Power Strip Liberator Flat 18'' (5-pack)

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Product Description

Are big, bulky power adapters creating unsightly gaps between your walls and furniture? The 18" long Flat Plug Power Strip Liberator extension cord lets you move your power adapters off the wall and down onto the floor. They have a flat plug with a unique right-angle design that minimizes the space required at wall outlets.

  • Convenient 5-pack
  • Great for use with entertainment centers, desks, furniture and more!
  • Standard plugs require lots of space between furniture and wall.

Customer Reviews:

  • PS Liberator
    What a great product! Can't believe they're not available locally in Houston....more info
  • Flat plugs save space in game room!
    I have full size arcade games in my game room (vintage 80's goodness) and having plugs sticking out of the wall eats up precious inches of space. The flat plugs allow me to push games (or desks if that's what you have) closer to the wall, it really makes a difference....more info
  • Warning - does not help with socket strips
    I bought this product so that I could plug more items with bulky adaptors/transformers into a strip of sockets. This product does not help much. The plugs are too big to fit next to each other in a standard multi socket strip (I tried three different ones)....more info
  • Great product.
    Product works exactly as described, good quality. Definitely helped get the furniture closer to the wall and increased the safety of our electrical equipment....more info
  • Kill-a-Watt power rated 15 amps but this cord is about 7 amps
    Kill-a-Watt Caution. I checked with the shipper and this cord has a lower power rating than the Kill-a-Watt you may be using it with. To avoid over-heating this cord be sure not to use with refrigerator, washer, dryer, air conditioner or other large power using appliance. Kill-a-Watt is rated 15 amps (1875 VA) and this cord is smaller, about 1/2 the amount of the Kill-a-Watt. We want you to be safe and avoid the classic "extension cord fire" from over-heating a cord....more info
  • Why Didn't I Think of That
    Excellent, fantastic, very durable and heavy gauge. If you want to get your furniture up against the wall or move a power cord to eliminate a sharp bend this is it.

    All of the Liberator branded items are the best and I recommend highly.

    One reviewer is right these are a little bigger and not for cramped power strips. For those get preferably the "plus" which is compact and cylindrical with a pass thru on top so you can hook up a wart AND still use the outlet.

    If your strip is REALLY tight get either the original or they make the original that has two tails coming out.

    If your strip won't accomodate the plus or the original... why do you still have it? Anything that tight is probably a waste of money and so cheap it is a short waiting to happen. Just my 2 cents worth....more info
  • Liberator idea is great
    The Liberator idea for plugs is great however the design for this plug takes two spaces defeating its purpose. I have others with the straight in plug and they work very well.
    Cb...more info


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