Elchim Uragano Hair Dryer

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Product Description

A new way of treating hair! Elchim's Negative Ion Generating SystemTM produces a continuous stream of ions, so drying time is reduced by 50%, while hair remains smooth and shiny. Used by top professionals, the Elchim Uragano produces twice the Negative Ions of conventional dryers. The negative ions reduce the size of the water molecules. This allows moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. It also allows hair to dry in half the time. The negative ions smooth down the cuticle. This allows for a greater shine on the hair. This also removes the "frizzies" from the hair. Features and Benefits: 4 Speeds / Temperature Combinations 2 Concentrator Nozzles Weight 1.3 lbs 1800 watts

  • Twice the nagative ions of conventional ionic's / Continuous ion production
  • Leaves hair smooth shiny and static free / Metallic painted housings / 2 speed- 4 temperature settings
  • Very long life motor / Professional non aging cord
  • Special removable filter that protects against dust and hair / Powerful 1500-1800 Watts
  • With negative ion generating system up to 1,500.000 for cubic centermeter / Static and other polluting agents that settle on the air are neutralized / The absorption of neutral moisture by the hair is facilitated, granting the hair smooth and shiny for longer
Customer Reviews:
  • The perfect curly hair blowdryer
    I have extremely thick, curly, long hair and I have never gotten such great results as I do with my Elchim Uragano Hair Dryer. This is my second one and after three years of everyday abuse my first one died. These dryers keep the frizzies at bay. I use it with Elchim's diffuser (sold separately) and my curls come out perfect. The nozzle that comes with the purchase is great for those days when I wear my hair straight. I know that this is kinda pricey for a blow dryer but it is worth every penny. I even like it better then the ultra expensive T3 dryer. ...more info
  • good dryer
    This is a great blow dryer; it is powerful and blow dries your hair quickly. It is a little pricey, but it's worth it to me. I also have the 2001 elchim dryer (red) and I like them both. The only down side is that it is so powerful it can tangle your hair if your not careful. The elchim blow dryers also aren't as loud as some of the cheaper ones....more info
  • Just okay
    Don't believe all of the hype about this dryer-it's just okay. What I really don't like about it is the fact that it does nothing to decrease the amount of frizziness in my hair, and that's really what I bought it for. So now I'm stuck with it...I would do a lot of research before purchasing this for yourself....more info
  • For Real!
    What you have heard about the Elchim continuous ion system is not hype-its FOR REAL. I love my hair now. It dries so much faster, shinier, and silkier. I thought it was just wishful thinking (since I paid so much), but everyone has commented on my hair. If you have super thick and unmanagable hair, it is so worth the $$$...more info