Holmes HEPA-Type Air Purifier- Small(HAP242-UC)

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  • HEPA-type filtration/odor-reducing filter
  • Performance booster assists in particle removal
  • Slim, modern design with modular filter system and quiet operation
  • For room sizes up to 109 sq. ft.
  • UL listed
Customer Reviews:
    I'm not a kid, you just can't write a review unless your a member or a kid. I didn't want to becaome a member, but wanted to leave a review. With that said... I just replaced one of my old Holmes HAP240 (I own 5) with the newer and more modern looking HAP2400. Holmes is GREAT because not only the products are nice looking and priced right, many of Holmes models use the same filter. By doing this you do not have to order filters direct from the company because often your local WalMart will carry a replacement filter. I also use Swifter cloths (or Walmart brand Swifter Dust BOSS) in front a new filter to save $MONEY$ :o) Been doing it for years now!...more info
  • I was breathing what?!
    Papers & books breakdown. Ask any bookstore in the mall. Next, let's talk about the (2) types of dirt...outside & people. Then, there's all the chemi-kills your house is built out of, the mold, and the chemicals it takes to clean it. The Environmental Protection Agency says inside pollution is 2 to 5 times worse than outside. Monitors are dust collectors. PC's suck in dust all day. Electronics act like a huge magnet pulling in yuck from all sides of the room, and then you sit your face by it for hours at a time...dust is a problem.

    So, you can spend half a grand and get some ozone poisoning if you like, to kill off everything in the house. Just take out a loan and buy a Sharper Image stick cleaner. They work. The reason they don't use a fan is because the ions push the air around.

    However, for the rest of us...Holmes has a good solution. HEPA filtration was like nuclear submarine quality about a decade ago. No one had this because we couldn't afford it. Today, these little units start at just under thirty bucks. I got the HAP2400, and somehow filled the pre-filter face in less than 15 days. But, I don't know how...my room was clean! I'm reading smoke, pet, molds, but I don't have these problems. That's when I learned about the magnets in the computers, and the normal level of junk in the air. I think I read that 90% of your time is spent at home. If you saw the stuff I pulled down, why wouldn't you get one of these? I feel like I just vacuumed the air. Replacement filers only run about ten bucks, and they last 3-4 months.

    Negative side:
    - I read that small particles out the back of the unit don't wash off easy if you don't replace the filter on a normal basis.
    - I'm not big on negative ions because I don't know enough about them.

    (I'm going to see if I get rid of my paper piles, if that helps...dust is N-Asty!)...more info