Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless-Steel 14-Piece Cookware Set

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Product Description

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless Cookware Collection was inspired by the kitchens of France and the chefs that train and work in them. The line features 18/10 stainless steel and pure aluminum encapsulated in the base for fast and even heating. The pans are unsurpassed at distributing heat quickly and spreading it evenly with no hot spots. The stainless cooking surfaces do not discolor, won't react with food or alter flavors. Interiors are not nonstick.Set includes:1.5-qt. Saucepan with lid3-qt. Saucepan with lid4-qt. Saute pan with Helper Handle and lid8-in. Open Skillet10-in. Skillet with Lid9-qt. Stockpot with lid7.8-in. Multi-Steamer Insert with lid 9.45-in. Pasta InsertPlease note this item is not recommended for Induction cooktops.

Cooks shopping for midweight stainless-steel cookware at a mid-range price may well have found their match with this cookware set from Cuisinart. Equipped to handle most common cooking tasks, the 14-piece set includes a 1-1/2- and 3-quart covered saucepan, an 8- and 10-inch covered skillet, a 4-quart covered saute with helper, and a 9-quart covered stockpot, as well as a 7-3/4-inch covered steamer insert and 9-1/2-inch covered pasta steamer insert.

As part of Cuisinart's Chef's Classic line of cookware, all pieces are made of 18/10 stainless steel that has been polished to a brilliant mirror finish and that won't react to acidic foods. An inner core of aluminum ensures that foods heat quickly and evenly without hot spots that can burn foods. The riveted stainless-steel handles on the cookware stay cool on the stovetop and the matching 18/10 mirror-polished stainless-steel lids seal in moisture and nutrients for healthier, more flavorful results. In addition, the cookware pieces provide tapered rims for drip-free pouring and all pieces are dishwasher-safe. All cookware in Cuisinart's Chef's Classic line is oven-safe up to 450 degrees F and covered by a limited lifetime warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • 1-1/2- and 3-quart saucepan, 8- and 10-inch skillet, 4-quart saute, 9-quart stockpot, 7-3/4-inch steamer insert, and 9-1/2-inch pasta steamer insert--all with covers
  • Mirror-polished 18/10 stainless steel with inner core of aluminum for fast, even heating
  • Riveted stainless-steel handles stay cool on the stovetop
  • Matching 18/10 mirror-polished stainless-steel lids seal in moisture and nutrients
  • Oven-safe to 450 degrees F; limited lifetime warranty; dishwasher-safe

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Price and a great set of pans
    Great set of pots and pans. Nice weight a pan for just about everything. Food does not stick in it and it cleans up easy. I love them and would really recommend them. Amazon had the best price, I did some shopping around and Amazon always delivers in a timely manner and I have never had a problem with anything I have ever purchased from them. These pans are very worth the money....more info
  • Beautiful, Durable Cookware!
    After much deliberation, I decided to buy this 14-piece set. Really, some of the reviews were scary. I went to our local Bed Bath and Beyond just to hold the cookware and check it out. I fell in love with it.
    I have had the pans a few months now and they look like the day I pulled them out of the box (thanks to Bar Keepers Friend). They heat well and evenly and look wonderful. We are building a rack to hang them up in the kitchen so they aren't clanging and banging around in the cupboard. I highly recommend this set!...more info
  • nice set for the price
    I hastily purchased this set, after reading all the reviews, during the limited 1 hr gold deal, with literally 40 seconds to spare. I am sure glad I did. It was a bargain at $140. I'm replacing old non-stick coated pans for safety sake. I do notice how much more evenly these heat up and also how much hotter they get, so I have to turn the temp down a little bit. In a previous review, I saw a photo of a pot that was damaged due to boiling water in it. Come on. I don't see how that could be possible with these or any other metal set. Mine boils water better than perfectly :-) The handles do stay cool to the touch. I wish the large frying pan handle was a little broader though so that it would be a little easier to pick it up full with more stability, but that's minor once you get use to it, considering the price. These are very shiny and I want to build a nice hanging rack for them to be displayed and easily accessed. There were reviews about the large strainer insert for the deep kettle being too small/short for the deep kettle. There is a 2" space between the bottoms, just like another brand I have. I like that so I can boil 2 inches of water for steaming large amounts vegetables, like a whole head of cauliflower and/or broccoli and also use the smaller steamer insert on top for whatever else. I'm glad I didn't spend a lot of money on this set that will last me for many years....more info
  • Good but poor service from Cuisinart
    This is a good set for the price. But expect it to discolor almost immediately after a few uses. If you have an electric cooktop, it could overheat and melt the copper and the bottom will separate. Construction and design is not for people who cook all the time....more info
  • frying pan came apart
    Bottom of the frying pan separated from the rest of the pan. Guess you get what you pay for....more info
  • Good but poor service from Cuisinart
    This is a good set for the price. But expect it to discolor almost immediately after a few uses. If you have an electric cooktop, it could overheat and melt the copper and the bottom will separate. Construction and design is not for people who cook all the time....more info
  • frying pan came apart
    Bottom of the frying pan separated from the rest of the pan. Guess you get what you pay for....more info
  • Awesome
    When I was buying this product, I read some of the reviews and I can say they were way off base. I absolutely love using this set of pans. I had previously bought some Cuisinart pans before and was very pleased with them. The high shine of the pans releases food particles easily. One should use a Teflon pad for cleaning the pans. The covers fit snugly, keeping the steam inside the pan. The handles are great, I can go from the stove top to the oven and not have to worry about melted plastic. I need one more pan which I will buy in the near future....more info
  • Great stainless set!
    Bought this set after a long search for a stainless steel set. The price attracted me to this set and I am so glad that I found it. They look nice, and the food turns out wonderfully. If you follow the directions and cook at a lower temp you don't have issues with food sticking. Any stuck on foods can easily be removed with Bon Ami which is inexpensive and environmentally friendly. I highly recommend the set. ...more info
  • Best Stainless Steel set for the price
    I've been using this set for about 4 months. For two months I looked at different stainless steel cook sets (Costco brand, the Cuisinart MultiClad 12 pc and others) in the $200 range, and settled on the Chef's Classic at $160.

    The value for the money is excellent. The set is pretty, sturdy and well constructed. The handles stay cool and the pans heat up evenly. As my mother would say: "every pot has a lid". The steamer is ingeniously designed to fit every pot.

    Yes, the stainless steel pan and pot bottoms do discolor (doesn't everything?). But that's not a big concern for me, as I use my set every day, and am more concerned about how they perform.

    I'm expecting this set to outlive the much cheaper, 20 year old set it replaced.

    I also got a 5.5 qt Multipurpose pot with Glass cover and a Santoku knife as a bonus mail-in gift which sweetened the deal....more info
  • Cuisinart Cookware Set
    I did my research on stainless steel cookware on quality and price. I found that Cuisinart had the quality I wanted and had the best price and service. Everything I have purchased from has been at a good price and the service was fast. ...more info
  • Great Pans
    I got these pans because I was worried about toxins in the teflon type of pans. These pans cook food beautifully. At first I was using heat that was too high which caused food to stick to the frying pans and required a lot of soaking to get out. Now that I put the heat much lower, I have not had any trouble. I love being able to pop the pans and lids into the dishwasher - they come out looking like new! ...more info
  • Poor Quality Stainless & Machining
    I bought this Cuisinart cookware to replace a set of Revere Ware that was well over 40 years old. I should have kept the Revere Ware. First, the Cuisinart Chef's Classic stains and spots even if I just boil water. There appears to be flaws in the stainless. The interior surface is not so smooth as other stainless cookware, so food sticks unnecessarily. The bottoms are not well machined and not polished and stain very easily.

    The stock pot has been used only to boil water, yet the inside bottom is pitting. The quality of the metal is extremely poor as is the bonding of the aluminum to the stainless. Cuisinart says to not set heat above medium, probably because of the low metal quality and very bad metal bonding.

    I bought this Cuisinart Chef's Classic cookware with a pot rack to store and display it. Now I am embarrassed for anyone to see it because of the stains and discolorations. Because of this poor quality, the Cuisinart Chef's Classic cookware is hardly worth the price. I could have done much better in a discount department store for less than half the cost. My son bought the Kirkland brand from Costco for less and he has a much, much better quality product, by far.

    I had problems with the poor quality of an expensive Cuisinart blender, but took a chance on the Cuisinart Chef's Classic cookware based on the positive feedback on this site. If there were a way to give it back, I would. The quality is so poor, I definitely cannot recommend it to anyone.

    Cuisinart Customer Service had me send 2 pots to them to review. They sent me an invoice. Customer Service is set up to deny the poor quality. They were worse than no help at all. I will never buy another Cuisinart product again. Amazon should drop Cuisinart for better quality products and companies....more info
  • Good Product
    Beautiful product, not as heavy weight as I expected. Short term this cookware has exceeded expectations, long term is yet to be seen....more info
  • Great Value
    I bought this set for our vacation house. I have All Clad at home, and I must say this is a close second! I don't really care how it looks, because I don't have this out. But it performs really well for the $$. I love the pasta insert! Just make sure to remove it in the sink!...more info
  • Great cookware
    This was given as a gift. The person loved it. She is a professional cook and has enjoyed using this product. Will buy more Cuisinart Chef Classic cookware....more info
  • Quality falling off ... beware of free offers.
    I have purchased several different Cuisinart items over the years and the quality of the pieces is noticeably different (and poorer) over the years. It is now made in China (what isn't) and the packaging is incredibly flimsy and cheap.
    Also the last set I bought had free offers which disappeared from amazon one week after the purchase. If I hadn't cut and pasted the info when I made the purchase I would have been SOL. I am still trying to find out why Cuisinart's fulfilment center did not send the free offers, they have not replied to four emails so SOL there anyway. I noticed that some of the tags/barcodes that were supposed to be included in the redemption did not even exist anywhere on the packaging, so there was no way to comply with the terms of the redemption.
    All are signs of a company going downhill rapidly so beware when purchasing Cuisinart pots and pans that it may not be up to the standards you expect, it certainly has not been what I expected.
    Also be aware that any advertised free offers on amazon are not guaranteed and are no better than the company that offers them. Make sure you print or save all the info at the time of purchase because amazon can and will take it down at any time. This quite surprised me, that even following links from my account info I could not connect to the original offer information. Caveat emptor indeed. ...more info
  • Read Fine Print
    Love the cookware,the only problem i had was not reading the fine print which caused me to ruin the inside bottom (discoloration)of my stock pot,thank goodness it is the only pot i store in my cabinet,my others are displayed on my pot rack.I was cooking fresh collards from a friend and i always add a dash of baking soda to them in case they are bitter! After cooking them i washed the pot and the bottom was purple,pink and gray! I used the barkeepers and that did not work i was out done.I took the manual out and read it and found that it stated not to use lemon dishwasing detergent but nothing about baking soda i don't remember where i read it if it was on the box or the cuisinart web site but it says never to use baking soda in these pots.I have never owned stainless steel cookware before and figure that perhaps this review will help new users!Other than my own stupidity I give these pots 5 stars....more info
  • Best Cookware I've Ever Used
    They heat quick, clean easy, and look fabulous. I highly recommend them over any of the more expensive brands. ...more info
  • Good starter set
    I purchased this set recently when I decided to replace all my non-stick cookware with stainless steel. It offers an excellent value for your money. The quality is good and the pots are beautiful. One concern is that the size of the pots is often either too small or too big for the needs of my family (2 adults, 2 six-year old girls). The pasta pot is huge. The small sauce pans are tiny. I'm happy with this purchase, but I wish they offered an in-between size. Also, I've only used my set for a short while, but the inside of most pots and pans discolored after the first use: it became dull and tarnished. I had intended to clean them in the dishwasher, but when I noticed this discoloration, I cleaned them immediately after use by hand with a detergent that didn't contain orange extract as they recommended. I couldn't get rid of this tarnish. I haven't yet tried the other cleaning products they recommend to see if that solves this problem. I just have never owned cookware (including stainless steel) that had this problem and I wish I didn't have to go through an extra step to keep this cookware looking like new....more info
  • the best pots and pans I have ever owned!!
    Within the last year I purchased one pot and one sauce pan from two different local discount stores. I had researched Cuisinart and these were less then half price that were advertised online. I wanted to try them out before getting a whole set.
    After a few months of use, I found them to be the best pans I had ever owned. I didn't have any paperwork that came with the two pans so it was trial and error. I soon found that medium heat was the best temperature to cook with, any higher heat... except when boiling water... could burn the food. Clean up was a snap. When I took the food out of the pan, I squirted liquid dishwashing liquid and hot tap water in it and let it sit. When the pan cooled it washed up with ease.
    I was so very pleased with what I had, before Christmas I ordered the 14 piece set.
    I had a complete set of Calphalon and hated using it. Cooking wasn't bad but clean up was awful!! I even used their expensive recommended cleaner. With a lot of elbow grease and their cleaner, the pots many times didn't come clean and needed a second round of the same:(:( I was ready to give these up. When my new Cuisinart set arrived, I sent my old set to a half way house.
    I cook a lot and have really enjoyed this set. A few things I learned... except for boiling water cook on medium heat or food may burn. It will take a few extra minutes but the results are worth it. If food is stuck on after cooking, squirt liquid dishwashing soap into the pan after getting the food out and then hot tap water and let the pan sit. After dinner it will wash up great.
    The reviews on this site gave my the tip of using Bar Keepers Friend and it is the best for cleaning up accidental burning or stuck on food!! I love to fry fish and this cleans up the pan in a snap. My kids have burnt food cooking on high and Bar Keepers Friend does the trick with clean up. After cooking eggs I soak the pan with detergent and hot water and the eggs wash right out. No problem with cleaning at all.
    The company's ought to get together and put a bottle of Bar Keepers Friend in the Cuisinart cookware set as a bonus.
    If there were more stars to give this product I would rate it 150% plus.
    My bonus gift, Cuisinart Quick Prep Hand Blender, arrived yesterday as promised... no glitches.
    So, great price, great product and bonus rebate gift a plus. I highly recommend this product to anyone... especially those who want a reasonably priced set of cookware that cooks great and cleans up just as easily. ...more info
  • Great Starter!
    After going back and forth with Macy's, I decided to purchase this cookware from Amazon. I read the many reviews and it's a beautiful cookware set. I did have some trouble with some of the food sticking to the pans, but that is to be expected, since it is stainless steel. The the polished mirror finish does scratch a bit when using different types of sponges. Otherwise, a great product and always Amazon had great prices and shipping....more info
  • Dissapointed by quality - Not like my other Cuisinart
    I purchased this set a year ago. I already had the 12 inch skillet, the 5 qt. saute pan and a 2 qt. saucepan, which I LOVE and use on a regular basis. I expected this set to be the same quality as these other Chef's Classic pans that I had purchased individually, but the pans in this set just don't measure up.

    The first thing I noticed is that these pans are lighter weight. The 3 qt. saucepan from this set is much lighter than the 2 qt. saucepan I already had. This would be okay, except that food tends to stick more easily to the 3 qt. I think the botton of the pans in this set must be thinner than my other Chef's Classic. Also, these pan do spot more- I use Barkeepers Friend for all my Cuisinart, but I find the pans in this set discolor every time I use them, which is annoying.

    My biggest beef is with the pasta insert. I chose this particular set because it included the pasta insert, but the pan is not just useless - it is a menace. The holes are way to small, and the water drains out very slowly. The first time I used it, boiling water flooded over the top and splashed over the stove and onto the floor when I lifted the insert out of the pot. I've tried using less water, lifting the pasta insert slowly, etc. and it still splashes whenever I use it. Today I purchased a Faberware 8 qt. pasta insert- it has much larger holes and when I tried it tonight I couldn't make it splash even when I practically jerked it out of the pot.

    Compared to other cookware the quality of this set is decent, but my other Chef's Classic is so much better quality that this set mostly sits in the cabinet. If you want to buy a set, go with the 10 or 12 piece set. You'll save some money and you can use it to buy a pasta pot you can actually use....more info
  • Great Buy for the price.
    Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless 14-Piece Cookware Set
    This cookware is beautiful. I waited till I had cooked several different things to write a review. I just cooked an omelet in the small frying pan using cooking spray. The omelet browned nicely and even the shredded cheese did not stick. Just a quick wash will do nicely. I have used the diswasher, they cleaned up perfectly. I had a little sticking in the steamer insert and had to soak a little. The inserts are not as smooth inside as the cookware. If you want this cookware to have no spots or discolorations after cooking, use a gentle stainless cleaner like cameo or barkeepers friend. I find this true with all stainless cookware but only necessary if you want it to look its best inside and out. The weight is perfect. Heavy enough to be quality, but not too heavy to be cumbersome. The pasta insert is a bit disappointing, in that it does require way too much water since the insert is smaller than the pot, hence it takes longer to boil the water. Metal utensils do cause light scratching on the inside, but that is to be expected as well. Overall I am very pleased with this cookware. For the price, it is a good buy....more info
  • After six months of use still pleased!
    I bought this set about six months ago and have been pleased ever since. I wanted a set that wasn't too heavy, not non-stick, dishwasher safe and of course cooked well and was within budget.

    So right away a bunch of cookware was eliminated (tfal and other nonsticks, hard anodized must be hand washed; La Creuset is too heavy for me) So I narrowed it down to SS.

    This set is very shiny and I like that, but of course you have to either clean it well (try bar Keepers Friend) or live with spots. I use the dishwasher and don't care about the spots and discoloration. We have hard water so there are quite a few mineral deposits, but I figure its cookware and I don't store it on a potrack so I dont care.

    These heat well and even and seem to cook better than my Wearever Hard Anodized non stick set they replaced. One thing I had to adjust was cooking at medium or lower because they conduct heat so well. I also wasn't used to cooking without nonstick, so it took a bit of practice to keep things from sticking, such as sauces.

    I would buy these again and in fact going to add a few more pieces....more info