Health o Meter HDL820KD-18 Digital Scale with LCD

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Product Description

LCD Screen with bold 1.2" Numeric Display / Includes Lithium Battery / For Bed and Bath rooms / Stylish and Accurate / 0 to 300 Lbs

  • Large 1.3" display makes reading weight easy
  • Accurately measures weight up to 330 lbs or 150 kgs
  • Measures in 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg increments
  • Replaceable lithium batteries included
  • Elegant glass accents complement any home d¨¦cor

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent for the price
    I replaced a Taylor brand scale that I had purchased for about the same price. It stopped working when I snapped the thread-thin wire that some sadist had designed to hold in the battery. Do not buy a Taylor, OK.

    I bought these scales for around twenty dollars and did not have great expectations. I was surprised by the quality of the finishing and the readings were accurate (give or take .2 or .4 of a pound). I read that another reviewer had a problem learning how to use it so I took a minute to read the instructions and it worked like a charm. Our baby weighs around 28 lbs. and I weigh around 172 and when we get on together or independently the readings add up the same. Pretty happy.

    I've read some of the one star reviews and it's obvious that they received damaged goods. This thing has a five year warranty so if it acts up then back it goes. ...more info
  • Inacccurate, prone to getting dirty, and just impossible for large feet.
    I have owned this scale for a few months and I'm buying another one. First, it's impossible to clean between the glass plate and the metal, and it's rather gross. Second, I have never had the same reading in a row ever, it's impossible to figure out where to put your feet especially since the curve will not accommodate the arch of very large feet like mine. Third, it takes forever to start once you tap it and it shuts off quickly once it flashes. I would recommend investing in a good scale. ...more info
  • Good Value
    Light weight, simple design, easy to read. Too bad it says the same thing everytime...more info
  • Not very accurate
    it looks nice and it's lightweight. However, it's not the most accurate...
    I'll go to weigh myself and it'll read 177.5 then i go to weigh myself again right after i just stepped off and it reads 181.2... it doesn't always do this but it does it more often than it should. i've never really trusted digital scales but it was a matter of durability and price on this one. either spend more money on a better scale or get one with the little dial that teeters a bit more accurately... fatty!...more info
  • Love the Health o Meter scale
    I have looked everywhere for an easy read, consistently accurate scale that can provide weight to the 10ths of a pound. This scale certainly does the trick!...more info
  • Almost perfect
    You try the first time an it is 170, and then is 169.7 for example... but it is OK....more info
  • So far so good
    This is the third scale I have purchased through amazon.con and so far is has been working good. Of course the three-six month mark is when the last two broke down....more info
  • The one second seems to be working
    I received my first scale three days ago. It worked fine for the first day. The second day it decided to reset itself every time I tried to step on it, even after waiting for it to zero out. Due to Amazon's amazing customer support and the fact that I live within an hour of Seattle, I got a replacement scale today.

    This one seems to be working much better. I've weighed myself throughout the day and it seems to be within a pound or so each reading. It is reading about 6 pounds heavier than my $10 dial scale we bought 5 years ago. Tomorrow I will be weighed at the doctor's office and will know which one is more correct. Either way, I can add or subtract a few pounds as long as it is consistent, which this one seems to be. Now hopefully this one works tomorrow....more info
  • Health o Meter Scale
    Easy to turn on. Nice big numbers, easy to see. Looks great too....more info
  • Great little bathroom scale
    This is the perfect little bathroom scale for our needs. It is sleek, and with its low profile it can be slid underneath the counter and out of the way when not used. Great design and great product....more info
  • Broke but Amazon customer service is great
    This scale started to have conflict readings after only 1 month: i have 3 different weights in one minute!

    But good thing is, Amazon has AMAZING customer service. After my complaint, they sent me a new one. The new one has been doing a pretty good job so far, still different readings but if I step on it continually couple times there will be only 2 results: I just go with the more frequent one. ...more info
  • Nice an accurate
    this product looks sleek and it arrived on time.

    3 of us tested this on the last weekend. we measured our wts 3 times, at intervals of about 4 hours at different locations in the house. It was always the same to the last decimal for all of us.

    Being the same all the time, may not mean that it is accurate, there can be a negative or a positive error at all times, but that does not affect me.

    Apart from this, like most other digital wt machines i checked, this is simple to use as well, just tap it once, wait for it to normalize to zero and then step on it (make sure that your legs are as far apart but also not going out of the machine frame)...more info
  • Worst scale ever
    From the moment I pulled this out of the box it gave me trouble. It was having the worst time turning on. A friend has one so I knew how to use it. Then every time you would reset it and stand on it, it would tell you that you weighed 30 or so lbs less then you really did. Now normally that wouldn't be a problem!!! haha The scale is just bad. I kept it for like a week thinking maybe it was just off and I could keep resetting it and get it to act right but it became a joke. Everyone that came in the house stood on it and started laughing. Oh well!...more info
  • It is what we wanted

    The bathroom scale arrived promptly and so far appears to be a really fine one....more info
  • scale
    I hate to admit it but this scale is consistently accurate. I wish sometimes it would lie, but it won't ! Easy to read dial. Easy to cleanHealth o Meter HDL820KD-18 Digital Scale with LCD

    I have recommended (will do so again) this product to other friends....more info
  • Easy to read !
    I really enjoy the scale - I don't need to put on my glasses to try & read my weight anymore. It look's nice but I was a little disappointed in the gray plastic(where you step on to weigh) - I wish it were a little thicker, studier looking. Great price!...more info
  • Scale
    I'm not overly obsessed with my weight (160lb), but wanted to know a little more often than my annual checkup at the doctor's. Pretty easy to use, but need to get used to how to "activate" it. You need to tap it, wait for it to calibrate, then you can get on, and it displays your weight pretty quickly. Decent buy, but I think it could have been a little cheaper (by a few bucks, not that much)....more info
  • Great scale for price
    Scale is perfect. I've gotten on and gotten off up to five times and each time it read EXACTLY the same thing. Can't go wrong. Price is great...scale is wonderful. GREAT BUY!!!...more info
  • Inaccurate and inconsistent piece of junk... worst scale I have ever seen!
    Inaccurate and inconsistent piece of junk... This is he worst scale I have ever seen. It gives ten different results for ten different attempts, all in the same session, with a ten pound spread between the highest and lowest readings. Worse than useless, and flimsy feeling underfoot. I would return it if I could....more info
  • digital scale
    this product works very well and gives you the results quickly and is easy to use. ...more info
  • Really bad!
    i tried this scale both in the bathroom (ceramic tiles) and in the kitchen (hardwood flooring) literally over 30 times. i got a range of weights between 184.3 and 112.8! (in reality i weigh about 123 lbs) i never got the same number twice in a row, every single time it was something different. and even getting the scale to calibrate is a huge chore. i will be returning this thing immediately. i have never been so disappointed in a scale before....more info
  • Inconsistent measurement
    The scale looks fine and is easy to operate. However it has one fatal flaw - the weight measurement fluctuates a lot - approx 6-8 pounds for the same person in consecutive measurements. I returned it the day after arrival....more info
  • Great Buy!
    The Health O Meter scale is a welcome addition to my life - It's LIGHT!
    And - READABLE! Very convenient for an old woman who was very tired of lugging that old scale onto an even place on the bathroom floor.
    Works just fine, the readout is quite clear and the only complaint even faintly available is that is doesn't necessarily display the lower number which all of us want. Only the diet determines that.
    Highly recommended and also appreciative of a good price....more info
  • good only for measuring 1-2 pound increments
    I wish I wouldn't have purchased this scale. I'm a daily weigher and need a scale that can accurately measure fractions of a pound. This scale doesn't do it, and probably no strain gauge scale can. I should have bought a balance scale. If you only weigh yourself once a week (or less frequently) or don't care about fractions, you'll probably find this scale suitable. It's attractive and easy to read....more info
    like someone else wrote, it does make a creaking noice when you get on, like you're overloading it, kind of makes you feel like you're putting too much weight on it, but after that, it's ok. I feel it's accurate for an inexpensive scale, about one more pound than the scales at weight watchers. ...more info
  • Keeps me on my toes!
    Love my new scale. I weight in every morning to make sure I haven't gained any ounces. If I did, I know to watch what I eat for that day. It really keeps you on your toes....more info
  • No complaints
    This scale has been accurate. Don't like that I found out I had gained 5 pounds, but it works!...more info
  • Inconsistent
    As others have also seen, I find that this scale gives inconsistent readings. When I first bought it, it was less than a pound difference, but it's gradually been getting worse....more info
  • Great scale!
    I had shopped for a digital scale for a while and decided on this one after reading the reviews. What a difference from my scale with the dial! I used to have to weigh myself 4 times and ultimately guess at what I should be, but this one is defiatly accurate. It does creek a little when you step on it, but not in a worrysome way. Also I love that the main part is plastic, not glass - glass is cold to stand on in the mornings. This scale is definately worth the price....more info
  • Easy to read but lightweight
    I got the item quickly and packed well, and it works great. I like that you get very large numbers and it does it in 10th's of a pound. I noticed though that the LCD isn't really bright at the top of the numbers, but for this value, it's fine....more info
  • Almost didn't buy this
    For me why buy a scale if its not accurate, right. Some of these reviews really pan accuracy. However I bought it and took ten readings. All ten readings where within a tenth of a pound. ~;-)

    I have two suggestions for those having a problem, one has been mentioned, I dont know about the other.

    1. Place the scale on a flat tile or wooden floor, no mat or rug.

    2. Pace your toes on the same spot each time. Slipping your foot back or forward produces different results.

    Happy weighing. ...more info
  • Not quite what I expected...
    This scale did not meet my expectations. The unit is small and not easy to step onto - your feet have to be closely placed. Even my wife, who's 5'1" and slender did not like the size. Accuracy is OK, but like many scales, the weight changes a little each time you step on. I recorded 3 different weights by stepping on and off about 5 times, with a 1 1/2 lb. variation from high to low. I took an average as my true weight. Again, not what I had hoped for in terms of accuracy or consistency. ...more info
  • Sleek Look & Accurate
    My wife and I really like the sleek look of this scale and it's accurate readings. Great Scale-Great Price....more info
  • simple, nice scale
    this is a very low-tech type scale which is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It looks great in my bathroom, not obtrusive, very simple. I use it every day, and it seems perfect for my family of 6....more info
  • Not bad for the price
    Looks neat , works fine.
    Sometimes it is off a little bit if used in quick succession but on the whole a satisfactory purchase....more info
  • Great Scale - Great Price
    Health o Meter HDL820KD-18 Digital Scale with LCD
    I have bought different scales over time and NONE have ever been accurate. After reading the good reviews on this one I decided to try again. It is very accurate and we love it. ...more info
  • Very precise
    This scale works very accurately. I weigh the same as @ Dr. office now as at home. Very simple & quick to use....more info
  • Shaky
    Bought this scale to use with my weight loss group. I have to say that this scales weighs heavy and inconsistently. Weight will register different when moved from one level site to another level site....more info
  • Great Product!
    I have used this scale 3-4 times a week since I purchased it. I really like that it shows the weight down to the ounce. It is very accurate, as I made sure it worked properly - "get on the scale, get off, and then get back on" - same lbs show. Very light, numbers are nice and big enough I do not need my glasses.

    Highly recommended product!!!!...more info
  • Very satisfied with this scale!
    I was desperate for a scale when my 7-year old simple digital HealthOMeter finally died.

    I went to the neighborhood Rite Aid store and got a WeightWatchers scale by Conair, and what a horrible product it was!!! Showed me a 5 to 7 lb difference in such a short time! Promptly returned it and came back to good old HealthOMeter.

    I have never had problems with HealthOMeter before. But just as a test, I checked my weight against this one several times, and also against my friend's scale the first two weeks. It was accurate.

    This scale looks really neat, is not heavy, and easy to clean too. You can set your display to either LBS or KG.

    The numbers are nice, big, and black so reading shouldn't be a problem. I prefer if it were in bright red like my previous Healthometer. I could read that even if I were standing in a pitch dark room. This one unfortunately doesn't have any back lights so your room should have good sun light or be well lit. It doesn't matter to me honestly. It still qualifies for money well spent....more info
  • Love/hate relationship
    I love the scale and hate the numbers! Oh well. We'll try to work together!...more info
  • Nice Scale
    I've found this scale to be reasonably accurate. I get the same reading within a couple pounds as I did at my doctor's office just an hour later. Also, multiple measurements resulted in the same reading within a couple of pounds. I'm about 250 and I find this reasonable. The display is large and easy to read. Make sure you place the scale on hard surface to get the most accurate readings. There is a procedure to turn the scale on before stepping on it. You must tap the lower, right corner of the scale surface and then watch the display go through a setup. When you see 0.0 on the display, it's ready for you. You must do this each time you take your weight....more info
  • Works just fine
    Considering the low price on this product, it is a good scale. I don't see why anyone would need to spend more. I haven't tested it for accuracy with 20 lb weights or anything, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate, which can be unfortunate sometimes! It does have a plastic creeking sound when I step on it but it even does that when I put my cat on it. ...more info
  • new weight every time
    If you don't mind getting a different weight every time you step on it, then buy this product. By different I mean a range of over 5 pounds. Seriously. Depending on how you place your feet or what sort of surface it is sitting on, hardwood floor or bathroom tile, this scale reads a different weight every single time....more info
  • Nice scale~
    It is accurate and great price. comparing with Taylor digital scale that i have had, it is much better. and i like its quick response. Highly recommend. ...more info
  • Accurate!
    I like this scale for it's consistantcy in giving the same weight, accuracy, and large number read out. I love the fact it goes to .2 of a pound so I know even when I gain just a little weight! I am going to buy another one....more info


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