Holmes Large Tower HEPA-Type Air Purifier - Black (HAP422B-U)

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  • HEPA-type filtration/odor-reducing filter
  • Performance booster assists in particle removal
  • Slim tower design with quiet operation for rooms up to 180 sq. ft.
  • Modular filter system with filter change indicator
  • UL listed
Customer Reviews:
  • Loud and does not seem to get rid of odors
    I bought two air purifiers - one for next to my dog's kennel and one for our bedroom. They are loud and it almost seems more like a fan than an air purifier. They also do not take away any of the odors that I needed them to.
    The reason I give this just one star is because I am comparing it to the Sharper Image Ionic Pro that we have. I had this down by my dog's kennel prior to the purchase of the Holmes and it completely erased the smells. We needed more purifiers which is why I turned to the Holmes as they are not as expensive as the Ionic Pro.
    If you are happy with this product, that's great, but my experience was not that good and now I am stuck giving these away to charity because I did not keep the boxes and cannot return them. ...more info
  • Holmes Air Purifier
    The filters are a little pricy, but the purifier works. I use them in the bedrooms for "white noise" too. They help keep the house cool in the summer; a little too cool in winter....more info
  • Excellent For Any Room
    You can also find this filter at Target stores. It includes two triple-ply filters and a foam filter on top of those to catch the large particles like dust and cat or dog hair. It has three levels of action, but I put it on high as I like the `white noise' that it provides, as it helps to put me to sleep. Although you are supposed to replace the filters at 90-180 days, I simply take my vacuum cleaner attachment and reverse suck the small particles from the filters, making them last longer. The foam filter on top is simply washed in the sink to remove the dust and hairs. The ionizer also helps with musty smells and can be turned on or off. In a large room, you don't need to be concerned about over-ionization or nitrous oxide problems. It's good looking and provides a slight breeze, cleanliness, ionization and a `white noise'. The filters are also not expensive, although I wish I could afford one that does not require replacement filters. I could not sleep without one....more info