Sanyo SC-S700P Powerhead Canister Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description


  • 12-amp motor for plenty of sucking power
  • Powerhead brush provides exceptional cleaning and strong suction
  • 8-piece tool set for a wide variety of cleaning applications
  • Convenient carrying handle and lightweight design
  • 20-foot cord with push-button cord reel
Customer Reviews:
  • Poor design, poor performance on low-pile rug w/pet hair
    1. This vacuum performed terribly on a low pile carpet (1/2") with cat hair. The fact that it does such a lousy job on carpet is my main reason for the low rating. The rest of the reasons aren't quite as important but don't exactly help the rating either.

    2. The power head doesn't swivel enough at the end of the hose when negotiating corners in tight spots.

    3. The power head has labels on each side that say "Edge Cleaner". I'm not sure why those labels are there, because the power head does a poor job cleaning edges. In fact, the only way to get halfway decent edge cleaning with the power head is to put your foot on one of the labels and press down while you push forward on the hand grip (if you can hold your balance, that is). You can get slightly better edge cleaning with the crevice tool, but only slightly (see reason 7).

    4. The main power button is on top of the unit. The manual calls this a "foot switch", but the button is recessed just enough so that your foot can't push down far enough to power the unit on. You have to bend over and push the switch with your fingers. That may sound like a nit, but after all the bending and pushing you'll be doing to get this vacuum to work at all, you won't appreciate the extra moves to turn it on and off. Besides, if it's called a "foot switch", it should be operable by a human foot. We are talking human feet, right?

    5. The On/Off switch for the power head is on top of the hand grip. This is handy enough, but the On/Off switch for the carpet beater is down on the left side of the power head. Having the two switches in widely separated locations like that is ergonomically stupid. There is, however, an understandable design difficulty here. The carpet beater switch is mechanical and engages/disengages the drive for the brush. Since those are both down in the power head, the designers also placed the mechanical switch there; but a more user-friendly way to do this would have been to place both switches on the hand grip. Instead of a mechanical switch, the carpet beater switch would also be electrical and would operate a solenoid in the power head. The solenoid would then take care of engaging/disengaging the drive. In addition, both switches would be easily accessible by both right-handed and left-handed people.

    RE the ergonomics of the present design: the placement of the carpet beater switch on the left side means that left-handed people will mostly likely be standing on the opposite side of the tool when it comes time to operate that switch. They either have to try to snake their left foot around behind the power head to access the switch, or stop what they're doing, move to the left side of the tool, press the switch with either foot, then move back to the right side of the tool. The presence of the hose and canister in the middle of that route means that the move involves either crawling under the hose, disconnecting and reconnecting the hose while switching sides, stepping over the canister in the back, or walking around the power head in the front. Do that 5 or 6 times during a heavy cleaning job and you'll soon be out shopping for another vacuum - just like me.

    6. The brush tool is a cheap little piece of junk. There's no better way to put it than that. The bristles are less than 1/2" long (3/8" to be exact) and are about as pliable as welding rods. If the bristles don't scratch woodwork, then bending your wrist slightly in any direction will - that will tip the end of the tool enough so that the plastic body below the short bristles comes into contact with the wood surface and scrapes across it as you brush. It's a tiny brush too; the cross-section of the business end is only about 2 sq-in. That translates to a ton of brush work if you have a lot of wood furniture.

    7. The crevice tool: I'm not sure what to make of this one. There's another hole in the tool besides the slot in the end that does the vacuuming work. It's a square opening behind the slot, about halfway up the tool's shaft. There may be a reason for this design, but this is the first one like it I've ever seen. What I do know is that when you're vacuuming with this tool, much of the suction goes into this hole as the slot at the end is run through a narrow area to be cleaned. At least, this explains why so much of the dirt is left behind.

    8. Good points: the retractable power chord and the warranty. That's about it.

    Have a good one,
    UpRight Ape (with a sore back !!!)

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  • Best Canister Vacuum With a Power Nozzle For Under $200
    We were very impressed with the cleaning ability of this vacuum cleaner, especially for a price of under $200. If you are looking to not spend a lot on a canister vacuum, this should be one of the highest machines on your list.

    The Sanyo SC-S700P is a light weight canister, that comes with an electric power nozzle for cleaning rugs and carpets. The machine also includes a variable speed motor control, which allows you to adjust how much suction power you want to clean with. This is ideal when cleaning delicate oriental rugs, delicate cleaning, or even your drapes!

    With a full 12 amp motor, this machine provides plenty of suction power for cleaning even the most embedded dirt and dust. The internal wiring of the power nozzle makes removing the hose to clean upholstery and stairs, or using the attachments a breeze! There are no wires to unplug.

    When changing from carpet to bare surface floors, you simply have to step on a switch on the power nozzle, that turns the roller brushes off. There is no switching of attachments to go from bare floor to carpets, saving you a lot of time.

    The machine however does not have the greatest quality of electrical parts. The motor is a very loud motor, that should not be expected to last more then 5-7 years. The filtration on the Sanyo SC-S700P is also very poor. With no HEPA Filtration option, this machine should be avoided by any house with allergies or breathing issues. Also the cord at only 17ft, will leave you having to unplug the vacuum, and find another plug pretty frequently.

    This machine is great if you are looking to spend under $200 for a canister vacuum with a power nozzle, there is nothing close in the same price range. As long as you know, you will get what you pay for, and the vacuum will not last you forever, The Sanyo machine is right for you....more info
  • Don't Buy!
    This product does NOT come with tools "crevice tool, upholstery tool, quick-action brush" as described. I checked with Sanyo and they confirmed that this model does not come with them AND has no "on-board storage" as the description indicates. Very misleading and deceiving....more info
  • Big disappointment!
    I usually trust any Japanese manufacturers, however this is certainly not made in Japan. As a fact, Hoover or so has the exact same product.
    This vacuum cleaner makes such a loud noise that is intolerable. It has shorter cord than the discription.
    On board tools, one-botton cord rewind, powerhead brush with strong suction, and other features are plus. Only and the biggest drawback is the noise!
    I wish that I could have tried this product somewhere as a floor model before purchased; then I would have noticed the intolerable noise.
    I would not recommend it to anybody especially who has babies or young kids in the family. It will bother their ears...

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  • Fine and Fine but one catch
    I bought the Sanyo S700P after quite a research around and I guess I did not do it wrong.
    It works overall fine, the motor sound is not that big and etc.
    The only problem which is rather considerable, I am afraid, is the connection between the dust bag and the end of hose is not air tight and consequently there is some pretty much of dust around the dust bag openings after vacuum is done. Some dust built up around openings is naturally spread around inside the cabin(body of vacuum).

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  • Sanyo SC-S700P Powerhead Canister Vacuum Cleaner
    Works well. Does all we expected it to do....more info