Holmes HAP412N-U Hepa-Type Mini Tower Air Purifier

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Product Description

HOLMES" MINI TOWER AIRPURIFIER3 settings99% HEPACADR - smoke 76Independent ionizer increasePerformanceFor 10' x 12' (120 sq. ft.)Replacement carbon filterModel No. HAPF30PDQ-1 (AceNo. 6091318)Boxed

  • Odor reducing filter
  • Slim, stylish tower design
  • Quiet operation
  • Performance booster assists in partical removal
  • Modular and filter system
Customer Reviews:
  • Best thing I did.
    I wish I had bought an air purifier earlier. This one is the first I have ever owned and I wish I had one in every room. I keep this one in my bedroom and I now sleep like a baby. It stays on 24/7 unless I am cleaning the pre-filter. It is because of the pre-filter I bought this one. Buy it....more info
  • Great Product for Sinus suffers and children
    We bought this product for my daughter when she was 3 and started showing signs of allergies, on top of her horrible asthma. This product kept the room cool in the summer, clean and crisp through the windy days, and even kept out the skunk spray that invade the closed up house. I am hoping to buy one for every room, now that I read the following review rgarding the black dust. We are non-smokers, and I am a germ, & dust freak. Following my daughters many doctor & hosiptal, I try and prevent allergy attacks and cold season with an arsenal at my finger tips :). To be very honest the dust over took the wall were the unit was and the things around it. And for the life of me I couldn't understand what that was or why it was happening, having replaced a clean filter with no luck! I felt defeated having to place a great product in the closet because of the black yuck, but it will be back tomorrow! It would be nice if Holmes products had coupons,rebates, etc. Please send word if anyone hears of any. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!...more info
  • Great Little Unit!
    I have been using this Holmes Air Purifier for several months and can give it my 5 STAR recommendation.

    It has 3 speed settings for the fan and a separate switch that turns on the ionizer. At the mid or low setting the fan is nice and quiet. On high it's a bit loud but tolerable for daytime activites. I keep my unit running all the time on the medium setting and also keep the ionizer turned on.

    Within a couple of hours of first setting up the unit, I noticed an immediate improvement in the air in my bedroom (12 x 14). It seemed "fresher" and easier to breathe. After a few days my dust allergies were virtually gone and breathing, while I was asleep, was much easier. Before buying it, I would wake up with a stuffy nose and a dry mouth because my nose was plugged and I was forced to breathe through my mouth. (Yuk!)

    The black soot commented on by the other reviewer is due to the negatives ions which attach themselves to the smoke particles in the room and make them drop to floor. If you don't smoke it won't be much of a problem. Some minor residue will be found in and around the unit but this comes about because the negative ions make dust and other particulates fall to the floor. A quick wipe or vacuum easily eliminates this problem. Besides, I would rather have them on the floor than floating around in the air, wouldn't you?

    The cost of the unit is fabulous (less than $50.00). That sure beats other ionic units that want more than $300.00! I have owned both and will never go back after trying this one. It's cheap, effective and actually works better than the more expensive, but well known, model....more info
  • Good for the money
    I have had this unit for a year and it works fine. I am a smoker and I use it all the time. It does a good job for the money. It is quiet and reliable.

    My only gripe is with the electrostatic function. If you have it on this setting you will get black grime on the unit and anything around it. I am not sure why or how but it will cover everything within 3 feet of it.

    Other than that, I say it is a good buy. ...more info
  • Not too shabby
    Pretty good little unit for the bedroom. Quiet operation and reduces any oder that may be lingering. I'm a smoker and it usually clears the air pretty quickly....more info