CHI Farouk Systems USA Cationic Hyrdration Interlink 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray 8.5oz/250ml

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Product Description

CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protecting Spray with the power of ceramic provides superior heat protection from the inside out against styling and finishing damages from the hottest heat tools. Superior thermal protection from inside to outside Ideal with all CHI Irons Unparallel Shiny Surface Quality Directions : Section hair and spray CHI 44 Iron Guard evenly over dry hair. Start using your heat tool from roots to ends. Size : 8.5 fl.oz. / 250 mL

  • Highest Quality Thermal Protection available

Customer Reviews:

  • Smells great
    I really can't tell if it protects my hair from damage because I have used it since I started ironing with a super hot professional iron, but it seems to make sense and smells amazing. RIGHT after a wash, blow dry, spray of this product, and thorough iron there is still just a tiny amount of frizz, but natural oils soon tame them and my hair is straight and shiny for days. ...more info
  • smells like a man's product.
    I can't tell for sure if this actually works, but I use it anyway when I straighten my hair with the CHI (although you don't need to own the CHI to use this). However, it smells like men's cologne. Does anyone else have that problem? I looked all over the bottle to see if it is gender specific, but nope.. unisex I guess. So... I give it 3 stars because I get a little self conscious about using it, and try to cover it up with other hair products. That defeats the purpose of using it though! Either way, not a bad product, can get a little heavy if you spray it too close to your hair....more info
  • good hair day
    using this product made doing my hair a whole lot easier, didn't have to use as much heat to get the look I wanted, I save so much time with this product, I would highly recommend this item, and the bargain price I got from amazon made the whole experience worth while. Louise Parmer...more info
  • Chi Thermal Protection Spray
    Very happy with this product, hair felt softer immediately upon spraying product on, did not have to do anything else. Also worked well with straight iron, I have long, dry hair, and at least so far, it has not shown any damage from using iron....more info
  • Smells like cheap men's cologne
    Horrible. This product is WAY too strongly fragranced. After just a couple of sprays, I could barely breathe. Same with the several other products I bought from this line. I ended up giving them all away to a friend. ...more info
  • I love this!
    I've tried using other heat tamer products before this and all the other ones left my hair oily or I just wouldn't notice any difference and my ends would still become fried. My hairdresser just introduced me to this product a few months ago and I love it! At first I thought this bottle was too small and I'd go through it but, I still have over half of it. I love the smell and my boyfriend compliments it after I just do my hair. With this product + my HAI 1 1/4 Flat Iron, I have the straight hair that I always wish I had....more info
  • Only buy it from Amazon if you have to...
    First off, if you have an Ulta beauty store near you, I would recommend going there to buy this product because they carry it for a much lower price. If Amazon is your only option however, then it's worth ordering. CHI is professional quality and it protects your hair with unrivaled results. It's probably the best product out there for heat protection, and if you're concerned about hair damage from straightening then you should order it. When I first used it on my hair it felt kind of sticky before it dried, but that's normal. I straighten my hair nearly every day now and it still has shine, but when I used other products in the past I wasn't getting the same results as CHI. 5 stars for the product itself, but the price is much lower at Ulta....more info
  • Say Goodbye to drug store hair products!!!
    Like many girls, I have fried hair...and I would try alot of products to help stop the damage to my hair...when my hair stylist introduced me to this I have never stopped using it...but BUYER BEWARE...don't by CHI products or Paul Mitchell product from anywhere but here or the salon...because they are fake...Not only does this stuff protect your hair from excess heat, it smells awesome...Like mens cologne!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!...more info
  • Flat Iron Spray
    Pretty good stuff; spray lightly as you may just get sticky hair. All in all, I like it....more info
  • Iron Guard
    I have just recently started straigtening my hair on a regular basis, so I bought this product to help protect my hair from getting to damaged. I really don't know if it works, but it does tend to get the hair pretty wet in spots and it makes your hair steam a lot when you flat iron it. If they made the product in an aerosol (sp?) can, I think it would work better....more info
  • great product
    This is a great product. It makes my hair look shiny and healthy and not burnt. I do recommend....more info
  • The BEST Product for thermal protection
    This is by far the best thing I could possibly buy for my hair. I have naturally curly hair and have been straightening it for years. I got a new straightener about 2 years ago. In order to get the kinks out of my hair I used a higher setting. However, this made my hair break very badly. I asked my stylist and she reccommended this product. I tried it and found that it worked very nicely. The breakage stopped and after a year, I've finally grown the broken ends out. I ran out of the bottle that I bought about 2 months ago(yes, a little goes a LONG way) and figured I'd try to save some money by buying a Tresamme thermal protection product because it was cheaper. BAD idea! I'm seeing some breakage again! So, I just bought this product again, but from Amazon. It's a better price than a salon and I got the Silk Fusion (which I also LOVE)for a discount when I bought them together. Some may not like the smell, but I do - it reminds me of my hubby! :) This is the best thing I could ever do for my hair. ...more info
  • Chi Spray
    I really like this product. It does not smoke up the room when heat is applied to 'sprayed hair'. It makes my hair feel soft and smooth. I've used other products -- but this one I like the best. I guess it doesn't hurt that I also have a Chi Flat Iron. ...more info
  • CHI Thermal Protection Spray
    Definitely works well and helps out on overly humid days that seem like they are going to be bad hair days........more info
  • would be without
    I have very dry hair and when I straighten it I wouldn't be without the spray it makes my hair very shine and soft. ...more info
  • Really does make a difference
    I bought this product after doing tons of research on flat irons. I was so paranoid that I would end up damaging my hair, but loved the look that a flat iron achieved on my short, prone to random waviness, locks. I've used the thermal guard almost every time I use the flat iron and my hair is in fantastic condition. Granted, I do let it go au natural on the weekends and whenever possible, but still end up flat ironing at least three to four times a week. On the days I don't use the thermal guard, I notice that my hair seems frizzier and doesn't have the healthy bounce that usually accompanies heat styling. While this product will never replace my beloved though discontinued Thermasilk Heat Guard, due to its sticky texture that really only makes it suitable for direct heat applications, its day-to-day performance ranks it as one of my styling "Must Haves." The only detractor...and it's a personal the smell. Others rave about its scent, but I'm put off by the strong aroma of men's cologne or aftershave that this product has. As such, I always make sure to style my hair early in my morning routine so as to allow it to dissipate some before applying my own feminine perfume....more info
  • shipping cost
    I have used this product before and it seems to work like what I expected. My only issue is that shipping cost was almost the exact same price as the actual product. It is my fault for not noticing till after the purchase but if had I would have just bought it at a local salon for that total price. I actually could have gotten it cheaper....more info


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