Calendar Creator 12 Deluxe By Broderbund

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Product Description

Organize critical information in unique, efficient planners, calendars, task lists and more! This powerful time-management tool is loaded with all the features you need to create calendars that meet precise needs.

  • Scheduling and time-management tool--plan, organize, and synchronize
  • 200,000 premium images; 500+ practical templates; supports multiple languages
  • Set audio reminders to your favorite MP3; new "save as" file formats
  • Display calendar as an active screensaver; exclusive Franklin Covey layouts
  • Fully integrated system supports Microsoft Outlook and handheld device

Customer Reviews:

  • Great!....but they may need to work out a couple of kinks
    I got this program to, of course, create calendars for the people in my life. The program itself is great and easy to learn and use. I really enjoyed getting to custom create my own events and days to remember and add my own pictures. The problems didn't come until I wanted to take it to Kinkos to print it. The only way to save the file to be able to open on other computers (without the software) is to save it as a PDF file. When the computer saved it as such it still looked great but reverted all the fonts back to arial and because of the way the program is set up you cannot print it like a regular (folded in half) calendar. In the end it turned out great anyway but would like to have the fonts I picked and the ability to format it to print out correctly! Hope this helps!...more info
  • Calender creator
    The product would not load on desktop or laptop. Contacted vender and their response was what the symptems were. I replyed and no further response from the vender. Contacted vender again to request a refund or replacement. No rsponse.Calendar Creator 12 Deluxe By Broderbund...more info
  • Junk
    This software is horrible. Tried the Smart Download from Broderbund. What a pitiful piece of junk. Their Email consulting is horrible. The software doesn't behave as expected. When I go on-line to give Broderbund feedback, all the feedback links are broken....more info
  • Calendar Creator 12
    I have used Calendar Creator since it first came out (pre broderbund) and have been very happy with it. CC#9 gave me some problems but they seem to have straightened them out in CC12. A lot of the glitches have been ironed out and the program is again fun to use. I recommend Calendar Creator 12 to anyone who makes their own calendars....more info
  • the latest upgrade for Calendar Creator
    bought a new IBM / Lenovo ThinkPad T60, my working perfectly copy of Release 9 Calendar Creator would not load on the XP Pro -- yet it works perfectly on my old T42 with XP Pro!!! IBM of course, pointed to the Calendar Creator 9 as the problem -- this Release 12 loaded and works perfect on my new laptop, much cheaper here at Amazon than from Broderbund direct...more info
  • not bad
    It has a lot of features but it takes some time to figure it all out....more info
  • Can't use it
    Did not know the product was only for XP. Would not run with Vista. Just another bad choice for me....more info
  • Calendar Creator 12 Deluxe By Broderbund
    This software does everything that I want and expect from a Calendar Program....more info
  • New is not always better
    I recently had to update my fifteen year old version of Calendar Creator v1.0 because it was incompatible with Windows XP but not Windows 2000. I have been using the application to make schedules at work. The old program worked perfectly allowing me to overlap the schedules of 10 different health care providers working at 5 separate sites. I was able to create 10 separate files and combine these files quickly and simply in to separate calendars. I purchased this newer version after calling Broderbund and getting reassurances that the file format of the new version was compatible with the files from the old version. This would save me having to enter data already present on our server.I was happy to find out that the new application did import the old files. Unfortunately the simple intuitive nature of the original application has been completely lost in all the bells and whistles of the new version. There is nothing intuitive about this software.Despite hours of fiddling and reading an extremely cryptic user manual and help menu I gave up and decided to use Outlook. A very disappointing purchase....more info


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