CHI Farouk Systems USA Professional Ceramic, Anion, Infrared Pro Hair Dryer with Diffuser (Model: GF1505)

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Product Description

Chi Professional Hair Dryer with Diffuser Includes:- Professional Ceramic, Anion, Infared Hair Dryer- DiffuserFeatures:- Low EMF- Quiet Speed Motor- Ceramic Heater- Ergonomically Designed- Lightweight- Ionic Infared Light- 2 Speed Setting- Cold Shot Button- Ions that Provide Shinier Hair- Dries Hair Faster- 1300 Watts**Beware of Refurbished or Chi Knockoffs on other untrusted websites**

Customer Reviews:
  • well worth the money
    this is a great dryer..........after my other blow dryer just stopped working i went out and got this dryer, and i LOVE it.......i am a busy hairstylist, so i do not have time to fool around with tools that do not work, or do not have enough power to make my life easier........this dryer has power, heat, is lightweight and easy to handle......if you are looking for a dryer that will smooth even the curliest of hair, this dryer is the one for you!!...more info
  • Not worth the money
    I got this blow dryer because it is a Chi and usually anything by them is perfect. Well this time they got it wrong.

    The Pros:
    *Super super quiet
    *The air flow isn't strong so it doesn't blow your hair all over the place, but it is still as hot as any other dryer.

    The Cons:
    *It doesn't dry any faster than any other blow dryer
    *For the life of me I could not get it to stay on for more than 2 minutes. It kept on clicking off.

    I have very thick curly hair and it takes me 20-30 minutes to dry my hair, and 2 minutes is all this thing would give me. After about 10 mins of trying to get it to work (holding in front of my fan to cool it off) i went back to my conair. This is getting packed up and taken back to BB&B (where I got it for $90)....more info