The Golden Girls - The Complete Fourth Season

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Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 01/25/2008 Run time: 624 minutes

Long before reality-show staples "Big Brother" and "The Real World" tapped into the drama and high-hilarity of cohabitation, the long-running "Golden Girls" paved the way into that prime-time show format. Only difference is that "Golden Girls" was pure fiction. Season Four stays true to the format that earned the series three Emmys and a Golden Globe Award: Three widowed/divorced friends in their '50s and one octogenarian mother and grandmother all share a home and their retirement in Miami, Florida. In a season that includes a UFO sighting and government cover up; the implications of drug addiction; a late-in-life wedding; the ridiculous '80s aerobics craze--spandex, headbands, leg warmers and all; a nightmarish nursing home; lesbianism; an intergenerational love triangle; and a trip to Rose's mythical St. Olaf; the episodes in Season Four are more entertaining and often downright risqu¨¦.

There are some notable cameos as well--Bob Hope steals the show in "You Gotta Have Hope" as the featured talent for Dorothy's hospital charity show; Richard Mulligan of "Empty Nest" bridges the spin-off link as the girls' newly widowed neighbor and object of Blanche's advances; Jay Thomas plays an overactive director in "High Anxiety," where the girls' kitchen is used as a TV commercial set; and blink and you'll miss a young Quentin Tarantino as an Elvis impersonator in "Sophia's Wedding." A terrific bonus feature captures the performances of all the season's guest stars on Disc One. Overall, Season Four is zestier and much less earnest than previous seasons, which is exactly what works about the series: the bawdier the grandmothers, the funnier the show. --Gabi Knight

Customer Reviews:

  • Golden Girls: Season Four
    "The Golden Girls" continued to be the funniest show on TV as it went into Season Four. Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia were all back together for another hilarious season. As far as where this season ranks with the three previous seasons, Season Four doesn't quite top Season Two. But it's right up there with Season One and Season Three, which is an amazing accomplishment. "The Golden Girls" was definitely at its peak when the fourth season aired.

    SEASON FOUR (1988-89)
    It's very hard for any TV show to continue being at the top of its game while going into a four season on the air. But "The Golden Girls" continued to excel and succeed as the fourth season played out. Episodes from Season Four to remember: Blanche and Sophia vying for the affections of a charming old Cuban guy; Rose winning the award as St. Olaf's Woman of the Year, and the girls traveling to Rose's home state of Minnesota for the awards ceremony; Sophia getting knocked on the head by a baseball at a baseball game; Sophia marrying her late husband's best friend; Blanche's brother who pays a visit and breaks some shocking news to Blanche; Blanche dating a blind man; Dorothy dating a man who, despite his plain looks, turns out to be the greatest lover she's ever had; the girls flashing back to Valentine's Day disasters; the girls putting together a charity variety show and trying to get Bob Hope to be their emcee (after Rose admits that Bob Hope is her father!); Rose trying to break an addiction of pills; the girls trying to get an old friend of Sophia's out of a nursing home that looks like a slum; the discovery that Dorothy might not be Sophia's daughter; and Blanche attempting to sell her house.

    After being rewarded with Emmys and Golden Globes for the first three seasons, the awards parade stopped for "The Golden Girls" after season four in 1989. After receiving 15 Emmy nominations and 4 wins for Season One, 14 Emmy nominations and 3 wins for Season Two, 12 Emmy nominations and 3 wins for Season Three, "The Golden Girls" received 10 Emmy nominations for Season Four and ended up being shut out. That was not right. One Emmy it should have won for its fourth season was for Estelle Getty, who I thought was going to repeat as Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for the second season in a row. But Rhea Perlman ended up winning the Emmy in a shocking upset as Best Supporting Actress for her role as Carla on "Cheers", and was her fourth win in that category. The Emmy should have gone to Getty, who was just as funny in Season Four as she was in Seasons One, Two, and Three. She continued to get the biggest laughs and continued to steal the show from her three co-stars Beatrice Arthur, Betty White, and Rue McClanahan (who all lost the Best Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy to Candice Bergen, winning her first of five Emmys for "Murphy Brown"). But still, 10 Emmy nominations is quite an honor for a fourth season of a show. Many times a show loses Emmy steam when it gets to its fourth season (not always, but sometimes).

    Season Four of "The Golden Girls" featured some unforgettable guest stars. As a matter of fact, probably the most memorable guest appearence on "The Golden Girls" in its entire seven year run came in Season Four. It's the most memorable because the guest star turned out to be one of the greatest Hollywood entertainers of our time. That guest star was the great Bob Hope, who made a surprise cameo appearence as himself in the episode "You Gotta Have Hope", which is the one where Rose thinks Bob Hope is her father. Other guest stars included Jack Gilford (from "Cocoon") as Sophia's new husband in the two-part episode "Sophia's Wedding"; Monte Markham as Blanche's brother with a dark secret in the episode "Scared Straight"; John Fiedler as Dorothy's plain-looking new lover in the episode "Love Me Tender"; Latin singer Julio Iglesias as himself in the "Valentine's Day" episode; Anne Francis as Dorothy's old school chum and competitive rival in the episode "Till Death Do We Volley"; Jay Thomas (from "Murphy Brown") as a TV commercial director in the episode "High Anxiety"; Inga Swenson (from "Benson") as Rose's little sister who comes to visit and charms Dorothy and Blanche but constantly keeps giving Rose the shaft in the episode "Little Sister"; and Ellen Albertini Dow (seen recently in the smash hit comedy "Wedding Crashers") as Sophia's friend stuck in a nasty nursing home in the episode "Sophia's Choice". Also making an appearence on "The Golden Girls" during Season Four was a then unknown Quentin Tarantino (several years before becoming a top-notch director of feature films such as "Pulp Fiction" and the two "Kill Bill" movies) as an Elvis impersonator in part 1 of the episode "Sophia's Wedding".

    "The Golden Girls": The Complete Fourth Season is a great TV show to add to you're DVD collection if you're a big fan of the show. I'm currently watching the episodes of Season Four, and I've been laughing my head off just like I did when I first saw these episodes over 15 years ago.
    ...more info
  • Oh, this is good.
    This is one of my favorite seasons and it includes my all time favorite episode of The Golden Girls, The Impotence of Being Ernest..the restaurant scene between Rose and Ernest is classic, it makes me chuckle every time. If there is one season that you should own of this show, it should be this one..but I would recommend them all, of course. There aren't that many shows that have four solid characters with an excellent plotline. I would say buy this as soon as you can, it's on my want list. ...more info
  • Golden
    This season was great! It has the Valentine's day special which is one of my favorites!...more info
  • YES!
    You will absolutely not regret buying this! Nothing is better on a lazy day than laughing with the Golden Girls!...more info
  • Terrific, as usual!
    I love, love, love the Golden Girls. They never cease to make me laugh. I actually buy these DVDs for my son! I guess he watched me watching them so much that he grew a love for the show. I'm collecting each season one by one. They are ALL great!...more info
  • the golden girls
    i love the show very much , but i think that its very expensive to own the all seruse' so if sambady can lower the price it would be even beeter
    but the golden girls dvd is great and funny !!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • LAUGH til it hurts!
    That is what you will do if you watch any DVD in this series. This sitcom was the funniest show ever to air and is still funnier than anything that is on television presently. If you enjoy a good laugh, and are tired of the garbage on regular television, buy one or rent one WON'T be sorry!...more info
  • Allows you to see the entire show in all it's glory
    I know you can see the reruns on Lifetime -- which is great, but these are the actual shows that first aired. The only comment I would have is that generally I've noticed that Lifetime is good about removing dialog that is "dated" like references to legwarmers, lol. Occasionally they shorten a "St. Olaf" story. They do a better job than some in deciding what to remove. TV Land should do as good a job on its shows (removing cigarette smoking for example) ...more info
  • Golden Girls Season
    Golden Girls Season 5 is a must have. The season features plenty of extras in edition to some of the very best episodes that aired of the series. A must have for anyone wanting hours of hilarious entertainment....more info
  • You won't be disappointed!
    Fantastic! I haven't been disappointed by any Golden Girls DVD's I have ordered from I own every season and watch them all the time! Great when you need a laugh.
    The quality of the DVD's is excellent and the delivery was speedy and efficient. Which I have become accustom to when ordering from

    ...more info
  • Every Season is Golden....
    Season Four is fabulous! If you are a Golden Girls Fan you have to have this one!! What am I saying?? You need ALL of them!!
    My most favorite ones are on here: When the "Girls" win the lottery ticket, Blanche's date with Ham, and the Auction one is great too!!

    This series is SO timeless. My daughter is 5 and she loves it!!
    My husband even loves it! Even though we seen all the episodes time after time, it doesn't matter.

    Can't wait for SEASON FIVE!!!!
    -Erica-...more info
  • If You Love The Golden Girls You Need This!
    If you love The Golden Girls you will love these DVDS, plain and simple. The bonus features stink (a top ten list of guest stars and ads for other DVDs), but the episodes are great! I don't buy a ton of DVDs, but the Golden Girls are a must-have for me! They don't make sitcoms like this anymore....more info
  • Another Golden Goodie.
    A great season of Golden Girls, although, I have read elsewhere in my travels that the first three seasons are the best,... something to do with the writers at the time. I do agree, though, that the first 3 seasons are the best. But, these episodes are still in style with 'Golden Girls'. Any fan would still get immense enjoyment out of the 4th season. Looking forward to buying season 5. It's been sooo long since 'Golden Girls' was on free to air TV down here in Oz....more info
  • I want it on region 2!!!
    I adore The Golden Girls but I want them in Region 2!!! What are you waiting, Buenavista?...more info
  • Better and better...
    Season 4 of the Golden Girls is here now, and if you have any doubts as to its pedigree, just look at the sales figures.

    Seriously! Other classic 80s TV series like Dynasty, Dallas, and Twin Peaks have all mysteriously stopped coming - due to poor sales. The Golden Girls is one TV run that we may well see released as a whole. Which is very, very good news.

    Anyway, back to the review at hand. Season 4 of the Golden Girls does two quite important things: it removes almost all of the pop culture references that littered Season 3, making its appeal even more universal, and it continues to build on the strong roots of multidimensionality laid down for each character in Season 3.

    For example, the 2-parter 'Sophia's Wedding' shows that Estelle Getty isn't simply playing Sophia for wisecracks - there's some very funny humanity in there, too. 'Scared Straight' has probably Rue McClanahan's funniest scene so far (dealing with the acceptance of her gay brother's coming out) and shows more of the versatility of the actress who so often gets predictable, if likeable, one-liners about her sexual past. Dorothy and Rose have similar depth added to them, "Two Rode Together" shows a manic and unreasonable side to the normally intractable Dorothy and 'The Impotence of Being Ernest' brings out the bitch in Rose Nylund.

    Situations run a gamut here, too, from homeless shelters to hospitals to questionable retirement homes to an hilarious little-old-lady beauty parlour run by recurring guest star Lloyd Bochner (Cecil Colby from 'Dynasty', fact fans).

    Writing is as together and as solid as ever, and, as a collaborative effort, "Golden Girls - The Complete Fourth Season" deserves top marks for sheer entertainment value. ...more info
  • Grand-daughter's review - my 23 year old grand-daughter loves the golden Girls so I have purchased her #1 thru 7.
    I also love them and what is amazing is how someone within that age span can enjoy the same DVD's....more info
  • totally funny
    Why don't they make shows like this anymore. We sure will miss the great Bea Arthur. I bought the complete collection for my son who is a big fan of the show and he as enjoyed viewing the whole series as quickly as possible. Now he is going back and watching again slowly to savor the good writing and fine comedy....more info
  • Classic comedy - The Golden Girls
    I am 29 years of age. I started watching "The Golden Girls" in my early 20s. I still don't understand what drew me to this show. Probably because my parents wouldn't let me watch it as a young child. During college, living at home, my younger sister and I, who shared a room, would stay up watching the reruns on Lifetime Television till midnight. We call each other "G-Girls." The comedy is quick and snappy. I especially love the sarcasm and glimpses of love between Dorothy and Sophia. Long live the stories from Sophia! I don't know why I started watching this show. I do not watch it to make fun of old people, rather, it gives me hope that life doesn't stop just because you get a few gray hairs. This show proves that the golden years truly are golden!...more info
  • Hope They release them all soon!
    I think that the Golden Girls season 4 is going to be awesome I can't wait to buy it because there are a bunch of episodes that I havent seen on the 1988-1989 series. I think most of all I want to see "Yes,We Have No Havanas" because I saw it once but don't remember it so maybe this season will get me caught up on the only last few episodes I didn't see on television. I also hope they put out seasons 5,6, and 7 on DVD soon also plus the Golden Palace so I can continue to buy my favorite television show of all time!!!!!...more info
  • Golden Girls OR Grannies for a Giggle
    Picture it.
    4 'women of a certain age' living the single life and sharing house.

    The Golden Girls was one of favourite comedy shows in the 1980's -and it lasted for 8 years - it rivaled 'Cheers' & 'The Cosby Show' as one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1980's and early 1990's.

    OK so the fashions are still offensive...God knows how much fabric Dorothy ( Bea Arthur) covered herself in...or the Mumsie suit dresses Rose ( Betty White) wore...while Sophia (Estelle Getty) wore clothes older than her ( and funnily enough she was playing Dorothy''s mother - was was younger than her!)..Blanche (Rue McClanahan) is the one who still looks good..if not a little like mutton-dressed as mutton.

    OK so I'm a bit cruel and the fashion hasn't aged well...but the jokes have...unlike Season 1,2 & 3 there was a change of scriptwriters so the jokes & gags aren't as funny, but still very much watchable. Sophia's story's are still funny (especially the old days in Sicily & Brooklyn) and some of her one liners are still magic, for example:-

    Sophia (now a coach) enters into the house with the team after winning a game and announces

    'Make way for the Victors!' Rose asks if the team won. Sophia replies
    ' No we just all changed our names to Victor'

    Yes the jokes are still there about deranged animals and lunatics of St Olaf, Blanche's Men and Dorothy's lack of Men...some of the storey lines do push it though - like Rose becoming 'Woman of the Year', Sophia's getting married & how they all buy and manage a Boxer(ideas were obviously thin this season and they were entering into jumping the shark waters)...Don't even ask about the fake flashback episode about Valentine Day! ( which is a shame as they do flashback episodes quite well throughout the seasons)

    Overall for the fans this is one they will treasure - for others - stick to Volumes 1,2,3 & the final season ( all the same writers).

    3 bad 80's frocks out of five....more info
  • golden girls season 4
    movie came very fast i couldnt watch it yet because im still on season 3!! but it came in perfect condition! and cheap!! very cheap good deal good buy...more info
  • A+ !
    Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClellahan and Estelle Getty return for yet another comedy-packed season as four older women sharing a house in 1980s Miami.

    Season 4 includes a number of unforgettable episodes, including a trip to Rose's long-fabled childhood home, St. Olaf, in "Yokel Hero"; a two-part wedding resulting from a whirlwind romance after a reconnection to a longtime Brooklyn friend; and looks-conscious Blanche dating going on a "Blind Date" with a man who truly is.

    The season is also rich with guests, including Bob Hope and Julio Iglesias.

    As always, the girls' fast-paced interactions are witty and hilarious. Yet between the lines, it's also clear their friendships are as strong as ever, and viewers could only hope for such love and support in their own lives.

    ...more info
  • A television comedy classic...
    Making its debut in the fall of 1985, The Golden Girls quickly established itself as a fixture of Saturday night prime time television. Following the lives of four older women living together as roommates in Miami, the show displayed a raw wit and a biting humor. The women live in the house of Blanche Devereaux (Rue McClanahan), a Southern belle who loves men of every kind and has dated every eligible bachelor in the Miami area. Her roommates are former high school teacher Dorothy Zbornak (Bea Arthur) and St. Olaff housewife and widower Rose Nylund (Betty White). Rose loves to tell stories about her former hometown, much to the chagrin of the other girls. The three are joined by Dorothy's mother, firebrand Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty), a spunky Italian immigrant who always speaks her mind. In her early-eighties, Sophia may walk at a measured pace, but the velocity of her sarcasm only increases with age.

    Overall, this is a charming situation comedy with likeable characters who have certainly developed their own unique identities. Although some parts of the show tend to be used over and over again (such as the St. Olaff stories and Dorothy's reaction to them), The Golden Girls never seems to grow tiresome. With powerful performances from each of the cast members, viewers will find that Sophia's wit steals the show...

    The Golden Girls (Season 4) DVD offers a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere "Yes, We Have No Havanas" in which Blanche and Sophia discover that they're both dating the same sweet-talking Cuban, prompting a heated competition for his affections... Other notable episodes include "The Auction" in which the girls try to pay for a new roof by profiting from the impending death of a celebrated painter, and "You Gotta Have Hope" in which Dorothy's hospital charity event is headed for disaster, at least until Rose reveals that her father, Bob Hope, will perform at the show...

    Below is a list of episodes included on The Golden Girls (Season 4) DVD:

    Episode 77 (Yes, We Have No Havanas) Air Date: 10-08-1988
    Episode 78 (The Days and Nights of Sophia Petrillo) Air Date: 10-22-1988
    Episode 79 (The One That Got Away) Air Date: 10-29-1988
    Episode 80 (The Yokel Hero) Air Date: 11-05-1988
    Episode 81 (Bang the Drum, Stanley) Air Date: 11-12-1988
    Episode 82 (Sophia's Wedding: Part 1) Air Date: 11-19-1988
    Episode 83 (Sophia's Wedding: Part 2) Air Date: 11-26-1988
    Episode 84 (Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket?) Air Date: 12-03-1988
    Episode 85 (Scared Straight) Air Date: 12-10-1988
    Episode 86 (Stan Takes a Wife) Air Date: 01-07-1989
    Episode 87 (The Auction) Air Date: 01-14-1989
    Episode 88 (Blind Date) Air Date: 01-28-1989
    Episode 89 (The Impotence of Being Ernest) Air Date: 02-04-1989
    Episode 90 (Love Me Tender) Air Date: 02-06-1989
    Episode 91 (Valentine's Day) Air Date: 02-11-1989
    Episode 92 (Two Rode Together) Air Date: 02-18-1989
    Episode 93 (You Gotta Have Hope) Air Date: 02-25-1989
    Episode 94 (Fiddler on the Ropes) Air Date: 03-04-1989
    Episode 95 (Till Death Do We Volley) Air Date: 03-18-1989
    Episode 96 (High Anxiety) Air Date: 03-25-1989
    Episode 97 (Little Sister) Air Date: 04-01-1989
    Episode 98 (Sophia's Choice) Air Date: 04-15-1989
    Episode 99 (Rites of Spring) Air Date: 04-29-1989
    Episode 100 (Foreign Exchange) Air Date: 05-06-1989
    Episode 101 (We're Outta Here: Part 1) Air Date: 05-13-1989
    Episode 102 (We're Outta Here: Part 2) Air Date: 05-13-1989...more info
  • Just love it
    When I`m getting old, I`m kind of hoping that I`m like the Golden Girls (more like Sophia)
    Those Girls rock, and they brought so much fun into my and my Son`s (8) life!...more info
    Thank goodness we diehard fans don't have to wait over 6 months for The Golden Girls fourth season to be released on dvd!!! I noticed this particular season the character of Sophia really shines. She competes with Blanche over a man, gets a pizza commercial (too funny!), gets laid and married (in that order), and is leading a full productive secret life! Way to go Sophia!!

    Although I love Sophia dearly, Dorothy is my favorite golden girl! Beatrice Arthur can make me laugh out loud just from her priceless facial expressions! I can't wait to purchase the Golden Girls intimate portrait dvd on November 15th because I missed it when aired on Lifetime. I'm totally looking forward to spending Valentine's Day with a box of chocolates and The Golden Girls Season 4!!! Okay! Okay! a hot lover will be nice too!!! Now only if the powers at be will finally release Maude on dvd!!!...more info
  • Another Hillarious Season
    As always this season provides plenty of laughs. Sophia is still sharp-tongued and Rose is oblivious to everything! CONDOMS ROSE! CONDOMS! CONDOMS!.....Valentine's Day. This is my favorite scene from the whole show! You'll roll in the floor! ...more info
  • Classic.. The Four and Only
    I am in my mid twenties and although I don't watch this show religiously like I once did, I do have EVERY SINGLE EPISODE MEMORIZED. Plus, there is something comforting when I flip through the channels and see that the Golden Girls are playing. I'm sorry- but I'm going to have to complete this DVD collection. This is the one collection over any other show EVER on television that i will always have the complete collection to. I will and have guarded these DVD with my life- they do get a special place on the shelf. I grew up watching the Golden Girls on friday night (when I was a little girl, of course) with my mother or grandmother. In my teenage years I designed my entire schedule around this show. Now, I'm out of college, working and in the real world, this show does really offer a comforting feeling. It takes me back to when things were good. This is a classic. I hope you enjoy this show as much as I do. Long Live the Golden Girls!...more info
  • "(As I have wrote before) MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER!"
    I have wrote a review for every season of "The Golden Girls." I AM A HUGE FAN OF THIS SHOW AND KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT IT! I have purchased all of the seasons so far and will continue right up untill the final season which is season 7. I love every episode of every season and have watched this show since the fifth grade. I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Thank you for being a friend
    These Golden Oldies knows how to have their audience in stitches from the first episode to the very last! Thoroughly enjoyed every second of every episode....more info
  • Awesome
    I am so happy that I purchased the Golden Girls Season 4......I took the free shipping and the package arrived in only a few days. I saved a couple dollars....and amazon was one of the only places that I could find the season......

    Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Entertaining!!!
    I've always loved the Golden Girls and having this DVD makes every evening entertaining. Excellent and funny and entertaining!...more info
  • Golden Girls Season 4
    Who doesn't love the Golden Girls? I have loved this show from the first time my Mom and I watched it together. This show is definitely a classic. I have purchased all seven seasons plus the Lifetime Intimate Portrait on all four ladies, and I just can't pick a favorite. From the first episode to the last, I lived, loved, and laughed with these Golden ladies. ...more info
  • Golden Girls 4th Season
    I am a Big Golden Girls fan, and I purchased the first 3 season as well. I must say this season is my favorite so far. It has more of the episodes I love. I would like thank Amazon for making them affordable! The best buy so far!!!!...more info
  • Golden Greats
    The series Golden Girls has and will remain one of the true comedy greats. If you love those wise-cracking one-liners and bemusing problems shared by four forever young ladies - some of the greatest TV comics ever - then this series IS for you! Season Four carries on the tradition of some of TV's best laughs... timeless! ...more info
  • Excellent
    I love the Golden Girls and it is just nice to have one more season!...more info
  • I am a BIG Golden Girls Fan!
    I Think that The Golden Girls is an awesome sitcom it is my favorite television show. I would also like to think that I am the biggest Golden Girls fan on the entire planet but I know I am not. I think season 4 is going to be terrific I can't wait to buy it!! I hope to collect every season Plus The Golden Palace if they put it on DVD. So all I can do is hope that I am able to get each DVD, so far I have and I am going to continue if so possible!!!...more info
  • Excellent as always.
    The Golden Girls - The Complete Fourth Season just keeps getting better and better. Every episode from this season is hilarious and I think some of the most intelligent and well-written episodes are in this season such as Scared Straight and Foreign Exchange. I highly recommend this "worth every penny" purchase. Have fun!...more info
    The Golden Girls-- Beatrice Arthur (Dorothy), Betty White (Rose), Rue McClanahan (Blanche), and Estelle Getty (Sophia)-- reach new heights of hilarity in Season 4 (1988-1989); which may possibly be the best season, overall, of this beloved sitcom. Many of the best-remembered episodes are here in Season 4, directed by the outstanding Terry Hughes:
    78: Yes, We Have No Havanas: Rose takes a history class from Dorothy in order to finally receive her high school diploma. Blanche and Sophia date the same man. Sophia calls Blanche a "50 year old mattress."
    79. The Days And Nights Of Sophia Petrillo: Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche spend a lazy day at home while Sophia, on the other hand, has an extremely active day out in the community.
    80. The One That Got Away: Rose and Dorothy see a U.F.0. Blanche sets out to seduce the one man she couldn't attract in high school.
    81. Yokel Hero: Rose is nominated as "Woman Of The Year" in her hometown.
    82. Bang The Drum, Stanley: After Sophia is bonked on the head by a baseball, Dorothy's ex-husband Stanley (Herbert Edelman) encourages her to file a phony lawsuit in order to get some quick cash.
    83. Sophia's Wedding, Part 1: Jack Gilford guest stars as Max, an old friend of Sophia and her late husband Salvadore. Dorothy is shocked when Sophia and Max plan to get married. Blanche and Rose start an Elvis Presley fan club. Look for an uncredited Quentin Tarantino as one of several Elvis impersonators who attend the wedding.
    84. Sophia's Wedding, Part 2: When Max moves in with Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, things get too close for comfort. When Max and Sophia's pizza/knish stand literally goes up in smoke, so does their marriage. Max and Sophia decide to go their separate ways, without getting divorced.
    85. Brother, Can You Spare That Jacket: The Girls frantically search for a missing $10,000 lottery ticket, and spend the night in a homeless shelter.
    86. Scared Straight: One of my favorite episodes. Blanche's brother Clayton (guest star Monte Markham) fears how Blanche will react when he tells her he is gay.
    87. Stan Takes A Wife: When Stan is unusually warm and supportive during Sophia's health crisis, Dorothy discovers she still has feelings for him.
    88. The Auction: Desperately in need of cash to repair a leaking roof, the Girls try to buy a painting; feeling certain the arrogant artist who painted it is on his deathbed.
    89. Blind Date: Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia coach a kids football team. Blanche meets the perfect man, (guest star Edward Winter) unaware, at first, that he is blind.
    90. The Impotence Of Being Earnest: In this hilarious episode, Rose helps her boyfriend Ernie overcome a very personal sexual problem.
    91. Love Me Tender: Another hilarious episode! Dorothy is initially furious when Sophia sets her up on a blind date. She is soon delighted, however, when she discovers that her average, meek and mild date Eddie (guest star John Fiedler) is a "love machine" in bed.
    92. Valentine's Day: The Girls recall Valentine's Days that went terribly wrong; including a trip to a nudist resort, and a trip to the drug store to buy condoms.
    93. Two Rode Together: Dorothy's desire to spend more quality time with Sophia nearly drives Sophia nuts. Meanwhile, Rose and Blanche attempt to write a children's book together.
    94. You Gotta Have Hope: There's no talent in the charity talent show, and no M.C, . either. Rose, however, remains convinced that Bob Hope will appear and make her dream come true. The Girls cross-dress as men while searching for Bob Hope in a locker room. Guest starring Douglas Searle, The Del Rubbio Triplets, and Bob Hope.
    95. Fiddler On The Ropes: Things are more rocky than "Rocky" when Sophia invests all the Girls' money in a Cuban prize-fighter named Kid Pepe, who would rather be an actor/muscian than a fighter.
    96. Till Death Do We Volley: The friendly "rivalry" and practical jokes between Dorothy and her high school friend Trudie ( guest star Anne Francis) goes wildly out of control.
    97. High Anxiety: Sophia appears in a pizza commercial. Dorothy and Blanche discover that Rose has a serious addiction to pain pills. Guest starring Jay Thomas.
    98. Little Sister; Everyone loves Rose's younger sister Holly (guest star Inga Swenson), except Rose, that is.
    99. Sophia's Choice: Sophia helps her friend Lillian escape from "Sunny Pastures" nursing home. Dorothy and Sophia soon discover that, due to limited resourses and increasing budget cuts, nursing homes struggle and barely meet the "minimum standard" requirements.
    100. Rites Of Spring: Desperately needing to diet, the Girls recall their previous attempts at self-improvement.
    101. Foreign Exchange: Due to a 60 year old hospital mix-up, Dorothy fears she is not Sophia's daughter.
    102-103: We're Outta Here. Parts 1 and 2: A "For Sale" sign is accidentally put on the lawn. When Blanche receives a large financial offer, she considers selling the house. Thus, the Girls recall the wild and wacky things they have shared over the years together.
    DVD EXTRA: A funny featurette spotlighting the many jokes and guests stars of Season 4 (on Disc One). ...more info
  • The Golden Girls are hilarious, as usual
    The fourth season is just a funny as the first 3. Always sure to brighten any day! A great addition to any collection large or small....more info
  • I wish someone had told me
    I'm from england and my mum and I are great fans. I have purchased series 1 to 3 with amazon an just recently purchased series 4 for my mums birthday, only to discover this series is not compatiable with uk dvd players. I'm highly disappointed as this was not made aware to me before hand. I'm sure this series is fab just like the rest! but for now ill have to wait to find this out.It has a 1 rating for now because i havent seen it :(...more info
  • Galaxy of Stars! Very useful for the English language learners!
    The Golden Girls has been my favorite show for more than 15 years. I have 2 vhs cassettes and some episodes are there and now as I have 3 dvds, I am going to get this 4th volume. I have found it very educational - if you want to learn and teach modern language skills in everyday use, then this show as well The Cosby Show are wonderful shows. I also have the book and it is very useful when you read along. So, don't waste time and get this show and let your children watch and write down some language twists you hear from the show! It is approved and tested and verified....more info
  • The Golden Girls the very best girls
    I like the serie very much. So i hope the whole complete serie will come on DVD. When i am a bit down this Golden Girls make me laugh again. Good serie good DVD....more info
  • Love those Golden Girls!
    I just love the Golden Girls after all these years. I'm glad they're finally on DVD....more info
  • Keep 'em coming!
    My wife loves the Gold Girls....I wish they would come out with the remaining seasons very soon!...more info
  • Amazing as always
    If you love the Girls, I will surely adore this serie. They are the four most brilliant girls we learned to laugh and cry with. Surely a good purchase. ...more info
  • Golden Girls Rule!
    Another season of Golden Girls!! More antics with your favorite characters. If you love them you will love this new DVD boxset.
    The box reads that many celebrity guest apperances occurr in this season, but is that the big selling point? Especially Quentin Terontino, he is mentioned on the front cover wrapping and back of the DVD case...Bonus features are disappointing...just a Top 10 Guest Appearance reel; but us Golden Girls fans have come to expect shabby extras, and it's not really why we buy the sets. Enjoy, and buy some cheescake :)...more info


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