SteamFast Steam Cleaner- SF-275

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  • SteamFast SF275 1500 Watt 48Oz. SteamMax Steam Cleaner
  • Steam Fast
Customer Reviews:
  • This was a great buy!
    Last Saturday (1/19) I bought the Shark Steam Blaster Jr. - Red (S3210R) Spent half the day Saturday steaming! LOL (This is a hand-held model, very similar to the Rainbow Steamer and the Scunci) Overall it worked well. A few minor complaints. The squeegee attachment was useless, water everywhere when I used it on the bathroom mirror.

    Many of the complaints I read was the amount of time wasted in refilling/waiting for reheat. I found that you can work out a routine to work around the waiting. The steam lasts for about 15-20 minutes. Then I'd wait 5 min. to cool, let out the steam and refill. I didn't mind the wait.

    Bathroom: Overall cleaning the bathroom was a success.

    Kitchen- WOW! I was pleasantly surprised that it was strong enough to remove baked on grease on my stove that I've been trying to remove for months! It took a little elbow grease. A little trick I used was to drop very small drops of dish detergent directly on the stain then blast it with the steam! BINGO! Beautifully cleaned the microwave, oven door, granite counters, sink, and tile floor grout!

    Unfortunately I could not get baked on grease off the bottom of my pans and I also wanted a floor attachment. - SO... I ordered from Walmart the SteamFast SteamMax Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner. LOL! I receive it today (1/25) and I already used it in my bathroom. BIG DIFFERENCE from the hand held. Much stronger, less water spray, faster work. Way longer use before refilling (in fact, I dumped water out of it after cleaning the entire bathroom). I'll be tackling the pans baked on grease tomorrow and will let you know.

    I'm going to return the Shark hand held.

    Also check out Sam's they carry the Monster SC60 Steam Cleaner It seems a little bit more powerful than the SteamFast. ...more info