Bond 9215 Green Giant Spiked Aerator Shoes
Bond 9215 Green Giant Spiked Aerator Shoes

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Product Description

Bond Lawn Aerating Made Fun And Easy Green Giant Spiked Shoes - Punch tiny holes into your lawn so water and fertilizer can get directly to the roots for a greener healthier lawn. - Sturdy plastic construction with adjustable straps. - Does not comes with replacement spikes. - Thirteen 2 Inch spikes with bolts per shoe. - One size fits all.

  • sturdy plastic base with woven plastic straps
  • twelve 2" spikes with bolts
  • easy-to-assemble instructions included
  • Instructions included
  • New pre-assembled packaging design

Customer Reviews:

  • Do not buy
    I found this product NOT worth the money.

    The sloe of shoes do not bend which makes walking impossible. The lenght of the spikes may be okay if you could actually walk. The straps did not hold feet in and kept going off shoes. I almost fell several times trying to make them work then just gave up. It pulls up the lawn. Shoes falls off feet constantly.

    I had other family members try these shoes as I think it is a great idea but they also could not walk and almost fell down.

    The way I use them is tie rope through the straps, step on the shoes then pull the shoes up by the rope. Too slow going for me.

    I think they are a waste of money and so do my family and friends that tried them. I will look into getting golf shoes now to aerator.

    The one plus is they have several places in the sole you can adjust the strap to see if you can use but I gave up. Not worth a broken hip or leg.

    In all fairness product is as described. Just cannot use it....more info
  • Ok for the price
    Not bad for the price. A lot of folks complain about the straps, but actually they are ok - you just need to know how to use them and there were not any directions. Same straps as on my bike rack for the car. Worked well with work boots. And the lawn looks pretty good....more info
  • Good idea - Awkward to use
    Aeration shoes are great in theory and with some practice can work. However, my feet slid out of the shoes on the fourth step and the strap broke when I tried to put them back on. I have now rigged the shoes to work. Be careful, don't draw the straps too tight. The buckle is plastic and breaks easily. ...more info
  • Don't bother
    The idea is great, but the product isn't. You need to have very large feet and large work boots to wear these. I have a womens size 10, and they didn't fit well. The straps were as tight as possible and the shoes continued to wiggle loose. To use, I had to pull a foot out of the ground, then push it into another area, working one foot at a time, that is with dry hard soil. With soft soil, it was a challenge to move at all, it felt as if the ground was sucking the shoes into it. Too much effort to use. My shoes will now gather dust....more info
  • like a walk in a park
    Cheap and does the job well. I have been using this product while doing stuff in my lawn and it erates well. Just strap it in your shoes and your set. You can see the difference of an aerated healthy lawn. ...more info
  • Works
    A slightly large man should only use one shoe at a time, but generally, we used these to plant grass seeds where we couldn't get grass to take before. It worked.

    ...more info
  • works ok
    it works preety good. they are sharp spikes on the end so it goes in nicely...more info
  • broken buckle
    As soon as I strapped these on to my shoes, a buckle broke. The buckles are made of cheap plastic, not metal. The rest of the item seems to be made very well though. I can work around this by knotting the straps as the closures are cut very long. ...more info
  • disa-point-ing
    I was disappointed with these spike shoes, even though they weren't very expensive. The straps did not secure the shoes very well over my shoes, even when I adjusted them properly. I pulled one of the straps tighly and the plastic nylon buckle snapped. Bottom line, when I did get them to fit and stay attached, I had to walk very carefully to avoid them falling off completely. The average person is not going to want to deal with it. The spikes are very strong and do a good job of aerating whatever you do managed to step on. If they improved the strap system and they stayed on your feet, I'd pay MORE for a product like this. ...more info
  • Poor Quality
    One of the straps broke the first time I used them. The second time I used them in TN where there are some rocks in the earth every time I walked and stepped on something hard the spikes broke off, be careful you could get hurt with these....more info
  • Great idea, bad implementation
    It's a great idea but poorly implemented.

    Here's what's not so great about these "shoes":
    1) the buckles on the straps are plastic and after tightening they bend. if you tighten too much they break. They should be metal buckles.
    2) the heal plate is way too small and your shoes will eventually loosen and your feet will slip off the back easily.
    3) when walking on dirt it tends to stick to the shoe. stay on the grass and you'll have a better experience.
    4) the straps come loose too easily
    5) the straps are way too long
    6) after the buckle starts bending it's really hard to loosen the straps.

    I wore them as i mowed the grass and they worked ok for the first go around. then they slipped off. Then the buckle broke. Then they wouldn't stay on. It was a lot more work mowing! for better or worse ;)...more info
    These aerator shoes where a little big and I wear a size 9 in women's. Once I got them on and started walking around, the straps seemed to loosen as I walked. If you are looking for a super cheap alternative to a machine aerator go for it but if you can afford the machine skip these shoes....more info
  • Alif
    The plastic on one of the straps snapped the second time I used it. Did not want to take the pain to return the shoes so have made do using some shoe laces to replace the straps. ...more info
  • Seem to have helped my lawn
    I used these for the first time this spring. They really did seem to improve the lawn. You must walk slowly and you must lift your feet straight up to ensure you don't get stuck or fall. Also, make sure to wear socks as the straps over the top of your foot can cause the foot to get raw depending on how large the lot is/how long you walk in them. I would recommend them. They are very easy to use and as mentioned, did seem to improve the health of the lawn....more info
  • Just what you'd expect
    These are very reasonably priced and work just as advertised, no more and no less....more info
  • aerator shoes a waste of $
    Never got to use these shoes as the cheap plastic buckle on one of the straps broke as I pulled to tighten....more info
  • Pointy garbage
    Good idea poorly designed. They will NOT stay on your feet. Take 4 steps (marching steps, mind you) and off they come. Hope the seagulls at the landfill don't land on these things....more info
  • Super Sharp - And Ready To Go!
    Received promptly - and all I had to do was put them on ... others I'd bought in the past I had to assemble ... that was a nice touch.... they look odd when you're walking with them, but they really do a nice job......more info
  • Beyond Worthless.
    Believe no one who says these are worthwhile, unless of course you're interested in destroying your lawn. You see, as you walk forward your leg tips forward but the spikes DO NOT. This means that as you pull your foot the grass gets torn up as you walk forward. ALSO you'll be exhausted pulling the spikes out of the ground. In theory its a good practice its a terrible idea. Rent or hire someone to do this job....more info
  • garden aviator spike sandals
    I sure wasted my money, these were HUGE when I got them and they would not stay on my feet 15 seconds, even adjusting the straps as tight as possible, they were useless, the straps don't hold the foot in place firm that when you step into the ground, when you lift up your foot, the whole thing comes off. When I ordered them, the ad indicated there was 1 size only...more info
  • Product failed before use
    The buckles on these things are garbage. DO NOT BUY.

    One side broke while trying to put the shoe on for the first time. I started walking around on the lawn with the one shoe that didn't break, and the straps on that one kept loosening every 10 steps or so.. The "good" shoe 's buckle finally gave out on the 2nd tighten. So for 10 bucks, I got about 20 steps with one shoe.

    Unless you plan on fashioning your own strap system, pass on these....more info
  • Lawn Spike Shoes
    This would be a good product if they would stay on your feet. Unfortunately, the straps make a very poor connection to your shoe. As such, they come off after every one or two steps. After a while, they are just put on the shelf and not used....more info
  • good for the price
    Be careful when tightening the straps, the plastic buckle will break if you pull to hard on it. Once the straps are correctly threaded the shoes never came off my feet. I was even able to use one of the shoes with only one strap (the rear strap), will probably fix the other strap with velcro so it doesn't flop around. ...more info
    Overall the product is great except the plastic buckles broke after a few uses, and they need to use a strap with velcro ends....more info
  • Aerator shoes only for small area.
    They work as advertised, no more, no less. Not really very useful. I didn't expect much, so I'm not disappointed. Would be effective for a small yard....more info
  • they broke on 1st use, don't waste your money
    I tried these on my lawn. The straps wouldn't stay tight so I kept slipping out of them (I wore boots). Also, the sod was getting stuck in them so I was basically pulling up the turf instead of aerating. After 10-20 feet one of the little nails broke out of them. I tried pulling the straps tighter to keep my shoes from lifting out and the cheap plastic strap keeper broke on one of them.

    Don't waste your money....more info
  • Garden Aerating Sandals
    The Sandals did not perfrom as expected. The strap retaining clips broke during use and I was unable to continue use of them. I have not contacted the seller, but I will.
    The tool provided did not allow for easy assembly.
    Because the nuts were of poor quallity it was difficult to tighten properly. I used my own tools and was successful at that point. It took quite some time to fully assemble and the instruction manual provided was of no use.

    If the clips had been made from metal it would have been the perfect tool for my lawn.
    I would probably not recommend it for others for purchase....more info
  • Good idea, poor design..
    I got them yesterday and I tried them immediately. I can confirm the most of the reviewers opinion: the straps are the worst part. They are way to long and need a design improvement. After some time of spike walking they come loose, they need to have a FASTEX quick release buckle. The heels of the spike soles are too low. Using both soles at the same time needs some walking practice. Do not forget a stool to attach them to your shoes and start walking - Moist dirt sticks to the soles stay in gras areas.
    ...more info
  • Re-strap and carry a long stick
    These shoes work great, but only after replacing the straps with much stronger straps. Also, carry a paint stir-stick or other longish stick for easy cleaning between steps, as these pick up and collect the muddy parts easily. ...more info


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