Ultimate Omega/Lemon Taste, 120 softgels

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Product Description

Nordic Naturals' Ultimate Omega contains over 70% pure Omega-3, and is purified through molecular distillation to ensure the absence of impurities, including heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs. Ultimate Omega is an excellent way to get your health promoting Essential Fatty Acids EPA & DHA from fish oil. Great lemon taste has been added for a burst of fruit flavor. Ingredients: Purified deep sea fish oil, lecithin, ascorbyl palmitate, vitamin E, natural lemon oil Each 2 capsule serving provides: EPA: 700 mg other Omega-3: 200 mg DHA: 500 mg Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherols): 11 IU Suggested Use: Two capsules daily, or as directed by your health care professional or pharmacist. General Nutrient Support Nordic Naturals' Ultimate Omega formula offers the same EPA to DHA ratio (3:2) as a study for bipolar disorder support. New "mega" dosing is good for joint support, heart health, mood support, and meeting our daily Omega-3 needs. Ultimate Omega is a high concentration EPA & DHA formula ideal for meeting the American Heart Associations recommendation of 2 to 4 grams of EPA and DHA daily for people with elevated triglycerides. Warning: Do not use fish oil if you are allergic to iodine, are using blood thinners or anticipate surgery. Consult with your physician before taking fish oils if you are pregnant or diabetic. Keep out of the reach of children.  

  • Ultimate Omega with a burst of lemon
  • Highly concentrated EPA and DHA
  • Pharmaceutical grade and molecularly distilled

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful discovery
    I discovered Ultimate Omega in March at the health food store and decided to try it. I noticed within weeks that the skin rash I had from allergies started to clear itself, which is unusual given my allergies come in a full onslaught in spring and fall. I also started to notice my facial complexion began to clear. Now I can't wait for my next physical exam to find out if my cholesterol has lowered as a result of using this product. I'm sharing it with my family and encouraging them to try it as well. ...more info
  • Great concentration with no Heartburn
    My doctor recommended this brand. I've tried cheaper brands but they give me heartburn and they don't have the same high concentration of EPA's, DHA's....more info
  • Excellent anitoxidant
    Our daughter in law worked for years in the dispensary of a naturopathic college, and is the one who got us started on Nordic Naturals. I had been reluctant to take fish oil capsules because of the fishy aftertaste, but that has not been a problem with Nordic Naturals. Before I ever began taking them, I went online and read the propaganda from several different companies, then decided that these were the ones to stay with. A word of caution to anyone who takes blood thinners, aspirin, or any other supplements that are classified as antioxidants; these do thin the blood. I have noticed an improvement in my dry skin and eczema since taking Nordic Naturals....more info
  • The Best on the Market!
    Nordic Naturals' Omega 3 is truly the most pure and best Omega 3 on the market. I normally can find them at either my local health food store or Whole Foods or Wild Oats, but everyone was out of them at the time I was out of them! I was glad to find them at good ol' Amazon.com....more info
  • fast delivery, no unpleasant taste
    These capsules actually have a nice lemony aftertaste. They are very easy to swallow....more info
  • Great product!
    This product is great if you want to improve your skin, liver and heart. I am taking this product because I heard that fatty acids help you get lean muscle mass.

    ...more info
  • Clouds in freezer
    Product clouded in freezer, and largely solidified, as did another common product.
    Pharmaceutical grade product (prescription) remained unclouded, and flowed freely.

    Draw your own conclusions / do you own testing.

    There seems to be only one over-the-counter brand that doesn't cloud.

    This may still be a good product and good value....more info
  • Big pills
    The gel pills are large and seem hard for me to swallow. My husband has no problem with them, though. I still get a little of the fishy aftertaste sometimes but it is not bad at all compared to another brand that I tried. Health wise, I really don't feel any different, but hope it has helped on the inside where it counts! Great price on Amazon for these....more info
  • I Looooove This Product
    This fish oil tastes so pure it seems as though they squeezed it out of the fish yesterday. Easily the finest fish oil on the planet....more info
  • Easy on the tummy
    This is the only Omega product that I have found that does not cause stomach upset....more info


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