Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 6.7 Ounces

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Product Description

Acqua di Gio for Men has a delightful aroma consists of lavender, juniper, freesia, cumin and is accented with ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood and amber

  • Launched in 1996
  • Perfect for casual wear
  • This fragrance CANNOT be shipped to CALIFORNIA

Customer Reviews:

  • Great floral but very strong at first
    I ordered the Acqua Di Gio after getting a sample at my gym and having my wife exclaim that she loved it. However, she loved it after I'd had it on for several hours. When I bought the 1.7oz bottle and put it on, she said it was way too strong at first, and it took a few hours to "mellow out" enough to be enjoyable. Definitely gets noticed when in close quarters :)...more info
  • pleased
    I ordered this product for my husband, and was excited to get such a good deal on it.. I will order it again! It got to me very fast and i am very pleased....more info
  • best smelling ever!
    I bought this cologne for my husband for the first time on a cruise last year. We bought another bottle this year. It is the best smelling cologne ever for a man. He wore it to the market last week and 2 women in the Deli followed us all the way to Produce just to see what the name of the cologne he was wearing was named. Now that is how you can tell it smells good!...more info
  • Nice Perfume
    Aqua di Gio still is one of my most complemented perfumes. Women always say good things about it so its a safe bet for a gift.

    Is a little strong so be gentle when using it on the office. The 1.7 oz goes fast if its your only cologne so better get the big one.

    Get it. You wont be dissapointed....more info
  • This company sells fake perfume
    This company fragrancevilla sells fake perfume, I do not want to let this go. Its not right. I am Pretty upset about it FAKE!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK, I will fight them in small claims court for principle! We should all do it! and filed a complaint with the BBBand when I opend this box I was very unhappy,becouse I see this two items was not originals...return this are very difiicult to me becouse it does it cost about 80$ can check that too.. I spend 105$ for what?this trash?you shoud help me about full refund my money(105$)..30$ refund to me and 75$ is still not can I return this product?if you need this trash fragrances you can yourselves return its I do not need imitation is dangerous our health to wear Read less...more info
  • Dollar Store Smell for a Designer Price
    I use to buy $1 knock off of famous cologne from the Dollar Store. That is when I got hooked on the clean, refreshing, but not over powering scents. But of course the scents didn't last long. So I plunked down my money and got Gio, the most I ever paid. I was scared I would over do it, you know, take a bath in it type smell. You know, I got no reaction, no one knew I was wearing it, so on I sprayed on more, and more. My daughter has alergies, when I get happy with the Old Spice lets me know it. She couldn't smell Gio. I mean my wife had to stick her nose on my neck a half an hour later to smell it. Yeah, I don't want to gas out a room with too much, but still this is a joke. I don't know if it was cut with alchohol or what, but I think it has to be thinned out. Bottom line, it smells great as you mist it on, like the smell. I am going back to Old Spice. What I am looking for is that "you smell great" when I am sitting next to my wife, with Gio, eh, can't tell I used it. I am a loyal, and frequent Amazon customer, overall good value for money, timely deliveries, it's not their fault. ...more info
  • Seriously, stay away at all costs
    The insane, enduring popularity of this cologne absolutely confounds me. It is instantly recognizable for its cloying, sickly sweet middle tones. It's incredibly aggressive, like lemon pledge gone bad. Do your neighbors on the subway a major service and stop using this vile product....more info
  • Best I own.
    I own about 8 - 12 different colognes at any given time. No matter what I buy, this gets the most compliments. ...more info
  • Aqua di Gio by Armani
    A great service and transaction via for this perfume by Armani .. The "dolce vita" always in my skin .. Aqua Di Gio .. and nothing else....more info
  • Best Scent Ever!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been using Aqua Di Gio since it first came out in the mid to late 90's and it is by far my favorite scent. Very citrusy and delicious but not overbearing. I believe it is best worn in the warmer months though. Although you can get away with wearing it year round!...more info
  • Excellent men's cologne
    Makes a statement without overpowering. This is a cologne for men that don't need a potent fragrance to overwhelm anyone. This is a subtle scent that women love, and find attractive. If you aren't looking for AXE or TAG adolescent type colognes, this gentlemen's cologne will enhance, not smother your personality....more info
  • Established perfume at a good price
    Can't beat $75.xx for a 200ml bottle of Acqua Di Gio. Anyone who has used this perfume before knows how good it is. ...more info


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