Burberry Touch By Burberry For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.3 Ounces

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Product Description

Spicy & Masculine

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Customer Reviews:

  • It works!
    First, believe it or not, a little background:

    Back in the mid '70s, someone was trying to get me to sell a "health food" popular at the time. I did a little research and found that at the time anyway, health food had the highest markup of anything on the market except "cosmetics." And I think this product would fall into that category.

    In my younger days, I used witch hazel as aftershave. It worked as an astringent, didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Then, while dealing with the public, someone suggested quality cologne. I used a few different kinds, paying a lot for it. But this is the first one that people actually noticed!

    What else can one say about it? People notice it, and remember you for the scent??

    What's more, it was much less expensive here on Amazon.com than the same thing would have been at a department store.

    Yep, this stuff's the best....more info
  • Price sure beats Sephora and department store prices!
    I purchased this cologne for my hubby for Valentine's Day. I didn't want to pay the $60+ it is for this size at Sephora and most department stores. I was so happy to find it on Amazon.com for half the price! It arrived in perfect condition and super fast - received within 3 days of ordering with free super saver shipping! It was boxed and shrink-wrapped as if I had bought it at the store! My hubby loves the cologne and also appreciated the $ I saved! He smells delicious! Thanks Amazon and Burberry! ...more info
  • Excellent
    The price on Amazon is half you would spend in any store, definitley worth the price, and it came within a few days....more info
  • yummaliciously sexy
    this cologne is by far the sexiest cologne for men. it's very understated which makes it even more sexy. ladies.... i highly recommend this for your men....more info
  • Growing on me
    First impressions were a bit sweet for my tastes. However, the scent does grow on you, and now I prefer this to my other choices. Give it time to develop...there are subtle changes over the hours while wearing. Pleasant and mature....more info
  • soo nice
    thisis my favorite.. I check them all out in the department stores and this one has the nicest smell. it also lasts a long time...more info
  • Excellent Price - Excellent Product!
    I bought Touch by Burberry at one of the leading retail stores for $65.00. When I got home, I decided to check Amazon to see what price they offered. I shouldn't have been surprised that they had the exact bottle for half the price. The next time we need to purchase a product, we will check with Amazon first! ...more info
  • Best Scent and Cheap Price
    I love this cologne! It's my favorite and Amazon sells it for almost half price! It was delivered quickly and in the original packaging. ...more info
  • Nice scent for young men
    I bought this for my college age son as a stocking stuffer at Christmas. He loves it and his girlfriend loves it. I purchased a little over and ounce for him from a local department store a year ago but he ran out. I found a big cost savings by purchasing through Amazon. Delivery was fast. ...more info
  • Uniquely Burberry
    One of these things is not like the other! which is the best description for this cologne for it stands out from the rest in its individuality. Its scent is that of its own and I have not found a facsimile. Which in purchasing cologne is hard to do. This one is around the top of the list for its originality and its wonderfully masculine scent step up your game without breaking your bank. By my interpretation it is best worn casually...more info
  • Very unique MALE fragrance
    Cologne is obviously a matter of personal taste. This particular scent I feel is very professional and not overly distasteful and overwhelming.

    Wear it for that first date or business meeting....more info
  • spicy and masculine
    I was looking for a different scent other than the famous ones like Black, Armani, BLV, Hugo which I have used before. This certainly has a spicy and a masculine scent and is good for party / night wear. Used it a couple of times and already received compliments. My girlfriend loves it too :) ...more info
  • The best
    Without a doubt, this is the best smelling scent for men around. Clean, crisp, never heavy and perfumy smelling. ...more info
  • Nice, but definitely a mature fragrance...
    This is a nice cologne. The previous reviews about the scent are correct, the most noteworthy being the fact that you should use it sparingly. After all the other scents have faded (which is within about 5 minutes of putting it on), you're basically left with a musk - which isn't overpowering, but definitely noticeable and lingering - and a little hint of vetiver/sandalwood.

    As stated in the title, this cologne seems to be suited for those in their mid 30's and older and for more formal situations, which is the only reason I took a few stars off. I like more flexibility in a fragrance.

    All in all, a good cologne, though....more info
  • Dump this
    If your dog hasn't had a bath lately and you want him to smell more like dog then dump a bottle of this stuf on him/her/it. Other reviews stated that there was a pepper fragrance. There was. It will make your dog, and you, smell like you were given a full dose of pepper spray and did not bother to wash it off or could not wash it off.

    Sorry, but I bought this for myself and for a gift shipped directly to my son. I want my money back as well as the feeling I had before becoming such a sucker....more info
  • Nice fragrance, but cheaper elsewhere
    Not too overpowering, subtle fragrance that is long lasting describes Burberry Touch beautifully packaged in side and out and encased in a grey flannel sack--some very classy marketing overall. Touch has a mildly musky scent, so use it in small amounts. This isn't a "splash on" cologne..a little goes a long way. If you look carefully, you can purchase this cologne for $24.95 at local TJ Maxx discount retailers. Check it out before you spend over $30 here at Amazon. ...more info
  • Great for men
    This is a great scent for men - clean and refreshing but not too strong...more info
  • Incredible Scent!
    Burberry Touch for men smells incredible. It opens with strong notes of violet, then transforms into a pepper and oakmoss scent. Then it dries down into a white musk and tonka bean heaven. It is definitely one of Burbery's top scents and I highly recommend it. People will compliment you on how good you smell when you wear this. On top of that, the bottle is very elegant with a rosewood top. Amazon also offers this a lot cheaper than most department stores, where they usually sell it for around $67. ...more info