Holmes HEPA-Type Modular Filter- HAPF30

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Product Description

Long Life Hepa & Odor Filter, Removes 99.97% Pollen & Dust, Captures Mold, Pet Dander, Smoke & Bacteria, For Use With Air Purifier Model #HAP-240, #HAP422-U, HAP242-UC.

  • HEPA-type, odor-reducing filter
  • Fits models HAP240, HAP260, HAP243, HAP440, HAP2404, HAP260B, HAP242, HAP412, HAP422 BAP815, BAP825, HAP413, HAP433 and BAP260
  • Filtered with Arm& Hammer baking soda
  • Replace filter every 3-4 mos.
Customer Reviews:
  • Great
    I use my filter all the time. It never shuts off. Yep I have to replace it about every 90 days but it does the job. What else can I say?...more info
  • Sound Advice
    These work quite well and last as long as advertised. Easy to install and/or replace. ...more info
  • Holmes HEPA-Type Modular Filter05112K7
    It is a very effective product. I feel confident about using this filter with my Holmes Hepa Air Purifier.
    ...more info
  • Does the job!
    This is a great filter, doing what it promises. It is very easy to install and remove. One of Amazon's sellers, Target, had it cheaper than anywhere else and will buy another this way next time....more info
  • it fits!
    it fit my air cleaner just fine. But it seems to be filling up with dirt extremely fast....more info
  • Fills up quick
    Does the job. Small size fills with allergens much faster than a large unit. For the small size it works great but plan on replacing every 90 days if you use your unit constantly....more info