steam and it does that fairly quickly. The manufacturer's rated 50mins of run time seems accurate enough. Trouble is - when you live in Texas and it's 100°F+ and 80% humidity outside, you don't really want to be filling your house with steam every time you mop the floor.

    I found that you have to push the 'mop' head really hard against the floor to pick up stubborn dirt. Putting one foot on top of the mop head and using that foot to grind the head back and forth across a tricky tile usually picks up the muck. Trouble is, that makes my slippers very hot and soggy. We bought an extra mop towel because one wasn't enough to do the whole floor. The towel gets very dirty, which proves that it is picking up dirt.

    The plastic that all the attachments is made from is not really up to the job of conveying a hot gas while applying 10 or 20lb of force to the thing that you're cleaning. Eventually the attachments attain a new, slightly bent shape. The wife eventually broke the rotating joint that attaches the mop head to the pipe and we had to order a new one.

    We tried using the Shark with the small 1" plastic, circular brush to clean the grout lines between the kitchen floor tiles, which always go from tan to black after a few months soiling. Verdict - doesn't cut the mustard. Regular bleach works far better.

    We tried using the Shark to clean the exterior of the toilets in our home, which are fairly disgusting - we have two young boys whose aim isn't very good at the best of times. Again, using the traditional method of rubber gloves, a rag and some Lysol spray is much more convenient, quicker and just as effective.

    I'm currently trying to sell my Shark......more info
  • Didn't Work for Me
    I bought the Shark Ultra Steam Blaster specifically for my bathroom: to clean the tiles and grout in the shower, the shower door tracks, the toilet, the sink, etc. I read the manual carefully, tried every suggested accessory, used an entire tankful of water (about 50 minutes of steam) trying to clean something, anything, but the product just didn't do what it promised. It works in the sense that it turns on, heats up the water, sprays out the steam, etc, but it just doesn't perform as advertised, not for me at least. I had to go back to the old scrubbing with a sponge method to clean everything. A waste of time and, more painfully, money.

    One should also be very careful about purchasing this item through amazon, as it's sold through another party: Grady's Ace Hardware. I made the mistake of not checking that seller's return policy before buying, and well... if you use the item, even if it doesn't work for you, they won't take it back. It must be untouched in the box, unused, resellable by them as new.

    Buyer beware....more info
  • Cleaning is fun!
    There is so much this steam blaster can do. It's really easy to use and with all of the attachments, it cleans so many different things. The best part is you don't have to use any chemicals....more info
  • Best Sanitizer
    Absolutely the best way to clean and sanitize almost everything in your personal environment without using chemicals. There are no miracles. You still have to wipe up the dirt and germs you blast loose from surfaces. But instead of being trapped in a room full of bleach or ammonia vapors you are sanitizing with steam, getting the room very clean and have healthy sinuses as a bonus. Many helpful attachments. Easy to use. Sturdy. I have a small on also, which comes in handy....more info
  • it really works
    This is really great for deep cleaning. Its a little annoying for the day to day chores....more info
  • Not doing what I thought
    I bought this especially for my laminate floors and I don't see where it is any better than using vingar and water and a terry towel. Hopefully it will be good for other areas. ...more info
  • Over all a handy cleaner
    I have had mine for a few years. It does clean about everything. The only complaints I have is it takes a while to heat up and doesn't stay hot long enough and I had to fix the on off switch. It is great for cleaning dried on food. It even cleaned the very nasty dog kennel fairly easily.

    If you have small children this is great to clean all the toys theat get dirt in the groves.

    Don't let your kids use it because they can get burned. Mine didn't believe it was hot.

    ...more info
  • Gotta LOVE this steamer
    I have parrots and I use this steamer to clean the cages. I love it!!!!
    My allergies prohibit me from using any chemicals, so this steamer is a God send....more info
  • An all around good house cleaning tool
    First, let me say that you can buy one of these at most of the larger hardware stores, like Lowes or Home Depot. I bought mine at a local Lowes for 100 dollars, and I didn't have to pay any shipping on it. The box wasn't too big either, so I could fit it into my trunk.

    Now, this steamer is more designed for cleaning larger spaces than one of those small hand-held steamers (I know, since I have both). I like to use this Shark steam cleaner with the extensions and microfiber cloth to clean my kitchen floors, and it works great. I also recently cleaned my bathroom using this steam cleaner to "assits" me, and it worked great.

    Overal, this is a solid piece, and I don't have any serious complains, but I do wish that this thing could produce steam continually without needing to stop. I also wouldn't buy into the whole "will disinfect and kill 99.9 percent of baceteria" stuff that these comercials say about steam cleaners. Remember, the steam is only hot enough to kill bacteria whenever the steam first comes out the tip end, so you really need to spend a few moments spraying one area to disinfect....more info
  • first time steamer
    Bought this particular cleaner as a compromise between price and good review. It works as advertised and leaves floors and windows nicely cleaned and pleasant on the nose. Some of the smaller accessories are poorly designed, but a clever person can get by with them. The window cleaner and floor cleaner are the best features by far. I can see where things like the wand (which is plastic) might fail prematurely. In general and considering the low price I am very satisfied. I will however keep my eyes open for a more heavy duty option. ...more info
  • Had to have one!
    My sister kept ranting about how great her steam cleaner was so I gave in a borrowed hers. She can't have it back until the new one comes. I have three boys and cleaning around the toilet is a challenge. The shark just blasted all the built up gunk out of the crevaces. I didn't realize how dirty my bathroom was until I used the Shark. I will not go back to chemical cleaners....more info
  • Steam it clean!
    This little machine is a monster cleaner! I love it! It's easy to use and does the job right AND without environmentally damaging chemicals. Who could ask for more? My only, only, only criticism is that it only comes with one cleaning cloth. If you have a lot of floor space to clean, you are in trouble because you have to remove it, wash and dry it, and then replace it. It just doesn't work as well if you rinse and replace while it is wet. I suggest you order extra pads when you purchase. You will need them because you will be cleaning EVERYTHING!!! Buy it! ...more info
  • no no no no
    I was very disappointed with this steam cleaner. I orginally bought the Monster sc60, but had to return it due to the fact that it was sent to me already used. (I may try that one again)

    There just isn't enough pressure to really get things clean. I ready many of the reviews online and have to concur with the negative reviews. It doesn't blast away the grout dirt and barely cleans the bathroom fixtures (comparing to the Monster which was cheaper). The attachments are great, although mine (bought from Lowes) came with some missing. Also the steam light kept coming back on (constantly), which I presume meant it needed to heat again. Big flaw. Water everywhere and it would be easier and more time efficient to use a rag and chemicals.

    I'm not going to make this a long review because there just isn't much to say about this steam cleaner. I put it back in the box and going to return it.

    End point: Does NOT have enough pressure to get the job done. Once again, I am comparing it to a similar steamer that emitted tons of pressure.

    May be worth to invest in the more expensive ones....more info
  • clean
    I purchased this steam vacuum and it was delivered fast. It got the 20 year old linolumn clean and shiny. I didn't know it had a shine I had covered it up with mats and rugs, because I couldn't get it clean without getting on my hands and knees and using a toothbrush, too much work for me. The steam vac got everything so clean I couldn't stop trying to find something to clean. I had to use the brass brush for my floor and it worked a miracle. I am very happy with my steam vac....more info
  • cleans well
    The steamer is a good cleaning product,it is bulky to push around but its worth it....more info
  • Shark S3325
    Shark Ultra Steam Blaster - S3325
    This product is not all that it is touted to be.
    It is good for cleaning small areas that aren't too dirty.
    The caked on stuff still has to be brushed with a heavy duty
    cleaner, then steamed away. Would I purchase it again?
    Yes, but I wouldn't pay more than 1/2 of the asking price....more info
  • steam blaster!
    I couldn't wait to receive my Steam Blaster. My previous one broke about four months ago and I went back to the 'old' way of cleaning my tile floors. Never again!...more info
  • I love this!
    I hate mopping with a bucket and the shark saves me that. When I get this out, I end up using it for everything. I detailed my car, cleaned my sliding glass door track, around the bottom of my toilet, pencil marks on a door, my microwave, stove top, shower stall. You named it, I cleaned it. Its wonderful and I don't have a bucket anymore!...more info
  • Clean, clean, clean
    Shark Ultra Steam Blaster - S3325
    So far this product has delivered. I could not believe the amount of dirt that conventional cleaners left until I used my shark steam cleaner. I have used this product on the floors, the bathtub, shower doors, and stove top with great results....more info
  • more of a guppy...
    This is for simple, small jobs. Not what I wanted. Doesn't have enough steam, power or umph to get bigger jobs done. This would be good for cleaning grout, but not much more....more info
  • Worth Every Cent!
    I bought this machine at Kohl's for $31.99! Couldn't believe the price! It works great! Makes quick work of what ever you clean. It's restored my shower door back to new looking, cleaned my entire bathroom, floors, rocking chair, vertical blinds, windows, mirrors. Next I'm going to use it to defrost my deep freezer. Should get it done in about 10 minutes! If you love a clean home, then this machine is for you! Don't wait....more info
  • This is a Bust
    I bought this product after reading the reviews and hoping for a miracle. The pieces did not fit together well and I found it difficult to assemble the attachments. The product was not well made either.
    I sent it back to the company for a refund. Save your self the postage and your time - don't buy it....more info
  • I used it 3 times and then....
    This initially seemed to be a great product - ground-in dirt on kitchen tiles lifts but you need lots of old towels to "mop" up the water. The capacity of the tank is a bit small for a kitchen and hallway! The cord is a bit short but then, you don't trip over it. Sadly, it lasted 3 gentle uses....more info
    The steamer [now that I finally have it] works like a dream and is very convenient. However, I hadn't recieved it in the time expected and when I called the store to check, it turned out they'd never shipped it! I asked if they could give me some consideration for the delay in shipping but they never bothered to get back to me. I will not be buying from them again. ...more info
  • AMAZING! This is a must have!
    I bought this based on other customer reviews on this page. I am not sorry I did! I live in a house that was built in 1916. Forget the fact that I have never given it a thorough cleaning in the 6 years I have owned it, I found places that I don't think any of the previous owners thoroughly cleaned either!

    This thing blasted through all of the grease and grime in every nook and cranny of my kitchen and bathroom. I used it on my garbage can, which is always grimy (stupid to have a white garbage can, but what can I say?). My stove, dishwasher and refrigerator look brand new. The black stuff that tends to build up around faucet fixture just melted away and the inside of my microwave sparkles (It is nearly older than me, and has been passed down through my family. It's STILL going strong!)

    Even with all of this evidence pointing toward true love, the moment that sealed my fate was when I cleaned under and around my antique claw-foot tub. It is nearly impossible to get underneath it and the floor has always been blackish around the feet because nothing can really get in that close to it. This just blasted everything away. My bathroom mirror always had spots on it after cleaning, but the first time I cleaned it with this steamer and the squeegee, i was thoroughly amazed. No left over lint or missed spots of toothpaste spatter.

    Sweet Bliss. I HATE cleaning, but this has changed it into something fun and amazing!...more info
  • good on carpet, not so good on really dirty grout
    I purchased this primarly to help clean my dirty floor grout in my kitchen. I let the shark warm up and went to town on my kitch floor grout. Unforunately, it took a very long time to steam out the dirt just from one tile's worth of grout. I guess you could clean an entire kitchen / bathroom of grout but its going to take a long long time. The shark might do a better job if you don't let years of gunk build up on your grout and just clean it regularly. Note, the additional attachments are hidden under the blue shield. I missed this at first.

    I have some old carpet with some unsightly stains from the previous owner that I was not able to scrub out with traditional carpet stain remover. I let the shark warm up and went to town on the carpet stains. Much to my surprise it did a great job of removing carpet stains. I feel that the shark is much more effective cleaning carpet instead of tile. This is going to be a great cleaning tool for people with pets that ocassionally make messes.

    Does a great job of cleaning carpet stains.
    Makes cleaning carpet cheap and enjoyable.

    Not so great on grout with years of dirt build up.
    Must ocassionally wait for steam to build back up in between
    bursts....more info
  • Not working as well as when I first bought...
    I'm re-writing my review. Initially I gave this 5 stars but after only a few months, I'm downgrading to 3 stars. There are two lights on the cleaner: "Heating" and "Steam Ready". It takes about 10 minutes from the time I turn the cleaner on for the light to go from "Heating" to "Steam Ready". I use this primarily for my floors. The first few times I cleaned them, the light stayed on "Steam Ready" for the entire time I cleaned the floor and there was obviously a lot of steam (the floor would continue to steam for about 15 seconds after I'd cleaned it. However, now the "Steam Ready" light changes back to "Heating" in less than a minute and it is obvious that there is not that much steam coming out. I'm spending more and more time waiting for "Steam Ready". I should have stuck with my Bissel Steam Mop! ...more info
  • Excellent
    We have used ours for 6 months and it still works like new. We have birds and it cleans the cages and play pens better than any thing we have tried in the past 20 years. No need to use dangerous chemicals.

    We had a industrial steamer we paid $600 for about a year and it was no better than the Shark. It quit working about 2 days after the 1 year warranty ran out and the cost of sending it in for repairs was about $300! We couldn't be happier with the Shark for appliances, formical tile floors, and small items. We can buy 5 more sharks for the cost of the industrial steamer....more info
  • S3325 Shark Ultra Steam Blaster
    We have onlyused this once since purchased but it seemed to do a very good job in cleaning the ceramic floor tiles. We purchased this unit because several of our friends have one....more info
  • disappointed
    I purchased this product to clean the grout in my house and it made no difference. It is OK if you want it for light jobs like regular cleaning of hard surfaces. If you are looking for something to do heavy duty jobs like cleaning grout on floors, look elsewhere....more info
  • Broke after 1 month
    When it was working, i thought it was great for cleaning my floors, however, it stopped producing steam after 1 month. I can't use it now. Cheap product. Instead of providing all those dam accessories, they should have spent more time testing the product for defects. ...more info
  • Clean tiles but don't expect miracles with dirty grout
    I think this is a great steamer. Your tile floor will look great. But don't expect miracles with dirty grout. I made the mistake of not buying this machine on day one. I waited 2 years and it will not clean the grout to the color it was when the tile was first installed. It did get dirt out of the grout but instead on a sand color grout I have dirty sand color.

    If you are even thinking of laying down new tile, you should have a darker grout color. Do not go with light colors. I'm not thinking of having the grout recolored.

    Recap I still think this is a great machine. The machine can not correct my choice of grout color and waiting 2 years to think I can get it back to the original color.
    ...more info
  • only produced steam for 3 minutes at a time.
    I read all of the reviews, bought this one at Target, and used it the next day...What could have been a great cleaning experience, wasn't.

    The 3 minutes that the water stayed hot enough, produced amazing dare i say, 'fun' results. I was using the steam, down on the floor, on my hands and knees, cleaning up dried puppy pee. It really did work, I'd read reviews, so I knew to expect to steam-wipe-steam-wipe-steam-wipe, and I'd purchased some shop towels, so no problem. Except that the steam/vapor kept dying out, so I looked at the machine and the light wasn't on anymore, so I turned off the nozzle and waited a couple of minutes and the light was lit, so I went at it, but the same thing occurred. So, I returned it. Lame, I'm still in the market for one--I'd love to get one of those Ladybug brands, but I'm hesitant to spend the 1k just to steam grout and tile. Still, I HATE housework, and this was kinda fun--It had potential....more info
  • Steam Blaster
    Easy to use. Amazing how well it can blast through dirt. Could use a few more tool attachments. Great construction all components made to last. Overall a great investment in cleaning....more info
  • Love it!
    We have a ton of tile floors in our house - and this is my life saver with them. We use the floor cleaner ALL the time. It cleans so easily... even my hubby likes to use it. I usually spray down some vinager and then steam over. Perfect!

    I would recommend this to anyone, especially if you have a lot of tile.

    I do wish I could easily find replacement cloth for the floor cleaner. They are not kidding when they say only use liquid detergent.
    ...more info
  • Put some good clean fun in your life!
    There are two cleaning tools that make life much easier and healthier:
    1) a power washer and
    2) a portable steam cleaner
    This Shark Ultra Steam Blaster certainly fills-the-bill for the power and convenience (and fun, actually) of portable steam cleaning.
    It has all of the tools (accessories) that you will need to get rid of mold, scum, baked-on debris, filth, dirt, muck and gunk.
    It has a large capacity reservoir (and filling beaker and funnel) that gives you at least 30 minutes of power cleaning. It is easy to use, it includes a nice variety of attachments, it is stylishly designed and, generally, a top-notch item.
    It eliminates the need to use chemical cleansing agents that adversely affect our health and immune systems. It gets rid of mold, mildew and accumulated grunge that is otherwise very difficult to clean.
    It cleans fabrics, upholstery, carpet stains, grout, metal, tile, venetian blinds and practically everything else in the blink of an eye.
    It eliminates the need for scrubbing and makes dirt dissolve almost instantly. All you need is a cloth to wipe (to dry) as you steam-clean any item.
    If you want to have fun cleaning and get free of highly toxic chemical cleaning agents then this item is a must have. I have one and use it frequently. Just as an example, you can thoroughly clean your entire bathroom in 15 minutes with this steam cleaner. A job (bathroom cleaning) that usually takes at least an hour using elbow-grease and harsh chemical cleaning agents. Most importantly this item can be used safely. It has an assortment of nozzles and attachments for every reasonable use. The attachments are easy (a snap) to put on and take off. The attachments are stored on the device (under blue lid) except for the extension attachments (three) for floors and ceilings. The extension attachments extend your reach by about 4 feet and come in quite handy. The steamer is on wheels and follows you around easily (long power cord) as you effortlessly remove the dirt that resists other cleaning methods.
    Yes, by all means, get one! It is quite amazing how much better you feel when you stop inundating your home and body with chemicals. The cumulative effect of chemical household cleansers causes pain, joint discomfort, nausea, headaches and (seeming) "colds" not to mention the environmental consequences.
    Steam cleaning is the way to go and this item does it quite well and in style! It will pay for itself in what you save from not having to purchase other cleaning products, plus the enormous amount of time it saves you by its efficiency and fun factor.
    ...more info
  • Poor quality....broke it within minutes!
    The steamer works that's why it got 2 stars. The attachments are of poor quality and mine broke just as I started doing the floor. I would recommend this for doing tubs, toilets, small things only....more info
  • Poor quality - broken more than functioning
    This is a great product when it works. Please, please keep your receipt and warranty information. You will need it . Unfortunately, I did not. The products and its attachments are made of palstic and they tend to melt at high stress areas. I used mine only 4 times for the floors and then the adaptor melted. Working with their customer service is impossible. I am still trying to get my order of three month ago straightened out. The adaptor was on back order for almost two months. So I have been using the trusty mop ever since. I have another shark product (cordless sweeper) and though it has lasted longer, it wont last much longer. I have had it about a year with frequent use. Good luck!...more info
  • Very pleased
    I purchased my Shark about three months ago from Target. I had taken a long time to review all the steamers before I chose this one. It seemed to be the best ratio between performance and price.

    My main use for this is on the floors. The bottom of the mop is easy to turn so you can use both sides of the cloth without having to take it off. I do wish they sold extra "mop" towels, but I bought some microfiber towels and will make my own. I will still use an occasional anti-grease spray cleanser on the floor while mopping, but that's only in case of grease splatter, etc.

    This replaces my mop in spades.

    I'm going to just touch on a few points here.

    This is not a vacuum and it's not a pressure washer. It puts out a decent psi, but you will still need a bit of patience. It will not blast that crusted peice of yuck off your floor in seconds. You will need rags while you are cleaning with it. (If you've seen reviews for other items like this one, you know why I'm saying this.) This is neither unusual or a point against it.

    This *speeds* up your cleaning time when you're working with crusted on foods and such in the kitchen. I've had great success with the fridge, microwave, table, counters and the high chair.

    Just like heating water on the stove, this will take about 5-10 minutes to heat up. Use distilled water. Make sure you close the cap all the way (Push down and turn). Knowing it will take 5-10 minutes to heat up, you can get it set up and then prep the area you are about to clean so you're not standing over it waiting for the yellow (ready) light to turn on.

    A full container will last about an hour, you will probably refill it at least once the first time you use it. Generally, I refill it 1-2 times when I'm doing the kitchen floor/table/high chair.

    This is about as loud as a vacuum or shop vac, depending on where you have the product. It never bothered me.

    This does nothing for my bathtub. I see no difference in my grout. It doesn't take away water stains very easily and you will need chemicals, especially for mildew and soap scum. It will clean tile very well, but you will have to work quickly and with rags. Generally I just don't use it in there except for on the floors and around the toilet.

    All in all, I love this steamer. It's not a magic button, but it does make my cleaning a lot easier and even fun!...more info
  • Works Great!
    I had a small, handheld steamer that I absolutely loved, but I couldn't use it on my floors, and the capacity wasn't large enough. I purchased the Shark Steamer and I LOVE IT!!! I use it in almost every room of the house. It is easy to use, has a huge reservoir, and WOW is it powerful! I highly recommend this product....more info
    I purchased this shark steam blaster last week since I had just bought a home. I wanted to clean my laminate wood floors with it and was hoping that I could jump onto the "no chemicals needed" bandwagon but I was not planning on expecting too much out of it. To my surprise, this thing is amazing. My floors had been professionally cleaned and yet when I finished with the shark cleaner, I was amazed at all of the black grime that came off of my floors. Since I was so impressed, I decided to try it out around the house and I can't tell you how impressed I have been with it. I thought the kitchen tile looked clean but I steamed the grout and I couldn't believe what color the grout actually was! It works exactly like in the commercial. I used it in my refrigerator - spotless. Bathrooms - spotless. Try it around your baseboards where they meet your floors and you'll be shocked to see what blasts out from under there. YUCK!
    I feel so clean thanks to this machine and you will be amazed if you try it. Here's a tip though: order an extra floor towel because you won't be able to stop once you start and the towel will get dirty pretty fast. Also, instead of using a hand towel to wipe away the grime, I used paper towels so that I can dispose of the dirt instead of running it through my washer (especially for bathroom uses).
    I would recommend this product to everyone. I would also like to disagree with the other reviewer who complained of the noisiness of this product. I did not find the steamer noisy at all and rather appreciated the fact that I could clean at 2 am and not worry about disturbing the neighbors....more info
  • Insufficient Steam Pressure but Cool Design
    I just ordered this Ultra Steam Blaster from the manufacturer and did some testing of this model with the competing products from Saeco (the Piccolo) and SteamFast.

    Overall, I like the design in terms of being able to hold most of the accessories on board. The quality of the accessories is first rate. The unit heats up in 6-7 minutes and produces consistent steam. For those new to steaming, it will be a revelation and you will wonder what you did without a steamer.

    Since I have owned and tested 4 steamers in the past few years, including this model and two competitors in the "under $200" category, I can tell you that while I like the design and quality of accessories, (and the fact this unit uses a stainless steel tank) of this Shark product, it did not hold a candle to the Saeco in terms of raw cleaning power. See my amazon reviews of the Saeco piccolo for details.

    I really wanted this unit to be better since I really did like the design the best. However the moldy hose test demonstrated that this steamer does not have the power to instantly blast mold off a moldy hose like the Piccolo. Since I owned a prior model from Delonghi, I can tell you, when you go to steam, the raw temperature and steam production power/pressure is what does the cleaning and the Shark Ultra Steam Blaster, while comparable to the other Chinese made steamer I tested, does not offer the performance of the Italian made Piccolo....more info
  • Throw away the mop, bucket, and chemicals
    I have had this machine for several months now and have not regretted making the purchase. My husband thought I bought it to periodically steam clean the tile and was surprised to find that this machine REPLACES the mop and bucket.

    I do agree that the loudness can be a problem in closed in spaces (i.e. shower). Therefore, until I purchase earplugs, I will continue cleaning the shower the old fashioned way.

    I use this machine to steam the tile, "dust" the window blinds and other items that have small crevices, clean grout between the tile, and clean the highchair. There are other uses we have yet to try.

    We are pleased with the cleaning ability of this machine. It sure beats working with lukewarm/cold water. I feel things do get cleaner and there is no chemical residue afterward. Several hours later (unplugged) , the water in the tank is still very hot.

    Bottom line: even if you get this machine to just steam your floors, I think it is worth it.

    ...more info
  • Do Not Buy This
    I just bought the Shark Ultra Steam Blaster yesterday. IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THE INFOMERCIAL. For starters, you have to wear earplugs because the sound coming from the nozzle is deafening in a confined space like a shower or bathroom. On the outside of the unit, a decibel sound rating should be given. On top of that, the steam coming out of the unit is not hot enough to even call steam. If you just use the steam without a brush, you may as well just do nothing. You have to scrub the areas with a tiny little brush to make any type of progress. Doing that, it would take you a week to clean the bathroom.
    I understand the whole concept of not needing to use any cleansers or chemicals but the fact of the matter is that the Shark Ultra Steam Cleaner just does not work as shown. I bought the unit on Saturday and it is going back to the store on Monday. Thanks but no thanks.
    In conclusion, if you are looking to throw 100 bucks in the toilet, go deaf, and waste your time with a useless device, then by all means make the purchase. Beware.
    Thank you for your time....more info
  • OMG! A little piece of heaven!
    I received a different brand steamer for my b-day, and it broke during the initial use. I returned it, and saw this one in B.J.'s so I thought I give it a try. Boy, was I impressed!

    Features I like:
    ..An on/off switch on the unit, as well as a on/off switch on the nozzel.
    ..A light on the unit to tell you that the unit is ready to use.
    ..Large water capacity

    I used it to clean my walls in the kitchen using the floor attachment, and they look brand new. It took about 15 minutes for the whole room what would normal take my hours up and down a ladder with a bucket.

    It also worked wonderfully on the stove top, the oven door, and the sides. On the front of my stove I had three greese drips where the knobs were that I have been trying to get off for a year now. I've tried so many products and nothing worked. This baby blasted it away in under a minute.

    I would highly recommed this model. So far, I see no problems with it. The only down side is that you need to wait 15 minutes for the unit to cool down before you can refill it, but from what I read online you need to do that with all units/brands. But, the plus is your fill the unit up with about 48 ounces of water, more then a lot of other untis so you get a long period of work time with it.

    I can't wait to work on my bathroom with this!

    ...more info
  • This shark scares the dirt out!
    I bought this about a month ago and I love it! I have a ton of tile in my home and with 2 dogs and 2 cats the tile and grout gets DIRTY! Nothing I used worked to really clean the floor and there wasn't a thing to clean the grout. I bought this hoping to do both and it worked! The little mop cover is great for cleaning the floor and the power washer attachment blasts water on the grout and you can see the dirt come out. Make sure to have a towel near you when cleaning grout because this machine DOES NOT suck up water like other floor mops.

    When mopping, it doesn't leave a lot of water on the floor and it dries very quickly. The mop cover washes just fine in the washer (don't use the dryer) and I bought some extra ones from the eureka online site ($9 for 3 more).

    I haven't used this on windows or the shower, but I'm sure it will do the job. YOu should see the grime that this picks up...and the floor LOOKS CLEAN before I use it, but no no's an illusion :) I would highly recommend this for steam cleaning floors, grout, and most likely it will do a great job on any area that needs a deep steam clean (remember, this does not suck up the water)....more info
  • You're gonna love this thing
    I bought this appliance at Target about three months ago, misunderstanding at the time what it was. When I got it home and unpacked it, I realized my mistake and *almost* took it back because I've owned steamers before and I just wasn't impressed. The literature accompanying the unit made me decide to go ahead and try it out before I decided and oh my gosh, am I glad I did.

    Using nothing but water and a towel, along with your Shark steamer, you can clean anything in your house. When we bought this house back in April of 2002, there were lime stains on the pipes behind the toilets in all three bathrooms. And there were 10 years of black gunk built up under the edges of each toilet, where they connect to the floor. No matter what I tried, I could never remove all of that gunk -- you just can't get under there to do it! -- and the lime deposits wouldn't come off even with CLR and Lime Away and similar products. I am happy to report that less than 10 minutes per bathroom was all it took to totally obliterate the lime AND the gunk. Because it's steam under pressure, it can get in spots where you can't even insert a butter knife. It just blows it all out and you wipe it away!

    We suffer from various allergies, and it seemed that no matter which cleaning product I used, someone's allergies were going to be aggravated -- now, I use the Shark and there's NOTHING to irritate anyone because you're not using any cleaning solvents -- just water!

    You can even use it with one of the wider nozzles (it doesn't show them in the photo, but the unit is packed with several different attachments, not just the floor attachment shown) and blow dust and cobwebs off window blinds, artificial flowers, knick-knacks, and so on without damaging them. I have some suede-feeling artificial flowers that even a lint remover won't take the dust off, and my Shark steamer left them looking like they were brand new. You can clean your windows, and it's great for getting underneath and around large household appliances. The grill under the refrigerator that always looks terrible? Spotless, thanks to the Shark!

    The nozzles and attachments help you get into places that normal cleaning just can't reach. My house has never been so clean, and although everyone assumes I've been spending hours and hours cleaning house, the truth is, I now spend about an hour per week maintaining it with my Shark!

    I can't say enough about this unit. I highly recommend it. ...more info