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Product Description

The Leapster Handheld Learning System teaches your child by playing with them! Play and learn essential pre-K through 2nd grade skills, with one interactive system. Children will educate themselves through action-packed learning games for reading, math, critical and creative thinking, story comprehension, vocabulary, and much more! Backlit screen for easy viewing Headphone jack for quiet play. The Leapster software library features games for pre-K through 4th grade. What it Teaches: -

    * Letters
    * Phonics
    * Rhyming
    * Spelling
    * Numbers
    * Counting
    * Addition
    * Subtraction
    * Art
    * Music
For ages 4-8

Here is one handheld gaming system that both parents and kids will be able to agree upon. The Leapster Learning Game System takes the brain-building principles that Leapfrog laid out in its early electronic learning devices (which have an interactive book format) and applies them to a video-game format. Leapster draws kids in with familiar video game templatesa??all of which have a secret weapon: a built-in learning component. LeapFrog hopes that kids will become so engaged in the gaming aspects and familiar television and movie characters offered by this toy that they won’t even notice they’re learning and reinforcing valuable reading, math, and language skills.

Pink Leapster System
With the Leapster Learning System children can play games, read books, create art, and watch videos.
Aimed at kids ages 4 to 8 years, the 6-by-4-inch Leapster is sized for little hands and comfortably shaped with safe, rounded edges. The 2.25-inch touch screen is ample for most of the gaming activities; although a little cluttered when used for the art and drawing modules. Buttons are suitably placed on either side of the unit for thumb-operated control. The right side features "A" and "B" buttons for selecting settings and answers, while the left has a multi-directional gamepad for game play. A stylus is also attached for drawing, selecting tools and settings, and dragging and placing objects. The 3-inch backlit display makes games visible in the dark (although parents will prefer that the Leapster is shut off at bedtime) and the animated graphics, while not completely state-of-the-art, are well done and suitable for this age range.

As with the manufacturer’s LeapPad products, the Leapster does require the purchase of additional cartridges to expand its capabilities. Kids can choose from a star-studded list of their favorite characters to play educational games with, such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Thomas the Tank Engine, Dora the Explorer, Nemo, Cinderella, Batman, and more. Leapfrog’s own cartoon star, Tad, narrates a few as well. While stocking up on the extra software titles can get expensive, it gives parents some control and input on which characters they’d like their kids to learn from. Plus, characters for these titles are appropriately matched to the maturity of the targeted grade level (pre-K through 4th grade).

Leapster Game
This handheld system is a perfect fit for small hands and easily portable.
Starting up or hitting the Home button takes players to the main menu. There is one pre-loaded game that children will likely come back to again and again. Rabbit River is based on the Frogger game format but with an additional learning element. In letters mode, kids guide their bunny to hop floating logs to the other side of the river while jumping on specific letters to identify them or spell out a requested 3- or 4-letter word. In numbers mode, the bunny must land on specific numbers on the logs to skip count by twos or form a correct equation. Another pre-loaded activity is Color Corral, an interactive coloring book designed to boost creative problem-solving skills. This module is like a kid’s version of Photoshop and offers a variety of scenic templates, colors, tools, and moving icons that kids can combine for an infinite number of possibilities. The included manual gives suggestions on how to reinforce these math, reading, and art concepts in the real world.

Each game offers multiple skill levels so kids can ease into new territory at the beginner level, then challenge themselves with more advanced learning problems as they understand the concept. If kids are stumped at any point during a game, they can hit the Hint button and receive a friendly push in the right direction from an animated tutor, Edison the firefly. Edison also appears automatically if kids answer a question incorrectly several times in a row and coaches the child to reach the correct answer. The Pause button lets kids stop the game for a snack break and pick back up again where they left off.

Designed for portability, the Leapster fits easily in a backpack or tote bag and is ideal for more purposeful edutainment on the go, whether a quick game on the bus to school or hours of playtime during vacation travel. This learning system runs on four AA batteries or on a rechargeable battery pack when combined with the Leapster L-Max Recharging System (sold separately).

  • Handheld computerized learning system
  • Interactive touch screen and pen
  • Multiple Skill Levels: Adjustable skill levels let kids learn at just the right pace for them.
  • Tailored Tutorials: Integrated tutorials help children learn new concepts, step-by-step.
  • Grows With Your Child: The Leapster software library features games for pre-K through 4th grade.

Customer Reviews:

  • leapfrog leaning game system
    This toy is so much fun, I think the time a child spends on it should be limited or he/she will not want to do anything else!...more info
  • Very Popular
    I got this for my 4 year old grandaughter and she loved it. She even took a sweater back to get another game for it. She was playing it in the morning, got in the car for preschool and continued playing, got in the car to come home and continued playing.Loves it!...more info
  • My 4-Year Olds favorite x-mas present!!
    I got this system on black Friday with 3 games for a deal. I didn't even know if my 4-year old daughter would like it, but for the price I had to! As soon as I put batteries in the system my daughter sat and played with it for a very long time (even took it with her on a bathroom break!) My daughter is not a sit still kind of child so I wasn't sure if she had it in her to sit still and pay attention long enough to play! We have had it for a few days now and she is able to play with it all by herself and it keeps her attention for a long time. We got the disney princess game for her and she loves it! She is writing letters and following instruction very well! I love the leapster!! Great buy!...more info
  • Great tool for learning!
    I purchased this for my three year old, since she has a friend at daycare with one- she wanted her own.
    I also bought the Wall-E game and Disney Princess game for her to use, and her brother begs for turns on Wall-E. My son has his own Leapster with the Cars game-that one they both share as well. The Jedi math is a little scary for them, so we'll save that one for later.
    We also like the preloaded games, since Coloring Corral is so easy to play, and Rabbit River reminds me of Frogger.
    Easy to get the games set-up, but a little hard for not so dextrous three year old hands using a stylus to type in names, etc. Overall well worth the money!...more info
  • Educational Video Game fun
    My son has the green one of these. He got it after surgery when he was in a cast from waist to ankle and didn't have much to do about three months ago. He had just turned four.

    He loves the drawing game that came built-in and has learned to do the Frogger-type game (also built-in) pretty well.

    He has a few of the cartridges and his favorite is the Thomas & Friends game. He can do most of those games well now. All the games are reasonably priced and seem to have at least two difficulty levels in each game.

    He can't pull cartridges out yet but is able to put them in. Sometimes he doesn't get it in all the way and needs a little help, but he'll probably figure it out soon.

    I refuse to get a dvd player in our car, but this is something I will allow. He always asks to go back to the house if he forgets to bring it in the car. It is not a toy he plays with a lot in the house - he'd rather be moving than sitting (thank the Lord!), but he does sometimes.

    I think the string for the stylus could be a little longer, but it is adequate. The plastic cover that protects the screen when it's not in use is hard for my son to clip onto the front, but it's easy for an adult. Again, he'll probably figure it out eventually.

    The batteries seem to last a long time - we've only had to change them after three months of moderate use.

    The screen is pretty small, but my son doesn't seem to care or notice. I appreciate that the whole thing is small, so we can toss it my purse when we're heading out the door. The buttons all seem easy enough for him to push.

    I have do admit, both my husband and I have played with it to see how it works. We approve!

    ...more info
  • LeapsterL
    We love it. My daughter is 3 and she can operate the toy and takes it everywhere....more info
  • She Love's it!!
    Absolutely LOVE it! On a 2 hour plane ride, we didn't hear a peep out of her. We bought 3 games to go along and the carry case. (15$ at Walmart) Its great for the car too. If I try to play, I hear "thats mine"!
    A must have for any preschooler.
    JL...more info
  • Starting to cheapen up the product
    This was a replacement for my daughter's first Leapster. She had pressed too hard repeatedly on the screen and her newest games didn't sense areas anymore when she pressed on them with her stilus. Was disappointed to see that the protective plastic which came with her first one did not come with this one, which helps keep the screen from being damaged. Works fine otherwise, but I won't replace again. Too expensive. ...more info
  • Pink Leapster
    My Daughter is 3 and 1/2 and loves this. It has gotten her excited to write her letters. She has the Clifford reading and writing game and plays with it for at least 30 minutes at a time....more info
  • Awesome toy, you won't regret purchasing it.
    I have been thinking of purchasing this for about a year, but kept backing off b/c it is expensive when you add in games, and my daughter does not show a huge interest in video games. We are taking a long road trip this summer and I finally decided to give in and get it, plus the price has come down. I love that it's educational. I played with it myself and it does a good job of verbally explaining what you are to do, instead of needing to read like with a gameboy. I bought 2-one for my 5 y.o. and one for my almost 3 y.o. My 5 y.o. loves it and can figure out almost all the games on her own, just what I need to keep her occupied. My 2 3/4 y.o. just messes around with it as I expected, but it does entertain her for a short while. She always wants hers when her older sister is playing. I've learned that you need to buy the EXACT same thing to avoid major fighting, which I do not want to deal with while driving. I wish they had younger aged games like the VSmile Pocket, but it didn't get as good reviews and I didn't want to induce more fighting with different game systems. I purchased Dora, Kindergarten, Princess, & Backyardigans. Both of them like Dora and the onboard games best. Backyardigans is their least favorite which I got specifically for my youngest. So far it seems durable, as the screen hasn't gotten scratched and the kids aren't exactly gentle with it. Also, we've had it a couple of weeks and have not replaced the batteries yet. I was waiting to see how much it ate in batteries before I bought the recharging system and think I will skip it. My daughter plays for about 1/2 hour almost every day, longer in the car when there's nothing else to do. I am so pleased that she can play with something that will hold her interest and she is learning while doing it. As for my younger daughter I expect she'll grow into it in about 6 months and my oldest will still be into it for at least a couple more years....more info
  • Pink Leapster L-Max
    Fun for parents and children-like the TV advert! Wish the stylus was a little more precise as optimal angle isn't age appropriate with motor skills....more info
  • Leapster
    My 6 year old grand daughter loved the Leapster. She really likes the Sponge Bob cartridge. ...more info
  • I'm glad they had pink
    I have two young adopted sons, and some grandchildren the same ages. I got green ones for my sons, and now have to buy two more for my grandchildren, whom I babysit. They loved their uncle's games so much I have to get two more to prevent a lot of fighting. So I got another green one(for grandson), thank goodness it comes in pink for my granddaughter. I would hate to have 4 green ones!!! So far they love them.
    I went to Leapfrog website and you can find some bargins there. I got them all, plug in power and game wallets. Next I needed a carrying case, I read at www.healthytoys.org that Leapfrog's cases are full of lead. So, out shopping I saw insulted lunch bags on clearence, they work perfect. Well padded, nontoxic, and cheap. Brand I got was Artic Zone. It has a square bottom with zipper (for sandwich) game machine fits perfect in here, even with a game left in. Top of lunch bag is plenty big enough for game wallet and charger. I haven't gotten headphones yet, so don't know if they would fit or not, but they might....more info
  • Excellent gift for my 4 and 6 year olds!
    My parents wanted to get my girls each a nintendo ds for their birthday. I was hesitant as I am not much for video games but they went ahead and sent them ahead to see our thoughts. In the meantime a friend suggested the leapster as a better alternative. The more I researched the more I felt lead to return the nintendos as soon as they arrived for the leapsters. That is what we did.

    Reading, crafts and nature exploration are our fun outlets. I didn't want a video game system coming in to ruin the nice flow we have going here without adding any educational value to our home. I wanted something that was not just fluff but also was fun to enjoy. I think the leapster fits that nicely. It's a good item for car rides, or a long wait at a restaurant, or a 4 hour car trip on vacation.
    I am very impressed with the graphics, the quality and the fun and above all learning factors of the games we have played so far.
    This is a toy you can feel good about adding to your home.And will even enjoy yourself : )
    ...more info
  • Great educational toy....Who knew??
    I had difficulty a few years ago buying my son a portable video game and I finally decided on a Gameboy Advance (DS and PSP not popular then & too expensive!) over the Leapster b/c the Gameboy had so many more games available. Boy, what a mistake! The gameboy requires ALOT of reading and my son just finished 1st grade this year, so he really didn't get much use out of the gameboy. Then, just a couple of months ago, our neighbors were moving and gave my 3 yr old daughter their leapster with about 6 or 7 games and carrying case. Both of my kids love this and it's SO MUCH MORE EDUCATIONAL than any other video game system I've seen. My son now has his game boy and a Nintendo DS and they argue over the Leapster. It's great for any child as the games are really fun (I like to play!) and the directions are spoken and don't require a child to read sentences to be able to understand how to play a game. This is a GREAT 1st or only game system. Thanks to our friends, we have a great educational toy that my kids love to play and has been very durable. The case is great and makes it easy to store everything and take it with us. My 3 yr old can even pack and unpack everything in the case. Great Choice!!!!!...more info
  • very happy parent
    The toy is actually an excellent learning device and my 2 year-old daughter loves playing with it. I give it high marks. However, I suspect as some parents might, that foreign language education modules will be forthcoming that give more value to the product....more info
  • Great games, defective product
    This is the second leapster I have purchased, the first one broke after 5 months. The games are great and my children love them...just like the commercials state...but the product has a defect in the on/off button. Every other review I have read has this same issue, come on Leap Frog you should send out a recall on this and then make the new ones more durable, so after the 90 day warrenty expires our kids still have their game. So I had 7 games and no leapster to play them on, so I had to spend another $60.00 to make sure I got the use out of the game cartridges. So be cautious, the games are great and the kids love them, but you may be buying several of them if Leap Frog doesn't fix the problem....more info
  • Took one back, then figured out the problem.
    We bought this for our 4 year old, who was so excited she didn't want to hand it over so we could pay for it. She had it for about a week, with the Puppy Pals game, and then we started having issues. The screen got black splotches all over it. I was very upset, i mean we pay good money for these toys and then they turn to junk after very little play. So i had my husband take it back and exchange it, because i figure everything needs a second chance. So we've had the new one for about a week now, and my daughter brings it to me this morning and again the screen is splotchy black. So right after i emailed my husband, ticked off again, i started messing with it. And you know what i figured out? My kid likes pushing on buttons, all of the buttons, including the one that makes the screen darker or lighter. So, now that i've figured out that the first one didn't really have to be returned, i'm quite happy with this toy :) And have no complaints. So to anyone who has this issue, its not the games fault, your kid just likes pushing all the different buttons to see what they do. These two buttons are on the bottom, opposite of the volume buttons. Happy Learning!...more info
  • Educational and Fun Too
    We purchased this toy for our daughter prior to a long plane ride based on a friend's recommendation. It was worth every penny. She has also used it to pass the time while being on long car rides. It seems pretty tough too. We accidently dropped it on our driveway and it held up fine.
    Our daughter is 4 and she loves having her own game like her big cousins. We also purchased the Princess and Clifford games and those were a big hit as well....more info
  • Fantastic!
    This is an amazing toy! My daughter wants to play it every chance she gets. It sucks up batteries pretty quick, so I am happy that I bought rechargeable batteries for it. I can't imagine replacing with regular batteries - on average - every 3 days! I am also a bit discouraged that there is no screen cover on the new models. You can find the screen covers, but they are very expensive, and not on the leapfrog web site. They also need to make a Leapster case that holds more than 6 cartridges. That is not big enough....more info
  • Leapster
    All my granddaughter wanted for Christmas was a Leapster. I checked all the popular stores and found Amazon had the best price. Needless to say, she is very happy and so is her Nonni....more info
  • this thing is bomb proof
    we have 4 very active children and they use this all the time. i love the fact that they are learning while they are playing.
    they have dropped this many times and it still works. my daughter even dropped this in the bathtub and we took it apart to dry, when we put it back together it worked. that was a year ago. i am going to buy the boy version of this for my son....more info
  • Great little toy but...
    I bought this for my daughter's 4th b-day last week. It has already been used many, MANY hours, just with a Clifford game and the 2 games that are already on it. My one big complaint is... the screen is already visibly scratched. I wish I had been warned! I'm wondering if I should go exchange it and get some sort of screen protector on it.

    My other 2 older kids also like playing with it. My 10 year old admitted it was quite fun and wished there were 5th grade games for it.

    I'm definitely planning on buying a few more games for Christmas!...more info
  • we love the leapster
    My daughter loves her leapster.. she plays with it non stop.. before she goes to sleep whenever.. its very durable and there are so many games. We got it for her when she was 4 and it was very easy for her to figure out..she is 5 now and has had it for a year and still loves it..the games go up in age with your child.....more info
  • Excellent product!
    I bought one for each of my girls last year at christmas. Here we are a year later and they are still playing with them AT LEAST once a week. My 7 year old recently took her birthday money and bought a new leapster game rather than any other toy. I am amazed at the durability of the leapsters and the variety of games that can be bought. Highly highly highly recommend....more info
  • Fun Learning Game System
    This has been my five year old daughter's favorite thing to play for about two years! I swore my child would NEVER play video games! Haha Guess I never realized how desperate moms get for some down time! LOL Anyway, I have to admit not only does this give me some peace and quiet and allows me to get lots of things done while she stays put with this thing but it also helps my daughter with math, spelling, writing, puzzles, etc. It's great! She never seems to pay that much attention to anything else for such long periods of time! I do have to limit the time she is allowed to play it because she would play for hours if I let her, and as tempting as that may be for me :) kids do need more physical and imaginative play. I am very happy I got this for her. It's been helpful to both me and her! :)...more info
  • Kids love Leapster, and so do moms!
    My 4 and 7 year old kids have the Leapster L-Max and the regular Leapster. The only reason we have the L-Max is because we couldn't find the regular Leapster and the guy at Walmart said they were phasing out the regular Leapster.

    The selling point of the L-Max is it can be hooked to the television. We did that maybe a few times, but we find that it really defeats the purpose of a handheld game. It's supposed to be portable so we can take it everywhere. Hooking it to the tv is too much hassle and doesn't really add to game play. I put the cord away and the kids don't miss it. It is in every other way exactly like the regular Leapster.

    If you're worried about durability, don't. Our Leapsters have been dropped and thrown in fits of anger and they are still working like the day we got them. The only way to break it is to have an elephant step on it, but it might even survive that.

    All the Leapster games work on the L-Max. It is a terrific educational tool. My kids have learned math, spelling, science, critical thinking skills, art and more from Leapster games. It is the best investment I've ever made in a toy. The only drawback is the cartridges we have to buy for them but even that is worth every penny.

    If you have a choice between Leapster and Leapster L-Max, I'd go with the Leapster just to save money. The L-Max feature isn't worth the extra cost. I'm sure they are phasing both out now in favor of the Leapster 2, which connects to the computer to show the child's progress. ...more info
  • Love it!
    We bought this for our daughter for her 5th birthday. She LOVES it. And it is definitely teaching her many things. She bought one additional game for it, and would play it for hours on end if we let her! It's very durable. She's dropped it a few times, and it's still working perfectly. I'd highly recommend it!...more info
  • Electrical problems and no return
    My daughter received the Leapster as a present and the screen fizzles in and out and then goes dark while the sound turns into a static. I called Leapfrog and they told me to return it to the place of purchase. Since it was a present from another state we are stuck. I called Toys R Us and they wont take it back with out a receipt. Im disappointed with customer service and with the stores return policy. On the up side when it works my daughter loves it!

    ...more info
  • Leapster Game
    This game is a must for every pre-schooler. We first gave this game to my daughter when she was 2 1/2 yrs. after a recommendation not to wait until she was 4 yrs. We had to help her at first thru the games until she had some experience with letters and numbers, but it was parent/kid time well spent. We started with the Learn to Draw & Write and the Dora Animal Rescuer. She was able to navigate both of these well enough after a couple months on her own. Then we expanded to the Backyardigans, Finding Nemo, and the Kindergarden (her favorite) Game Cartridges. The Leapster games teach them a lot; and the more they learn the more they are able to do with the games. The three different challenge levels and the hint button are a plus. I've talked with her pre-k teachers about it and they have told me that they can see a difference in kids that play this game and those that don't. She is now 4 1/2 yrs. and still plays with it in spurts. The best time to have it is when we are on the airplane or waiting to be seated at a restaurant. (Get a headset so that they can play the games and not have problems to hear it in a crowd.) When we travel we take two things - her leapster and a bag of paper, crayons and stickers. That's all.

    About the game - if you travel a lot make sure you get the rectangle, not the triangle shaped game. The rectangle doesn't need a screwdriver to change the batteries - just a coin. We had a triangle one that we traveled to four different countries and many long car rides with and this was the only problem we had - changing the batteries. (Did I mention the game is durable?) We finally broke down and bought the rectangle one for the portability. The rectangle game is lighter and smaller making it easier to carry too. It does have a smaller screen, which is probably why some of the problems with seeing the graphics happen. We still have the triangle at home since the graphics show up better on the bigger screen. It also allows us play time when she won't share her pink one.:-) ...more info
  • Well loved by the whole family!
    We love the leapster. I was hesitant when I bought this and I reviewed and reviewed it. It seems like a lot of money, but for us it was money well spent! We bought it originally for my 4 year old, who took right to it and plays with it everyday. My 2 year old in the past few months has laid claim to it and they now fight over it constantly! She can work the more simple games and really enjoys her time with her sisters leapster. It is great for in the car and the stroller and even when he baby is napping. My 2 year old is getting her own for Christmas. It is really durable, every time it hits the floor I shudder with fear of the damage, but so far so good!! The games are pretty educational, but definitely entertaining. They are pretty expensive though in my opinion. We will have a small fortune in the games and systems after this Christmas I am afraid! My kids are super active and hardly sit still for 10 minutes out of a day, so when they found the Leapster so great, so did I!!...more info
  • neutral
    I bought this for my daughter when she was 6, she played it a lot when she first got it but then turned 7 a couple months later and I could not seem to get many games for the older kids so she was bored with it. But I think for the younger kids 4-6 it's a great learning tool....more info
  • Good toy
    My daughter played this game for a couple years, then she got a nintendo ds and now she hardly plays it anymore....more info
  • AWESOME!! (is how my 3-year-old girl describes it)
    My daughter loves her "game boy" she got this toy for her 3-bday (May-08). With our help and leapfrog's she knows the letters and their sounds, shapes and colors. I have no problem at all with this game. I have been using Duracell rechargeable batteries which work excellent. I highly recommend the Kindergarten game.
    ...more info
  • These things are JUNK!
    It's no wonder LEAPSTERS are only under warranty for 3 months. They are crap. My daughter got it for Christmas and barely used it and 6 months later it's a paper weight. Went online and found several sites dedicated to grieving parents whose Leapsters also died after a couple months. DO NOT BUY A LEAPSTER!!!!! THEY ARE CRAP!!!!!...more info
  • Great Toy!!!!
    A friend of mine recommended this to me for our 4-year-old. It turned out to be our daughters favorite toy by far! I gladly buy her the different games for it because I know that she will use them. Be careful to keep the games together though..... they are small and easy to lose.

    The Leapster can take a beating! It's been dropped over and over again and even got wet. It still works fine.

    We highly recommend this toy! ...more info
  • Fun Entertainment for Children
    I bought this for my daughter for her 5th birthday and she hasn't put it down since. She loves the games that are on it along with the games that can be purchased for it. It teaches her shapes, numbers, letters, how to pay attention to directions, etc along with having fun. It was easy for her to learn how to play the games compared to the DS....more info
  • We love the Leapster
    Our grandkids love the leapster system and the parents love the educational value of the games. Great fun!...more info
  • Education and Fun Wrapped in Pink
    My 5 year old daughter got this for Christmas. She absolutely loves it and has hardly put it down except to ride her new scooter and I even caught her trying to play the leapster while riding her scooter! She doesn't have any extra games with it yet but loves the 2 or 3 that come built in. The one I bought from here would not even come on and the screen cover was missing. We took it to a local retailer and exchanged it instead of waiting to get a replacement through amazon since they were sold out. I highly recommend this game and will purchase one for my son when he gets older....more info
  • Grandmothers gift to a princess
    I purchased this as a gift for my granddaughter for Christmas. She loves it. She now has two leapsters and uses them to their greatest potential. The game cartridges are easy to install, the graphics very good and sound is controllable. Wonderful product for children to learn and have fun with......more info
  • AWESOME!!!!
    We got two of these last year for our (then) six and four year old girl/boy. They LOVE them. It is one of the best toys we have EVER gotten them. I can not say enough good things about the Leapsters!!!! The only thing I would recommend is to get rechargeable batteries, the batteries do go quickly otherwise. The games are great though (my husband and I have played them after the kids went to bed!). And it is very educational, but so much fun the kids still really enjoy it....more info
  • Our kids love them!
    These are fantastic for our two kids (ages 3 and 5). The games are very educational and fun, too. The kids love to play them. The Leapsters are very well made and travel well. Great for car and plane trips, and they have a headset jack for the times where you don't want to disturb the folks near by. I highly recommend these systems....more info
  • Very convenient
    The leapster is a convenient toy. My daughter carries it with her. If I want to focus on a task, she can always find something to do. Before this she was frequently wanting my attention. ...more info
  • lemons and non-lemons
    I bought two Leapsters for my four and five year old children. My five year old has limited English and is very rough on this toy, but it has held up well. However, my four year old's Leapster stopped working within two weeks. We sent it back to the company for a replacement, and the stylus stopped working on the replacement in less than two weeks. She has not been rough on the toy and has barely had a chance to play with it much to her disappointment because it was her biggest birthday gift. I have considered just replacing it and biting the cost again, but when 2 out 3 haven't even lasted two weeks, I am not willing to fork another [...] out for this product. It tooks weeks of e-mails back and forth to replace the first one. Granted, I lost the receipt - had never had trouble with Leapster before, but I made it clear from the start that we wanted it for a long drive to our vacation destination - it was not replaced on time....more info
  • Great Purchase
    I bought the Leapster for my 4 year old daughter and she really likes it. She learns so much. It is durable too. She has dropped it on concrete so many times and it still works. I do recommend that anyone who purchases the Leapster also get a carrying case. The cartridges are hard to keep up with for a preschooler and a carrying case may have prevented my daughter from dropping it so much. I am glad over all that I got this for her....more info
  • Great Learning System
    After extensive research, I bought 2 Leapsters last Christmas, for my 4 and 7 year old. They're great for car trips, and general play. I did not buy the rechargeable batteries and am glad I didn't--waste of $. Regular batteries last for quite a long time. The Leapsters keep my kids occupied for about an hour at a time. They are extremely durable, having been dropped numerous times and at least 2 times on concrete floors. The games are great fun and good learning tools. I have absolutely no complaints. Will be buying additional games for the Leapsters this year. Recommend highly!...more info
  • Best Game System
    I bought this for my four year old for her birthday. Within days she was able to identify letters that we had been struggling with. Now she walks around the house saying things like "Drink starts with D". I am so glad I bought this for her, she has learned a lot. But the great thing is she has fun so it's something she wants to do all the time. I have to make her put it down and go play. I love it. Recommend to all with small children....more info
  • Great Value
    Both my older kids have a Leapster. I paid much more for ours. This is a GREAT deal. Your child will play with this for HOURS at a time and LEARN while they are playing. ...more info
  • Christmas Disappointment
    The Leapster System was the one gift my five year old was really looking forward to this Christmas. She was thrilled Christmas day when she opened it and saw what it was, only to be crushed when it wouldn't work straight out of the box. The unit would not power up, it was completely dead. Hopefully this is just an anomaly as most of the other reviews here have been positive.

    Amazon was quick to try and remedy the situation but currently do not have any more in stock so now I have to try and find it locally. ...more info
  • Best Toy so far!
    I bought this toy for my daughter before our vacation. She really likes it and it kept her busy at the airport and on the plane. She's only 3, but she's learning the game as the day progresses! She likes the interaction and the sounds of the games! Good product! LeapFrog products are really good!...more info


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