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Do you enjoy vacuuming your home? We didn't think so. That's why this wonderful upright vacuum cleaner might be for you. Dirt Devil's new dual cyclonic technology provides Superior Suction Power that lasts! This patented technology divides the air into two smaller cyclones with air moving at higher velocities than in a single cup. The result is better dirt separation. This means you can count on superior cleaning performance from room to room. That means cleaning is faster and more efficient. In addition, this vac has a built-in HEPA filter that removes more microscopic particles than other vacs. Hate cleaning your home? You might change your mind with the Dirt Devil Reaction. Ready to use hose - 10 feet long On Board Tools for easy access to help clean upholstery, furniture, drapes, and crevices 32 Foot Long 110V AC Power Cord Assembly Required - Requires screwdriver only Color - RED Dirt Devil 4 Year Limited Warranty (Parts and Motor)

  • Superior suction power that lasts.
  • Dual cyclonic action means sustained suction and excellent performance at the nozzle.
  • Filterless Dirt Cup - New Filtration Design - No messy interaction with filter.
  • Easy bottom-empty dirt cup
  • Lifetime washable HEPA filter traps 100% of common allergens - perfect for allergy sufferers and pet owners.
Customer Reviews:
    This is a horrible vacuum. It's so heavy I can't move it around. I would have to rely on my husband to do all the vacuuming. When we first bought it, it was between this and the Infinity, but the store didn't have the Infinity in stock so we got this one. Big mistake. After about a month, it started leaking dust when bent back (like everyone always does to move vacuums around). When my husband got home and I tried to show him, it wouldn't do it (of course) so we kept it. Then it started kicking out stuff as it vacuumed. I would vacuum the bathroom floor and have hair and dust ACCUMULATE as I vacuumed. Still, we didn't have the receipt anymore so we tried to stick it out. Then one day, it just died mid-vacuum. I called the store and they said they would take it back for store credit. Thank God. This is a complete piece of garbage. My friend said he never met a Dirt Devil he liked. Now I see why....more info
  • Worst vacuum ever
    If you have hardwood floors, forget it, all it does is kick the particles back, manual sweeping does a better job. It's heavy, unwieldy and the only thing that sucks properly is the hose, which is too short. I thought the hand held brush was a good idea for furniture, but as soon as you apply any pressure, the brush stops, so it's useless. I loved my little hand held Dirt Devil, but this is the last money I'll spend with them....more info
  • My Reaction to my new Reaction
    I just got this new Reaction yesterday after my old vacuum finally kicked the proverbial bucket.

    These are my first impressions:

    It is heavy. Much heavier than my last vacuum... which was also not small. Makes it a bit more difficult to handle than I'm used to. Plus my old one had swivel wheels which made it so easy to maneuver. This one is not so easy.

    It sucks! In a good way. The suction power on this thing is impressive. I don't think I ever pulled up so much dust and grime with my old vacuum. Pet hair, yes and some dirt, but I've never pulled up this much dirt. I'm so happy about that.

    EASY EMPTY canister. Its the simplest design I've ever seen for emptying and going on about cleaning. I was really impressed. No messy pulling the filter out and dusty emptying, putting it back in. It was kinda gross. Dirt Devil has created an elegant solution here that I really appreciate. Kudos to the engineers. :)

    Lots of power. This thing is strong. Making the hose a very very effective tool.

    That's all I've got for now. If any of its performance changes in the next months and year, I'll update my review here....more info
  • Dont make the same mistake as All of us.........
    This is the worst vacuum I've ever purchased, and for the greatest amount of money! Buy a Bissel for $39.00 at Walmart and you'll have a better vacuum at 1/4 of the price.. It Has great suction, but when vacuuming on carpet the brush "dogs-down" to almost no turning and any height setting higher and it won pick up squat! and dont even think about using it on bare floor it will create even more of a mess than before. The "wife" wanted the Hoover and I bought the Dirt Devil... I Should have listened to her on this one, I wish I had my hard earned money back. I still am using the Bissel Bagged vacuum I've had for years thats finally falling apart, and this hunk of junk stays in the hallway closet. Cant wait to afford a new Hoover like I should have bought in the first place. Or maybe I'll just get a new bissel like the old one the price has gone down about $4.00 and Trust me I've got my moneys worth out of it for years !!!...more info
  • My Dirt Devil
    I recently purchased a Dirt Devil Reaction vacuum cleaner. I like it very much but find a few things that could be improved upon. First, when the vacuum is in the upright position it does not take much to knock it over. I have almost been hit by it while reaching for something behind the vacuum and it tips over. Second, when using the attachments - even with the extended pole in use - the hose does not "give" much, therefore again knocking the vacuum over. Other that these two things, it is great....more info
  • amazing vacuum
    This vacuum is mighty and strong. The suction on this vacuum is amazing!! I have installed new carpeting, and this vacuum keeps it looking very nice. It is truly the best vacuum I have ever purchased, hands down. ...more info
  • Heavy, Loud and Wide
    I think this is probably a good vacuum, but it's heavier than my last one, wider (hard to fit in small areas)... and REALLY LOUD! If you have a bad back, this is not the vacuum for you....more info
  • This vacuum SUX, not in the good way!
    This is the absolute worst vacuum that I have ever used. I have had it less than 3 months and I haven't ever worked so hard to keep the rugs clean. It's messy, not powerful, and right now won't even turn on so here I am writing a bad review. It spits dust back onto the floor when you pull it back and it takes me 4x's as long to clean the carpet than it did with my previous vacuum, an incredibly cheap Bissell vacuum. I thought the Bissell was bad; I'm never buying a Dirt Devil again! It is also poorly designed; the nozzle hose pops out of its holder and then the vacuum really spits out everything all over your carpet! What a mess. Who cares if there's a hepa filter, the dust doesn't even make it there! ...more info
  • Pretty good machine
    I bought this vacuum in April 2006 after moving across the country. I paid $150 for it, I think, at walmart.

    It's a good workhorse. I have 5 kids, so it sees daily use vacuuming up everything from cheerios to daily dust. It gets the most abuse out of my son's room, where he's vacuumed up nuts and bolts, pens, pencils, a sock, and who knows what else. Despite the abuse it's still running great. I clean out the filter maybe once a month, but that's if I remember.

    My only complaint would be cleaning out the cones in the cannister. Occasionally one of kids will vacuum up a big piece of paper, or plastic and it'll get stuck up there. It's a bit difficult to reach up there and just grab stuff out, so I usually end up taking it all apart. It's not difficult just messy (any clog is going to be kind of messy).

    We've owned the vacuum for close to 2 years now, and haven't had to replace a thing (beater bar, belts, etc). For the money it's been very solid. I expect that we'll get a few more years out of it before it's ready to retire.

    At the end of the day, if I were looking to buy a new vacuum, I'd have no problem buying another one. ...more info
  • If I could leave 0 stars, I would.
    Where do I begin? First, let me start by saying, HEED MY WARNING! I eagerly went out to buy this horrid vaccuum because of all the glowing reviews. I am now conviced that they are all written by Dirt Devil stockholders. Buying this vaccuum is, bar none, the worst purchase decision I have ever made. I would say that "It sucks!", but that would be a lie. It barely cleans my floors. When I am finished vaccuuming, the stupid thing is literally covered in a film of dust. I stopped using it because I feel like my house is dirtier after I vaccuum. I certainly am dirtier after having to empty the canister and then wipe down the outside of the vaccuum. The little pet hair brush seems like such a good idea. You put it on the end of the vaccum hose and the little brush spins around. When I first got it out, I said, "Awwww, isn't that so cute." NOT! Doesn't work. It's a complete waste. This vaccuum also gets annoying clogs because the dirt and hair gets all tangled up in the spinning cyclones. There is no way to clear the clogs because you can't reach them! I'm now shopping for a new VAC. I must buy one soon because I refuse to vaccuum with this machine ever again. I wouldn't even give this vaccuum away. I'm putting it in the garbage because that's what it is. GARBAGE!...more info
  • Clean sweep
    This Dirt Devil replaced an older model that we enjoyed for 8 years. It has a few improvements in design making it easier to use. This vacuum does an excellent job on tile floors, carpets, and furniture using the special attachment. The bright red color really sticks out. We don;t forget to put it away when we're done. We feel we have good value for the money. Amazon's service was excellent too....more info
  • Don't do it!
    After one year of owning this dust "bag", I'm shopping again for a new vacuum. I too was impressed with how well the vacuum cleaned when I first purchased it. We had just replaced all of the carpet in our 4 bedroom home and I wanted to keep it clean. But after a few months I was writing to the company because the dust chamber seemed to leak dust. The chamber is sealed with a very thin gasket which seems to disintegrate over time. I noticed after cleaning and vacuuming the house there was a fine layer of dust all over my furniture, not to mention the fine coating of dust all over the vacuum canister itself. Letters and requests to the company to send out a new gasket or dust canister went unanswered.

    Even though the vacuum has a "bare floor" setting, the brush still spins so everything gets kicked out behind the vacuum at your shins. Yeah, yeah, the dust canister is easy to empty, but the hepa filter need to be cleaned after each vacuuming session. It is a small foam filter that is loaded with very fine dust. You can wash it, and then let it set out to dry for a day so that mold doesn't develop, which makes a huge, ugly mess in your sink, not to mention the inconvenience of having to wait around for it to dry. Otherwise, you have to shake out the dust, which really is messy and disgusting. My floors may be clean, but I need a shower! If you forego the cleaning of the filter for very long, the suction really does suffer.

    The design really could have used a reworking also. The on-off switch is hidden under the hose and cord. It's the funniest thing to watch family members who never vacuum search for the on button! It is also impossible to get under low furniture because the handle doesn't lower to a flattened profile.

    I don't know what I'm going to buy next, but I'm beginning to think that bagless technology is not the way to go.

    Please consider before you buy this vacuum. It may work fine for a small apartment, but it is definitely not the vacuum for a house.

    ...more info
  • Dirt Devil designers - have they ever used this vacuum cleaner?
    I bought this to replace a Shark(Euro-Pro) Evolution which I returned because of design flaws. This one has them as well. First and most important is that the beater brush cannot be turned off. One would think it would at least turn off when parked upright (while using the hose). So, if you are going to vacuum bare floors, it spits the dirt out behind it. It was fairly quiet when I first used it but has become very loud for some reason. Another flaw is that there is no way to clean the cyclonic chamber. Mine has already coated with dust and I cannot see what's in there. I'm sure this will affect performance eventually. When using the hose, the vacuum will tip over unless you hold it or brace against something and the hose does not seem to extend fully without doing this. Watch out that the hose is fully inserted into its home port when not using attachments or you will lose all suction. On the good side, it's got incredible suction and gets my carpets super clean. I have 2 cats and a dog. The chamber is big enough to do several carpeted rooms before emptying. It is so easy to empty! 4 Year warranty is a big plus. I don't think even Dyson has that long of a warranty. It's good to see a company actually stand behind its products, but I hope they fix these flaws in future models....more info
  • Best Vaccum I have ever owned.
    I had an expensive tornado vaccum years ago and that thing was heavy and had lots of issues with the bagless system. I was weary of owning another bagless. My wife and I bought this unit from Khols on sale for like 130 bucks and for the money this is hands down the best vaccum for the money. It never looses suction and always picks up everything it runs over. I will definately buy another one of these if I ever have to. We have now had this for 2 years and love it. GREAT BUY!...more info
  • Not worth it.
    I bought this vacuum not even a year ago. It was demonstrated at a local department store and I was impressed with the cleaning power and some features of the vacuum such as the no hands emptying. However, once I got it home, I was so disappointed. The vacuum was kinda nice at first, sucking up a lot of dirt that my old vacuum must have been missing. I was stunned. What stunned me more was the the way the vacuum clogged in the upper portion of the chanbers. Also, it clogged within the filter so badly that it over heated and shut off. I could not get it to come back on for hours.
    I have two short haired cats in my house and cat hair is what I find most in the filter. Everytime I use this vacuum (which is daily), I have to shut it off every few minutes and clean out the filter and the chambers to keep it from over heating. The smallest amount of dust or cat hair in the filter will cause it to simply shut down and not run for many hours.
    The stair attachment is a joke. It spins alright, until I place it on the floor. Then it will just stop spinning.
    By the way, be warned that the silver coned shaped attachments inside the dirt chambers will come out. I wish I had known this when I got it as one has apparently fallen out into the trash along with the dirt. I checked the booklets that came with the vacuum and nowhere was this stated.
    I mistakenly assumed they were a permanent piece to the vacuum. They actually turn and come out for easier cleaning. This is a nice feature of the vacuum, I just wish I would have known sooner.

    All in all, this is an average vacuum at best. It does have good suction most of the time. I am pleased that it does clean the cat fur as well as it does, only the clogging is such an annoyance because it really makes my vacuuming take much longer than it normally would have.

    If you are looking for a great vacuum, this is not it. Especially for pet owners....more info
  • Throws Dirt Out The Back
    Even though this vacuum works well, it is useless because it constantly throws dirt out the back. It is more pronounced on bare floors. So, what's the point of wasting money on a vacuum that litters your floor with the dirt you just vacuumed up?
    ...more info
  • Really great vacuum
    I also purchased this vacuum instead of a Dyson because I couldn't see spending $400. I am very impressed, I had a fairly expensive Eureka that is only about 5 years old. This Dirt Devil is awesome. It picks up tons of stuff. I vacuumed my living room and hallway and was so surprised at how much dirt and lint it picked up. The hose attachment is longer than a normal one and has a handle, the crevice tool is also longer than normal which for me means that I can vacuum the edges around my fireplace and the hallway without getting on my hands and knees. The upholstery brush is very very cool. I was able to finally vacuum up the dust on the top of my couch that my last vacuum never seemed to pick up. The vacuum is very quiet, and I didn't really think it was that heavy. I would highly reccomend this vacuum. I think the people that are having trouble with it not picking up are maybe not setting the height correctlly for their floor type. I have very short tight carpet so I use mine on the lower setting but for longer carpet it would need to be higher, also for large chunky items it would need to be raised to allow the vacuum to pick them up without mashing them. This vaccum is a great buy and used correctly work better than any I have ever had!!...more info
  • Vaccuum is Absolutely Horrible!
    I bought the Dirt Devil a few months ago. I read the reviews on it and despite some bad ones, I decided to go for it. How bad could it be...as long as it sucks up the dirt, right??? Well, guess what? It doesn't even do that! Its awful on my rugs...I just want it to pick up the cheerios my children eat...instead, the vacuum takes the cheerio, breaks it up into smaller pieces and then spits it out the back! I have the same problem on my tile floors. If I vaccum the kitchen while barefoot, I can feel the dirt getting spit back out towards my feet!
    I strongly strongly recommend NOT buying it. I am so disappointed and angry that I spent my money on this vacuum....more info
  • Better than Dyson
    I purchased a Dyson before I bought this vaccum. The Dyson was alright, but not really worth the money. Luckily for me, I could return it to get my 500 dollars back. My husband and I serached for a little less than a week for just a regular vaccum. Let me tell you that when we got this home and vaccumed the SAME FLOORS that we vaccumed with the Dyson a week before...IT PICK UP TONS!!!! It was so gross...and I couldn't believe that with all the hype about a Dyson, that all of that mess was left behind. I would recommend this vaccum over Dyson anytime. It really works great! I wouldn't have believed it could work better than Dyson if I hadn't have seen it first hand, but it really does. So think about what you can buy with the 300 dollars left over from NOT buying the Dyson. ...more info
  • Great vac!
    I was surprised to read some of the negative reviews. If you put it together correctly it works well. I found none of the problems some have shared. I suspect these are the same people that can't set the clock on a VCR ;-)

    The twin collector is easy to remove and put back with no leaks and no dust smell when using. I was surprised at the amount of stuff inside when I emptied it and the amount of dust (I live in West Texas) was amazing.

    It is a bit heavy but not too bad. Cleaning it is easy, and the filter was easy to get to and clean also. If it lasts it is well worth the $169.00 I paid for it....more info
  • Don't buy this vacuum
    I bought this vacuum several months ago and to say I was disappointed with it is putting it mildly. I found this vacuum to be extremely noisy and dirty. More dust is created when you empty the bagless container than is eliminated. I HATE this vacuum to the point that I'm going out tomorrow to purchase a new one even thought this one is only a few months old. My advise - buy something else. I would rate this at a -5 stars...more info
  • Not a happy customer
    I can put up with the weight, the noise, the poorly located on-off switch, the spinning brush that is cool but doesn't work. What I cannot put up with is how touchy it is to put the cannister back on. It will appear to be on correctly, but if not, the dust collects in the top part of the cannister and will block suction. This creates an unmanageable mess when you try to empty the cannister.
    Buy something else, I can't wait for this one to die....more info
  • Do not buy
    if i could get my money back i would ask for it back, for this is the most useless Vaccum that i have ever gotten. it will not pick up very good at all. you have to run over the floore 8 or 10 times befor it will pick up and then it will not pick up everything.
    save you money and look at somthing else...more info
  • I like it, some concers answered.
    I bought this vacuum after reading the reviews and looking at several models.

    I like:

    - The cord is super long.
    - It has good suction
    - Not any heavier than any other upright I have seen.
    - The canister is easy to remove and empty. You do have to make sure you have it IN the trashbag and not over or dust will fly..which is only normal when you think about it.
    - The apolstery brush has a rotating brush in it..very cool.
    - Every attachment fits on the vaccum

    What I don't like:
    - The side attachment hose is kind of short and it doesn't seem to have as much suction as the vacuum.

    For a few negative comments I have seen on this review:

    - Cheerios: there are settings to control how close to the floor the vacuum will vacuum. If you set it on base and expect to suck up cheerios, you need to think twice. You need to set it on one of the other 3 settings. There is even a setting called "High Pile" or something like that. I picked up tons of bird seeds, no problem.
    - Heavy vacuum. It's 20 pounds, that's the same for any other kind of vacuum in the same caliber.
    - Trouble getting the side hose back in: there is push button to probably tell the vacuum that the hose is in or out. You just have to know how to put it back in and then you're fine....more info
  • Sucks Like There's No Tomorrow
    I received this vacuum as a gift (don't laugh, it's what I wanted). I live alone and keep a fairly clean house but was absolutely amazed the first time I used it. The DD Reaction has incredible sucking power. It was unbelievable how much "gunk" it pulled out of my carpets. Scary to think I'd been living with that stuff. The on-board tools are easily accessible and the 32-foot cord is an added bonus. My reasoning behind a 4-star rating as opposed to 5-star is that the weight of this vacuum exceeds your average upright and the attachment hose could be longer allowing you to do an entire flight of stairs without having to move the vacuum up or down. But, if you're looking for a vacuum that does a top-notch job and you don't mind getting a bit of a workout in the process, I highly recommend the DD Reaction. My carpets and my abs never looked so great! ...more info
  • Vacuum Sucks Big Time
    This vacuumn has incredible sucking power. It's incredible. Our down comforter had a small leak and needless to say, there were feathers everywhere!!! This vacuum sucked up all the tiny little feathers. I thought the feathers would clog it up and it would stop functioning. But, all the feathers were picked up and the apt is now feather-free and the vacuum is still working very well.

    I also really like that it works on all different types of rugs...high pile rugs, low pile, and the hard wood floors.

    One thing that I don't like about it is that it is quite heavy....more info
  • Think twice
    Well after reading the reviews of this vacuum, I decided to give it a try. I have had it a month now and I have to say that I am sorry I bought this behemoth. Right out of the box and trying it for the first time I noticed things that I didn't like. I thought I 'd give it some time though and hoped I could adjust. Here is what I found:

    1. The vacuum is very heavy as other reviewers have stated.
    2. Worse than the vacuum being heavy, the darn thing is really hard to push. Even on hard smooth surfaces it's hard to push. I have not figured out yet what the heck would cause it to have so much drag. For it to drag on hard surfaces, it must be a design flaw.
    3. The on/off power switch is foot operated. Not a terrible thing but Dirt Devil decided to put the darn thing out of view and hidden by the accessory carriage. On my first time of vacuuming I accidentally ran over a sock and it got caught in the floor brush. While the brush belt was smoking I fumbled around for the damn power switch. I finally had to reach down and press the switch by hand because I couldn't find it by looking down. It must have taking me eight to ten seconds to finally turn the thing off. Unfortunately, the damage was done. The belt snapped. How nice. I really liked that. First time out and the belt snapped. Another note about the switch; there have been times I have had to repeatedly press the switch because it would not lock off. It takes a firm steady pressure to turn it off. The fun part of this annoyance is that you think you have it turned off because the motor starts winding down and as soon as you let up on it the motor powers up. Couple that with not being able to really see the darn thing it's a real challenge. Maybe Dirt Devil thinks we have eyes on our toes. Hey Dirt Devil here is an idea. How about putting the on/off switch on the push handle. What a novel idea. Doh!
    4. The vacuum hose that detaches is really unwieldy. It has a long plastic handle that you hold onto and that makes it really difficult to manipulate the hose. The main reason being is that the hose it too short. It's like you are fighting the hose all the time. It gets tiring.
    5. The detachable hose is really hard to re-install in it's port. You have to wedge it in there really hard to get the thing to seat.
    6. The vacuum is terrible on rugs, on any of the floor height settings. It bunches up the rugs and starts smoking baby. My old vac was not much better but at least with the old one I could lift the vac and kind of drag it over the rug and it wouldn't get all caught up. I tried the same thing with the Dirt Devil and forget about it. It jammed up every time.
    7. The vacuum is poor at getting dirt off of hard surface floors. It just moves the dirt around or spits it out the back. I have to use the hose attachment.
    8. The vacuum is horrible on steps. With my old vac I could drag the vac across each step whilst the vacuum is locked in the upright position. Easy deal. The Dirt Devil does not work that way. When the vacuum is in the upright position the brush is too high off the carpet to do any good. The only option is to disengage the lock and vacuum with the back slanted. One little problem with that. The weight of the vac cause the seal at the base of the dirt canister to open and air begins leaking. You don't get a good positive suction. So, you have to play with the position of the tilt to get the proper seal. The problem is that the proper position you need is so close to where the vacuum locks into the upright position. It often locks and so then you have to try and un-lock it while balancing this heavy behemoth. It's a joke. The only half easy way to do steps is if use the detachable hose and attach the power brush. The only problem with that is you are fighting the ill designed hose and heavy vacuum, and not to mention that the brush attachment will only really get surface dirt. If you try putting pressure for some deep cleaning the brush stops.

    Now for Pros:
    1. The vacuum does seem to get the carpets pretty clean. It has good suction and it raises the carpet fibers right up. It almost makes my carpet look like new, and I do not see an excessive amount of carpet fibers in the dirt canister. Some vacuums like to just tear up carpets.
    2. The rotating brush attachment works pretty good for removing cat hair off of couches and bedding.

    All in all this vacuum was very very poorly designed. I may just have to donate this thing and buy something else. I can't imagine fighting this thing every week for years to come or until the motor dies. Maybe I'll be lucky and the motor will die soon. Then I'll just throw the darn thing out and buy something other than Dirt Devil.

    ...more info
  • Worst Vacuum I have ever had
    I purchased this vacuum and tried it out several times. It was terrible. I have two children and with children comes crumbs. I tried to vacuum up some cheerio crumbs and all the vacuum did was make the crumbs into smaller crumbs that ended up flying everywhere. It almost seems like the brush roller spins faster then the vacuum can suck it up. I was vacuuming on carpet too. I have plush carpet and berber carpet in my house. It didn't work on either. I Do Not Recommend for people who have children. ...more info
  • This vacuum sucks big time! & no nasty filters!
    I got tired of cleaning all SIX nasty filters in my year-old Bissell Clean View II and decided to shop for a new machine. This vacuum met all my needs and works so much better than I expected. It ALMOST makes me enjoy vacuuming...

    There are no foam or paper parts inside the dust cup to clean... just those two metal spinners. The foam and paper filters are in a separate compartment, which makes them not as filthy.

    I use to have to wring out this huge foam ring that would be caked with dust, killing the suction of the machine. I was ready to give up on bagless vacuums just so that I wouldn't have to deal with the gunk. Not anymore.

    If you're looking for minimal clean up after cleaning up, this is it! And the long cord and power brush tool are great bonuses to a great machine....more info
  • Devil of a disappointment
    I kept the Dirt Devil for several months before writing a review. I wanted to see how it performed over the medium term.

    It is extremely bad at picking up anything other than light dust particles. It is halfway decent on rugs and carpeting, but miserable on bare floors. The area you sweep looks clean, because it scatters about half the dirt behind the machine, where you might not suspect. If you vacuum in your bare feet, you can actually feel the particles shooting back against your ankles.

    I can't believe they let a machine which performs this poorly out onto the market.

    I went through all the diagnostics in the manual. I checked the vacuum strength, the filter, the clogging, the hose. It is simply designed badly, apparently with minimal testing....more info
  • Best vac for the buck
    This is the second dirt devil vacuum I have purchased. The first one I bought for $70 four years ago still works, not nearly as quiet as it used to be and needs belts bi-monthly, but made me a believer in this company's product. This vacuum is definately superior to any of the other dirt devil's I have seen an is probably on par with some vac's double the cost of this one. It has no bags, it's easy to empty without making a mess, has a headlight, and is adjustable for different carpet types and heights. The rotating brush is a little lacking, would prefer a kirby gen 3 type rotating brush. This comes with a four year warranty, so I'm expecting to get at least 6 years out of it with regular maintenance. Highly recommended for those who can't shell out for the dyson and also those who have pets. As I have 2 and this vacuum was just the answer I was looking for to make shedding season more bearable. ...more info
  • It's the right vacuum for me, what about you?
    I, like many others, did a lot of research before deciding on this vacuum. I was impressed with my brother's Eureka Boss so I was pretty sure I would be getting a Eureka. My main reason for going with this one was price and the size of the dust canister. I felt as though this one held way more than the other ones I looked at, and the price was better than the Eureka 4D boss by about $20. If you do a lot of dusting, I would reccommend a Eureka with the self-cleaning telescopic duster, not this one.

    1) wide cleaning surface
    2) easy-empty dust canister (which is easy to remove and replace as well)
    3) long cord (32')
    4) easy assembly (only 3 screws to put in)
    5) useful tools (especially the power brush, which Eureka calls the "Power Paw")
    6) 4 adjustments (high carpet, medium carpet, low carpet, and bare floor)
    7) scuff guard is nice
    8) strong and SUSTAINED suction power (the selling point for this vacuum.. look on box for comparison vs. other bagless uprights)

    1) definitely louder than my brother's Eureka Boss (you get used to the noise though)
    2) on the heavier side (kept thinking I was using the wrong height adjustment, but I think it's just heavier)
    3) too much power for rugs (even the power brush tool would have too much suction to continuously vacuum pet beds... you have to do it in short strokes)
    4) suction is at least 1 inch from the side of the vacuum (i.e., don't expect it to pick up much along edges)
    5) vacuum's dual cyclone canister builds static (this is my biggest qualm.. the dirt inside is constantly spinning and rubbing against the canister, which builds static electricity. Occassionally, some dust and especially pet hair would stick to the outside of the canister when emptying it in the trash can, so you may have to wipe down the outside afterwards)....more info
  • Not bad. I think I'll keep it.
    I'm not a vacuum cleaner expert but this one has some nice touches. The bottom-emptying dirt container lets you drop the contents from deep in a garbage bag and helps prevent dust from flying around. I also like the "lifetime" (we'll see) washable HEPA filter and the extra long cord (I kept running over the cord attached to the power unit until I discovered the cord clip on the handle -- DOH!). I wasn't that impressed with it the first time I used it though. It pulled some amazing things out of my carpets (like black cat hair from the previous owners of the house, and I've vacuumed dozens of times in the two-and-a-half years since they moved out). But it seemed to have trouble picking up ordinary surface litter like popcorn crumbs and pillow feathers. On the carpet height settings it bumped along without getting a good "grip" on the carpet, I wanted to use the bare floor setting on everything. The second time was much better, good even suction and excellent pickup. I'm very sensitive to pollen and dust and the air in the house was definitely cleaner after using this vacuum. There was a bit of a rubbery smell but not the awful odor of belts burning or electrical parts frying. It's a bit heaver than my previous vacuum (a cheapo Hoover) but not as noisy. A lot of mechanical things need a break-in period to work at their best, so give this one a good workout before you decide. I think it's a good, well-made vacuum at a good price. ...more info
  • JUNK
    I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews before I bought this. I'm glad I did or else I would not have this vacuum right now. This vacuum is unbelievable at how much dirt it picks up.

    I love the way you can see just how much dirt there was in the carpet. "NO BAGS" To dump it, just push the button over a trash can. It has a two stage filter - 1 foam and 1 paper just like in your car. To clean the foam filter out, just run it under water. I never had to change the paper one and I have used this for about 5 months now and it just does not get dirty. The hand held power brush is not the greatest, it spins by air power.

    Going from carpet to bare floor is no problem for it. I had to clean the hair from around the beater bar the other day. I went to try to figure out how to get it off. My old vacuum, I would just twist two levers and the case would come right off, this one you have to grab a screw driver and remove 3 screws, then the case comes off. A little harder, but no biggie.

    Still have to give it 5 out of 5 stars.

    Vacuum seals around the dirt tank spew out dust and dirt devil will not fix it, even though it is still under warranty. I was in the shop for over 3 months of fighting with dirt devil to fix the problems and it is still not fixed!!!...more info
  • Good compromise
    I wanted a sweeper with good suction, and couldn't afford the Dyson. This sweeper is a great alternative! It is very easy to empty out after each use. I can empty it in my kitchen trash without a problem. The price is right and it does a nice job. I wish the attached hose was longer/easier to use, however. ...more info
  • Sweeeeet vacuum!!!
    I bought this vacuum almost a month ago and am extremely pleased with the results. After having used an old Eureka for ages it was a way overdue purchase. And I'm by no means a dirty person, but the volume of "stuff" it pulled out of my carpet the first time I vacuumed was enormous. I was like OMG ... I didn't realize what a terrible job the Eureka was doing.
    It's really easy emptying the vacuumed contents into the trash. The cannister pops right off and with one click the bottom opens. The Reaction works great on wood/tile floors, too... and does not blow the dust around like some of the vacuums I have used.
    I have not used any of the attachments as of yet so am unable to comment on them. As for the weight - it is a bit on the heavy side but is not a problem at all for me. Noise level is a bit on the high side, but again, not an issue for me.
    This vacuum really SUCKS (in a good way!!!)...more info
  • Dirt Devil Reaction Vacuum is worth every penny
    I vacummed with my old vacuum, then my new reaction vacuum and I was very impressed to see the canister was at least half full of dirt and hair. The cord does not heat up like the one on my old vacuum would after 20 to 30 minutes of vacuum time. The Reaction is very simple to empty and the washable filter is a plus. I was also very happy with amazon.com's quick shipping of this item. I had it at my home much faster than expected....more info
  • Way better than the Hoover Fusion!
    After having many problems with my Hoover Fusion, I returned it to Walmart today and purchased the Dirt Devil Reaction. This machine is far superior to the Fusion. It seems that the suction is more powerful but it's hard to tell for sure. What I do know for sure is the dirt cup holds a lot more and is way easier to empty. There really is NO MESS when you empty it, you just push a button and all the dirt falls out. The tools are easy to use and the power brush tool is awesome! On my Fusion the brush tool stopped rotating the second I touched it to the couch or stairs. This one grabbed all the cat hair off my couch! The Reaction is also prettier (I got the blue one)and has a 3 year warranty! So far I'm very pleased with this machine....more info
  • Love it!
    The Dirt Devil Reaction Dual Cyclonic works GREAT! We replaced a Bagless Wind Tunnel Hoover that we hated! Wish we would have made the switch sooner!

    This Dirt Devil has a Great design, easy cleaning chambers at a great price!

    We LOVE IT!...more info
  • Supersucker.
    Hands down the best vacuum I've ever owned, suction is amazing, the dust cup is easy to empty, and the tools are nice too. I really enjoy being able to clearly see the progress in the dust cup as I clean and the spinning vortex of dirt and pet hair is just darn cool. It is easy to maneuver, (18lbs isn't heavy in my opinion), more so than our old bagged Dirt Devil and it doesn't pull itself forward like my Mom's Hoover.

    HEPA filtration is also a cool feature, although none of us have any allergies. I've been checking the filter and it only seems to need cleaning every half a dozen uses or so, which is a simple matter of rinsing in the sink. Also, it sounds different than any vacuum I've ever owned, not the sustained mechanical whirring I was used to. The sound varies in pitch, which I assume is part of the mechanism that maintains constant suction. It is fairly loud, but not obnoxiously so, although the rotating brush attachment sounds like a spooling turbine when in use.

    My favorite things about it:
    1)Suction power
    2)32ft cord
    3)Clear flexi-hose
    4)Rotating brush attachment (works on pet hair laden furniture)
    5)Foot operated power switch (no bending over)

    What would have been nice:
    1)A way to disable the brushroll for hard wood floors
    2)Fold away or collapsible handle for easier storage

    I couldn't afford a Dyson and as well as I could figure this was the next best thing in the sub $200 category, over both the Empower and Fusion. It certainly is enough vacuum for us and I hope it will last (4yr warranty is nice just in case).

    Another thing I just realised about this vacuum yesterday: I had noticed that the silver colored attachments inside the dust collection cup were both pretty dirty and had pet hair wrapped around them that wouldn't shake loose. First, I tried getting at it with a pencil, which wouldn't reach and then out of curiousity i tried twisting the part and it actually was removable! That is just awesome, so I rinsed each one off and reinstalled them both. I probably should have read the manual when I bought it, but who has the time for that right?...more info
  • Let me tell you why I was skeptical...
    UPDATE (10/26/07): I am 52 and have owned a lot of vacuums, most of which had numerous glaring and frustrating flaws. While this vacuum is not perfect, it is great compared to most (although please note the caveats below.) I think that the people who are writing the negative reviews have not had a lot of vacuums to compare this to. Every one makes trade-offs, so if you are looking for perfection, you will probably need 4 vacuums for various tasks. If you are capable of working basic appliances, use common sense, and match the vacuum to the task (apparently picking up Cheerios from hard surfaces is not its' forte) this is a great vacuum. I rinse the foam filter after each use and squeeze it in a paper towel - it's dry in about 10 minutes. Once in a while I wipe the dust off the pointy things inside the canister to maintain the excellent suction. That's it. After a year, I still love it. Could the hose part be longer? Yes. That's my only gripe, and it's minor.

    ORIGINAL REVIEW: I just bought the Reaction last week, but 6 months ago I bought the Dirt Devil Jaguar bagless, and stick with me because if you're evaulating vacuums, this is relevant.

    Before buying the Jaguar, I checked the reviews on amazon. At that point, every review was 5 stars and every reviewer "loved" the vacuum. So OK, I went to Target and bought it, schlepped it home, and spent 15 minutes screwing all the parts together. I have wood floors and area rugs in most of the house, tile in the bathrooms, and carpeting in the bedrooms. Well the Jaguar has an 'exhaust' (for lack of a better term) in the front of the machine, toward the bottom. So as you approach the stuff that needs vacuuming up, the air coming from the exhaust blows it up in the air and all over the room! NOW - here's the thing. I wrote a review of the Jaguar noting this design flaw, and then EVERY review after mine mentions this problem! So, first everyone 'loves' it, then everyone 'hates' it. SO when I read the reviews here, as you can imagine, I was very skeptical. After calling the company's customer support number, I decided to buy the Reaction, and I decided that I would take it back to Target if it wasn't perfect.

    Let me cut to the chase and say BELIEVE THE HYPE. This is a great vacuum cleaner, with a few small caveats.

    * Very powerful
    * Very easy to use on-board tools/hose
    * Very easy to empty dirt 'cup'
    * Excellent long power cord
    * HEPA filter just needs rinsing occasionally, not replacing


    * Relatively heavy. Not a problem if you are youngish and/or like a bit of a workout, but this is not a machine for your 86 year old mother.
    * Relataively wide beater bar area. Not a problem unless you have a small house or apartment and/or lots of furniture close together, in which case I would think that the width would be a bit cumbersome. But then again maybe not.
    * Too powerful for small, light area rugs. It will suck them up.

    Bottom line: I love this vacuum. I love that it sucks up an unbelievable amount of dust/dirt. I love how easy it is to empty. I love that I only have to move the plug once to do the whole house. I love that I can do the baseboards just by pulling out the hose and sticking the crevice tool on it. I love that I can do the upholstered furniture with the little whiring brush attachment. And personally, I love that I get some exercise while I clean. The best vacuum I have ever owned (better than my $500+ Miele).
    ...more info
  • Noisy, but Nice!
    Just started using mine today and love it. I, too, considered going with the Dyson Animal, but why spend the extra $300. The suction power is the best I've seen. It is a little loud, but can live with it as long as it has the cleaning capabilities that it has. Works well on pet hair which is a huge plus. On board cleaning attachments are a bonus. Vacuum enthusiasts on a budget need to give this baby a try! Way to go Double D!...more info
  • Pretty decent substitute for a Dyson
    Purchased today after reading tons of reviews on all different brands. What I like about this vac compared to my old bagless Dirt Devil is the ease of emptying the dirt container and that the hepa filter and the foam filter that covers it are both washable. Emptying it is really slick. You just push the bottom lever while holding it over a trash can. If anything doesn't fall out, you can easily remove the silver cyclonic gizmos with a quarter turn. My old one required pulling out a long dust caked filter that we banged on the side of the trash can -- that's where tons of dust flew everywhere.

    This new one does a good job on our medium plush carpet. It does pretty well on bare floors, too. It pulls in dust bunnies on vinyl, but doesn't do so well with bigger stuff (like cheerios). They shoot out from front to back so you have to try again. The only thing they missed on with this is lack of edge cleaning, but the wand is easy to pull out to compensate. Overall, it picks up a tremendous amount of dirt and dust and was surprisingly quiet compared to our old Devil. It's not as messy as other bagless models and the filter design is far superior. The 32 foot cord is nice. Good luck to my fellow shoppers in search of the perfect vac -- it doesn't exist -- but this is close for the money! I paid $154 at Walmart....more info
  • Replaced my Phantom - Not bad
    Got this one because my Phantom broke and I was having company the next day - with a dog I needed to vaccum. I picked this one up at my local Target and I really like it. It has a pretty good suction power. The only thing I dislike - the hose with it. The attachments for it really don't stay on very well. Other then that - I will keep it! ...more info
  • awesome vacuum
    Very impreseed with the D2, I too did not want to spend the big bucks on the Dyson but wanted Dyson quality. I think technology met price when Dirt Devil created the D2. Excellent suction, attractive design and easy to assemble. The price is right too. It picked up a ton of dirt that my Eureka did not. Do not have to replace hepa filters, which can cost $10.00 every 6 months. Also the hose begins cleaning upon removing it from the holster. Makes for easy use. So far it is the best vacuum I have ever bought. ...more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I've never written an online review before, but I am so impressed with this vacuum, I just had to tell other people about it. Like the other reviews on here, I was AMAZED at how much dirt it sucked up the first time I used it. I had been using a Hoover upright, which I bought about 10 years ago, and I thought it was doing a decent job. Using it 2 weeks ago, something inside snapped and the unit stopped working. Figuring getting it repaired might cost almost as much as a new machine, I just decided to take the plunge and buy something new.

    I had been thinking I'd get a Dyson. I had seen their clever commercials and was really motivated to upgrade to what appeared to be clearly superior technology. But I balked at paying $400+ for one, especially since it seemed that Dirt Devil, Hoover, and Eureka have all come out with similar ones for less than half. They may not have the exact same technology as Dyson, but for less than half the price, I decided to give it a try.

    I can't stress enough how impressed I've been with this Dirt Devil. Maybe the Dyson would perform even better, but it's hard for me to imagine that. This Dirt Devil sucked up so much dirt that I had to empty the container after doing one room that had already been vacuumed a couple days earlier. It found hair from my dog that must have been embedded for years. And the dust -- let me tell you, there was tons of it. The hepa filter must work well, because I never smelled that normal "dust smell" I used to get with my old vacuum -- and I'm allergic to dust, and would always sneeze when vacuuming in the past, but have not had that problem with this Dirt Devil.

    But beyond the suction, this is a great machine. I LOVE the rotating stair attachment. When I read about it, I figured it would be pretty lame -- but the brush in it really rotates with a ton of power, and the suction is still powerful even when I've extended the hose up a flight of stairs. It got a ton of dirt out of my stairs -- 10 stars out of 5, in my opinion! There's another attachment with an angled tip that is great for getting into crevices in the couch, or where the carpet meets the baseboards. I was able to suck cobwebs out of the ceiling vent/fan in my bathroom just by pointing the crevice tool up toward the ceiling. Wow, was I impressed!

    Putting the unit together right out of the box was also easy. Another review said the vacuum is heavy, but I don't agree -- it's a lot lighter than my last upright. It is a little awkward to have an upright on the stairs while you clean them, and given that my stairs are long, I couldn't leave the base unit at the bottom of the flight and just extend the hose to do the entire flight. I had to move the base until up onto the stairs in order to get to all of them, and it's certainly light enough to do -- but the unit won't stay put on the stair (since it's bigger than the stair itself), so you'll have to keep a foot on it to hold it in place. But this is a problem you'd have with any vacuum, other than a really small one that is designed specifically for stairs (but then you probably won't get the powerful suction this full size model gives you, either).

    Finally, a comment about noise. I can't compare this vacuum to other new models on the market, but compared to my 10-year-old Hoover upgright, this Dirt Devil is about half as noisy. I was shocked when I turned it on because it was so quiet, I thought maybe I didn't fully engage the rotor brush or something. But no, it was certainly working, as I mentioned it picked up a ton of dirt in the carpet. So much in fact, I was a little embarrassed at how much dirt had obviously been in my carpet for the past 10 years!

    I've only had the unit for 2 weeks, so who knows how reliable it will be -- but it does have a 4 year warranty, which is the best I could find. So I can't see how you can go wrong with this machine. I heartily recommend it -- you won't be sorry!

    Oh, and back to Dyson. I think it's human nature to feel like you get what you pay for. I haven't used the Dyson, so maybe it is a miracle of innovation and is worth paying twice what the Dirt Devil costs... but I just can't imagine that to be the case. Don't let the good value of the Dirt Devil fool you -- you aren't being cheap or suffering quality for price on this one. You're getting an EXCELLENT machine at a really good price. Dirt Devil should be rewarded for making such a good machine with great value, which is what motivated me to write this review in the first place....more info
  • Dirt Devil Reaction D2
    After 3 weeks of use the vacuum it won't turn on. The Dirt Devil customer services are not interested and asked us to return the product to the place we bought it from or we could pay for postage and send it to them (which leaves us with out a vacuum for awhile) I would highly recommend that you stay away from this kind of support....more info
  • Impressive!!!!!!!!!
    I just got this vacuum today (and tested it out immediately) and I have to say, I was shocked at how well it worked! (And, I should say, shocked at how badly my old vacuum had been working!) I bought this to replace a Hoover elite that I'd had for about 12 years, that I'd thought was doing a fine vacuuming job--the real reason I was replacing it is that my cat has an allergy to dust mites & pollens and I wanted to try a vacuum with a hepa filtering system to help cut down on her allergic reactions. It remains to be seen if the filter helps (though I suspect it will, since the house didn't smell like dust the way my old vaccum did after I used it), but the suction on this vacuum is amazing. My cat is not a big shedder at all, so I was SHOCKED to see that this Dirt Devil machine sucked up HANDFULLS of fur that she must have been shedding into my carpet over the last year or two (I'm SO not kidding!)--when I emptied the dirt container--after just one room and a little alcove, the bag I'd dumped the dust and fur into was actually heavy--considering it was just dust and hair. And the dust it sucked up was amazing (this was mini-particle dust that must have been embedded in my carpet for a long, long time that my other vacuum just didn't suck up)--and it suddenly made me wonder if my poor cat had been breathing the dust in this whole time (thus itching terribly!) without my even realizing that my carpet wasn't as vacuumed as I'd thought it was! So I am TOTALLY impressed with the suction power.

    The reason I gave the Dirt Devil four stars instead of 5 is that it is a very large & heavy machine--I'm sure I'll get used to it & it does handle well (steering). Also, it is very noisy. HOWEVER, considering how much dust and cat fur it sucked up, I can find a way to live with that! (Plus, the Dirt Devil was so much cheaper than the Dyson, that adds to its appeal too).

    The whole machine feels very solid and well made & the attachments fit nicely into it (and are stable & easily reachable while I'm wheeling it around). I'm definitely impressed with this machine & glad I bought it....more info
  • It sucks... everything!
    I got this a month or so ago and it works great! I have six kids, two dogs, a guinea pig, and off white carpet, so vacuuming is a twice/three times daily task for me. I love this vacuum! I have a Rainbow that I use for my super dirty jobs and spring cleaning, etc, and thought I would never find an upright that would suffice to keep up with my daily stuff... but I have!! The attachable head is wonderful for bare floors and the brush is always handy. The previous reviews do a great job of explaining details, but I noticed that the woman from Chicago was having trouble with hair wrapping around the suction spinners. If you turn them clockwise, they can be removed so you can reach the stuff that gets caught... then just screw them back on! EASY... I will write again if there are any issues in the future, but so far I think this is the best upright I have ever invested in....more info
  • The best vacuum I've had.
    I've done my research of several brands, and models of vacuums. I couldn't afford the Dyson brand, and after perusing the reviews of comparable vacuums, I decided to take a leap, and buy it. I am pleasantly amazed of the pickup! I had tremendous amounts of dirt the first time I vacuumed. It seemed like I'd never swept my floor since I've moved in my house! I particularly liked the one touch lever to release the dirt directly into the trash. The cyclonic action advertised is tremendously powerful. If you don't want to plunk down major money on a Dyson, this is definitely the vacuum to buy. ...more info