Shark PS380 Wet/Dry Power Scooper

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Product Description

Features: Lightweight. Headlight. Power button. Bag release button. Comfortable rubber grip. Battery operated.

  • With a simple press of a button your worst messes are quickly deposited in a small bag
  • Convenient way to pick up after all types of household messes
  • Includes extention accessory for large messes
  • Battery operated and lightweight
  • Adjustable strap for easy carry or storage
Customer Reviews:
  • Works OK but not very useful
    I bought this to use it as a pooper scooper for my dog. It takes a bit to manipulate it to work as directed but is just not worth the hassle of setting it up and carrying it around. Easier to just carry the bags and pick it up with your hand!...more info
  • probably fine for the squeamish
    Just a few days ago -on the day I bought mine- I spotted only one user review for this item, and it was very very negative. And then as I was frist editing mine I saw only one that's very positive. That seems to be because there are two separate listings, the other showing the trademark name "Grab 'n Bag(tm) Powered Scooper" Amazon really should combine these.

    I have to say this product is NOT for me. But I believe there are people who might get a lot out of it. I spotted it remaindered at the the store named after a day of the week. The price I paid was less than the Amazon price for the XSB380 refill bags. And my nearby TM store had those cheap too. I do live in a household with pets, so I gave it a work-out in just a couple of days. It does what it promises. But in no way does it do a better job than the human hand. Turn any bag inside-out over your hand, and pick up a mess - many dog owners are very familiar with that drill. Unless you're outdoors where no one cares, you still have to come back with a paper towel and clean the floor or other surface. This tool automates a process very much like that inside-out bag. You still have to wipe, and you still have to deal with closing and disposing of the bag.

    If you're someone who has difficulty with such clean up tasks because they're "yucky" then maybe this IS the product for you. It can help with perhaps 90% of the "yuck". Or perhaps if you're partially disabled and can't pick things up that way. But if you're someone who isn't bothered by "yucky" ... well, even at the terrific remaindered price I got, I plan to give mine away.

    I don't need it; but I can imagine it being helpful to some....more info
  • Easy cleanup
    I bought the Wet Dry Power Scooper because it was on close-out and very inexpensive. It is well worth it. I have 8 cats and it cleans up their hairball messes with ease instead of grounding it into the carpet. I am looking for additional bags because I definitely do not want to run out....more info
  • Don't bother
    This product is a piece of crap. It didn't pick up much and it's too much of a hasstle to pull out everytime you want to clean up a mess....more info