Swiffer Sweeper+Vac Starter Kit

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Product Description

"SWIFFER" SWEEP N VAC Dry cloth picks up fine debris like dirt, dust and pet hair Vacuum picks up larger objects Lightweight and compact Cordless-rechargeable battery Removable filter Easy to empty dust cup "Swiffer" refill (model no. 31821) Ace No. 1131523 Boxed

  • One sweeping and vacuuming kit containing one rechargeable vacuum sweeper, two disposable dry sweeping cloths, and one battery recharger
  • Features a dry cloth to pick up fine debris like dirt, dust, and pet hair, while the vacuum picks up larger objects
  • Fully rechargeable and doesn't require any extra bags, with a canister that can be removed with the push of a button to easily dispose of dirt and dust
  • Lightweight and compact, allows you to clean under and around furniture and appliances with ease, in one easy step
  • Swiffer dry sweeping cloths are textured with deep, V-shaped ridges to pick up dirt, dust and hair
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent!
    I asked for this for Christmas last year (2007) and pretty much have used it every day or at least twice a week since then. We have hardwood floors and it works great.

    Love the fact that it is cordless and just need to simply plug it in to recharge. It works great since we have two cats and a 2 year old little girl. Yes, sometimes it doesn't pick up certain things (a lot of times - it just needs to be recharged and then it will pick up the item.) But, for the majority of items - it picks things up great (cat hair, cereal, cat food etc). No complaints...for what we paid for this sweeper - it does a fabulous job and has held up great for a entire year...it's still going strong. ...more info
  • Great for stairs
    This is a great vacuum on hardwood floors, especially stairs. What the vacuum doesn't get, the swiffer cloth does. I make the cloth work twice as hard by turning it over and using the other side. Imortant to use Swiffer brand cloths as they definitely work better. If it held charge a little longer, would give it 5 stars in my book....more info
  • Worked great until it died...
    I thought at first this product was the answer to my kitchen floor issues. It picked up all kinds of stuff for a few months. Then, it just didn't want to work anymore. It is like the motor just decided it was done and I had gotten my money's worth out of it. I now own a small upright vacuum with optional rotating brush. (red hoover) This is the answer instead of letting a cheap knock off attempt to do the work. ...more info
  • Love my sweeper!
    I just love this sweeper. I was a bit skeptical at first, but it was amazing how clean my kitchen floor got. We have a dog that sheds all the time, and there is always hair and dirt etc. on my kitchen floor. After I charged this sweeper, it was great how well it picked up all the big stuff as well as the cloths picked up all the fine dust etc. Sooo much better then just a broom. It is amazing how dirty your floor can get, and you don't even realize. I have recommended this to many that have hardwood floors! I love ordering from Amazon because I usually get free shipping and it gets to me really fast. Great product!...more info
  • How did I live without it?
    Love it, love it, love it. I honestly don't know how I managed without it. It makes it so easy to do quick clean-ups and stay on top of things so that the floor doesn't get out of hand--which can happen quickly in my house thanks to a preschooler, a newborn and two dogs. It's great on the dog hair! I've even used the wet pads to clean up when the dogs brought in mud on their paws and it worked flawlessly that way too....more info
  • Initially works very well
    2.5 Stars

    I've used this product for about 4 months now. I typically use it once a week to clean the floors of my room. At first, the vacuum worked very well and picked up everything that it was supposed to. However, as time goes on, you'll notice that the power of the vacuum is not as good as it needs to be to pick up dust and pet hair. It got to the point where I was basically just spreading the cat hair around under my bed instead of vacuuming it up. It doesn't matter if you follow Swiffer's instructions on how to maximize battery life and power. The battery just plain gets weaker very quickly over time. In conclusion, unless you absolutely need the portability offered by this product or if you just need to do some light vacuuming, avoid it if you can.


    Battery life
    Limited power

    ...more info
  • Great for any Non-Carpet areas!
    I purchased this after doing a ton of research on other cordless floor vacs. I thought the Shark would be awesome, it does carpet/rugs too, but I couldn't find many good reviews on it. I purchased this and have used it a few times and am really impressed! The suction is great, it does a great job on hard wood stairs b/c of the pivoting head. And the cloth 'sweeper' part pics up a ton of dirt/dust that may have been missed by a regular vacuum. I thought (from other reviews) that the battery would run out before I was done but I could go over areas a few times before it ran down. My house isn't real large but my entire upstairs and main level, approx 1600 sf are hard wood or tiles. Highly recommend this item....more info
  • Love it! Makes quick work of sweeping hard floors
    I love my new swiffer vac. It makes quick work of sweeping my kitchen, laundry room, foyer and bathrooms. I love that it vacs up crumbs, as well as grabs hairs (pet and human) with the pad. While these areas are small in my home, it took me less than 5 minutes to vac all of them. Not only that, afterwards I used the swiffer wet jet to mop and clean those areas which took only 5 additional minutes. Sweeping and mopping complete in about 10 minutes!!! Everything is nice and clean with minimal time and effort....more info
  • Does what it needs to do well
    Pros: inexpensive, lightweight, efficient, combines wipe pad and vacuum

    Cons: have to charge after use, not always able to vacuum things off the floor...more info
  • Sweeper Swiffer Shines
    I bought the Swiffer for my newly wed daughter and she raves over how it cleans and is much easier to usse than she thought. I might even buy one for myself....more info
  • Swiffer Vac
    Great little vac! Easy to use. Very light. Convenient for a quick sweep around on my hardwood floors. I would recommend it. ...more info
  • damaged goods
    i got the vac in damaged packaging - starter button at first did not work, but then started and wouldn't go off for 20 plus minutes. Then when it finally shut off, it wouldn't start again. Contacted Proctor and Gamble toll-free and they sent me a coupon for the vac to get a new one free - tried to find it but the local Wal-mart hasn't got this type of Swiffer product in yet.

    So far i am totally disgusted. And the last 2 books i ordered via Amazon never arived either - i got the A-Z credit on both i believe. But what's the point of ordering stuff here if i have to reorder it elsewhere? i think Amazon really needs to do more homework on some of the businesses selling by them of late, as before these last 3 transactions with various sellers, i've never had a problem.

    it seems Amazon is really going down the tubes and i hesitate to order from them again.

    ...more info
  • Can't live without it
    Fantastic product. I owned the original for about three years. This thing is the fastest, most efficient, and best way to clean wood floors. Far more sanitary than a broom.

    Highly recommend running the battery completely down a few times and recharging to full charge....more info
  • excellent product
    wonderful product. Great for my laminate floors. Now need to find a mop that will work on floors without streaks....more info
  • It's as good as it gets
    I had a Dirt Devil vaccum/sweeper/cleaner dispenser for my hardwood floors. As per many reviews this was very fragile and all kinds of things broke on it very quickly..le sigh.
    I couldn't find anything comparable that was a reasonable price until I hit on this. It is better quality/sturdier, the access for the charger is well placed (on top), and it has the very ,convenient rubber circles to pop in your pads. It doesn't have the liquid dispenser but I just use any of the plastic backed pads for other cleaners, spay the floor lightly with appropriate cleaner, and it works just as well if not better because I can adjust my spay to "fine".
    I found this at Target for twice the price first. I decided I needed to see my options so I did not have similar problems.
    Five stars for it's versitility, durability, ease, and price :). It wasn't only cheaper on Amazon but free shipping and no tax just sweetened the deal.
    ...more info
  • Seiffer Vac.
    It does what it was advertise to do. Very rare in today's market. Good price, and seems to be very well made. I would recommend it to anyone with hard wood floors....more info
  • Excellent When Used AS INTENDED
    I have five cats. This means a lot of cat litter, cat food, and cat hair on the vinyl floor in my utility room. The Swiffer Sweeper Vac is perfect for quickly and easily picking up all of the above.

    It is light-weight, and does not scratch the floors. No dust pan and brush needed. The flexible sweeping head swivels easily to reach into corners and under cabinets with no problem.

    Important to keep in mind:

    In the user manual that comes with the product, it states you MUST charge the battery for a full 24 hours before first use.

    It states the vac will run for about 10 - 12 minutes on one charge, then need to be charged for 16 hours.

    It states the Sweeper&Vac operates best if used until fully discharged before charging again.

    It is intended for dry pick up only, not liquids.

    The dirt container is small. I just checked, and one 8-oz measuring cup of dry cat litter more than fills it. I'd say 4 - 6 oz is more like it.

    It does NOT work well on carpet.

    The manual suggests storing the Sweeper Vac near an outlet where it is convenient to charge every time.

    If you will not be happy with these limitations, you will not be happy with this product!

    The floor in my utility room is small, about 6' X 10'.

    If you have a very large house, or many rooms with hardwood, tile, or vinyl floors, you may not be happy with the Sweeper Vac, as many other reviews have stated. It simply isn't intended to run for long periods of time on one charge. I'd suggest getting some other floor cleaning appliance.

    If you want something for quick dry-pick-up, with no stooping or bending to use dust pan and brush, the Swiffer Sweeper Vac may be just the thing.

    The dirt container does pull off very easily to empty, and snaps easily back into place. The filter is very easy to remove and snap back into place.

    Some other user reviews have stated that the Sweeper Vac does not pick up solid pieces of cat food, only crumbs. I do NOT understand this. Mine picks up both whole pieces of dry cat food AND crumbs. It picks up lint, cat litter and dust. It gets all the cat hair and "dust bunnies" with no problem. That's all I wanted or expected it to do, and it does all of those things quickly and easily.

    Replacement filters are available at Target, and at several sites online. Two cloths are included in the Starter Kit. The Swiffer cloths are available at grocery stores, discount stores, and online. Target and Walmart both carry them.

    I think if used as intended this is an excellent floor cleaner. I'm very happy with mine.

    Link to User Manual: [...]...more info
  • you don't have to buy new filters!!!
    you don't have to buy new filters, just use the housekeeper equipment from your regular vacuum to clean the filter; i use the crevice tool.

    i have had my swiffer sweeper for over a year now with no problems. since the charge does not last long (i get maybe 10 to 15 minutes) in order to finish all my floors, i leave the swiffer turned off, flip up the sweeper head and move all the dirt into one place and then sweep up the dirt and go around the baseboards and do the same for the rest of the rooms.

    so, why buy this when it would be cheaper to buy the plain swiffer sweeper, the one without the vacuum? let me just say every day dry kitchen spills; coffee grinds, the dog knocked over the garbage, the kids crushed oyster crackers all over the floor, no dust pan. by the way, this is really good for broken light bulbs and glass on the kitchen floor; when i used a regular broom there would still be glass slivers in the floor weeks later. it only takes a couple of minutes to clean up the above mess.

    i might get that shamwow and cut it to fit my swiffer vacuum and wet jet, that would save some money since the shamwow can be tossed in the washer.

    i would have given this a five star if the charge lasted longer and
    they sold reusable cloths for this. if my swiffer breaks, i will get another one.

    ...more info
  • you don't have to buy new filters!!!
    you don't have to buy new filters, just use the housekeeper equipment from your regular vacuum to clean the filter; i use the crevice tool.

    i have had my swiffer sweeper for over a year now with no problems. since the charge does not last long (i get maybe 10 to 15 minutes) in order to finish all my floors, i leave the swiffer turned off, flip up the sweeper head and move all the dirt into one place and then sweep up the dirt and go around the baseboards and do the same for the rest of the rooms.

    so, why buy this when it would be cheaper to buy the plain swiffer sweeper, the one without the vacuum? let me just say every day dry kitchen spills; coffee grinds, the dog knocked over the garbage, the kids crushed oyster crackers all over the floor, no dust pan. by the way, this is really good for broken light bulbs and glass on the kitchen floor; when i used a regular broom there would still be glass slivers in the floor weeks later. it only takes a couple of minutes to clean up the above mess.

    i might get that shamwow and cut it to fit my swiffer vacuum and wet jet, that would save some money since the shamwow can be tossed in the washer.

    i would have given this a five star if the charge lasted longer and
    they sold reusable cloths for this. if my swiffer breaks, i will get another one.

    ...more info
  • Good Little Gadget
    This is lightweight and very easy to use, much handier than our full size, corded vac for use on our tiled kitchen floor. Some complain that over time the rechargable battery loses power. According to the instructions, it is best to run the vac for ten or twelve minutes until the power runs down completely before recharging. It only takes a few minutes to do our kitchen floor and utility room, so I set the vac aside without charging it. Then I use it again and again until it runs out of power. Then I connect it to the recharger. I hope this procedure will extend the life of the battery. (I order the replacable pads through Amazon.)...more info
  • super vac
    love it love it love it... this Swiffer sweeper vac is amazing. it has great suction, picks up most anything, and the swiffer pad picks up the rest. It give bare floor cleaning a pure simplicity. the only downside is that the vac fills up so quickly. however, this is only because it works so well. You can also pick up the vac filter refills. I think that that is great. If you are a former dust buster user, you know what i mean. YOU always want to replace them, but never quite know where to buy the new filters. With the Swiffer Sweeper vac, you can pick them up at your usual grocery or discount store. THREE CHEERS FOR SWIFFER SWEEPER VAC. Once you use it you will never want to use and thing else. I actually carry around the Swiffer sweeper vac and Swiffer wet jet at the same time and get my bare floors done in a jiffy. This is a Must buy item.....more info
  • Nice, but could be better.
    The sweeper vac is the best thing for people with hardwood/tile etc and who own animals. It's cordless, so it's convenient, and the swiffer pads can hold a lot of dirt on their own.
    1. The canister is small. Halfway through the house I have to empty it.
    2. Like most rechargable things, the batteries WILL DIE. We got a year-and-a-half of use out of our old one before it started dying in the middle of cleaning. It takes a while to recharge, as well.
    3. I haven't been able to clean the filter well or find filter replacements.
    4. It won't pick up some things, and doesn't work well in corners. (I was hoping it'd pick up the fuzz from my dogs' toys.)
    If Swiffer would address these concerns and produce a new model, it would be PERFECT. Even with its flaws, it's a great product. It's perfect for when unexpected company arrive; you just zip around, and it looks like you spent an hour vaccuuming. It's a must-have for anyone with wood, vinyl, laminate, or tile. ...more info
  • filters are hard to find
    I purchased this product about 5 months ago to keep my room clean. It IS great on crumbs and small spaces. The disposable filters are EXTREMELY hard to find in stores and it is almost never in stock in my local stores. I cant even find it here on amazon!

    If you want you could get use the Swiffer Sweeper wet mop cloths with it, but the vacuum part makes changing the wet mop clothes kinda awkward. ...more info
  • Swiffer Sweepr + Vac review
    The swiffer + Vac is easy to use. It picks up dirt and lint. The suction is good. I have no complaints about this product at all....more info
  • Doesn't last long
    I loved the swiffer when I first received it, but after only a few months it won't hold a charge. This is very frustrating when I need to clean up after the kids and dogs....more info
  • Great for dust and cat fur
    I was looking for something that wouldn't just kick up the cat fur that collects in the corners of the rooms like a broom does. The Swiffer Sweeper + Vac is powerful enough to pick up the light particles of dust and fur, but I still use a broom for larger objects. It is small, light, and very easy to use! The collection trap is easy to empty, too. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I just had hardwood installed in my upstairs. I bought the swiffer without the vacuum, and wasn't happy with the results at all. It seemed to just move the dust around. I bought the Swiffer vac and I LOVE IT!! I use it everyday. I highly recommend it....more info
  • We Use it Every Day!
    This thing is the best thing since sliced bread. We're on our third one in several years. All cordless things seem to wear out a lot quicker than corded, but you cannot beat this thing for the convenience. I hope they never stop making this sweeper. Just a helpful FYI-you can find really good coupons for this-and a better price at popular dept. stores. I've never paid over $25 for one....more info
  • Good for quick vaccuuming
    I would have given it less stars, but I can't say that it doesn't do what the packaging says it will do. I use it on my newly-installed laminate flooring; I have 2 indoor cats. It does very well at picking everything up off the floor, and that impressed me very much. Two main complaints I have:
    1) The battery only lasts 10 minutes, then it has to be recharged for 16 hours to get a fully-charged battery that will then run for another 10 minutes. This gives me enough time to vacuum my living room, dining room and kitchen, OR the hallway and three bedrooms. I can't say I was deceived though; this is exactly what the booklet that came with it explained.
    2) The container for larger stuff it picks up is pretty small, and emptying it generally causes a cloud of dust in the air. In order to clean the filter, I have to use my hands to pick the cat hair off of it. So, I always feel very dirty after using it, and I feel like I need to hold my breath so as not to breathe in the dust.

    So, basically, I'd say I guess I got what I paid for....more info
  • Won't Last
    Same problem as others, this works great for about 3 months, and then you gradually lose the charge capability. I let the battery completely discharge to prevent the memory problems with rechargeable batteries. This did not help, so it must be a product problem. Maybe I got a bad unit, if not, swifter should, if they haven't already, recall and provide a replacement. Unless they have fixed this problem, don't waste your money....more info
  • Love the Swiffer Sweep and Vac
    I love this product! The head swivels to reach corners and it is a super fast way to clean floors. I use it at home and in my travel trailer. It is so much easier than getting out the broom and mop. I highly recommend this product!...more info
    First let me say that I LOVE the way this product works on hard word and tile. I have 2 shedding dogs and nothing picks up animal hair and dust the way this baby does. The problem is, after about 3-4 months of daily use, the charge begins to hold for only a few minutes which is barely enough to get through one moderate sized room. Eventually it doesn't stay charged at all no matter how long you leave it plugged in. I am sorry to say that I am on my third sweeper in a year and a half. When the last one goes I will probably look for another solution to the dog hair problem. Unfortunately, this product just isn't built to last more than a few months with regular, daily use....more info
  • I love it
    I have an oak floor in my kitchen that is constantly in need of sweeping. I have 2 cats and a dog and the fur really flies. The Swiffer Vac is a godsend. It picks up all of the dust, fur and bits and pieces of everyday cooking. When using a conventional broom the dust and fur would just fly around. If I would use regular vaccum the power of the vaccum would send the fur flying around. The Swiffer Vac is perfect for this job. I also use it in my powder room and game room. ...more info
  • solution to a having hard wood and a golden retriever....BUT
    I love this product...Its Exactly what I need for my hardwood floors and my ever shedding pup... I only wish it held the charge longer!!...more info
  • Not pratical
    The battery only lasts 12 minutes and it takes 18 hours to recharge it each time. How do you do cleaning with those limitations? What a useless piece of plastic....more info
  • Swiffer Sweeper/Vac
    I just love the Sweeper/Vac. It is perfect for everyday cleaning. It works great on all my bare floors. I highly reccommend this product...more info
  • Great product price point is a bit high
    This is a great product and does exactly what they claim. Only problem and this is why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is I think it is priced to high as well as the replacement pads. Other than that its golden...more info
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my swiffer sweeper vac!
    I wanted something to pick up small spills in between full blown vacuuming sessions with my Dyson. The Swiffer Sweeper Vac was the answer. I LOVE it! I don't have pets, so usually it is picking up dirt dumped out of my 3 year old's shoes, stray cheerios, ashes around the fireplace area, dry kitchen spills, etc. It has been fantastic. With the Swiffer dry cloth and the vacuum feature, it picks up things my Dyson does not. I only use on wood floors. I would not recommend for carpet....more info
  • Great item!
    This is a great product to haev specially when you want to do little cleanup daily in kitchen area. It picks up small things through vaccum and cleans the surface with the dry/wet cloth.
    We love this item and will recommend to everyone....more info
  • Swiffer Sweeper is the Best!
    It is amazing how well this vacuum picks up dust and dirt. Even my kids love using it. It glides really well over the floor and around corners.

    ...more info
  • sweep and vacuum
    Excellent. It does what it promises. I have dogs and cats and it reduces the cleaning time....more info
  • Fantastic
    Swiffer Sweeper+Vac Starter Kit

    Just wanted to say that this product is fantastic ...more info
  • GREAT in the Kitchen + Bathroom!
    I love love LOVE my Swiffer Vac + Sweeper!!!

    First off, I have two toddlers. They are always making a mess in the kitchen! They get cereal on the floor, food, crumbs, anything and everything.

    With a broom it was always hard to want to clean up all the mess. Brooms are just a pain, and you don't really want to use them unless you HAVE to. So most of the time I would just pick up the mess myself on my hands and knees.

    Well, I got the Swiffer VAC + SWEEPER, and now I clean up everything ALL THE TIME! The second they make a mess I get my swiffer and clean it right up. This thing sucks up whole Cheerios!!!!!!!!! I am so not kidding, it sucked up a WHOLE CHEERIO!

    It is so light to move around that it is like your not even pushing it. The best thing ever is that it actually fits under dining room chairs. I don't have to move the chairs out anymore to try and reach stuff.

    IT FITS BEHIND THE TOILET. This thing moves anywhere and everywhere you want it to go! It is like cleaning is the best thing in the world now. I don't have to move furniture, I can clean stuff the second it is messy without worry, and it is done in like 2 seconds!

    Just remember that when you buy it you have to charge it for 24 hours before you use it. I keep mine plugged in all the time so it keeps the charge. It has never stopped working for me yet, and it has held a charge.

    I do have smaller rooms so if you have bigger rooms I am not sure how well the charge would keep. For me it has not lost a charge yet though.

    I use this and the Swiffer WetJet, both work really really great! I feel like you shouldn't have one without the other!...more info
  • Just get a regular swiffer (or 2)
    I know this is totally off topic but:
    Seeing some of the above complaints, I reccomend theAs Seen On Tv Cordless Swivel Sweeper (costs more but way worth in in my humble opinion). Get that, AND one (or 2 or..?) regular Swiffer Sweeper Complete Pack with Two Dry Sweeping Cloths & Two Wet Mopping Cloths (Pack of 3) (cheaper). I use those two things and it's enough to clean my whole place (carpet too). The handle on my Swiffer Sweeper broke after only a month of daily use. I live alone, have two hairy cats who love to share that hair with the whole world (and the regular sweeper picks it up just fine without the vac!), and only a few hundred square feet of condo space in the city. I wish the darn handle on it didn't break, though. It bothers me. Can't ten bucks buy somthing that won't break or evaporate these days!?
    Wasn't pleased with my Swiffer moist towlette with scrub strip pad thinggys either, they dried out too quickly. Using diluted cleaner sprayed on a regular Swiffer disposable dry pad works better. Swiffer Disposable Cloths, 32-Count Boxes (Pack of 3)...more info
  • My new favorite!
    What a dream! Works better than expected.

    We have very dark {almost black} hardwood floors throughout our house, and every speck of dust shows. The Swiffer Sweep & Vac is so easy to whip out for a quick swipe of the floors. So lightweight & easy to use!

    ...more info
  • Nice product.
    First things first. This is a $30 vacuum. Going into it you shouldn't be expecting too much.

    I have an apartment with about 80% hardwood floors. My previous cleaning routine included sweeping it all with a broom, and then using a swiffer sweeper to pick up what the broom left behind. Worked well, but it's a hassle having to go over all my hardwood floors twice.

    So, being a fan of the swiffer sweeper, I found the swiffer sweeper/vac combo. Here are my first impressions:

    * Seems surprisingly well made for the price.
    * The first, initial charge takes 24 hours. That was irritating as I wanted to try it out right away. Subsequent charges take forever too (something like 16 hours). Not a huge deal since it's not like I am using it constantly, but it would be nice if they used battery technology from this century.
    * My first couple times using it, it seems that 98% of the stuff it vacuums gets stuck to the filter, and the other 2% collects in the cup. This means that it loses suction because the filter gets clogged with all the junk. Because of this, you'll get used to cleaning the filter on a regular basis if you want to get best results from the vacuum. I have a hunch that this is an intentional result, to get people to replace the filters more frequently. I also have a hunch that it may not be difficult to rig up a "homemade" filter that things won't stick to. I haven't ventured down that road yet.
    * It's picked up everything on my hardwood floor that I've thrown at it. Small things like dust and hair are no problem, and I've had it pick up cereal (cheerios) easily as well.
    * It's very manuverable. I'm able to whip around my entire place, underneath chairs, around furniture, etc... in no time.
    * It's really quiet compared to my upright full-sized vac. I'd say the noise level is on par with dustbusters that I'm used to hearing.
    * I can do all my hardwood floors in 1 pass now with the sweeper/vac combo.

    Overall I'd say I'm happy with the product, and feel that it's a bargain at $30. ...more info
  • Clean and Easy
    I purchased this right after we installed three rooms of laminate. Having 1 dog and 2 cats, there is a lot of hair on the floors. Using the Swiffer, what I don't get with the pad, I get with the vac. It is an amazing product. Well worth the money. There are coupons out there for it so find the coupons before you buy. You will be very happy with your product....more info
  • Great tool for everyday cleanup!
    I LOVE this item! The swivel head makes it so easy to get into those tight spaces around furniture, between legs, in odd corners. The dust bunnies can't escape the one-two punch of the vac and the swiffer pad. If you have smooth floors and know how hard it is to keep them at bay - try this machine! The cordless feature also helps make it easy to maneuver and the charge is powerful enough to run it through my whole first floor. The unit is pretty well balanced so even though it is heavier than a swiffer I can even manage it with my strained wrist. The only improvement I could suggest to rate it 5-stars would be to allow the vac head to function without the swiffer pad for spot pick-ups on area rugs....more info
  • Swiffer Sweeper Vac
    I love this little thing. I have a lot of ceramic tile flooring and this little vacuum does a terrific job. I love that it's cordless and very light weight. I use it for regular "kid dirt" and cat hair on the kitchen, bathroom, and both entryway floors. kj...more info
  • The Swiffer Vac makes my life so much easier
    This is my second Swiffer vac in three years. The first one just wore out, not because it is not made well. I just use it so much. I have several pets (including a collie) and two children so I am constantly running around with the Swiffer vac. My old one just wasn't picking up as well as it used to so I got a new one. The price is great for what you are getting, and I would think if your house isn't as full of pet hair as mine, the Swiffer vac would last a lot longer.

    The Swiffer does everything a vacuum would do on hardwood floors but with much less effort. It's lightweight, fits under nearly everything I have (except a few dressers that are very low to the ground). It swivels around chair legs and gets up close to floor boards. You can also do floor molding because it swivels so well.

    I can't recommend this product enough. ...more info
    This IS the best Swiffer product. It vacuums almost everything but catches the dust and pet hairs with the Swiffer pad. One important piece of info you need to know before using: you must charge the battery for 24 hours before using AND any time you use it you must run the battery all the way to empty before charging again. This product evidently has a rechargeable battery with a "memory": it remembers where you started charging it from the last time. If you charge it with half a charge left, you'll only have half a charge from then on. If you read Swiffer's website, they warn you to do this, and the newest package info says this too. I leave mine on in a corner until it runs all the way down before charging now. Unfortunately, I didn't know this with my first Swiffer Vac. Live & learn....more info
  • Better Clean Fast!
    The only thing preventing me from giving this 5 stars is the battery life. I love to use it in my hardwood bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. They are not at all big, but the battery runs out before I can finish two rooms.

    If I run with it, I can get it pretty much done. Pretty much.

    Other than that, I've loved everything else about it for over a year, now.

    So, Swiffer, improve your battery life and you've got yourselves a bonefide winner all the way around!!...more info
  • Great while it's charged, but.....
    When the swiffer is fully charged, it works like a dream. I was so impressed with the concept of the swiffer sheet + a vac + the incredible maneuverability of the swiffer. My only complaint, but a very important one, is that the battery lasts only a short time. I have a 2000 sq ft home with wood and floor tiles, and I cannot clean my floors all at once like I'd like to. I called Swiffer customer service and reported this problem. The attendant explained that this is a common complaint, and that she would relay my message to the company.
    I don't need the swiffer vac to be cordless. Maybe the company should think about making the vac with a permanent electric cord that can be used for uninterrupted use of the vac. I tried using the vac with the cord that comes to charge the battery to see if it would charge while I used it, but it didn't. Hope they can fix this soon....more info
  • Swiffer is awesome!
    If you have hardwood floors, you can't go wrong with this light, easy to use sweeper. I love it!...more info
  • Does not last
    I was happy with this sweeper when I first got it, but I've had it less than a year and it's now in the trash. It's not built to last. The motor has degraded so badly that even when fully charged it's not useable. Very disappointed. My mom had the same problem with hers also....more info
  • Wonderful if you have pets or not!
    Use this item all the time for those quick cleanups. If you have pet hair it is a must!! The battery doesn't stay charged for very long but I still highly recommend this product...more info
  • Swiffer sweeper vac
    Procter & Gamble #04815 Swiffer Sweep & Vacuum

    This product is amazing! I can clean my wood floors in no time! It is good for small or large spills!...more info
  • Great!
    My wife wanted something she could use on the floors to pick up dog hair. She is pleased the the Swiffer. It does not have enough charge at times to do the entire house but that is a minor issue. ...more info
  • better than I expected
    I have been thinking for a long time of buying on of these and when we finally moved to a new house and had more wood and tile floors I decided that I couldn't live without one anymore. And I was right. It does everything I expected and even more (like picking up even whole almonds from the floor, for example). I am not crazy about the idea of the disposable paper napkins that need to be used with this but I guess I cannot have everything....more info
  • Poor Battery Life
    The Swiffer Sweep+Vac cleans great while the battery is charged. I charge the battery overnight before I clean the floor the next day, but the charge dies before I am finished. The area that I am cleaning is only 40X20....more info
  • Swiffer sweep/vac
    This is the BEST Swiffer product yet. It's amazing! Easy to use with wonderful results....more info
  • Great Product for My New Floors
    Having just installed new laminate flooring and not knowing just how to keep it clean simply, my daughter recommended the Swiffer Sweep/Vac and the Wet Jet to me. They both have made doing my floors so easy. The swivel heads let me clean places that I used to have to get down on my knees and wipe up manually. You really need both products. I use the Sweeper/Vac a couple of times a week and the Wet Jet once a week.

    ...more info
  • so convenient
    I bought this while on vacation for a beach home that was all linoleum and tile. I didn't expect much given the cost, but it actually worked much better than expected. It gets up sand very well. I also have a parrot that throws down seed and other items and I have a long haired dog. Sometimes you have to go over something twice, but on the whole, the vac has picked up everything. The dust cup is easy to empty, and the filter is washable. I do empty it every time, to get the best suction. The cloths can also be rinsed out and reused a few times, which may be a concern for people who want to keep their landfill waste to a minimum, who object to buying cleaning tools that require you to keep buying proprietary supplies, or who just want to do a touch up and have run out of the cloths. You can also use the wet ones in this product, though I haven't used them with the vacuum on. But you can go over the floor with a dry cloth to vacuum and sweep, then put a wet swiffer cloth on and mop the floor with the vac off. Much more convenient than a broom, or getting out the big vacuum. I'm really glad I got it and I'm going to use it post vacation at home. It's particularly nice because its cordless. I can imagine using this a lot in kitchen and baths at home....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I absolutely LOVE my new Swiffer Sweep 'n' Vac! I have several dogs and cats, and the pet hair that collects in the corners and under cabinet overhangs is incredible. I no longer have to drag out my heavy vacuum cleaner and fool with the attachments to get under the cabinets or to change it from carpet to hard floor settings. The Sweep 'n' Vac is so lightweight and easy to use. It gets into the smallest spaces and corners - plus it does a double job of cleaning the floor with the Swiffer pads too! I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone with pets....more info
  • And it only costs 20 bucks?
    The Swiffer sweep vac is a bargain at approx $20. A swiffer alone leaves particles behind. The swiffer sweep vac gets the dust AND the particles. I use an old toothbrush to whisk away the dust that clings to the filter, then I pop the filter back in and I'm in business for the next time. I have about 1500 square feet of wood and tile and so far the battery power holds out long enough to do it all at one time....more info
  • mixed feelings.....
    * does a good job vacuuming crumbs, dust bunnies, sand, and other very small debris
    * the dry sweep cloth picks up a lot of dust
    * i haven't done this, but i assume you can wet sweep too by lifting the vac part up and out of the way
    * does not scrub, so if there is any sticky stuff on the floor, you gotta scrub it yourself separately
    * vacuum is hard plastic and i predict it will at some point damage the hardwood floors if i'm not careful
    * battery operated, we shall see how long the charge lasts and how many charges you can get out of it
    * really, it's mostly like a fancy duster for hard floor surfaces, but i got it on sale for $24.95 so i'm OK with it not being as fabulous as i had hoped...more info
  • A great picker-upper!
    Great for all hard floors! Picks up sand, dust, crumbs in a jiffy. Much quicker & easier than a dustpan & broom. Light & easy to use. Not to be used on carpeted or covered floors....more info
  • Overall Quality of Product
    Cleaning kitchen has been a big challenge with 5 kids and 19month old toddler who has no regard whatsoever for cleanliness and who throws food around for fun and sport. We also have dogs and live on a main street. Our kitchen and bathroom floor gets dirty quick
    Researched floor cleaning tools and decided not to spend too much money in case we are not happy with product. After comparing all the reviews decided on Swiffer Vac. Can deal with short battery life compared to some of the other probs read online.
    Went to Ebay and found some that were $23.99 but shipping was a hefty $15 and do not want to buy second hand that were very few to begin with and with the prices between new n used not much in dfrence. So went to Amazon and joined the trial prime membership opting for automatic no renewal of membership. This allowed me to get 2 day shipping for free.Bought the vac for 29.98 that is now 24.99 :( and shipping free. Delivered lightning fast. Did everything according to instruction for longer battery life as I knew in advance that it was a frequent complaint among users. Charged it for longer than 24hrs before using. I loved this thing! It sucked up all the dust, hair and food particles to my satisfaction and the dry cloth finished up the job of sucking up the finer dust that the suction left behind so that my floor is squeaky clean each time I used this Swiffer Vac. Everytime I finished using it on my kitchen and bathroom floor I would have some battery life left I would just stand it along the wall and leave it on till it dies before charging it again to maintain constancy in its battery life.
    In my bathroom this Vac sucks up all the hair and everything else you normally find on bathroom floors.
    After using the Vac I would clean all the dirt off the filter and even washed it out with water once after 3 to 4 uses and it still looks brand now after 9 to 10 uses.
    I used any old dry cloth that happens to be on sale anywhere I find them and not used the ones made by Swiffer to save some money and they work fine. Did not yet used the wet cloths as I find that after using this Vac my floor did not need wet mopping. I just just go on my hands and knees to clean any stains or the dried up food left behind at night and too tired to clean. I do not see any problem in using the wet ones with this because it uses batteries and not electricity.
    Sure if you have a huge kitchen and 5 bathrooms this will not work as the battery life would not sustain all that cleaning unless you do it in stages. Maybe buying 2 would healp as the price is now so low.
    Not using a cord is great as I can zip around the house with worrying about plugs and doing a quick job that would have taken me a lot longer otherwise. It is light and its swiveling head is steady enough to hold straight when you want it to go straight and flexible enough to swivel at the lightest maneuvering of your hand so that it glides smoothly into corners an such and it doesnt swivel on its own when you dont want it too. Very happy with this function too.
    The only improvement would be to have a longer battery life for some with much bigger homes than mine but it works fine for me.
    The thing that discouraged me from buying the others were that those that people said have a strong suction uses electricity and thus uses a cord that may not be long enough and you have to keep switching plugs.
    Then I also read that some doesnt have a filter so the dirt actually got into the motor and killed it overtime.
    Some had heads that swiveled around on its own making it hard to use when you want it to just go straight.
    Some were expensive.
    I am very happy with this product and will recommend buying it and recommend buying it and buying from this site.
    But if you are looking for a work horse that goes on and on and on then get those with cords....more info
  • Great Product!
    I love this item since it is so convenient and hassle free. I have 3 dogs who leave fur balls on my kitchen floor & the clean up with the Swiffer vac makes it so much easier. Much more convenient than dragging out my big vac to suck up the hair. ...more info
  • What a piece of garbage! DON'T waste your $$$$!!!!!
    The only thing that worked on this $40 waste of money was the cloth, which a damp rag could have worked about as well. It would not pick up anything, not crumbs, hair, tiny pieces of paper....nothing! I didn't expect it to be a "great" vac, not for $40 but expected it to at least suck up something off a tile floor instead it just plain sucks as a product. Please don't waste your money! I am going to try and get my money back....more info
  • I'm in love with a Swiffer!!
    I love this product, and use it every day at my job in a motel breakfast area. I have a few suggestions for the few negative comments I have seen here:

    -To use it as a wet mop, you can easily attach a Swiffer Wet cloth or a wet rag. However, I would NOT recommend vacuuming and mopping at the same time - that would be an electrocution hazard!!!

    -This is not your household vacuum cleaner. You need to sweep it slowly across the floor and it will pick up all those pieces of cereal, cat food, and other crumbs.

    -Most rechargeable products will last longer if you let the battery drain completely from time to time, then recharge for a full 24 hours. ...more info
  • So far - so good
    Bought this after considerable research on rechargeable stick brooms and sweepers. It works just like the ads say altho I have only used it twice. The price was good, in fact, it was less expensive that at BJs.
    I found later that there were coupons available but I am not sure it would have made a big difference in price. Oh, and I got free shipping and no tax. ...more info
  • So light & easy!!!
    I bought this after much research and have not been disappointed. I have a toddler who drops a lot of food and with wood floors, I wanted a vacuum that would allow me to clean many times everyday without difficulty, the lighter the better. I also wanted something that was battery operated so I wouldn't have to worry about taking off those darn plug covers. I have 2 cats and altho they don't shed a ton, a little is more than i like. The Swiffer picks up the cat hair and toddler dry spills like a champ, no problems at all. Even Cheerios and such cereals, it just sucks them up like candy! (It is so much better than the Dust Buster we have, who wants to bend down constantly to vacuum the floor?)
    Some have complained about the charge duration. I have only had mine a month and I use it daily and have found it still holds the charge very well. I only have to plug it in every other day really. If you are looking to do your whole house with this, perhaps you should look elsewhere, but if you want it for daily crumbs and fur, this is for you. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I have been using my Sweep and Vac for about 6 months and I am so glad that I purchased it. It picks up dust bunnies, hair and dust. I have had no problems with the battery charge. I do clean out the filter after each use so that the suction is optimal. I have had dust-free wood floors and linoleum since the day I got it. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • It rocks
    I was about to buy the shark or the swivel sweeper. Then I saw
    the swiffer vac. It got better reviews then shark or the swivel sweeper
    It was very easy to asemble then whe I tired I loved it. Its just what I needed a cheep priced light weight stick vac that has very good suction. It Pickes up everthing.The swiffer pad on it lets it slide and it pickes up dust and debris.The vac pickes Up dog hair and crumes very well.I also like how it has a filter.The battery life is good but it could be longer then 30 min. Try it and you will love it....more info
  • kann
    it was so easy and light does a great job on the bare floors...more info
  • Swiffer Vac
    This is a great product for wood floors and tile. It has good suction and the pad on the back picks up the small stuff. It is great to do away with the cord and the charge lasts fairly long....more info
  • So convenient, maybe I'll clean more often. . .
    I didn't realize how dirty my husband and I were until we had a baby, and now we are trying to be much cleaner (like cleaning once a week instead of once every few months), but it's so much work! The problem I had with the original swiffer was that I felt I had to use the broom and dustpan for crumbs and big stuff before I swiffered and that was a pain. Now the Sweep+Vac deals with the big stuff and the dust. This may be so convenient I'll be inspired to clean everyday. It's so light, too. It's easy to bring upstairs to my bathroom. You don't need multiple ones for different floors. I didn't have a problem with the battery, but I have a small house....more info
  • not perfect, but so convenient
    This product does not exactly replace a broom; it's square shape means that you cannot really get dust out of corners. However, it is so convenient that it makes up for any shortcomings.

    I have not noticed any battery issues; I have used it to clean my 1300 sq ft apartment all at once.

    The Target in my town sells filters specifically for this item.

    It picks up kitty litter and kitty hair a treat.

    I recommend it for anyone, especially in combination with the Swiffer wetjet.
    ...more info
  • Love the Swiffer Sweep & Vac
    This is exactly what it should be. It's basically a dust buster on a stick - perfect for sweeping up pet hair and dry spills and for light vacuuming. My only complaint would be that the charge does not last long enough....more info
  • The Power Swiffer Is a Winner !!
    I LOVE this product. It actually does what the manufacturer says it will do. It's worth twice the price but I am glad that it is so reasonably priced because I bought two, one for upstairs use and one for downstairs. It picks up every bit of flour and sugar dropped on the kitchen floor during baking. It gets all the crumbs, dirt, dust and dust bunnies (hiding under the bed) from any hard floor surface and EVEN FITS INTO MOST CORNERS. Swivels effortlessly and there's no cord to fuss with. It even picks up slivers of glass! Most important of all, it makes my life easier. Try it and you'll become Power-Swiffer addicted too....more info
  • runs out of power too quickly
    I've had this vacuum for several months now and while I love how it works the biggest complaint is that I can only do about two rooms before the battery dies and I have to plug it back in to recharge. I was surprised to read one reviewer said she could do her whole 1500 square foot house before having to recharge it. Maybe something is wrong with mine then. My whole house has laminate flooring and I can barely finish my family room and dining room before it loses power. I have gotten to where I literally race around the rooms in top speed just to finish those two rooms! I'm sure to an observer I look rather crazy, zooming around the room with the swiffer vac. But if I go at normal speed I can't even finish those two rooms. Forget about doing the entire house. I have to do two rooms one day, charge the unit overnight, and then do two more rooms the following day, recharge it, etc.
    When it works it works great. But it barely lasts over 5 - 8 minutes. I wish they would offer a rechargable battery that you could remove. That way you could buy several batteries and when one loses its charge you could swap it out for a fresh one and finish the entire house....more info
  • I Absolutely Love It!
    I purchased the Swiffer Sweep & Vac for the purpose of keeping my tile floor free of cat hair and litter. It works spectacularly and I just couldn't be happier about it. The vac nozzle sits low to the ground which helps it vacuum up lighter things (such as the hair) and is powerful enough for larger bits. The swivel head makes it easy to work around corners and furniture. The sweeping cloths are supposed to be changed after every use, but the vacuum does such a good job that there is hardly any debris on the cloth after my first use. I haven't had it long enough to see how long the battery lasts when fully charged.

    As with every smaller vacuum of this nature I have had, there is a small amount of litter that will fall out of the unit after it has been turned off. When I finish, I typically turn it off, let the debris fall out, and revacuum it back up, letting the vacuum sit on an already clean spot for just a few seconds to allow the litter and etc. to reach the dirt container.

    I know others have posted mixed reviews about how well this unit works with pet hair and litter, but I am so happy to have this. Now I don't have to lug my 30 year old, 30 lb Kirby and all its attachments down stairs anymore!...more info
  • Great every-day floor vac
    The original Swiffer was revolutionary, but this is better for most applications. (A Swiffer Max size would be better still.) It's quick and effective, except for things like up dog food; but who expects a Dyson for less than $30? It's light-weight and handy....more info
  • Unhappy
    I recently purchased a Swiffer SweepVac. I noticed, after purchasing, that it needed replacement filters. I would not have purchased this if I had known this. They need to be ordered from DirtDevil, where the charge is $6.99 plus $4.00 for shipping. That is $11 for a tiny filter. I only paid $24 for the whole SweepVac. Also, I didn't realize that this product is made by DirtDevil. My experience has been that DirtDevil products never last more than 6 - 12 months. It has become quickly obvious that the real purpose of this SweepVac is to keep Proctor & Gamble and DirtDevil in business with the continuous purchase of relacement parts. At this rate, the SweepVac should have, at the very least, been given away for free. It is going back to the store....more info
  • i heart my swiffer
    THIS is my favorite cleaning tool since I got one a few months ago.

    If you have a lot of hardwood, vinyl and tile floors,
    it works better than a broom and is a lot easier to just whip out
    every day for a few minutes and zip over the floors.

    It will even pick up crumbs off low pile carpeting
    and then you can postpone the heavy vacuuming for days and days longer -
    meaning more time update your blog! ;-)

    My other favorite tool is also a swiffer -
    the kind with the long handle and the fluffy dusting puffs.

    Have been using that for years and years and it really speeds things up -
    thereby once again leaving more time for surfing the interweb. ...more info
  • Love love love it!
    You have to understand that this is a dustbuster on a swivel with a swiffer pad on the back, so it's kind of silly, but it is great at cleaning hardwood floors. I got it originally to clean cat litter off tile floors, but now I use it throughout the house. It's light and cordless, so I use it more readily than my old upright. Does a great job with cat litter and cat hair....more info
  • swiffter sweep vac
    it is great but does not hold power for more that about 6-8 min even when it is brand new .....
    i wish if they would make one with a longer battery life ...more info
  • super swively swiffer
    I've had mine over a year, and I still like it for my tile floors. (most of my floors are carpeted). It's fun to use the "Swiffer" because the head of the thing swivels like crazy--you can get it underneath, into, and behind just about anything. I prefer it over my regular vacuum because because of this, and because it is relatively quiet. It's nearly effortless to use, so "boo-ya" to brooms and dustpans!

    Just remember to keep it plugged in while you're not using it; it doesn't hold a charge very long....more info
  • Great for wood flooring
    After researching and reading reviews, I bought this for myself after we installed our wood flooring. It is the best I have found other than a canister vac--and so much easier to use. The swiffer with the vacuum option is a must have if you have pets--a plain swiffer will not do the job.

    I like mine so well, I bought 2 more for each of my kids as they have new flooring too....more info
  • Fabulous
    The Swiffer Sweep+Vac is wonderful. I have all wood floors and it is great for everyday cleaning. A big plus is the fact that it does not have anything for hair to get wrapped around and clog the machine up. It's pretty quiet for a vacuum. Being cordless is a giant plus too. I enjoy using mine a lot!...more info
  • Best Vacuum/Sweeper for a small place.
    We live in a tiny apartment with h/w floor. We don't wear shoes at home. Moreover, I like to stay barefoot. It's important to keep the floor clean. It's my daily routine to clean the floor twice; once in the morning and once before bed time.
    I don't need a giant vacuum. Yes, I tried a small and powerful Dirt Devil hand vac. The problem with Dirt Devil is that it not only sucks up dust but also blows the dust away. :(
    Thank God I found Swiffer Vac! I'm frightned with its outstanding performance every time I use it. It doesn't seem to be as powerful as Dirt Devil, however it, at least, does not chase the dust away.
    It's fun to see all the dust/hair it collects within minutes even though I clean the floor twice everyday. It's also easy to decide when to empty the dust cup, although I do it after each use anyways because the cup is quite small.
    We don't have a pet ourselves, but we are in a pet friendly building. Some pet hair sneaks into our porch. Swiffer vac does a great job picking it up.
    The battery dies pretty quickly. It is ok for a small place like ours (less than 1,000 sq ft). I wish it operates wired, while the wireless power gets recharged....more info
  • Keep Swiffer handy
    The Swiffer Sweep + Vac is worth owning! "Sweep" means it does just that, it isn't a high power vaccum. But it does pick up pet hair, dust, crumbs and other debris that you can miss with just a broom and dustpan. If you keep it plugged in, it is always powered, and you can quickly "sweep" floors throughout the day....more info
  • Works Great!
    Having two dogs (one a VERY hairy terrier)this product was a godsend. The vacuum power works excellent on dog hair as well as little specks of mud they track in from the outside. Makes cleaning the bathroom a lot easier too! Pick one up today!...more info
  • Generally good, but there is room for improvement!
    This is great when you have pets and hard floor surfaces since it seems you are fighting and endless battle with fur! However, it only gets 4 stars because there are some cons - they fix these annoying quirks and it will be 5 stars!

    * The battery loses power very quickly - so be fast! (approx. 10-20 minutes depending on how long it was charged prior)
    * It takes an entire day to fully charge
    * If you fully charge it and unplug it with out using it, it loses power
    * The filter isn't replaceable (from swiffer, apparently there is some dirtdevil filter that fits)

    * Picks up hair and crumbs AND all the dust/dirt on the cloth
    * Light weight
    * No cord to drag around
    * even sucks up along walls and corners (when fully charged)
    ...more info
  • My Opinion
    I really like the swiffer sweeper-vac. It does a great job. I have a dog that sheds black fur all over the house. The swiffer has no difficulties with picking it up. The charger is great, because you do not have to carry a cord around or look for an outlet. I highly recommed this product....more info
  • A must if you own cats
    I have owned this for the past two months, and I use it every day. It has cut my cleaning time in fractions. When I first received it, it was easy to take out of the box and assemble - no more than 60 seconds - literally. It came with batteries and required a night of charging before the first use.

    I live with two small children - one of them an infant who crawls about - and four house cats. We have hardwood floors. I used to have to broom sweep at least once or twice a day to keep up with the dust and shedding of cat hair, which often took me fifteen minutes, and then I would have to "dust" the floor with a Swiffer cloth to pick up the light hairs and dust bunnies that easily floated away. With this Swiffer, I can quickly go through two rooms and a hallway in 5 minutes because the appliance picks up particles like tracked cat litter and dirt, and the attached Swiffer cloth electrostatically traps the hair and fur. Then, I just remove the dust container and empty it in the garbage can.

    THE BEST PART: my six-year-old daughter likes it so much because it is light and easy to use, so she now does the cleaning half the time for me without asking! I love it!

    This is a true replacement to the traditional broom and dustpan (unless you need to sweep up larger items like broken glass or chunks of mud), meaning that, just like a dustpan, you empty it out after every use. But it is just as easy to empty out and does the job much quicker and better. I love how it gives me more time for other things!...more info
  • It performs as advertised
    The Swiffer Sweep+Vac does what it says it will do. Can't ask for more than that....more info
  • Best $30.00 I have spent!
    I love this item! I tell anyone I can about how great it is and I do not miss my broom and dust pan one single bit! I would buy another one in a heart beat and my husband makes fun of me for how much I praise it as I am using it. I would 100% reccommend it to anyone who feels like they are constantly sweeping their floor from all the messes our kids make. Buy this today and you won't regret it!...more info
  • the swiffer is great
    This is a great item to buy if you have hard wood floor, which collect alot of dust. It's amazing how much dirt the swiffer lifts from your floors. I was very impressed and would highly recommend this product!...more info
  • swiffer sweep & vacuum
    Works very well. Is light weight and easy to use. I love it and am so glad I got it....more info
  • Not Built to Last
    I LOVED this item when I first had it. It was just what I needed: a lightweight vacuum, unencumbered by a cord, that I could run around every day and pick up cat fur and cat litter. It made it really easy to keep my floors clean. Unfortunately, over time the motor became less powerful, even when fully charged. Eventually it just died and it wouldn't recharge. I've had it less than a year, and it's dead.

    I'm really disappointed. I just ordered a cordless electric broom from Oreck, hoping that you get what you pay for....more info
  • outstanding!
    I just bought this product and used it this morning on my three hardwood-floored rooms. It was simply outstanding! Light, easy to handle and effective! It even got up cat hair (I have 3 cats) and the small pieces of a broken crystal box (that one of the cats knocked off the table this morning). The charge on the vac lasted through the three rooms and was down to the point that it REALLY needed a recharge as I finished the third room (these kind of batteries work best when fully discharged before recharging, so battery life is a great fit for my needs).

    I couldn't have been more pleased with a hardwood cleaning tool than I am with the Swiffer SweeperVac....more info
  • Better Than Anything Else Out There
    It hasn't completely replaced the broom and dustpan, but it's super quick and easy for daily cleaning. As a mom of three boys I don't have time to mess around.

    I found it doesn't work great in corners or for bigger chucks like dog food, but works great for dust and light things like cheerios. It works very nicely for both my linoleum and laminate flooring.

    I recommend this item.
    ...more info
  • Works great for crumbs!
    I love this product because I can use it everyday to clean up under our kitchen table. The vacuum sucks up the larger crumbs while the Swiffer cloth picks up the small particles and dust. It is easy to assemble, charge and clean. I empty out the crumb compartment directly into the waste basket and scrape the filter after each use to reuse again. After about 3 months, I bought some refill filters. This Swiffer Vac has worked great for my 3 young boys. The cost of the swiffer cloths and the filters are far cheaper than hiring a cleaning service so I don't mind paying for them. ...more info
  • Good Tool
    The Vac lives up to it's promises. Does am excellet job on hardwood floors....more info
  • Happy Wife
    Ordered this product for my wife around Christmas time, She loves it.
    Easy to use and it does a great job....more info
  • Swiffer Sweep & Vac Eval
    Works great! Light, easy to manuver around,under furniture. Simple clean-up. Perfect for tile, vinyl, wood floors. Picks up pet fur, plant leaves, etc....more info
  • Awesome product
    This is the best little tool for quick clean-up. It is very powerful. Have a second one as a back-up because I don't want to be without one. Charge lasts pretty long too. Way to go Swiffer!!! ...more info
  • LOVE it
    4 stars because a more powerful vacuum is always appreciated, but honestly I couldn't live without it now. Our entire downstairs and front stairs are hardwood and it used to be such a pain to clean them that I would put it off for days. Now I clean them daily, in just a few minutes, and it's almost fun. I too have a cheerio- and goldfish cracker-eating toddler who deposits the crumbs over every surface, and I can actually keep up with her!...more info
  • Pretty handy in the kitchen
    I give this product four stars based on what I expected it to do, so don't read this and think this is the best invention ever to hit kitchen floors. The suction isn't as strong as a regular vacuum, but probably right around what you would get out of a dust buster, but without having to bend over or get down on your hands and knees. It has a nice long handle, very easy to use even for someone who's 6'0". The little dirt cup comes on and off pretty easily, although the filter is a little harder to snap out, and the first time I did it I ended up with dirt everywhere (which I then picked back up again with a second run of the Swiffer vac). It's probably just what you would expect: a Swiffer dust mop (which works pretty well on its own) with a little back-up for picking up bigger crumbs, cat litter, pet food, etc. Very handy if you own pets. ...more info
  • I love the Swiffer Sweep & Vac
    I can not say enough positive things about this little vac.....it has power it is easy to empty out it lasts for ever and it is not heavy to move around...more info
  • Perfect for my needs!
    This works perfectly for light clean ups in lieu of dragging out my electric broom or my regular vacuum cleaner.I have hardwood floors that have area rugs interspersed throughout and it is the best for picking up dog hairs, dust, etc. I JUST LOVE IT!!!

    ...more info
  • It Works!!
    This little sweeper works really well. My sister had one and loved it so I thought I would try it. It is perfect for quick pickups....more info
  • Swiffer Sweeper and Vac Starter Kit
    I really like the Swiffer sweeper and Vac it moves around very easy and it doesn't throw the dirt around like others do. I recommend this item highly....more info
  • mixed blessings
    This product is light duty in a couple of respects: easy to handle but not suitable for heavy work. It works well for those times when the floor ( never a carpet ) isn't grimy but needs cleaning.

    You get your hands dirty every time you switch pads and you buy pads as long as you use the product.

    Getting into corners and under couches and chairs is much easier with the swiffer than using a vacuum cleaner...The battery charger does not indicate when it is charged: a red light shows charging so you have to guess when the charge is sufficient.

    After a while you can sense when the motor strains: the battery is weakening or the plastic container fullofdirt. The container holds very little.

    The product works well in areas that have little square footage like a dorm room or small house. It is noisy.

    All in all, I like it....more info
  • Godd little vacuum
    Overall, we enjoy our swiffer. It works quite well. My only complaint would be it's short battery life. Other than that, it does a very nice job as a compact little vacuum....more info
  • Sucks

    If you gave this item a positive review, it's because you haven't used it for 7+ months. I've had it a little longer than that, using it sparingly--less than 15x total for a small apartment and the battery now lasts for less than 3 minutes between charges. In the beginning it would last about 20 minutes. For the 3 minutes it works, the suction is terrible. I regret buying this item. ...more info
  • Mother's Miracle
    I have a toddler, who loves to plant cheerios, bits of crackers, and anything else that she can get her hands on throughout the house. I always had a difficult time keeping up with her and keeping my house clean. The Swiffer Sweep'n'Vac came to the rescue. I thought this little vaccum/sweeper would be a waste of money at first, but it is continuously proven me wrong. The vac picks up everything from pet hair to broken glass flawlessly.
    I will admit that it can be a pain to clean out the filter; however, the few minutes taken to dump the canister and pull the dust from the filter is worth the pain saved from using a broom and dustpan. I can clean all 1500 square feet of my home in about 10 minutes and can do so about three times before having to recharge the vac!
    I have never had a problem with the wooden floors, which we just had installed last year, being scratched by the vaccum. I would most certainly recommend this product to anyone who asks!...more info
    This works better than I expected on my hard wood floors. With 2 dogs, I have lots of fur rolling around - this works perfect for those quick clean ups. However, it does NOT replace a vacume cleaner....more info
  • loved it initially. now...not so much
    i thought this was going to be the perfect solution for the daily dust that accumulates on my hardwood floors. initially, i was impressed. the swiffer seemed to pick up a lot of the dust. however, i was bothered by the plastic "vacuum" part, as it sometimes can scratch the floor if you're not careful. as another member wrote, it would have helpful if they would have put some rubber or something over the plastic vacuum part.

    as the months passed, i found that the vacuum didn't seem to pick up as much as it used to. i do clean the filter regularly (which is a dusty mess each time you do it), so i don't know what's going on. frankly, the vacuum just isn't strong enough for what i need it to do anymore. i've reverted back to my regular "super-strength" vacuum to get the job done.

    * lightweight
    * easy to use
    * works great for very light jobs
    * small and easy to store

    * vacuum not as strong as i'd like - more powerful motor would be great.
    * plastic vacuum part in front can scratch floors if you're not careful
    * cleaning the filter can be messy and can require you to swiffer the floor right after cleaning the filter! ...more info
  • Battery life...
    I really like the swiffer sweep and vac, however it's battery life is HORRIBLE! I would say that it only last about 15 minutes, this is my first time using it and I had it plugged in for about 48 hours before using it. I was so excited to use this product and I am happy with it besides the short battery life. So now I have to wait until tomorrow to finish!...more info
  • I bought it again
    I loved it so much that I bought another unit for my parents. It is great in that it is light and easy to use. The battery is still working after almost 3 years, although we did have to keep the power cord plugged in whenever it is not in use....more info
  • P&G is close to a great product.
    If they made three changes then this would be a perfect 5.
    1. Extend battery life,
    2. Alow you to use a wet pad, then you could mop and sweep at the same time,
    3. Make it quieter, so you didn't need ear protection....more info
  • Great for Harwood floors & finally found replacement filters!
    Great to use on hardwood floors and low nap rugs.
    Had a problem finding replacement filter bags until I used the Dirt Devil 3SG1550001 (found on the Dirt Devil site) these fit and work great.. while some people say they can wash and reuse the filters, I couldn't so finally found replacements ... ...more info
  • Its worth every penny plus more
    It does everything it claims to do plus more. I have 3 girls(my oldest is 4). I am constantly picking up crumbs and cereal on the floor. I was surprised by the review that said it does a poor job picking up cereal. It's the first floor vac. I've had that picks up whole pieces of cheerios. I have recommened this vac to 2 of my friends that feel exactly the same way I do. Out with the broom and hand Vac and let the swiffer take over. Thanks swiffer for making cleaning easier....more info
  • Review of Swiffer Sweep and Vac
    I have used this item in the past and loved it. This one, however, is defective. On the bottom of the sweeper is a flat surface on which a dust cloth is attached and next to it is plastic piece that collects the particles that are then vacuumed up. The plastic piece is not properly installed and scrapes the floor. I've been trying to work around it, but it doesn't always work.

    Too much trouble/money to send back. Do you usually get the defective models to sell on Amazon?...more info
  • swiffer
    I absolutely recommend this product. I have wood floors through out my house. If you have pets and a husband who brings things in on his shoes; you need this....more info
  • An Amazing Cleaning WEAPON!
    I would give this thing 100 stars if I could. Originally I bought it to sweep up the little particles of cat litter that seem to get all over the bathroom floor. The box states that it will forever replace the dustpan and boy is it right! It sucks up everything in no time flat including dust and hair in the bathroom. I threw out my dustpan because I will never need it again. No longer will my back ache by having to bend to the floor to sweep dirt into a dustpan and say goodbye to those annoying track lines you get with a dustpan. It takes seconds to use. The cordless feature is excellent. Also, it weighs NOTHING! I have even picked it up and used it to clean the top of my bathroom counters! I can't imagine anything getting any better than this. I use it on my hardwood floors and I have had no scratches whatsoever. I bought mine at Wal Mart and they also carry the replacement filters for it. I happen to like all the Swiffer products but this one is my favorite....more info
  • Great Item
    I love this item with my laminate floors. I can't believe this has as much suction for a little vac. I am very satisified....more info
  • Cleans well but dies before finished with house
    I am not sure if i messed up the battery on mine or not. When I took it out of the box i turned it on. then read the directions which say DO NOT TURN ON UNTIL YOU LEAVE IT PLUGGED IN FOR 24 HOURS. My Swiffer vac works great but dies before i am finished cleaning all the floors in the house my friends tell me that theres does not die. But i have alot of floor to clean also. SO DONT USE IT UNTIL YOU CHARGE IT and you will probably be fine...more info
  • Swiffer Vac
    Bought this locally and find it to be a very good replacement for the plain swiffer. I had to use a dust pan and broom with the latter, not now. The vac takes care of the chunks. HOWEVER, the filter sucks in cat hair and needs to be cleaned by hand. Still looking for a place to buy extra filters. Couldn't find them here or locally.

    JLemire...more info
  • Better than a broom, but not as good as I'd hoped
    I'd like to give 3 and a half stars, but since I don't have the option, I put 3. This product isn't bad - it is a good way to give a quick touch up on our tile floors. It's definitely less work than a broom, but is not quite as effective as I had hoped. We have a fairly large tiled area, and with 3 people (including 1 teenager) and 3 cats, there's a lot of dust, hair and crumbs on the floor. The sweeper did okay with the dust and hair, but the vacuum is only so-so on what it picks up. It would not pick up kitty kibble crumbs, for instance. A whole piece of cereal will not get vacuumed up, while a crushed piece of cereal probably will. The key to this product is to use it often - if the floor gets too dirty, it's too much for this product to handle. But for quick every day maintenance, it beats getting out the broom for sure....more info
  • Swift & Easy
    The Swiffer Sweep+Vac is great for all those hardwood or laminate floors in the home. Where other products just move the dog hair and crumbs around, the Swiffer picks it up and wipes the floor clean. A nice addition to your cleaning gadgets!...more info
  • Overall OK, but if you have brand new hardwood floor think twice
    It has good suction power, but in order to make vaccum work, they put a plastic tube like thing in the front. When you try to sweep the hard wood floor , that plastic tube is going to scrach the floor all over. They should have made it with same kind of rubber that is used on main base. Except that, this product is good....more info
  • Works great on hardwood floors
    I bought this to clean my hardwood floors and I've had excellent results. I just wish the vacum was more powerful, but still it does a good job removing the dust....more info