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Webkinz features the exciting online experience where your plush pet comes to life! It all begins when you bring your Webkinz plush toy home, and you pick the name and determine whether it's a boy or a girl. After adoption, you are shown your pet's room, and can use your 2,000 in KinzCash to decorate, buy furniture, clothes and food from the W Shop. Your pet relies on you to take care of it by monitoring the Happy, Health and Hunger meters. Webkinz received the 2006 iParenting Media Award and 2007 Toy of the Year (TOTY). Measures 10". Not recommended for children under 3.

Minimum Supported Browsers: Windows - Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7.2, Firefox 1.0, AOL Explorer 1.5. McIntosh - Safari 1.2.3, Internet Explorer 5.2.3, Fire Fox 1.5, High-speed Internet Required, Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768. Requirements may change; check www.webkinz.com for latest revisions.

  • The virtual version of the plush animal comes alive online in Webkinz World when activated with the special code that comes with every plush animal
  • Every Webkinz is made with great care so when you register your pet you can care for it as if it were a real pet!
  • Collect all of the cute and cuddly styles - over 45 different Webkinz currently available
  • Every Webkinz plush pet is unique. From the floppy ears of the Beagle, to the soft fur of the panda - something different that appeals to everyone!
  • Webkinz World is updated every two weeks so be sure to visit frequently to see what is new and exciting for you to explore!

Customer Reviews:

  • webkinz lots of fun
    Webkinz are beanie babies and neopets all rolled up into one. My daughter loves to play with the animals and my son loves to get online and play the arcade style games to win kinzcash so he can buy food, clothes, cars, and accessories for the animals. It is very safe online place for kids, they can send messages back and forth but they are pre-scripted sentences that kids can choose from, they cant write their own. ...more info
  • Awesome!
    This is my daughter's 14th Webkinz, she loves animals and looks forward to their arrival. What a great concept!...more info
  • In love with Webkinz
    I wanted a "pet" at work as I live there more hours per day than at home. I love Hubert. He is so sweet and I can take a much needed break to care for him online. Very fun and sweet....more info
    This WebKins elephant is so cute! My children and all of their friends love to play webkins on the computer with each other!...more info
  • Great!
    I couldn't decide which one to buy, so I bought several and dispersed them at Easter to all my nieces and nephews. They were a big hit!...more info
  • Cute and fun
    The Webkinz elephant is very cute. What more can you say. It is virtually impossible to find in the stores. The ability to access the Webkins webpage with all of its games is a real plus that my ten-year old daughter really enjoys. (It is a very safe site.)...more info
  • Buy Webkinz!!!!
    My daughter is 9. She loved this elephant. There are 2 different
    elephants , this one does not have the stringy hair. This
    elephant is the nice plush one....more info
  • Webkinz are great
    This elephant is going to be June's Pet of the Month, which gets you extra prizes when you adopt it online. I've just received my Amazon order of 3 Webkinz, with codes intact, so I'm sure they're fine. Although our local store that sells Webkinz usually has Pet of the Month cheaper, and with free trading cards.

    My 6 year old twins love doing the online games, and I am very pleased with the educational value of the Quizzy's Corner question series. It has a multitude of topics, organized by age. They are also learning a bit of math as they shop, winning virtual cash and spending it.

    I enjoy the games as well, and no longer have the urge to purchase a gaming system. This online arcade meets our entertainment needs, without any additional hardware required. Plus, the toy animals are cute, and get played with too....more info
  • best tool for parents
    You can use this to control your child's behavior.They love these animals and want to do it 24 hrs a day!...more info
  • Webkinz Elephant
    Cute little guy. Teaches my 6 year old some responsibility and she has fun doing it....more info


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