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Product Description

ComfortGel Pads provide cool, soothing relief for mothers who are experiencing nipple pain associated with breastfeeding. Pads provide a moist healing environment and help absorb leakage to keep skin healthy and to help the nipple area remain dry between feedings. Keep yourself comfortable while your nursing with these pads.

  • Cool, soothing relief from nipple pain and trauma
  • Fits discreetly under clothes
  • Moist healing environment as recommended
  • May be used up to six days

Customer Reviews:

  • An absolute necessity for a nursing mother
    With my daughter I had sore, cracked nipples for almost 2 months. If it wasnt for the fact that I was so determined (and stubborn) I would have given up breastfeeding. With baby #2, my worst fear came true. I could feel my nipples cracking the minute he latched on. With both kids, the lactation consultants told me the latch and positioning were correct, and they couldn't see anything wrong. Unfortunately that didnt do much to give me any relief! Luckily the last lactation consultant I saw recommended these and swore that I would be thanking her within days. She was so right! I'm not sure what these things do or how they work, but they gave me immediate relief and have prevented any further damage. I've been wearing them about a week (since my son was born) and they have been a lifesaver. I still have some pain with the initial latch on, but I can tell everything is healing quickly. I bought two pairs and I think after I wear the second ones for a week or so I should be set. I did use these in conjuction with a Medela nipple shield, so I'm sure that helped. It didnt make the process completely pain free, but definitely bearable!...more info
  • Too expensive for the same product you can get elsewhere
    These are not much different that Soothies (by Playtex?) and the cost a lot more ($25 for these vs. $15 for the pair of Soothies). They are nice and feel good, but Soothies are more cost-effective. I also like that the Soothies have fabric on one side so you know which side goes on the nipple. These gel pads are sticky on both sides and when I take them out to nurse, they always stick to whatever I set them on. ...more info
  • These are a life saver in those first few months of breastfeeding...
    My daughter took to nursing like a champ, but like most moms, my nipples were still sore for about a month as they adjusted to this. My lactation consultant recommended these gel pads, they are great! They soothed my nipples and encouraged healing. I also used neosporin on one of my nipples since it cracked, but this contributed to the healing process. I ended up breastfeeding her up to 8 months old when my production took a huge nose dive. Thanks ComfortGel Pads!...more info
  • Good product but consider APNO for really sore nipples
    I used hydrogels (not this particular brand but some made by Kendall through my hospital) to relieve nipple pain. Right out of the freezer, they provide instant relief. With my second son, though, I had a persistent crack in one nipple that Lansinoh and hydrogels did not help. If you are in this situation, consider asking your doctor for a prescription for All Purpose Nipple Ointment (APNO), a compounded medicine available from your pharmacist that contains pain reliever, antifungal, and steroid. The APNO is the only thing that helped me heal the stubborn crack....more info
  • best breast therapy - period!
    I was given these while my son was in the NICU and I was having to pump constantly to build a supply. They were BY FAR the most relieving thing I found. I tried the Gerber, Medela and Platex gel pads and they just didn't cut it. The great thing about the Ameda hydrogels is that you can keep using them over and over and over. I used the first set for about a week and just kept them covered in the fridge when not in use.
    I bought a couple more packs of these when my son was teething to relieve my discomfort from the process and would (and do) highly highly recommend them to new moms and moms having discomfort. They aren't messy like the platex ones and aren't sticky like the Gerber and Medela ones and they last at least 4-5 times longer than the others....more info
  • Wish I could give them 6 stars!
    These gel pads saved me when my daughter was born. I was blistered & bleeding by the end of the first day nursing but determined to breastfeed. We picked these up on the way home from the hospital and they made it possible for me to continue. Keep them in the refrigerator and apply right after nursing each time--HEAVEN. If you keep the package, wash them after each use in warm water, and return them to the fridge, they last longer than 6 uses. I made it through 2 weeks with 2 pairs without a problem, and was completely healed by then. They are now my go-to shower gift for new mamas......more info
  • Ordered while still pregnant with baby #3
    I just should have tucked them into my hospital bag!!

    Baby number 1 - cracked, bleeding nipples for more than two months

    Baby number 2 - same problem. I threw myself on the mercy of the lactation consultant at the hospital. She had gotten these as a sample, but never used them. I started to heal soon after and the problems never returned.

    Baby number 3 - bought myself a set (one package gives you two pairs of pads), but I left them at home. What was I thinking? At the hospital they gave me Soothies immediately, but I still was sore and bleeding. I got scared when the baby started urping blood (mixed with milk). That was when I remembered the Hydrogel pads I had already purchased. The scabs were gone within 24 hours (and the baby stopped throwing up blood bits). I ended up needing to replace one of the pads after about 4 days on the side that was more injured, but was completely healed in 10 days.

    I was never able to store these in the refrigerator like some of the other suggestions because I was ALWAYS WEARING THEM! Even with 24 hours/day wearing with the occasional rinse off, they last for 4-6 days (unlike Soothies which are not reusable). I was told they use similar hydrogel dressings for burn victims....more info
  • the ONLY breastfeeding must-have
    I got these when I developed cracked and bleeding nipples with my 2nd child. They are the ONLY thing that helped. No amount of lanolin would relieve that initial latch pain. Once I started using these, the pain went away. It was a miracle! I had to use just a couple pairs. They may seem expensive, but you don't have to use a new pair at each feeding like you do with other brands.
    With my 3rd child, I used these from the start and never got sore. And now with my 4th, I will be sure to have them on hand!...more info
    I thought I would quit breastfeeding because my nipples were soo sore! I saw my skin practically peel off my nipple when I started to breastfeed. I placed the gelpads on, and within two hours, I could see the healing begin. I tried olive oil nipple cream, and didn't even want to try anything with lanolin because I read it wasn't good to ingest,and it did not help at all. This is a great way to sooth nipples naturally. Just let your breast air dry with a little of the breast milk (natural oils), and then place the pads on the nipples. they are LIFE SAVERS. I think I only needed three pairs, until my nipples were used to the rigors of breast feeding (about 2-3 weeks). DON'T GIVE UP! Try these first, these work!...more info
    A few days after I got home from the hospital I was thinking of stopping to breasfeed because my nipples were so sore and in such pain (even though baby was latched on just fine). These pads worked miracles! Put them in the refrigerator and the apply them to your nipples right after feeding. You will feel GREAT! These truly saved me. Now baby is 6 months old and still breasfeeding...I'm sooooo glad I did not stop....thanks to these pads (and chamomile tea applications). They might be a bit pricey but VERY worth it! ...more info