Prozone Purifier - Black

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  • Filterless air purifier with 1 power level is virtually silent
  • 360 air filtration covers 800 sq. ft.
  • No nitrogen byproducts; lamp arc life is 20,000 hours
  • Very low maintenance; vacuum or blow dust from fan vent as needed
  • UL Listed; 6Hx6Wx1.5L"
Customer Reviews:
  • Good purifier, bad fan
    This is the second Prozone air purifier I've had now, the last of which I bought just one month ago. Both units have had the fan fail prematurly. The one I just bought is already making a high pitched whine. I checked on replacing the fan on the first one. The manufacturer wanted $45 to replace the fan, so I cracked open the case and checked the fan. It's a $3 Chinese unit! No wonder they fail so quickly. My solution was to put a table top fan behind the air purifier to distribute the air and keep the unit cool, and that actually worked better that the unit's fan. The fan does not have to work for the unit to produce ozone.

    On the plus side, these units do work well as an air purifier and oder remover. I've used it in an 800 sq.ft. basement and it has keep it from smelling musty when the dehumidifier is off. Putting one in a walk-in closet for only 15 minutes will freshen it right up. The only down side is that they can smell quite strongly of ozone, especially when new. Eventually the UV emitter will burn out, and it does become weaker over time, so that the amount of purification lessens as the unit ages.

    If you buy one of these units, count on the fan going out, and quickly. You either have to send the unit back constantly, replace the fan yourself or use and external fan. The manufacturer obviously isn't addressing their product defect issue.

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