Dirt Devil M0100 Classic Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Since the introduction of the Hand Vac in 1984, Dirt Devil has sold more than 25 million hand vacs. Building on our heritage as a leader, Dirt Devil is proud to introduce the new Classic Hand Vac. It has all the convenience of the original now with twice the power. The Classic features a powerful motorized brush that removes embedded dirt and stubborn pet hair better than suction alone; easy to empty bagless dirt cup that keeps your hands away from dirt; HEPA filter that traps nearly 100% of common allergens and dust; 5-piece tool set for cleaning drapes, upholstery, cars or anywhere dirt and debris might hide; 3 year worry free warranty.

  • Handheld vacuum cleaner with powerful 7 amp motor
  • Motorized brush helps remove embedded dirt and stubborn pet hair
  • 6-1/2-inch-wide nozzle; easy-to-empty bagless dirt cup; HEPA filter
  • Includes hose, wand, crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery brush
  • Measures 11-1/2 by 6-1/2 by 9 inches; 3-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Just OK
    Bulky. Attachment does not seat well. Suction much less than expected. I would not buy this product again....more info
  • Works great!
    I love this hand held vaccum cleaner. I am able to easily clean stairs and furniture. It came with more acessories then I will ever use AND a useful thing to adjust the rubber band that turns the bristles. I love that it is bagless. It does such a great job sucking up dander that the dirt compartment needs to be emptied often. But you can see it working!...more info
  • disappointed
    The little hand held dirt devil is reasonably priced and powerful, however the rubber belt won't stay put. ...more info
  • Love it!
    This little thing is great!
    - It keeps vacuuming even when you cover it up -- the brushes have their own motor and it isn't air driven.
    - I like the fact that is has a power cord. I have had cordless ones and the batteries never last. And they are always low-power units.
    - It is super easy to empty out what it sucks up.
    - It feels solidly constructed.
    - The attachments work well....more info
  • Filter Clogging Fix
    Tried this out and was amazed how good the rotating brush worked on the stairs. Like others I noticed the HEPA filter was almost clogged. I reversed sprayed the filter in the kitchen sink using the sink sprayer and that kind of worked. Not wanting to buy a bunch of HEPA filters I put one of those rectangular face masks like hospital people use over the filter and held it in place with a rubber band and it worked! Not wanting to use all my shop filter masks I cut the end off an old (white) sweat sock and put over the filter with a rubber band to hold it airtight in place (at the very bottom of the filter) and that worked even better! Old sock or cut the foot off of your wife's pantyhose would probably work also. See if she notices a foot missing....more info
  • I could have made another cat!
    As I hate to drag out my regular upright vacuum to do the stairs, I decided to get a small handheld which would make the chore easier. Wow, am I glad I bought this!! I chose this little machine after reading a bunch of reviews for hand vacs and seeing somewhat disappointing reviews for the cordless type. This unit has great suction AND a 20 foot cord, which allowed me to make up all 13 of my stairs without having to stop just to re-plug the unit in a different outlet. The amount of cat hair it picked up off of the stairs was amazing....I could have made another cat with all that hair (or at least a large kitten!) I also used it to pick up pet hair on the cats' favorite chair, and it did the job easily within 1-2 passes. I recommend this, if only for the ease of doing your carpeted stairs without lugging out your regular vacuum. I know I will vacuum them a whole lot more frequently now!!...more info
  • Good, with Reservations
    This is a good little vacuum (I paid about $40 for it at Sears). It has good suction power and does well cleaning up areas like stairs, where a full-size unit would be impractical.

    My only major concern with this item is the belt. My two issues with the belt are:

    1) the way it is put together causes it to fall off on the top (drive shaft) a fair amount, and you need to take the item apart to fix it,

    2) if you use it to clean up pet hair (I have a Newfie and two Persians), the hair winds around the drive shaft for the belt, and is exceedingly difficult to get back out (I used an x-acto knife and tweezers).

    It's a good product for its price, but just keep its limitations in mind. ...more info
  • great little handheld vac
    small stature but fierce and light. has a beater brush which gets the pet hair off the furniture and the carpeted stairs. replaceable filters which helps rid the air of allergens.

    I hope Dirt Devil continues to support this product line....more info
  • great product for pet hair
    best 40 dollars i ever spent. really powerful little vac. If you want to keep pet hair off you funiture get rid of your pets or get a dirt devil...more info
  • improved classic
    we had an old 102, the original classic,aprx. 20 years old. the cord broke at the housing in the handle,26 bucks for a new cord, 39 bucks for a new vac,( and i didn't have to put the cord on) no brainer,all we use it for is the front stairs, the old one worked just fine, the new one can suck the staples out of the pad. i'm a little leary about the furniture cause the cushions aren't attached. hepa filter clogs pretty fast, but i just blow it out with my compressor. no bags works also, very easy to empty, whole back comes off to clean inside and access filter. very worthwhile upgrade...more info
  • this vacuum sucks
    the suction hose adaptor is always falling off. there is NO suction through the hose when you can get it to work. I used mine ONCE and got so frustrated I threw it away...more info
  • Brushes make it better
    The Dirt Devil has rotating brushes that make all the difference in the world; others without brushes do not get the deep down dirt out. Highly recommend....more info
  • The best for stairs.
    If you want to use a powered beater bar to vacuum your stairs, this is the machine for you. Light, powerful, with a long cord, it's just what you need. Though I prefer 'multi-tasking' tools, I'll still be happy if it never gets used for anything else....more info
  • This Thing Is Awesome!!!
    I love this thing, it has plenty of power, because it's actually a plug in vac, it is easy to use and easy to clean. I've used it on my air vent covers, my stairs, to vac behind the dryer, you name it and it works perfectly. It's easy to clip the hose attachement on and off and the brush works really, really well. It's a bit noisy, but that's minor for such a great performance. I have owned several inferior models, but this one takes the cake. you won't be disappointed with this purchase!...more info
  • powerful product
    a powerful product, does everything the manufacturer says. some buyers reported that it is very loud but I did not think so. great for cat hair on furniture and rugs....more info
  • Absolutely Useless
    This vacuum cleaner clogs almost immediately when used. It then starts blowing dust out the intake, spewing it all over the area just cleaned. The plastic case builds up a static electric charge, causing the dust to stick to the case all over the inside and outside. Cleaning the dust collector is a filthy job and requires the use of another vacuum and a source of compressed air to blow the dust out. By the time it's cleaned out, I end up covered in gritty grime. This piece of equipment is completely useless for its intended purpose....more info
  • The Best One!
    I was looking for a hand held, lightweight stair cleaner. This is by far, the BEST one I have ever purchased! It's powerful, does an outstanding job, is lightweight, and has a long cord, which makes doing the stairs so easy! I LOVE IT!!!! Love the fact that it is easy to empty, NO BAGS, and really does get my stairs clean! No lugging my upright over to the stairs and fighting with it! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT...more info
  • powerful but has some faults
    Although this little machine is very powerful, I have found that the attachments don't connect properly (maybe i just got a faulty attachment?), which is really annoying. Make sure you don't vacuum up any shoestrings or the like because it doesn't take much to derail the belt (fairly easy to fix)....more info
  • Great suction power
    When I first purchased this hand held, it worked excellent. The suction power was awesome! But after just one month the belt came off. It took me thirty minutes to put it back on only for it to come off again.

    I returned it to where I purchased it from and thought I would try another one. Well, when I got the new one home, it did not have a belt on the roller!!

    I'm going to try one more time. This is the last time!!!...more info
  • This thing sucks!
    This vaccuum cleaner sucks (in a good way)! It is extremely powerful. We have 2 long-haired cats, and it does an awesome job of picking up their hair of the carpet, furniture and curtains. Very small and lightweight. A+...more info
  • Did not meet my requirements
    The Dirt Devil is a rather heavy hand held machine that seemed quite powerful at first. Unfortunately, I needed a machine that could handle fine wood ash that often ends up on the hearth of my in-wall hybrid wood stove/fireplace. This fine ash clogs the filter almost immediately and the filter is almost impossible to clean. The filter is not washable. So the suction went from very good to very poor. I ended up reselling this machine and buying a much lighter and much more utilitarian Dust Buster with a washable filter that doesn't clog nearly as easily. I'm sure the Dirt Devil would be much more satisfactory for larger particulate dirt but for very fine ash, it failed miserably....more info
  • Great product!!
    I love this handheld vacuum. After looking over all of the reviews for the handheld vacuums, this one had the best reviews, so I purchased it. It has excellent suction power to get all of my dogs fur off the stairs which seems to be difficult for the other hand vacs, I have purchased in the past. I would definitely recommend to anyone. You can't beat the price either....more info
  • Plenty of power!
    A hand vac with lots of power - great for pet fur, cat litter, etc. A bit noisy and heavy, but gets the job done....more info
  • No such thing as a perfect vacuum!
    I gave this vacuum five stars, but it is NOT perfect, just very very good! I have lived with three cats for many years. During that time I have owned or used or sold nearly every type of vacuum, from the discount store special to the ridiculously expensive. I have owned bagged, bagless, and water filtration vacuums. I have become extremely adept at diagnosing and repairing vacuum cleaners. Be prepared and honest with yourself. They all require frequent maintenance.

    For the last few years I have been using our bagless upright to clean cat hair off the furniture every day. I actually lift the machine and move it over the furniture to use the rotating brush. If I skip a day I can actually vacuum enough hair to make another cat! Air powered brushes are useless, only a powered brush will do. Long ago I used the powered brush of a canister to do this, I even had a small one just for upholstery.

    That is where the Dirt Devil comes in. It is smaller, lighter, and more maneuverable than any of the alternatives that will actually work. And the Dirt Devil DOES WORK! It is very powerful and quite efficient. It is not perfect, however. The belt does slip off occasionally and it is not easy to reinstall, but I have not broken one in nearly a month of continuous use. Yes, it is noisy - nearly all vacuums are. And, yes, the dust cup is very small, but it is not intended for vacuuming your entire house; most people have a full size vacuum for that. This brings me to the biggest complaint that most people seem to make - the filter clogs. Yes, it does. Here is how to handle that problem. Simply use the hose of your full size vacuum to suck the debris off of, and yes, OUT of the Dirt Devil filter. You can even suck all the contents of the dust cup into your main vacuum at the same time. Do this with every use and your filter will last a Looong time! There is no such thing as a perfect vacuum; their very function makes them problematic. But this little Dirt Devil is one of the best....more info
  • Great little machine
    This little vac works great on pet hair. I was really amazed by the power it had. I would have given it 5 stars, but the attachement does not attach properly allowing air to escape. But other than that, it works great....more info
  • Its a great vac
    I think this vacuum is great for stairs and pethair. I have the Dyson and am extremely pleased with it,but also wanted a smaller vacuum as well since I am always doing the stairs,at least daily.
    The filter was a pain to clean until It dawned on me that if I use my attachment hose from my Dyson,it sucks the filter clean- I would tell everyone to do that.! I've read some reviews where the customer complained of the filter-I hope they will try what I do and they will see its a great way to clean it. ...more info
  • Loads of power in the little machine!
    I was pleasently surprised at the cleaning power of the Dirt Devil 0100. I cleaned furniture, carpet areas that a regular vacuum would not reach! It worked great! ...more info
  • Great for pet hair
    I have two long-hair Persian cats, and this is the only way I've found to get the hair off of the furniture. The beater bar means it works to get the hair off the nearby rug as well.

    It is loud, and the attachments seem fiddly. I ended up not using them. The vac itself though, is great. I have an older one that I still use along with this new one. Nothing beats these Dirt Devil corded hand vacs for sheer power....more info
  • Very disappointed
    I needed to replace my old Dirt Devil hand vac and read all the reviews about hand vacs and finally chose the 100 Classic. Amazon sent it promptly and I was happy...until I tried to attach the hose. The attachment clips onto the bottom of the vac and as soon as I moved the hose it fell off. I asked my 18 year old son to try to attach it and the same thing happened. I called the 800 number enclosed with the machine and after 2 days I finally got to speak to a human. He had no idea what I was talking about. I dont think he even had a picture of the model available. Finally he told me to return it to the store.
    I am very disappointed with the Dirt Devil and with their customer service. Perhaps they should spend less on advertising and more on product development and service....more info
  • Fur real pros and cons
    I bought the Classic 100 to upgrade a much older Dirt Devil hand vac, primarily because this unit is described as effective in picking up pet hair. Our little household includes three furry dogs and a furry cat, so is something of a test lab for this attribute. Compared with the older model (still on the market at this writing), the Classic 100 is fantastically effective at getting the pet hair off the upholstery and stairs but unfortunately, once it is inside the vacuum, the machine quickly clogs up. Whatever it sucks in blows through a curved passage less than three-quarters of an inch in diameter, and after only a couple of moments of use, this orifice plugs up. If one does not clean it immediately -- and it isn't easy to reach -- the dirt and pet hair builds up behind the rotary brush, and cleaning it out involves removing a screw and the port cover used to replace the belt, then picking out clumps of matted fur and dust. The stuff that does make it into the collecting chamber clusters around the HEPA filter and must be painstakingly pulled out -- it won't just dump. The Dirt Devil Classic 0100 does a fine job, but it must be very carefully monitored during use, and very frequently cleaned....more info
  • Exceptional hand vacuum!
    We have a dog who is a heavy shedder. I needed something to address the dog hair in the cracks and corners of carpeted steps. I had tried several of the cordless "dustbuster" varieties and they didn't pick up all the hair (plus the battery would run down before I'd finished!) Then I remembered my grandmother had a small electric hand vacuum many years ago and went on a quest to find one of my own. Looked on eBay and either they weren't what I was looking for or they cost too much. Looked on Amazon and "bingo," there was exactly what I wanted and at the right price. This has been one of the better investments I've made over the years! Not only does it do a superb job of cleaning embedded hair and grit on the steps, it is amazing how much dirt and grit it picks up around the baseboards (in spite of regular vacuuming with an upright!) I've used it with excellent results in the car both on the floor mats and the cloth seats but I wouldn't recommend using it on leather seats because of the powerful revolving sweeper brush...it might well scratch the leather!

    If you're looking for a powerful yet light-weight hand vacuum, look no further and purchase this one!...more info
  • Why did they change it?
    I own an original dirt devil hand vac, but it's on its last leg. I thought I'd prepare myself for the departure and get a replacement. What better way than by getting the improved "classic" model. Well, It's not what I was expecting. The R&D department missed the mark on this one. The only thing I like about it is the slick look; that's about all it has going for it. Why they got rid of the old bag system, I'll never know. Now, every time I turn this puppy on, I'm emptying it out every 3-5 minutes; and that takes about 3-5 minutes of my time. The hepa filter system should be the way to go, but in this case, it's just a lot of extra work for the consumer. The original hand vac is by far the real "classic."...more info
  • BUY IT!
    This thing is great. It's heavy and has that old time feel to it. The suction is powerful.
    You do loose suction power with the attachments though. I used it on my couches and it was terrific.
    I had one before and like a nut i tried to take it apart because it sucked up a sock. i could never get it back together right.
    I threw it away and bought another one quick.
    Don't try to take it apart.
    BUY IT!!!!...more info
  • great hand vac
    Bought this to do my stairs...great alternative to lugging the Dyson up and down. Actually does a better job than the Dyson on the stairs. Ended up buying one for my mom and she loves it too....more info
  • Dirt Devo; 00100 Classic Hand Vac
    This Vac has a lot of power and picks up well. It is a little heavier than I expected. There are plenty of attachments to get in to small spaces....more info
  • Gets the dog hair off the couch
    Good little vacuum cleaner. My only problem with it is the cup/filter fill up so quickly, and it is very noisey. But it does the job....more info
  • Great Vac but..........
    This is a fantastic little vac. It cleans as well as if not better than my old upright. I have had it for about 5 months and have had no problems whatsover. HOWEVER..........there is no way to find the replacement filters unless you buy them online and end up paying almost 15 dollars for a 6 dollar item. I would give it 5 stars except for that little juicy detail. I wouldn't have bought it if I had known what a pain in the rear end filter buying was going to be. It does however work great. When the filter wears out....pay through the nose or buy another kind of hand vac....more info
  • great on stairways
    needed it to do two carpeted stairways and it did the trick....more info
  • Great suction!
    This little Vac has suprisingly great suction. The only down side is when I put on the attachments there was almost no suction and I was hoping to get in small spaces with it. That said , it really does pick up pet hair beautifully and it's nice to be able to just grab that instead of getting the big vacuum out....more info
  • Great on pet hair in chenille
    This little vac does a fantastic job on getting cat and dog hair out of the sofas. It did a better job in ten minutes than my Dyson Animal does in thirty. It's so powerful that you can feel significant torque when holding it in the air.

    Some of the reviews I've read were concerned with overheating, it does get hot, but I found that emptying the canister and giving the filter a quick brush took care of the problem.

    One of the better values out there for forty bucks....more info
  • Dirt Devil
    This Classic Hand Vac is great for stairs and small messes. It is powerful like a regular size vacuum but much easier to pull our for those little messes, tight spaces and fabulous for stairs so you don't have to lug a big vacuum with you to get those stairs clean. We are very happy with this purchase. It's a great value for what you get.
    ...more info
  • This vacuum SUCKS in more ways than one!
    Classic? Classic example of poor product testing and market research if you ask me. How did these guys take a perfectly good product concept and screw it up so badly? First of all they got rid of the bag that contained the exhaust - how idiotic. It exhausts out the sides and blows all the dust, dirt, and pet hair from everything you are trying to clean up into your face, across the room, or onto the floor so you have to try and chase it around to vacuum it up. What were they thinking? Hepa filter? What good is that when the stupid thing blows all the pet dander and every other allergen known to man right up your nose while you're using it? Not to mention that the filter has to be cleaned or replaced after almost every use to keep it from clogging up. No consumer wants to get their hands dirty emptying any vacuum and this is a total mess. To add insult to injury they priced it way too high to boot. I recently bought one of these to replace my faithful original Dirt Devil after 14 years of loyal service. Had I known how badly they screwed this up I would have gladly paid the purchase price of the new one to have the old one repaired. I almost feel like trekking out to the landfill to see if I can find the old girl to try and resurrect her....more info
  • Great machine
    Nice machine for doing quick clean-ups, stairs and car. A bit heavy but great suction. Not thrilled with the method in which the hose for accessories is hooked up but a small price to pay for a good job. Worth the minor frustration!...more info
  • Great Little Vacuum
    Dirt Devil 0100 Classic Hand Vac

    Dirt Devil is an excellent vacuum....lots of suction, long cord, easy to handle. I did find that on this model (Classic Hand Held), the filter area fills up quickly. The older model with the paper filter in the bag on the rear of the vacuum was much easier and cleaner I think! ...more info
  • It's going back today.
    We picked this up to do the stairs in our house. It did an alright job, I'm happy enough with the cleaning power, but the belt fell off within the first 10 minutes of use. That's a harbinger of a pain-in-the-rear appliance, so - it's going back. We'll buy the Eureka, which was our second choice due to price and had similar reviews.

    The other thing is, it's REALLY unbalanced - very front heavy, which I suppose is fine if you're just vacuuming horizontal surfaces, but could be a pain when doing anything vertical. Just a thought....more info
  • I thought I liked it, but then...
    I started out liking this machine, despite being not so fond of our former Dirt Devil "screamer" with the ridiculous belt changing routine. The problems with this machine are: try cleaning the pleated filter (good luck!) and the exhaust blowing out the sides and then slightly downward blows around what you're trying to vacuum up. I am really surprised no one else has mentioned these two issues (except for one person who mentioned the filter). After just one use, I had to knock the pleated filter against the trash can to loosen and remove the dirt--no go. So what are the options? Leave the dirt in there to continually clog it, and then be forced to go buy a new one for $5.99? I honestly think this was the goal of Dirt Devil, just to make an extra buck. And if you're trying to vacuum up pet hair, and anything light weight, watch it blow around from the exhaust as you go chasing it with the vacuum (utterly futile). It's on the loud side too. It IS powerful, but in the wrong way--the goal is vacuum up the debris, not blow it around your house....more info
  • Works great on pet hair
    I needed a hand-held vac for my travel trailer, particularly since we decided to take the German Shepherd with us on vacation this year. The ability to pick up pet hair was a must. I read on a lot of reviews and narrowed it down to the Dirt Devil 0100 and a cordless Shark (forget the model now).

    I bought the Dirt Devil in a local store because I didn't want the hassle of returning it in case I didn't like it. But I LOVE IT! I haven't used it in the travel trailer yet, but I've been using it weekly to vacuum the pet hair from the dog's bed, the cat's bed, and the chair the dog uses. It works so well, I was amazed at how powerful it really is. It works even better at picking up pet hair than my upright does using the attachments.

    Pluses include a nice long cord and a powerful motor with the brush.

    The minuses are it's a bit noisy (scares the cat!) and kind of heavy. Someone with an arthitic hand might have problems using this vac. Also, it seems to get pretty warm, but I only use it for a few minutes at a time so it's not been a problem. I wish it came with a bag for the attachments.

    I recommend cleaning the dust cup every time you use it. Mine fills up fast. I don't use the little trap door but instead twist off the cap and empty it that way. Also, I highly recommend cleaning the filter after EVERY use. It really becomes clogged with dust even after only one use. I take it outside and tap it against something to knock out the dust. After about 4 uses now, I'm going to vacuum it with the attachments from my upright. I think cleaning the filter after every use will help prolong the life the filter and even the vacuum itself.

    I highly recommend this vacuum for anyone with quick jobs or with the need to vacuum up pet hair. I'm glad I decided on this model instead of the cordless Shark; now I don't ever have to worry if it's charged....more info
  • Say Good Bye to Pet Hair
    I bought this to clean German Sheppard and cat hair off my couches. Both of which are covered in a sort of woven fabrick that really traps hair. I am amazed at how well this thing rips the hair out of the fabrick. It is incredably powerful. My couches haven't been this clean since I bought them! An added bonus is not having to buy bags for it. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for something to get rid of pet hair on furniture. ...more info
  • Cat Hair Sucker
    This was given as a Christmas gift. According to my daughter and husband who have four cats, this baby really takes care of the cat hair on their furniture. Not sure how many they tried before but they are very happy with the Dirt Devil 0100....more info
  • The suckiest machine I know !
    I Love this machine. We needed a hand vacuum to help clean up hair on the couches, other furniture, and our cars. We have all wood floors so no need for a big vac with all the accessories. This vac has great suction power and the brushes work really well. To clean out the dirt is quite simple. Highly recommend this vacuum ...more info
  • Much better than the old model!
    I purchased this vacuum ($40+tax at Best Buy) to replace my old red Dirt Devil with the bag and onboard tools. The tools on my old one were constantly falling off while I was vacuuming.

    This new model is a HUGE improvement! The suction is amazing! I used it on our carpeted stairs that I just had steam cleaned last week and was surprised at all the junk it sucked up. The clear dirt cup is much better than the disposable bags and emptying it is a breeze. I like how the tools attach and the crevice tool seemed to work well. The cord is long enough to vacuum the entire stairway and then some. I would recommend this vaccum to anyone who is tired of lugging their upright up and down the stairs!...more info
  • excellent dog hair cleaner
    I use my central vac on my 100% wood floors, but area rugs, bed (mine & dog's) and furniture need a rotating brush. The M0100 works great (I've had it for an hour, only $40+tax at Best Buy). Haven't tried the accessories yet, but they aren't why I bought it. The dog's mat + a 4x6 rug yielded a ton of hair & dirt. The little trap door for dirt dumping is a joke, but it's easy to twist off the whole rear cup & filter and dump. I plan to use my regular vac to clean the M0100's filter rather than buy more. The brush is very powerful & belt-driven. It almost stalls when you get the rug fringe caught in it. That's maybe why the other reviewer had belt breakage problems....more info
  • Best hand-vac EVER!
    I have 2 large dogs (akita mix with 2 coats)who shed constantly so I needed a vacuum with lots of suction. But, I also have wooden floors so I didn't want to spend $300.00 just to vacuum a few area rugs and furniture. This product was perfect for me. It was powerful AND inexpensive. This little vacuum is amazing. It's easy to maneuver and operate. I love the fact that I can empty the canister immediately after use and with such ease. The attachments are easy to use, too, although I have to admit, I don't use them that often. I have bought this vacuum as gifts for family members and they are all as impressed with this product as I am. I would recommend this hand-vac to anyone who desires alot of power for little money. In fact, I have....more info
  • good product
    Seems pretty sturdy, like the the ease of emptying the dirt, good suction, not as loud as my old dirt devil with the bag...more info
  • Satisfied with Dirt Devil
    The Dirt Devil works great and is very handy to clean furniture. The rotating head cleans very deep and thorough....more info
  • Love my Dirt Devil
    Best hand-held vac I have ever owned. It does an amazing job on the collie and cat hairs on the steps. The long cord is excellent....more info
  • Red Devil Hand-Held Vacuum
    Love it - long cord to handle stairs; deep suction to really clean in awkward locations. Only problem is releasing the vacuum debris without getting it all over the place....more info
  • Busted Belt Blues
    I received this vacuum as a Christmas gift and loved the suction on it and the belt driven brush for cleaning my carpeted stairways. Unfortunately, I have only used the machine a few times (less then 10) and both the belts included with the machine have broke. One broke while vacuuming my stairway and the other broke while vacuuming my couch... I'm not very impressed.

    I'm not impressed with dirt devil customer service either, as I called and they said since belts aren't covered under their warranty they can't send any out for free. Come on! I have only owned the vaccuum for a little over a month, covered under warranty or not, the belts should not be breaking at that rate. The belts aren't that expensive ($2.99 for 2) but I had to pay $6.00 for shipping. And unfortunately since I live in a rural area they couldn't tell me where to bring the machine to be serviced if it keeps breaking belts.

    In the little time I got to actually use the functioning vacuum, I was not impressed with the attachments. They had very little suction and it was hard to get a proper seal while attaching them. I will probably end up throwing the attachments out, even if I get them machine to stop eating belts. I like the idea of a belt powered brush, but I would stay away from this model....more info
  • Excellent portable vacuum!!!
    Bought the Dirt Devil Classic to replace a Dustbuster that wasn't doing its job. This Dirt Devil is what I should've bought years ago.... very portable, long cord, love the brush rollers, and very easy to empty with the trap door in back. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    I've had the Dirt Devil Classic for several weeks now. Got it on sale here for $40! Plus free shipping - can't beat that. The vacuum was to replace a DustBuster rechargeable. The battery on the rechargeable just didn't last long enough and it didn't pick up cat hair worth a darn. We have 2 cats and they sleep on the couches at night so I have to vacuum the couches every few days. The Dirt Devil's brush spins great and the suction is powerful enough to easily remove cat hair. Having a belt is great and a replacement belt comes in the box. Cleaning out the filter isn't that hard. Go easy on it since it is a paper filter. It has a long cord so I can walk around with it. All in all I'm very happy with it...more info
  • Not as good as the original
    I had the original type for over 10 years for vacuuming the cars mostly. When the power button broke I thought I would try the new and improved version. Big Mistake. First of all the vacuum has a small dirt capacity and once the filter is covered in fine dust it starts to loose suction. Second the hose attachment is an adapter that clips on the bottom of the brush section and there is barely enough suction to pick up the small stones in the carpet. Once the hose adapter is attached to the vacuum, it will not sit flat and will roll to its side. Plus the adapter gaskit is held on by 2 sided tape and has already come off after only three uses. I've had to use hot melt glue to fasten the gaskit so it won't come off. The directions tells one to tap the filter to clean it. I tried to use compressed air to blow the filter clean, big mistake, the inside of the filter shredded like toilet paper(out side OK) and the filter is now use less. The replacement filter should be stocked and available in stores yet I have not found one. So I can not even use the vacuum till I find the replacement filter. I am sorry I purchased this unit for it is not as good as the original with the haevy vacuum bag....more info
  • Still a great hand vac!
    I bought a Dirt Devil hand vac in the early 1980's because the carpet salesman where I bought my new carpet told me it would be far superior for use on stairs than the attachment that came with my upright (Rainbow) vacuum cleaner. He was right and I also loved that hand vac for cleaning my upholstered furniture. I bought a Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner last year and I wish I could say that the upholstery attachment sucks, but it doesn't, and it is hard to put on and take off of the hose. I like the Dyson for my carpets but am not at all impressed with their attachments. So, today I bought this Dirt Devil Classic and it is great! I read the reviews here and others were complaining about some of the other models. This hand vac has a belt and the belt can be replaced. The owner of the vac shop told me the difference between the models that are receiving the complaints here and the Classic 0100 that I bought today is that the others are air driven and mine is belt driven and that's why the other models' brushes stop moving when you touch the vac to either your upholstered furniture or your carpet. I paid $49.95 for mine, $10 more than listed on Amazon but I got it today instead of next week. I can't say enough good things about Amazon and their quick service, though, and I do buy a lot from Amazon. So, if anyone else, like me, is reading these reviews prior to purchasing a new Dirt Devil hand vac, please buy a belt driven model and not an air driven one. You won't be sorry. You may pay more but it will be worth it. I gave only 4 stars instead of 5 because it is really noisy! ...more info