Remington H-1015 All That! Hair Setter

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  • Extension to the All That product line
  • Quick grip rubber spaded rollers
  • Instant Heat ? 90 seconds or less
  • Ceramic Even Heat Protection
  • Ionic Conditioning ? less frizz & more shine
Customer Reviews:
  • the best curl yet.
    I bought these rollers for travel, which worked out great. They're light and easily packed. I find myself using them all the time. They heat quickly and keep a curl all day. I've been using electric rollers since they first came out and this set is my favorite so far. I do wish there were more rollers but they reheat quickly. ...more info
  • Nice curlers but not for short hair
    I purchased these because I wanted some curl to my very straight, fine hair. The packaging is very compact and very portable. The metal pins held even my fine hair in place. They did not get "hot" in 90 seconds as advertised (more like 4-5 min) to get more than just "warm", with the lid sealed.

    The amount of curlers were just right for my shoulder length hair, however the red rods were too big and just produced "body" not so much curls.

    I would think if you had longer hair and or just wanted body this would be a 5++. And I bought them at that "red" super department store for just 12.99! Overall, I would recommend as they are nice - just didnt suit my needs....more info
  • Easy as all that!
    This is one of the simpliest, fastest, most compact roller set I've ever used. It is limited to 5 large & 5 medium ionic rollers; easy to set, easy to heat, easy to remove. Results are soft, non-frizzy, wavy hair that keeps all day. I used almost daily with great results. Its tiny footprint allows this set to go easily on travel. ...more info