Vacuum Micro Attachments, 9-Piece Kit

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Product Description

Our universal vacuum micro attachment kit takes you well beyond your vacuum cleaners crevice tool! This unique kit gives you a complete set of mini vacuum tool to clean virtually any piece of any equipment. Works with full size or handheld vacuum cleaners

Customer Reviews:
  • Misrepresented
    This product was listed separately as well as in a package deal with the Dirt Devil Scorpion. When I received it, I realized that there was no possible way for it to be used with the Dirt Devil. It is a matter of a round attachment and a rectangular insertion hole. It may be a good product but should not be grouped with incompatible products....more info
  • Finally found mini vacuum tools
    My dad had a set like this in the past, and it was helpful for small cleaning areas like computers, the car, stereo equipment, etc.

    This is a great kit, I keep it with the vacuum, it has several attachments and a few with small brushes. I have been looking for something like this for a while, but did not find it in a physical store. I'm happy with the purchase and it is very handy to have at home....more info
  • False advertising
    Contrary to the seller's claim that the micro attachments work on handheld vacuum cleaners, there is not an adapter included to allow it to attach to the DirtDevil Scorpion handheld vacuum cleaner. Before you purchase, be sure and ask the seller if the micro attachments will fit your specific brand/model of vacuum cleaner.
    FALSE ADVERTISING!...more info
  • didn't work as I had hoped
    wanted to use the tools to vacuum out my serger - sewing machine. Tools are to long and stiff to reach up and under the machine. Works great on flat surfaces. Think I expected to much out of the tools....more info
  • Must Have
    This is a cost effective solution for small scale cleaning. Well worth the price. Once you attach this to your vacuum, you will be looking for new places to use this.

    Excellent & unique gift idea for the techie or neat-freak in your family.

    Comes with ziplock bag for storage.

    My one comment is that this took a long time to get to me. A week for shipping something is a long time these days. I think it was shipped by rail across the US. Keep that in mind if you really need this for a project....more info
  • It makes my day...everyday!!!

    Doing cleanups, moving things and see the dust flying is frustrating and time wasting.

    Now, with this fantastic attachment, getting rid of dust is a pleasure, it makes me to look for more dust to remove. Easy, fast, fantastic, wonderful!

    I am so happy with it that I am giving them as a present to my loved ones, and they really appreciate this kind of gifts.
    ...more info
  • You won't be disappointed. I swear.
    Awesome! Don't even think about getting one of those so-called "computer vacuums." These attachments are exactly what you want them to be and they work magnificently. They feel like using precision dental tools. Also, on the fitting attaching the hose to your vacuum, there is a twist adjustment that controls the degree of suction. It's made to compensate for the difference of power between a hand held and upright vacuum unit, but what it allows you to do is control the suction power. Fantastic. You can do away with air cans, altogether, if you want to. Or, if you're as compulsive as I am, use the air cans in conjunction with your vacuum for an unbeatably clean computer. Suction is that good. These attachments really work.

    I am thrilled with this product....more info
  • Works just like it promises
    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who finds those compressed air can things completely useless in cleaning crap out of my electronics. It's bad enough taht they're bad for the environment, they also don't work as well as the price tag says they should. Thank goodness for this attachment set!

    All hype aside, this product works exactly as the makers claim. Use the power of your vacuum to get all the crap out of your keyboard, CPU, stereo and anywhere else. I particularly like the brushes.

    I've also found that the dust I'm after is stubborn. You really do need the full power of a vacuum to get at it. So forget those handheld deals that hook into your USB port or whatever. This product is cheaper than a lot of them and works better than all of them....more info
  • Very handy
    This little tool is very handy for small places. glad I purchased it....more info
  • Best gadget I own
    My mother-in-law had one of these that she uses to clean her sewing machine.
    I rebuild computers and thought how handy this would be and how much money I would save on air cans that are $5 ea. and I have bought a million of. I love this little vacuum attachment set, it works great and has a multitude of uses and has already saved me a bundle...Thanx Cyber-Guys!!!! YOU ROCK!!!...more info
  • Everyone should have one!
    Finally, I can clean all the dust bunnies from our computer and the keyboard. Fits very nicely onto the hose of our Hoover. It also works well in cleaning under the lazy Suan in our cupboards, where regular attachments are too big. This is a good buy for the money....more info
    I am so pleased with the micro attachments. The ease in which they can be used is just wonderful. I've used them to get into small spaces between the slats of my air-conditioner to keep it running at top preformance as well as my heater and computer. I've found it to be an all around tool. I'd rate this product with 5 stars without hesitation. Diana ...more info
  • One of Kevin Kelly's "Cool Tools"
    I'm ordering one today!!!...more info