Infinuvo QQ-1 CleanMate 365-Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Red

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Product Description

CleanMate is your personal robot that will sweep and vacuum so you don't have to. From carpet to hardwood to tile, CleanMate handles a variety of surfaces with ease. It goes under beds and other places where upright vacuums can't go to clean dirt, dust, and pet hair while simultaneously killing bacteria and deodorizing with its ultraviolet light. CleanMate works for about 60 minutes on a single charge. CleanMate is even smart enough that it won't fall down steps or elevated surfaces. CleanMate comes with an easy to use remote that fits right on the unit when you're not using it so it does not get lost. Good alternative to Roomba. Features and Benefits # Compact size remote control which is embedded into upper cover # 2 1/2 hours quick battery charging # UV light provides disinfection # Photo sensor detects stairs to avoid falling down # Stop automatically and making warning beeping when wheel gets stuck # Five-step repetitive rotation movement provides the most effective way to clean your rooms # Timer for cleaning time setting # Built-in slot to put fragrance for odors removal # Three washable filters, no replacement filter needed # Low energy consumption, up to 80 minutes cleaning time # Noise level: 80dB at distance of 20cm # Suction capability: Vacuum fan speed 5.2 meter/second # Capacity of dust bin: 0.3 liter # Life time of Battery: IEC cycle life>500 # Cleaning capability: 30 minutes at area of 4.8m x 3.2m # Unit Dimension: 14"x3.6" # Box Dimension: 17"(L)x4.4"(W)x14.4"(H) # One year manufacturer warranty

  • Rechargeable battery, 2? hours quick charger, remote control and 3 air filters included
  • Measures approximately 14 by 3.6 inches; 1-year warranty
  • 5-step repetitive rotation movements provides effective way to do cleaning
  • Work for carpet, hardwood, tile and linoleum floor; easy-to-find and empty dust bin design; no need to buy replacement air filter just wash it
  • Use compact remote control unit to direct and control CleanMate operations if needed
Customer Reviews:
  • I love to watch it move....instead of ME!
    This thing REALLY does pick up the dirt. I have had it for about 1 month now and use it 3 times a week; which is more than what I used to vacuum (maybe 1 per month..I hate vacuuming!).

    It does have to be monitored though because I find it returns to the same area alot (I have a small and oddly shaped apartment NYC what can I say!).

    Fortunately, you can control the direction using the remote - EXCELLENT. It also has the UV light which I use to disenfect the kitchen/bathroom floors - EXCELLENT.

    I wish it came with an extra rotating whirly brush and a UV bulb. It is as about as noisy as any regular vacuum so when I use it, during TV watching, I have to raise the volume 3-4 points higher. I also love that the remote fits onto the unit.

    I agree with others that the charge does not last as long as it should.
    It WILL pick up the dirt...I find the side whirly brush scoops it in more so than when the unit trundles over dirt.

    I recommend an outside warranty for this just in case it breaksdown as some reviewers have said....more info
  • Do not buy
    The 4th time I ever ran the vacuum cleaner, it stopped working and ran in a circle over and over again for an hour. One wheel completely stopped moving. The company's website has a FAQ, and "wheel malfunction," was listed as a common problem due to a defective motor. The solution they listed was to contact the company for a replacement; however, when I emailed the company about this apparently common problem, they were very unhelpful. Thank God I kept my receipt, as they weren't even willing to talk with me until I emailed a copy of my receipt to them. Even after I sent them my reciept they made me jump through a variety of hoops filling out deliberately confusing paper-work in order to get my repair done. They then refused to just mail me my replacement motor. I finally got approval to mail back my cleaner for repairs. After paying $20 in postage to mail back the cleaner, I never again heard from metapo, nor have I gotten my repaired/replaced vacuum in the mail. In fact, when I emailed metapo to find out why they decided not to honor their warranty even after approving me for repairs, they decided to stop answering my emails. I have never had a worse customer service experience. You'd think that the company would be sympathetic to selling me a product that has a motor they know to be defective. Do not buy this product, or anything else from metapo. At best, they are inept and making and servicing their product. At worst, they're deliberate thieves....more info
  • Fair, but no roomba
    I've had this for a little while (in between roombas) and it does a decent job on tile, but don't expect too much from rugs. We have two rugs that I have to pick up because if it gets on them and runs into a wall, it can't backup to turn around. Lately, although it is showing it is fully charged, 3 out of 4 times, it will run for about 10 seconds, quit and show the battery is drained. It runs slower and quieter than a roomba and doesn't bump into things as strong as a roomba. The dust bin is easier to see, but it doesn't hold as much as the roomba. Dueling robotic cleaners is a riot though when it does work. ...more info
  • We take everything for granted, don't we?
    We always want more and we have a "robotic vacuum cleaner" that does an excellent job for the money.
    I got my cleanmate about a week ago, just after I finished cleaning my 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home down to the mop and glow. Since then every other day I set my cleanmate in each room and it goes, when I look at the dirt bin and see how much dog hair and dirt it picked up, I am grateful for the help and for the fact that does a wonderful job under the circumstances, since we live in the woods and dust and dirt are a common thing around here, it gets really hard to keep my home sparkly clean, but now I can do it with the help of this product. Oh, it works on area rugs too!. The UV light can be use to disinfect the bathroom floors around the toilet, if you know what I mean.
    If you are searching for a helping hand cleaning your home? This is the way to go.Metapo CleanMate 365 QQ-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Clean-Mate365 ( QQ1 Red Robot Vac )
    ...more info
  • Robo vac
    It's cute. Looks like a UFO!! It is a nice little vac to have to clean wood and tile floors. Might work on very low I/O carpet but not on regular carpet. If you have a large room with nothing in the way, this does a great job of picking up dirt, dog hair,etc. It will get hung up if anything is in it's way, table chairs, low furniture. You still have to sweep out corners as it can't get into them, even with the little whisks that turn. I don't use it much as I do have to keep an eye on it so it doesn't get stuck somewhere. It will shut itself off if it gets stuck, and when the charge runs down, it will run long enough to get out from under something so you can find it without having to crawl under a bed....more info
  • Great option for hardwoods
    I have hardwoods throughout my home, and I was SO tired of sweeping under furniture to get all of the dust bunnies that reside under my bed, and my entertainment center, and my dresser, and etc. This vacuum is GREAT and I love it more than I ever thought I would. It is a little annoying about the short vacuum time versus the long charge time, but I don't think it is intended to clean your entire house. I recommend this product for anyone who is tired of sweeping hardwood or tile floors every day....more info
  • Great for what it does!
    This product is great!! Of course, it doesn't clean as well as a full size vacuum. However, We have all hardwood and it cuts our cleaning time by 75%. It even picks up dog hair.We just program it or use the remote and clean a whole room in no time.Doesn't do corners or along the baseboards well, but who cares? This actually got my KIDS to help vaccum the whole house without being asked. Does well under furniture! No bending or wrestling the vacuum to get under the beds or sofas! Love it! May Buy another for the rest of the family! Great Gift for anyone disabled or senior citizen as long as they don't have carpet. Only works on bare floors or short carpet....more info
  • Dead after 3 months
    The machine worked fine. Was great on cat hair. I would run it once every other weekend in our bedrooms to get under the beds and get the cat hair. Did not do so well with anything else but I had intended it only to handle the dust, dander, and cat hair. The silly thing died last month and will not hold a charge. After being fully charged it will run for a few minutes and then the low battery light comes on. Have cleaned it out but to no avail. What a waste of money. ...more info
  • Great Product
    We received our Cleanmate and put it right to work. We were amazed at how much fine dirt it collected during its first run. We have hardwood and short knapp carpet in our home and it performed equally well on both. The unit does everything it is supposed to do and does it quite well.
    There was a minor problem with the UV light which Metapo took care of without any question.
    All in all this is a fun little machine and well worth the price.
    Our cat absolutly hates it. He follows it around and watches it work....more info
  • Negative Thoughts
    Got this vacuum as a gift. It doesn't pick up much of anything. A few dog hairs and sand-like dirt. It runs over lint, and everything else it should be picking up. Even if I make it go over the same spot several times, it doesn't pick up. After it is done, the carpet looks the same as when it started. I wrote to the manufacturer asking where I could take it to have it checked out and any other advice they could give me.
    No answer. This product is a useless piece of junk! My daughters both have a Roomba. They love it. Cleans like it should. Wish I had a Roomba!...more info
  • Review of 365 Vacuum Cleaner
    I was excited to get this, but soon found that there were some pitfalls. We have tiled floor in a lot of places and carpet in others. We have no wood or lineolium type flooring. When on the carpet (which is medium grade) it deflects too much to put on automatic. Also on the tile, because of the grouting, it deflects too much to be put on automatic. I can use it on manual. On some small throw rugs it doesn't pick up the white specks well without backing up and rerunning it several times. It does, however, go wonderfully under the bed & pick up a lot of dust bunnies as well as under the nightstands & chest of drawers. I can sit in a room & watch television & manually vacuum the room. It's very easy to clean out & practically puts itself away! The best part of vacuuming with this is that I don't have a back ache afterward!!!!! But I will not get rid of my Hoover automatic for real cleaning. Like my husband told me--it's more of a toy than it is useful. Oh, well, I kind of like to kick back & control it from the couch!...more info
  • Great housecleaning assistant
    I've never had a Roomba. I'm too cheap. I bought this one instead. I like it. I'll clean a room, clear the floor, then set it loose to do its job while moving on to the next room. It works, but occasionally misses spots. Of course, by the time I return, the room looks so much cleaner I'm actually motivated to take out the standard vacuum to finish up....more info
  • Entertaining more than cleaning
    Well it does trundle around happily and manages to get around just about everything in the room and into the corners. As far as cleaning goes it's a bit of a let down - place 5 pieces of dust and dirt in front of it and let it trundle over them - 4 remain. But if you let it run for long enough it'll probably start to get a carpet clean. It's somewhat better on a hard surface....more info
  • More dependable than Roomba
    I started with Roombas but they all broke down after a few weeks of use. When new, Roombas do a good job and that is the reason for the good reviews. However, once you are out of the Roomba warranty, they not only provide no repair service but wont sell you replacement parts. I junked my last Roomba because a simple plastic part wore out, something Roomba engineers should have know would happen based on how it is used.

    Clean-Mate is not as clever as Roomba and has weaker suction but it does not fail as fast as Roomba. It is not great, but until somebody comes up with a dependable robotic vacuum cleaner, it is adequate for those who want the robot experience....more info
  • Great Robot Vac for the Money
    I was a little apprehensive when I first decided to purchase a robotic vac, since I had never used anything like it before. I came up with a thousand reasons in my mind why it might be money down the toilet. However, I am happy to say that essentially the vacuum performs as well as could be expected.

    WORD OF CAUTION: This vac DOES NOT perform well on sculpted carpet-even if it has a short nap! I could see how it would have difficulties on carpet that has any real height to the nap at all. For somebody with wood or tile floors this thing is a dream!

    *Reusable, washable filters (3).
    *Easy to operate.
    *Wide variety of cleaning modes that work well.
    *UV light option for disinfecting (although I wonder how well that really works).
    *Compartment for adding scent packet (manual states that dryer sheet can be used as well).
    *Easy clean removable brush and removable wheel compartments to clean out stuff that inevitably will collect there.
    *Picks up pet hair and dust GREAT!
    *Beeps to let you know that it is stuck or the battery has gotten low and automatically shuts down.

    *Only runs for about 80 minutes at a time on a full charge- takes about 2 1/2 hours to charge back up.
    *Just doesn't work as well on carpets as wood or tile.(Gets stuck a lot easier around furniture on the carpet)

    Overall a great robot vac for the money. I find it rivals some of the more expensive brands features, without the jump in price. Bought this one to see how robotic vacs will really get the job done. Will probably bump up to model with longer battery life and charging dock, that can be programmed to vacuum on a schedule. I guess the next purchase will be the robotic lawn mower for the yard......more info
  • Glad I purchased!
    Everyone in my house hates to vacuum so our floors (vinyl & berber carpet) would go weeks without cleaning. Finally, we decided to get a robotic vacuum and after doing a bit of research, decided on this one. We have it clean 1 room at a time and it does a great job. The dustbin is easy to clean, though it's a pain to brush off the air filter each time and it does need to be recharged after it's cleaned 2 rooms but otherwise, I have no complaints. We have a thick rug in our hallway and the robot has no trouble getting that clean either, just be sure to stay away from plush rugs! We don't have pets but we do track in a lot of pine needles and this guy gets them all. Now we don't stress about getting the big upright vacuum out every 4-6 weeks because our carpets look great!...more info
  • A good robotic vacuum cleaner.
    I bought one last week from other place.
    It is very good for me. I am a lazy guy.
    Now I enjoy the clean room since I have it.
    The only thing is the battery. The cleaner only works for 60-70minutes. It needs 4 hours for recharging.
    The noise is a little big. Of course it is much smaller than the upstraight one. Wish it helps u....more info
  • Clean House Every Day!!
    I have done a lot of research comparing all the robotic vacuums and came down to either CleanMate or Roomba. I finally decided on CleanMate as I sorely wanted the UV light disinfecting feature. Let me tell you that it really works, my old old house is finally odor free to my ultra sensitive nose. It also have 2 other features that I rate better than Roomba. The dustbin is visible easily and the remote is small and docked on the vacuum so it won't get lost. It charges rather quickly, I think about 2.5 hours and each charge is sufficient to cover my little house entirely. It moves deliberately and doesn't mar any furniture. I am extremely pleased as the price/performance is definitely the best in the current market, hands down. In my opinion, everyone needs a CleanMate....more info
  • Worked well for the first 2 months
    This vacuum worked well for the first 2 months and my wife adored it. Unfortunately the vacuum quit working on us. I am looking for the warranty book now to hopefully get warranty service on it. If it was still working I would give it 4 Stars....more info