Electrolux EL 7020B Oxy3 Ultra Canister Vacuum

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Product Description

"ELECTROLUX - OXYGEN 3 ULTRA" VACUUM CLEANERS Dimensions: 11"D x 17"H x 13"W Dusting brush Crevice nozzle. 2 qt. dust capacity 7 ft. hose 12 Amps power MicroSeal fresh air technology. MicroSeal technology captures 99.97% of all the dust, allergens and small particles it picks up, so your house stays cleaner, longer. Electronic fingertip controls. With all controls and tools in the handle, you never have to search for the right button to adjust your vacuum. Optimum sensor system. The optimum sensor system automatically monitors the cleaner's performance to ensure peak efficiency. Fully featured power nozzle. Automatic electronics monitor the floor type you're on and adjust the vacuum accordingly.

  • Sealed HEPA filtration
  • Telescoping, integrated wand system
  • 12 amp motor
  • Includes crevice, dusting and upholstery tools
  • "Optimal" feedback light lets you know when the bag needs changing
Customer Reviews:
  • Heavy and not easy to use
    I bought this vacuum because I thought it is quiet and light. In fact the carpet brush is very heavy and loud, it is difficult to get to the corners. It looks good and has rather good suction but it defenately is not what I call money well spent. I was looking to get Miele Luna which I used before and I should have done it. Overall it's not your favorite vacuum and I would never get it as a gift....more info
  • Electroluz Vaccum
    Bought this for my wife for her birthday. Great suction. Very quiet.
    Read many good reviews on Amazon before I purchased. Happy so far!!...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    Great Vacuum, very impressed, Lighter and smaller than most vacuums, does a great job! Three different settings, min, max and auto, this would be used from carpeted floors to bare floors such as hard wood or ceramic. Canister has a bag which you do have to empty like most vacuums. Bags you can order on amazon or you can get at Lowe's or Best Buy. Would definitely recommend if you have allergies, canister is sealed ,no dust flying around. Would recommend this vacuum.
    ...more info
  • Buy this vacuum
    If you're looking for a multi purpose vacuum cleaner your search is over. The only thing which could possibly do a better job of eliminating dust and allergens in the household is a whole house vacuum which exhausts to the outside. I've now purchased two Ovygen2 vacuums for two houses. Stop looking. Buy this vacuum. (Unless of course you're considering installing a whole house vacuum) The subscription service for bags and filters on the Electrolux site is nice too. ...more info
  • Nice Vacuum
    Nice vacuum. I have not had it very long but so far so good. I do wish it was one of the bagless type but of course that would make it less convenient. Have had electrolux before and they are pretty sturdy and will go the distance. Picks up cat hair quite well!...more info
  • WOW am I glad I bought this appliance!
    This is a great great vacuum cleaner. I am so glad I bought it. I have 2 hairy hairy dogs in my carpeted bedroom and the power head sucks up all their hair without a hitch. They also have a dog door into the bedroom which brings in dust, etc so the carpet is gettin heavy use AND, the rest of my house is hard wood floors and I can switch over in a second and keep on going. I love that the controls are in the handle, so I can turn it on and off without having to bend over and find a button on the canister. A really great thing, is when you change the vacuum cleaner bag, it has this little panel that slides over the opening so none of the dust can escape. Highly Highly recommend....more info
  • Love It!
    I have used a Kirby upright for years. I decided to try this machine for a change of pace. I LOVE IT!! It cleans extremely well and is incredibly quiet. I like the size and weight of it, and it is easy to use the accessories on my stairs. The only draw-back is that when using the hand accessories, it is very easy to accidentally shut it off. It would be nice if there was some sort of override button when using the hand accessories. You get used to the canister style quickly and it is nice to be able to vacuum under beds and furniture without a big struggle. I would recommend this machine....more info
  • Electrolux
    This is the quietest vacuum cleaner. I've only used it a few times, but so far it is great. My one complaint is that I can't find a place to carry the upholstery tool on the machine....more info
  • Nice vacuum with electrical problem
    Had a 30 year old Electrolux canister vac and loved it. It finally wore out so I purchased the Electrolux brand again. Love all the new features and it all works well except for the electrical connection when using the brush roll feature to vacuum carpets. When the hose is extended completely, the brush roll stops, when it's loosened, it runs again. My husband and I determined that the 3 prongs on the hose that attach to the canister become disconnected enough when the hose is taught to stop the flow of electricity to the brush roll. Hope this is an easy fix. We purchased the vac about a month ago and this problem was evident from day one. Electrolux is a good company and we hope they'll fix this minor problem or replace the vacuum....more info
  • 18+ months of solid, quiet service
    Looking for a lighter weight alternative to an upright bagless model when we moved to a 3 story place, I bought the Oxy3. It has been fantastic - great on carpeting and hard floors, quiet and efficient, easy to maneuver. It's had to go in for service twice (both due to someone not detaching something correctly and shearing off one of the connector pins - slide the latch, that's what it's for!), but both times the repair was inexpensive and quick. The suction is great on this model.

    I'm also much happier with a vacuum that uses bags - getting all the stuff out of the canister of the bagless model was always a mess, and unless I washed the canister out there was always so much dust left in there (not to mention how static-y the thing was). The bags are simple to change and contain the mess....more info
  • THE BEST!!!!!
    For over 45 years my wife has worn out about 23 vacuum cleaners. Usually we had one upright and one canister style. We purchased the Electrolux EL 7020B Oxy3 Ultra Canister vacuum and she is ecstatic!!! She gave away her upright vacuum and only uses the Electrolux. It is the vacuum of her dreams!!!!...more info
  • good vacuum
    We have owned a lot of vacuum cleaners. It seems like we needed a new one every couple years because they keep burning out. Two dogs don't help - that's for sure. Well, after years of complaining we finally bought an Electrolux and it was worth the difference in price. IT really does a great job of pricking up all kinds of goodies off the floor. Now I'm sorry I didn't get one years ago. I hope it lasts......more info
  • excellent vacuum
    Great suction; works really well on pet hair, which is my biggest problem. Telescoping wand is easy to use and reaches far. Nice compact machine with handy storage for the most used attachments. This is my third electrolux in my lifetime and so far the best....more info
  • More Money Doesn't Guarantee Quality
    We just purchased the Electrolux "Quiet Clean" Canister Vacuum, model Oxygen3. It is sleek, it is quiet, but unfortunately it's also not working. The vacuum works, but the "Power Brushroll" died only moments after its maiden voyage onto our carpet. We have verified that it isn't "Jammed" or user-servicable, it's just dead. We expected a $400 product to be free from these kinds of aggravations. We called Electrolux and got our closest "Warranty Service Center" which was anything but close. The gentleman we talked to at "Vacuum Zone" told us they weren't interested and to return the entire unit to the place we bought it from. I can see resolving this issue is going to be time-consuming and it's going to cost us money. Do not buy this product. Buy a vacuum from a brick-and-mortar store, and don't expect it to work no matter how much you pay for it....more info
  • Disappointing
    The canister is lightweight, quite powerful and reasonably quiet. BUT the power nozzle is heavy, noisy and turns in only one direction. The power nozzle also is self-propelled and takes the person vacuuming on a speed race around the carpet.
    The floor brush is wide and makes for quick cleaning of wide expanses of floor. BUT, it is so wide as to be awkward getting into corners and around furniture.
    The telescoping wand is convenient. Storage of two of the tools on the handle is not; the tools keep falling off.
    The power cord is short.
    The hose is too flexible; it kinks easily.
    I would prefer to have the on/off button on the handle of the cleaner not the cannister.

    I have had this not even a week, and already I am disappointed in both the design and the materials used in construction.

    Added three days after the intial review:
    The crevice brush is not long enough to reach in many common crevices, such as those in a car or under a refrigerator.
    The prongs of the plug had to be separated a bit so the plug does not fall out of the wall socket. ...more info
  • Worth the Money
    I thought this vacuum was a little pricy but after using it several times I think it was well worth the money. It cleans beautifully, actually does go from floor to carpet easily and has a crevice tool right on the handle for easy access. I have hard floors with area rugs on the first floor and white carpeting on the second floor; I also have 2 long-haired cats. It does a great job on all surfaces and is pleasantly quiet. I've tried other vacuums including a Eureka Boss upright, which was too heavy to maneuver and was actually digging into my floors and carpets and a small stick vacuum which was fairly good on hard floors but incredibly noisy. Ordering from Amazon was quick and easy and delivery was made within a few days. This vac was just what I was looking for! ...more info
  • Best Vacuum EVER!
    I have four cats and can attest that this is the BEST VACUUM EVER! You can even vacuum ceilings & corners with the telescopic wand. Takes fur right off of furniture. Carpeted stairs are clean in a jiff. This vacuum is my new robotic cleaning friend....more info
    My research found reports rating the "A" model below average for noise and handling so I delayed buying. Then I noticed some sites offering a "B" version (EL-7020B). Electrolux said the new version has a new "quiet clean" powerhead and a synthetic anti-odour bag (which is still an S-bag style and is totally interchageable with all other S-bags).
    So, whith this in mind, I purchased the new "B" model and can attest the power head is in fact very quiet an will turn both ways improving the handling. More time needed to rate reliability otherwise I would give it 5-stars....more info
  • Great little vacuum!
    We bought this vacuum for the cleaning person to use to clean our retail store and offices once a week and it has really kept up! She fills a bag each cleaning and says it works great. I'm thinking of getting one for home. I've always had Oreck uprights and they are great for the price too but not as versitile as this one. ...more info
  • Great vacuum until you try and get repaired under warranty
    I have had this vacuum for about 8 mos. It is quiet, cleans and filters well and is relatively easy to move around. I am pretty happy with it from that standpoint, however, there is no doubt that the quality of the product is not the Electrolux of old. Within a month of buying a small plastic piece which connected the power nozzle broke. I live in a large metropolitan area and thought it would be easy to address under warranty. No such luck. Could only find one warranty repair shop within 50 miles and they had a 3 to 4 month backlog. All the shops that used to do Electrolux warranty repair work had stopped as they said the new owner of the brand was too hard to deal with. Ended up paying out of pocket to get the new part delivered to a vaccum repair shop and after 4 tries at shipping the correct part I finally got the right part and got the vacuum fixed. Was without vacuum for 2 months and out $80. Not sure I would buy again in the future unless they fix the repair and support network....more info
  • Good as New
    This vac is super quiet, has great mobility and is a quality machine. Only draw back is the "telescoping" wand, which is more trouble than its worth. The pluses are the extra long hose, the easily retracted cord, the wand push button controls and it weighs practically nothing. It works great on hardwood floors (wheels are cushioned to avoid scratches) and carpet, perfect for anyone that suffers from indoor allergies. ...more info
  • EL7020A review
    Bought based on Consumer Reports reviews. Have only had for a month, but works great, is well designed, and unlike what I expected from CU review, it is not noisy to me (possibly because of the comparison to our older Panasonic).

    At least after a month, highly recommended....more info
  • more than a floor cleaner...
    I got this vacuum for my mother a year and a half ago and it is one of her top three ever. It is quiet and powerful and comes with a variety of toys as well as the ability to expand and contract to almost any crevice we need. It is not that heavy and the bags are not hard to find or very expensive and the sbag clinic bags are the best because if you are having hard times with breathing air you can leave the vacuum running or walking around with it over your shoulders for a while and it is more than a vacuum, it is an air cleaner!...more info
  • Great for allergen sufferers!
    I've owned this vacuum for about 2 months and I love it! I have 5 cats so you can imagine the amount of pet hair that accumulates around the house, I wanted a vacuum that could handle this without breaking my bank account. I also suffer from mild allergies and needed a HEPA filter, but the main feature that drew me to the Electrolux was the Micro-Seal technology, which prevents dirt and debris from being blown back out from the exhaust fan. It sucks dirt up from the floor and keeps it in the bag, where it should be! My old Dirt Devil upright had a horrible problem with this and I was constantly sneezing and coughing while I was vacumming. With the Electrolux I NEVER sneeze while vacuuming, all the pet hair goes in the bag and stays there!

    Good points:

    1. The vacuum automatically changes suction strength when moving from carpets to tile/wood floor (you can also manually override the settings).
    2. On/off button is located on the handle; much better than bending over to turn the unit on/off from the canister.
    3. Accessory tools are stored in the handle, so no more hunting for the dusting brush... it's right there ready to snap on and use!
    4. Motor is very quiet when turned on.
    5. When vacuuming is done, the self-winding power cord is great!
    6. Two carrying handles make for better mobility.
    7. Ability to vacuum underneath furniture and beds.
    8. Micro-seal technology keeps everything in the bag.

    The only bad point I would say is the motor strength does not clean carpet very well. I had to vacuum over the same spot several times in places of heavy traffic or a lot of cat hair build up. I would not recommend this product if you have medium or high-pile carpet. It works okay for low-pile carpet though, and great for hard floor surfaces. If you have high-pile carpet, I would recommend the model above this one, I believe it had a bigger motor and more power.

    Overall, I am very pleased with this product. It's great if you have allergies!! I love the HEPA filter and the Micro-Seal technology. I would definitely recommend it if you have any kind of allergies, especially pet hair....more info
  • Cleaning Machine!!
    I have been using this machine for a while now and could not be more pleased with its performance. It runs quiet and has a lot of suction. After doing some extensive research on vacuums I decided on this unit. While there were some complaints about reliability, I went ahead and got a refurbished unit. Not only did I save some money, I figured that a repair of a failed componant and a second inspection would be benificial towards a more reliable machine. The vaccum looked like it had hardly been used with one little scratch on it.
    The only thing that prevented me from giving it 5 stars was the fact that the power head is about as loud as the last upright I had and not as quiet as the canister. But the power head does clean remarkably well. We have 2 dogs and it gets the dog hair very well. The bags are small but that is just as well since all that nasty dirt does not sit in the vacuum too long. The bags are cheap and changing them is an easy task that takes just seconds.
    I would recommend this vacuum to friends and family...it truly is a great cleaning machine!...more info
  • Beware
    Purchased vacuum new in March of this year - suddenly stopped working. Took it to an authorized repair shop 5 weeks ago. I was shown an entire room full of the vacuums that were waiting to be exchanged - seems the repair rate on these vacuums is high and because of the technology, the vacuums are usually replaced instead of being repaired - or so I am told. At any rate, it is 5 weeks later and I still do not have a vacuum. ...more info
  • Not very impressed
    I have found that this vacuum is a bit heavy and cumbersome. I've had it less than a year and the power cord no longer works. Also, I find that when I have the sweeper "on" while vacuuming the hardwood floors, it seems to just spit dirt around rather than pick it up. I just don't think it's that powerful. I'm disappointed and shopping around for something more lightweight, quieter and thorough....more info
  • Pricey but excellent machine
    We use this vacuum in a 4 story rowhouse in the city; mostly wood floors and tight spaces. Does great on the wood with just the long brush attachment, don't even need the power head. But does great on dog fur in carpeted areas as well, with the loud, effective powerhead. Not good for a bigger suburban McMansion. A bit heavy, but easily maneuvered on the floor. No dust emission, variable suction and relatively quiet operation make this $400 machine worth the money....more info
  • Good
    I was very impressed with how this vacuum cleaned my wood floors and rug. However the swivel head can make it difficult to clean where you want it to. Also when we removed the power head to use the other attachments there is a piece that breaks easily. When we brought it to the repair shop to be fixed they had 4 other Electrolux's there with the same problem. Poor design on the manufacturers part. However as I said before, I was impressed on how it cleaned. ...more info
  • Disappointed With Carpet Performance
    We have owned the vacuum for a few months now. We liked the positive reviews on allergen control and low noise performance of this model. If you're looking for a unit for light use, especially for use on floors the rating would be higher than given here; but we really needed a vacuum that could handle carpets. This unit is not at all acceptable for use on carpets. The head does not adjust to carpets well and it takes a lot of work to vacuum carpet. The power head is rather small too, which means it takes longer to cover a larger area. I really wish that others had provided this information when we were shopping, in hindsight we paid a lot of money for a vacuum which performs so poorly on carpets. Our recommendation to anyone who is considering this model is to go see one in person and try it out on the types of surfaces you will be cleaning....more info
  • It meets all of my expectations!
    The vacuum this replaced was an Electrolux that we purchased new in 1952. Even though the Electrolux brand has been passed along, this machine seems to be rock solid and well built like the old one. It runs circles around it, which is still running in good order except that it needs a hose that we can't find and bags that are no longer standard and available. The new one is easier to use and lighter. The power head does a good job lifting dirt from our carpets and is easy to use. An added plus is the hepa filter, but we didn't notice much dust escaping the old one ether. I highly recommend this machine. We don't often see quality in appliances in this throw-away generation, but this machine sticks to the old values...and it's price is right!...more info
    This is NOT the Electrolux that you've know for quality. The owner of Eureka (some European company) bought the name Electrolux some years ago and the change is just taking effect. The Electrolux that you've known for quality is now Aerus. The name Electrolux may still be with Aerus name but it is required to be smaller than Aerus by agreement. The name was purchased to dupe American buyers...its just an Eureka
    vacuum....more info
    EL7020A is the highest rated canister by Consumer Reports in 2006 - this is why I chose it. I had this vacuum for almost a month now, and I really like its performance. I like that the wand with the power brush fits under the bed where my upright did not fit. I like that this vacuum has HEPA filtration and I do not sneeze when vacuuming anymore.

    The vacuum has powerful suction and nice features like "auto power-brush off when something gets stuck in it" and "auto suction reduction when something stops the airflow, so you can pull it out". E.g., if a corner of a bathroom rug gets sucked in, the vacuum reduces suction power and you can pull the rug out, and the suction increases automatically.

    The bags are very small (mine filled up with carpet fibers after vacuuming the house 2 times). I did not mind, all that means is that I don't keep all that dirt inside my vacuum in my home and throw it away more often. Like one other user said, the "change bag" light did not come on when the bag filled up. I found that the bag was full thanks to my curiosity. I suspect that the "change bag" light performance depends on what the bag fills up with - if it fills up with carpet fibers, which still allow sufficient airflow, the light won't come on.

    Another interesting thing I found was that the box says "Model EL7020A", but the bottom of the canister has a sticker that says "Model 7001". I contacted Electrolux about the discrepancy, and, according to their Customer Service Rep, the model EL7020A is a combination of the 7001 canister and a power carpet brush (plus a bunch of other add-on tools)....more info
    In Sept '06 I purchased what should have been a new Electrolux Oxygen3 Ultra Canister model 7020A from Ace Photo & Digital in NYC. It worked great until 1/5/07 - only 5 months old. Took it to an authorized Electrolux repair shop only to discover it had NO serial no. sticker on it's underside. Electrolux won't cover under their 1 yr warranty because this looks like I never had a NEW unit to start with. I feel totally "taken" by Ace Photo for sending what appears to have been a used or rebuilt product, as it had no serial number sticker(hard to remove I'm told). Amazon.com normally deals with reputable companies, but I definitely recommend that everyone (including Amazon) not do business with Ace Photo & Digital in Brooklyn,NY. This is an expensive loss from a bad experience of daring to risk purchasing a major item online....more info
  • Great gift for my mother-in-law!
    My mother-in-law was looking for a new vacuum cleaner for the house.
    This was the one she wanted and the price was great....more info
  • Nice and quiet
    The vacuum works really well to clean medium to low carpet in my apartment! It is quiet so I can clean at night and not disturb my neighbor up and below my room.

    The only problem I found so far (using for 2 months) is that it doesn't turn very well. You have to do quite a bit of lifting and repositioning the vaccum to turn the unit. ...more info
  • It may be good if it works
    I've used this product for one month and it stopped working, dead! It passed the Amazon return period so I had to go to a factory rep to have it fixed. Well one month later I still don't have my vaccuum!! Electrolux
    said it would take a month to get the part. $500 for a vaccuum that doesn't work and a company that doesn't seem to care. Buy a Miele.
    ...more info
  • Very nice machine
    Bought this Electolux model after going through two Sears Progressive units in three years (even though they were highly rated by Consumer Reports) Their quality and durability was horrible.

    This new Electolux is a very nice machine. Only negatives I would identify is that the power carpet sweeper is noiser than most. Also the size of the dust collector bag is quite small & will require more frequent changing.

    However unit works great; controls are handy and easy to use. Unit is light and compact, easy to use and attractive. If the carpet power sweeper was quieter, I would give it five stars. You won't go wrong buying this unit....more info
  • Almost Perfect
    The Electrolux Oxy 3 provides the quality we've come to expect from Electrolux; it's smartly designed, easily maneuverable, and attractive. It's quiet--until you fire up the power brush, which is plain scary! The power brush is designed well to slide under chairs and tables--but that same maneuverability is a hindrance when running across straight floors and carpets. Anybody know how to change the filter bag and close the lid? The instruction book doesn't help a lot!...more info
  • this vacuum had everything I wanted
    I used my mom's electrolux for 5 years (and she had used it for 5 years before me) and it finally died. I've been searching reviews and looking at models for the past two months, and finally decided on this one. The most important feature was the HEPA filtration, then the ability to do both carpet and bare floors.
    It was easy to put together, and the instructions are clear. The telescoping wand is excellent for my needs - I have a bad back and being able to make the wand longer so I don't have to reach and bend is a backsaver! The wand disconnects from the hose easily. The power contols are on the wand within easy reach of a thumb. I did have to read the instructions to figure out which button was which. There are 3 buttons - power, bare floor/carpet, and suction strength. There's also a manual pedal adjustment on the powerhead for carpet pile adjustment that's easy to adjust with your foot. Power cord is a little short, but easily solved with an extension cord. The carrying handle also serves as the cord retriever - neat! It's easy to carry up and down stairs. The bag is easy to get to and replace. It comes with the option of using an s clinic bag or an s classic bag. http://electroluxservice.stores.yahoo.net/vacuumbags.html
    It cleaned medium pile carpet, persian type rugs, and bare floors with ease. I haven't found it too heavy, and the large wheels make it very easy to maneuver. It comes with an extra wide bare floor head and an upholstery head that I haven't found the need to use yet. In addition, there are two heads (dust and crevice) right in the wand piece. The powerhead is noisy but not as much as the previous model I used, and I'm willing to deal with the noise because it cleaned the carpet so well.
    I've been pleasantly surprised by this model, and am very happy with it....more info
  • *****LOVE IT*****
    After having my last two vacuums die unceremonious deaths, I decided to do a little more research in buying a vacuum than usual. I checked consumer, and epinions for reports on the latest canister vacuums. I tried out my neighbors vacuums to see if they met my needs, and ultimately decided on the Electrolux Oxygen Ultra.

    I am not sorry! This vacuum is fantastic. The bare floor attachment in larger than most making the task of vacuuming easier. However, it still manages to fit into all of my smaller areas (between toilet and tub). It is also more narrow than most I have tried. Because of this, I was able to vacuum in between my banister poles, leaving me one less job to do.

    This attachment, along with the telescoping pole, did a terrific job getting under my couches, beds, and dressers, with the exception of one of my daughter's rooms where there isn't much clearance. Furthermore, I decided to give it a go on my blinds. It did a terrific job removing the dust from the 2 1/2 slats.

    I then switched out for the motorized head and was very impressed with the power it had for carpeting. I actually found myself being pulled along by it. I used on my berber, and area rugs. It did a great job cleaning them both. Fantastically, the power head plugs right into the handle to make cleaning my stairs a breeze. It took a little getting used to, but I think it did a better job than my last vacuum with a special stairs attachment.

    The canister itself is better than others I have worked with. It moved effortlessly. I did not find it was crashing into walls or getting caught up on furniture. It was extremely quiet as well. I found the cord length to be sufficient (I have quite a large house and didn't have change outlets anymore often than with other vacuums) and the extra length on the hose made cleaning higher items easier.

    I love the controls on the handle as well. The buttons controlling the power, type of vacuuming and on/off switch were easy to use.

    I had no problems with changing out the heads. However, I have not been able to work the space saving storage option of hooking the head onto the canister body. This is not such an issue as I have the space to store it without utilizing this feature.

    Bottom line: This is a great machine. I recommend spending the money, and getting a machine that will do a great job and last.
    ...more info
  • cleanfreak-Ohio
    I purchased one of these and have been using it for a little over a month. At this point I am totally thrilled with the product for the price. I have owned exectrolux products in the past that were more expensive and a hoover product for about the same price. To say the least I am back to electrolux. I love being able to go under furniture, and being able to disconnect head and use in tight or unusual spots with various attachments. We have a dog and this is a wonderful fur finder! The filtration systems are great for keeping dust and dirt where it belongs once it is sucked up. I'll never stray from electrolux again. ...more info