Butler NutriSentials Lean Treats for Dogs

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Product Description

Lean Treats are a healthy treat made of fresh skinless chicken. Lean Treats contain only 7 calories per treat, 0.5% of Sodium, and are very low in fat.

  • twenty 4-oz resealable bags

Customer Reviews:

  • My Dogs Love Butler NutriSentials Lean Treats for Dogs
    Both of my dogs love these treats. They don't seem to know that they are "Lean" treats!!...more info
  • Butler Lean Treats
    Fabulous treats and soft enough to hide pills inside.
    My chubby girls love these and they are cheaper than at the vet's office.
    Good delivery service, too!...more info
  • Oscar loves these treats!
    I'm so glad to find these treats available on Amazon.com!

    Our mini-dachshund Oscar absolutely loves Lean Treats. We call them "stinky" treats because they have a strong aroma, which seems extremely appealing to Oscar. I don't know what it is about them, but Oscar thinks they're the best ever.

    Lean Treats are soft enough that we can break them in half to ensure he gets a very small portion. They are also low fat, which is wonderful for a 10-year-old dog that loves to eat.

    Lean Treats are great for travel. The packaging seals back up quickly and can fit into the glove compartment or suitcase. The packaging design also allows the treats to stay fresh without drying out. In fact, we always keep a package in the car to have handy.

    Oscar highly recommends Lean Treats! He gives them 5 paws up!

    ...more info
  • Lean Treats
    OMG!!!! My dog loves these great little treats! I give them away as Christmas gifts to all my friends that have dogs. All the poches love them!
    And the shipping is really quick. Thanks...more info
  • Butler Lean Treats are Great
    My vet gave my Yorkie, Murphy, his first Butler Lean Treat, and he has loved them for the last three years. They are still his favorite treat....more info
  • Lean Treats a big hit, great Crhistmas presents!
    These low calorie(7) healthy treats are a huge hit with my Bichon. Soft enough to pull into tiny pieces for training, these are obviously very tasty from my dogs point of view. I was pleased to see my vet had them for sale as she is very fussy. We purchased 20 of the 4 oz bags for doggie Christmas presents!...more info
  • I don't buy other treats anymore
    I started buying these about a year and half ago from my vet when I got my first dog Lucy. Lucy is a pitbull that my fiancee and I adopted from a shelter. When I got her, she was petrified of water and hated taking baths in the bathtub. I tried giving her other treats to help calm her down but she was so upset during the bath she wouldn't eat them. My vets give these treats during exams so I decided to try them out. The next time I gave Lucy a bath I tossed a Lean Treat into the empty tub before I started to run the water, she jumped into the tub without hesitation. Baths are no problem anymore.

    I also have a french bulldog, Henry that is about a year now. He will do anything for a lean treat. These treats are amazing. The last time I bought them, I bought a box of ten for around $20 plus tax. They lasted a long time. I'm glad I found these on amazon!

    If you haven't tried lean treats yeat, please do! They are a nutritious and healthy way to treat you dogs!...more info
  • wonderful
    wonderful product and the delivery was exceptional. Could not have asked for a speedier delivery time. My dog gets these as a treat and reward, because of the health benefits. I was purchasing from my vet, this is a lot cheaper. Will order again from amazon and the SAME vendor....more info
  • Dogs LOVE These
    Both of my dogs absolutely LOVE these. But one of them is especially crazy about them. The instant she sees the bag, she goes hyper-crazy happy. These are also great for giving dogs pills, because they're pliable enough to actually squish a pill into them.

    They DO stink horribly to humans and you have to wash your hands after touching them. But to dogs they smell (and taste) wonderful. Best dog treats on the planet. And good for them, too!...more info
  • Pups love lean treats
    Hi, In potty training my pup, I used lean treats for reward and it worked beautifully. My dogs still look for their treat when they come in from the yard and are always rewarded. These treats are healthy and were recommended by my veterinarian....more info
  • My dogs love these
    My dogs have loved these treats - they are the perfect size! They happily sit at attention waiting on me to get their treats!...more info
  • Best treats ever
    I discovered Lean Treats at my vets office. My dog loves them. The treat is small and soft. Perfect for giving him his allergy pill....more info
  • Always prompt
    Always order these from Amazon and always have quick delivery and my Papillon and Cocker love them!!!...more info
  • My dog ALWAYS eats these!
    Belle very often hides cookies in her bedding. She doesn't eat them; they just stay there until I remove them. But not Lean Treats. She gobbles them up. And they're healthy and good for her! I saw them in my vet's office for $2 a pack. So at $26 and change for TWENTY packs on Amazon, that's quite a savings. Great treat, great price....more info
  • Great training tool
    My Bichon Frise LOVES these treats. They can be cut into smaller pieces for training. My pup was potty trained easily with these treats as a bribe. He sticks his nose in the air to ordinary milk bones, such a spoiled pooch....more info
  • My Dog Loves These
    My dog loves these treats. I wait until he is otherwise occupied and hide a few around the house and then tell him to go find them. He goes crazy and will hunt the entire house until he has found every last one!...more info
  • Butler's Lean Treats
    My dog absolutely loves these "Lean Treats". I give her medication in the treats or give them to her for snacks. They are low fat so I don't have a problem giving them. She is a 90 lb german shepherd and now because I found them on Amizon I buy them by the case. Sedona is very happy!...more info
  • Picky puppy finds perfect treats
    My puppy is a VERY picky treat eater. I spent a lot of money buying brand names treats, but my puupy only sniffed at them and walked away!! The vet gave me a package of Lean Treats. My puppy, Daisy, absolutely LOVES it! Plus I could actually make 2 pieces of one treat! This is probably one of the best treats available out there!...more info
  • Dog's Go Crazy for Lean Treats

    Our dog is a Pomeranian who goes nuts for Lean Treats.

    If you hide them he will seek them out.

    We sent a package to a friend and their dog also goes wild for Lean Treats.

    Lean Treats are healthy and your dog will love them....more info
  • Treats that dogs love
    Our dogs had there first lean treat at the vets. office & just wanted more. I left with several bags...they were great to use for training treats. Checked Amazon & found them for a lot less money. Our dogs are now potty trained and still look forward to getting their lean treats....more info
  • Butler NutriSentials Lean Treats
    For those folks whos dogs must take pills, this is the option you've been waiting for! I use these 3 times a day to give my Scotties their pills. No problem....down the gullet! These are the BEST treats ever!...more info
  • Dogs love Lean Treats
    My dogs love these treats. They are small and very low in calories, perfect for my dogs that are trying to lose weight. They are also low in fat, so my dog that has had pancreatitis can eat them safely....more info
  • A great treat / pill delivery system.....
    Even with shipping, a box of these can be found as cheap (or cheaper) on Amazon, as in a vets office. Our vet stopped carrying them (because of issues with the distributor, not the product), so I was pleased to find them here. Not only are they a low-cal, low-fat treat for the dogs, but if you have a dog that needs to take pill-form medication with any frequency, Lean Treats are soft enough for a pill to be pushed into. Works great. There's a product called Pill Pockets, that work well, but are ridiculously priced, and likely not as healthy as Lean Treats.......more info
  • Our dog LOVES these Lean Treats
    These treats first came to our attention thru a vet. Our little dog just loved them. Could get them cheaper through Amazon than we could at the vets office . . . Always quick and accurate delivery! ...more info
  • Great Training Aid
    This treat can tame any furry friend! My dog goes nuts for these treats. She usually isn't picky though. These are a healthy and cheap alternative for the soft dog treats!...more info
  • Nutritious and Tasty
    Our vet uses these, often broken into smaller pieces. As long as you don't let them dry out, they break easily. We break them into halves for our two dogs who LOVE them.
    Just don't pay vet prices!...more info
  • Dog Treats
    Butler Lean Treats are a well packaged, nice sized treat that our dogs really enjoy. They are also useful as a training aid.

    We have purchased this product for some time now and it is endorsed by our vet....more info
  • LeanTreats
    I was introduced to LeanTreats at my vet's office. They used them very effectively to distract my pup while giving him shots. I started buying them from my vet, but they were a little pricey there. I found them on Amazon at a much better price and plan on continuing to buy them through Amazon. I shared them with some other dog owners at obedience school. I've never seen a dog that didn't love LeanTreats. ...more info
  • happy puppy
    Best dog treat I have found without the worry of being unhealthy for my dog. Pet really loves them. ...more info
  • My Dogs go CRAZY for this little purple bag
    As soon as my dogs see this little bag of goodness - they go crazy!!!! These treats are an absolutely wonderful little snack for them!!!! My youngest has a lot of problems eating different things and she just goes mad for these. We would highly recommend these for any dog!...more info
  • Manchita
    Manchita loves her Lean Treats. She was overweight and her vet recommended them. She has lost one pound in 6 months. She should be 10 pounds and is 12.5 now. If your dog is overweight or has a tendence to gain weight this treats are a great alternative....more info
  • A sure winner
    My dogs go nuts for these. First learned about them at the vet's office. Great thing about them is that they're low-fat, which is great for my rotund cocker spaniel. They're also great for administering pills, which fit snugly in the center and are immediately wolfed down, without a second thought. Some people think that they are a little stinky, but the smell doesn't bother me, and the dogs love 'em....more info
  • Great price!
    I was buying these at my vet for more than twice the price; My beagles love them; they are their favorite snack. Super fast shipping too!...more info
  • Butler Lean Treats - my dog's favorite
    My sheltie and I are a "team" who care about our health. These tasty little tidbits keep my dog's weight in check. I can easily break these soft treats into pieces to use in our frisbee play. He knows when he hears me rattle the package that it is going to be "fun" time. My vet looked at the ingredients and gave me an approval with a smile....more info
  • Butler Lean Treats
    Great product at a great price, and the dogs LOVE them. Shipping was fast!...more info
  • Buy This Item
    Butler NutriSentials Lean Treats for Dogs (twenty 4-oz resealable bags)
    This is a great product sold at Veterinarian Offices, for a more reasonable price...more info
  • Best Treats!
    My shih tzu loves these. She won't touch any other treats, and they are healthier than a lot of other ones, too. This is the best price I've found. They are $2.50 per bag from the vet....more info


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