WEBKINZ - Black Bear

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Webkinz features the exciting online experience where your plush pet comes to life! It all begins when you bring your Webkinz plush toy home, and you pick the name and determine whether it's a boy or a girl. After adoption, you are shown your pet's room, and can use your 2,000 in KinzCash to decorate, buy furniture, clothes and food from the W Shop. Your pet relies on you to take care of it by monitoring the Happy, Health and Hunger meters. Webkinz received the 2006 iParenting Media Award and 2007 Toy of the Year (TOTY). Measures 10". Not recommended for children under 3.

Minimum Supported Browsers: Windows - Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7.2, Firefox 1.0, AOL Explorer 1.5. McIntosh - Safari 1.2.3, Internet Explorer 5.2.3, Fire Fox 1.5, High-speed Internet Required, Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768. Requirements may change; check www.webkinz.com for latest revisions.

  • The virtual version of the plush animal comes alive online in Webkinz World when activated with the special code that comes with every plush animal
  • Every Webkinz is made with great care so when you register your pet you can care for it as if it were a real pet!
  • Collect all of the cute and cuddly styles - over 45 different Webkinz currently available
  • Every Webkinz plush pet is unique. From the floppy ears of the Beagle, to the soft fur of the panda - something different that appeals to everyone!
  • Webkinz World is updated every two weeks so be sure to visit frequently to see what is new and exciting for you to explore!

Customer Reviews:

  • Beary Fantastic!
    My 8yr old boy and girl were desperate for a Webkinz and they adore their bears. While the stuffed animal itself is not "education" per se, the website is helping them to become familiar with their computer and the internet and we use it as a discussion opportunity. Price was great and the toy has provided much entertainment....more info
  • Black Bear is cool
    My daughter has 10 webkinz, but Blackie (her Black Bear) was the first! It's fun as a plushie and fun online. It's very cute online. If you get it, likely you'll love it! It's just so soft and furry! ...more info
  • Webkinz
    My daughter loves her bear and enjoys playing the activities online. The price was good and shipment was quick....more info
  • Cute Bear
    It was a cute Webkinz product we bought for our cousin for Christmas....more info
  • Black Bear
    I have three webkinz. Black bear, panda bear, and black halloween cat. Taylor, Molly and Abby. Webkinz are so fun! I love the webkinz website. If you want a tour of what webkinz world is like you can go to www.webkinz.com and there should be a button to push to be able to take a tour. The black bear seems to be very addorible, I like it a lot. I hope and plan to get more webkinz in the future. Webkinz site is awlesome. The games are so fun! The house is awlesome! ...more info
  • cute cute
    The bear is so cute - more cuddly than it looks. The nose has started to unravel already though & it's not like my daughter plays rough with it. ...more info
  • Webkinz rock!!!
    These "Webkinz" are AWESOME!
    highly expensive.

    I have noticed that if you go on ebay you can get one for $2.00-$7.00 dollars without a code/tag.

    I highly recommend,

    Ty 2.0, Shining Stars, Webkinz, and KooKeyz, for children younf and old!!!...more info
  • the amazingly cute webkinz bear!
    The webkinz bear is one of the cutest webkinz of them all. This toy, to my surprise, is not very popular. But that is the cool thing about it. When you go online, you don't see that many of them. I have shown my friends this bear and they all want it, and agree that it is just adorable. It's a little different than some of the other webkinz, but that makes it a unique cutey. It keeps in really good shape, and is really very interesting. I think any age could enjoy it. My 5 year old cousin is simply in love with it. I also think that any boy would like it as well. My 8 year old cousin (who is a boy) loves it and wants one, too. I think the bear will get popular once people realize how wonderful it is. Get the webkinz bear: whoever you give it to will love it for sure! ...more info
  • Webkinz black bear
    My daughter loves this toy. You can make your stuffed animal become real over the internet with the code provided on a tag attached to the animal. She takes care of her bear every day....more info
  • My son loved his first Webkinz
    This was a great purchase. The website is very user friendly for kids. I had no problems logging him on or using the website....more info
  • Webkinz!
    We purchased two of the Black Bears for our girls. They are "Pet of the Month" for November, and we can't wait. The girls already play with the stuffed animal and his nose started falling apart on both, so he's not very durable. ...more info
  • Soo Cute!
    This little black bear is adorable and very cute. Webkinz are a great toy for kids or anyone!...more info
  • Webkinz Black Bear
    WEBKINZ - Black Bear
    My grandaughter collects Webkinz's, and I am very happy with the cost and selection I find on Amazon. Shipping is most always very reasonable.
    ...more info

    Well first of all I would like to say that ANYONE from any age group will LOVE Webkinz....Because im 13 and im a HUGE fan and active collector of Webkinz...I have 5 of them already.(Including the bear) And you can design rooms for them and get a job and raise money! Is an awful lot to explain here but I will mention the Kinz Chat.
    Its a system where you can play games and make friends with other Webkinz owners! And you can chat with them! Its a completely safe chat system though, you can't type anything, there is a panel where you can pick things to say. There are lots of choices.:) And some of my real friends and family members have Webkinz so you can chat and play games with them!! And you can even invite them to your house!! It great!! Take a tour @ www.webkinz.com! It will tell you all about it!!
    The bottom line about these animals is that they are absolutely AWESOME!!! Hope this helps! :)
    ...more info


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