Electrolux EL 5035A Oxygen 3 Upright Vacuum

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Our Price: $323.99

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Product Description

Microseal Fresh Air Technology with sealed HEPA filtration captures ultra-fine particles for cleaner indoor-air, and a unique diffuser provides quieter cleaning performance. Electronic height adjustment lets you adjust for floor type with the touch of a button.

  • Sealed HEPA filtration
  • Integrated 3.5 to 1 stretch hose.
  • 12 amp, 3 motor system
  • Includes crevice, dusting and upholstery tools
  • "Optimal" feedback light lets you know when the bag needs changing
Customer Reviews:
  • faulty wheel design
    I purchased the oxy 3 in January 2006. Within a few months, the wheel broke off and I took it to the nearest service shop for repair. The repairman stated that this problem was very common and that he had replaced several wheels. Several months later, the new wheel broke off again, so I took it back for an additional repair. The opposite wheel has now broken off, so I will likely find a new vacuum to purchase.

    The product does clean carpet and hardwood well and it is very quiet, but it's obviously impractical to use with only one wheel! Additionally, finding bags and filters locally for the vacuum is impossible...I have to purchase on-line....more info
  • Electrolux EL5035A Oxygen Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    After less than three years of light use, one of the front wheels broke off. It appears this is a common problem. Whoever designed the wheel assembly should be fired. The wheel is held on with thin flimsy pieces of plastic that, now clearly, are easily broken. The broken wheel looks to be impossible to repair, unless you replace half the cleaner. I paid a lot for the cleaner ($500) because it carried the Electrolux name and I figured I was buying quality. Boy, they sure suckered me on that one!...more info
  • extremely dissatisfied!!!
    I bought this machine to replace one that I had used for over 15 years. I never had any problems with the first one, so I spent the extra money on another Electrolux machine. What a mistake, I have had this one less than 6 months and have had nothing but problems with it. The company is no help and the repair center people just laughed when I told them how unhappy I was with it. They have many people with the same complaints!!! The height adjuster has totally stopped working after being repaired twice, the attatchment door doesn't stay closed and the bag full light doesn't work at all. I wish I had spent the money on a cheaper brand then I wouldn't be so disappointed. Do yourself a favor and don't buy this machine, it is a cheaply made grossly over priced piece of junk!!!!...more info
  • Broken wheel
    Like others have pointed out, my wheel has broken off as well after less than a year of use. The lock that keeps it upright broke off about 3 months ago. I sure wish I would've read these reviews before I made my purchase. DO NOT buy this product unless you like burning money. They did get the motor right as it does vacuum well but the rest of it is falling apart....more info
    I recieved this as a wedding gift, from my grandmother who has has her Electrolux since she moved to this country 35 years ago (no I'm not kidding) she had also used nothing but Electrolux in Cuba as her family before her had done. Little did we know that this is NOT a REAL Electrolux...they were recently bought out by Eureka. I was so excited when I got it, it looked so pretty and well made...except it wasn't. It doesn't suck up a thing...sometimes I'll go over a splinter on the carpet 5 or 6 times before giving up and picking it up by hand. I was so dissapointed with the suction I tried to have it serviced (2 year warranty) but they told me I had to drive 2 hours away and that if it wasn't a warranty issue I'd be charged $200 just for looking at it (pretty stupid when the thing cost 400 to begin with). I finally took it back to the store which offered me an exchange but surprise surprise the new one has WORSE suction than the first...I'm taking it back today and getting a Dyson. Beware!...more info
  • Junk
    I went through 3 of these. all returned for the same reason broken wheels. Before I took the third one back I vacuumed my carpet. Then I used the Dyson animal DC17 my friend owned..WOW now that is an awesome vacuum...I could not believe the amount of dirt that was left on my carpet by the electrolux...Living at the beach with 2 dogs and tons of sand the animal does a fantastic job...And 3 electrolux's in 16 months? I thought I was buying quality...Not!...more info
  • Great Vac - No problems
    I have owned my oxygen upright for about 1 year and it continues to perform wonderfully. I have experienced absolutely no problems. The vac runs very quiet and sucks wonderfully!

    Additionally, I am writing my affirmative review because some of the rhetoric below appears deceptive and unwarranted. I truly don't know "The wheel broke off and flew across the room". I do have small kids and experience things flying across the room quite frequently. The only logical conclusion is that a very large individual (the vac is heavy) must have been using the vac for playing bat & ball....more info
  • Get something else
    We bought this in Nov. of '06, and the housing for the brush melted in August of '07. The company is providing a free replacement, but when I asked the repairman why this happened, he said, "It's just not a good vacuum cleaner." So much for the Electrolux brand name. By the way, we only used this about 10 times before it crapped out....more info
  • in order to use this vaccum you need to be a weight lifter
    Product is extemely heavy - not good if you have to carry it upstairs. Carpet selector adjustment broke after just 4 weeks. Consumer Reports highly recommeded it, but I would not. ...more info
  • Do not buy this product
    Vacuum is way too heavy.

    Works reasonably well but button/etc are a bit flimsy and don't seem to respond well.

    Retractable power cord broke the 3rd day I used it.

    I would never buy this machine again. Also, for the most part, I recommend a cannister over the upright....more info
  • Impossible to repair
    I bought this from a department store, after 3 weeks the hight adjustment quit working. Called the 800 number, was told to take it to a repair shop that was just under 4 hours away, apparently that was the only authorized dealer. I took it back to the department store and received a full refund. If you buy this, make sure the authorized repair dealer is close by....more info
  • Poor quality design
    I'm on my second Oxygen upright. The wheel broke off the first on after 3 months of use. Returned it to the dealer and got a new one in exchange. After 6 months, same problem. Could not return this one due to the time from original purchase. Called my nearest authorized service center (1 1/2 hours away) as it was still under the Electrolux 1 year warranty. He said that this is common with this model and in fact said this will happen with "all of them". As stated above, this is acutally made by Eureka and, while is cleans very well and is very quiet, it is not worth wasting your time and money on. ...more info
  • very pleased
    Beautiful to look at and it works great too.

    Quiet for an upright vacuum cleaner.

    I recommend the Oxygen3 upright to everyone....more info
  • poor quality
    Beware--This is NOT the Real Electrolux (which is made by Aerus). I purchased this believing it to be a replacement for the Electrolux I'd owned for 20 years. The wheel broke off and flew across the room after being lightly used for 7 months. When I took it to the repair shop, the gentleman told me it was the 2nd one he'd received that week with the wheel that had broken off. It is HEAVY, maneuvers poorly and is frankly a poorly designed machine that is grossly overpriced. I found out that the vacuum cleaner I'd purchased is actually a Eureka--the Eureka company had purchased" the Electrolux brand name--but it is NOT the real Electrolux. I found an Aerus dealer who sold the REAL Electrolux and purchased one. The big orange monster is with the repairman....more info