Seventh Generation Baby Wipes, Chlorine Free and Unscented, 80-Count Packages (Pack of 12) (960 Wipes)

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Product Description

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Baby Wipes are made with your baby, and your environment, in mind. Unlike conventional baby wipes, Seventh Generation Wipes are not bleached with chlorine, and don't contain alcohol, fragrance, or synthetic ingredients that may irritate baby's sensitive skin.

Completely Natural Cleaning for Your Baby
Every caregiver wants what's best for their children and the world they will grow up in. Studies show that children are disproportionately affected by daily exposures to toxic chemicals. But caregivers often had to choose between products that worked and products that were healthy for their baby and the planet. Until now.

When chlorine and chlorine derivatives are used in industrial processes (such as bleaching paper and wood pulp), they produce substances called chlorinated hydrocarbons, which persist in the environment, accumulate in animals and people, and can be toxic to human and environmental health. The production of chlorine can also release the toxic metal mercury into the environment.

These baby wipes are made with all-natural ingredients, including water, Polysorbate 20 (a cleansing agent derived from sugar), glycerin (soothes and cleanses skin, vegetable-oil derived), citric acid (provides stability and pH balance), potassium sorbate (a natural preservative), aloe barbadensis gel (helps heal skin), and tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E acetate, helps heal skin).

Hypo-allergenic, whitened without chlorine bleach, unscented, and alcohol free, this travel pack dispenser of Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Baby Wipes offer are perfect for the house--keep one in the bedroom, one in the bathroom and one wherever your baby likes to play.

About Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation offers a complete line of natural household products designed to work as well as their traditional counterparts, but use renewable, non-toxic, phosphate-free, and biodegradable ingredients as often as possible, and are never tested on animals. Seventh Generation products are healthy and safe for the air, the surfaces, the pets, and the people in your home--and for the environment outside of it. Every time you use Seventh Generation products you make a difference by saving natural resources, keeping toxic chemicals out of the environment, and making the world a safer place for this and the next seven generations.

Seventh Generation Baby Wipes are moistened with natural aloe vera, vitamin E, and water to cleanse and moisturize gently and naturally. Unlike many traditional baby wipes, ours are fragrance free, not bleached with chlorine and do not contain alcohol or synthetic ingredients that can irritate baby's skin. Our one-at-a-time pop up dispenser is convenient and easy to use.

  • Natural baby wipes don't contain synthetic ingredients that may irritate baby skin
  • Chlorine-free whitening process eliminates chlorinated hydrocarbons from harming the environment
  • Contains aloe vera, Vitamin E, and water for natural moisturization
  • Contains no alcohol or fragrances
  • Saves natural resources and makes the world a safer place

Customer Reviews:

  • Seventh Generation Diaper Wipes
    I love these wipes they are great for the baby and soft too. I really like that there is no chemicals to cause irritation to that young skin. Certainly will buy more....more info
  • Great for Mother Earth
    I don't give them five stars because they are very thin. So you really have to take your time and one is not good for a big mess. But it's a small price to pay to keep Baby and Mother Earth healthy....more info
  • Awsome product!!!
    These wipes are great. They don't contain any chemicals or unsafe ingredients like other wipes. They were recommended as the top brand by info
  • I don't notice a difference
    I don't notice a difference other than there's not a strong scent that comes from them. I'll keep buying them though, knowing my baby is getting the best....more info
  • These are not moist. What a waste!
    I bought a 12-pack of these wipes based on the positive reviews on this site. What a waste of money! The wipes are NOT moist and make clean-up difficult, esp for poop that has stuck to baby's skin. Now I have to wet each individual wipe with water before using it. And I'm stuck with a 12-pack of useless, dried out baby wipes that annoys me every time I have to use them. Finally, I didn't realize I was ordering 12 individual plastic containers when I ordered this - as others have pointed out here, it's incredibly wasteful and not only that, the container is poorly designed. Save yourself the money and buy a different brand instead - I wish I did. ...more info
  • Love them
    These are the only wipes I have used with my baby and I have been very happy with them. I order the case of refills as are much cheaper than buying in stores and they fit in the wipe warmer well. They do have a different odor compared to others but this is due to no added perfumes/chemicals and once I got used to it I don't notice any more. Love Seventh Generation products as are good for us and environment....more info
  • Wipes are good, Box sucks
    Whenever you try to get a wipe, you can't get your fingers through the dispenser. You always have to open the box....more info
  • another great buy from one of America's leading companies
    We have used these every since our little guy was born 2.5 years ago, and have been very happy. It's great to see a company like Seventh Generation putting out quality products, at competitive prices, that are good for the environment, to boot.

    I have always felt these wipes were plenty moist, and have never detected an odor. Unlike most of the mainstream brands, which are heavily perfumed, these are odorless. And our boy has never had any negative reactions to them.

    The plastic dispenser box has worked fine (we had one of them for about 18 months!), and the refills are good, too -- the recloseable flap works quite well.

    Give these a try, and I don't think you will be disappointed. You'll be using a pleasant, chemical-free product on your precious child, and supporting a progressive, socially beneficial company in the meantime!

    Go for it!...more info
  • Seventh Generation Wipes - Diaper Rash Special
    I bought Seventh Generation baby wipes recently in an attempt to be more environmentally conscious and also to reduce the amount of chemicals that my daughter gets exposed to on a daily basis. I don't have a preferred brand so I thougt I'd give them a shot. My daughter is 16 months old and never had a diaper rash. As soon as I started using 7th Generation Wipes she started getting diaper rashes, one after another. May be those harsh chemicals are useful after all. I'm back to other non-organic brands and my daughter hasn't had a diaper rash since. I would not recommend this product to anybody!!!!...more info
  • Completely satisfied
    I have been purchasing this from Babies' R Us. The Seventh Generation products were the main thing that I would go to the store for. I signed up for the Super Saver program & it's so nice to have one less errand to run....more info
  • convenient, clean well
    we order these along with flossers, diapers, deodorent, hand soap and baby clothes soap all in bulk through Amazon - it costs less than the local grocery store and it all comes with super saver shipping - we don't like perfumes on our child's hiney - he never gets rashes, and we hardly use any diaper rash preventive goop - its unnecessary!...more info
  • Wouldn't use any others...
    We are a household that tries to be kind to the environment and organic when possible, so I love 7th generation products anyhow, but not wanting to expose my daughter to chemicals unnecessarily make these the only wipes we'll use. Added bonus, they work great!...more info
  • Excellent Brand Wonderful Product
    I have been using these wipes and the 7th gen diapers since my now 18 month old daughter was born. She has not had diaper rash except for a short period when I used huggies that I got as a gift at the shower. I also use their laundry detergent and love it. Great product!...more info
  • wipes are good, but they don't dispense properly
    When pulling a wipe from the box, the next wipe often fails to follow--thus necessitating removal of the lid to retrieve. Not good if you've got your hands full. Has the stack been loaded upside down by the manufacturer? Works better when I flip the stack....more info
  • would prefer natural scent/refiils
    These wipes do the job well, but I do not like the 'scent' they have. I wish they would be infused with lavender essential oil or something like that. Otherwise, these are good wipes. Also, are there refills? What on earth am I supposed to be doing with all of these empty plastic boxes besides recycling them? Wouldn't it be better to send one plastic box with wipes and the rest as refills? ...more info
  • Seventh Generation Baby Wipes
    I love this product, primarily because it is free of animal ingredients and they do not test on animals. Secondarily, it is a great product that I can use, and not worry about toxic chemicals or undesirable ingredients. I use them for everything, and we don't even have kids! We keep a box in the car, and they are great for cleaning up little accidents around the house, especially for our pets. I also get a great price from Amazon, as they can be a little pricey in the store. I truly love this product!...more info
  • Great wipes! No scent!
    Baby loves these! They have no smell and it's been 5 weeks with no diaper rash. I am against chemicals and parabens and all that fun stuff so these are great to have! I got them within two days of ordering, delivered right to my door, now that's service! I'm going to order the refills next time since I already have the containers! I also have Seventh Generation toilet paper and paper towels on the subscribe and save service....more info
  • Love Seventh Generation wipes, don't like this item!!
    Don't order this item, unless you want 12 big plastic tubs of wipes. Seventh Generation makes great wipes, but get their refill packs--Seventh Generation Baby Wipes Refills, Chlorine Free and Unscented, 80-Count Packs (Pack of 12) (960 Wipes)-- cheaper, 90% less packaging, easier to store, and perfectly easy to use. If you want a plastic tub, buy one at the store! No one needs 12!...more info
  • Great product for a toxic free baby!
    These are great wipes that don't tend to have those toxic chemicals all the main brands i.e. pampers, huggies, etc. have loaded in them. They are unscented so they leave baby clean and fresh without an overpowering rashes or irritations on baby's bottom with these! ...more info
  • Great baby wipes!
    These wipes are wonderful! I have used them on my son since his birth. He's now 11 weeks old. I researched the best and safest wipes before my son was born. These wipes are free of chlorine and 'fragrance' free. They don't contain harmful chemicals that can be absorbed into my son's skin. They are strong and don't rip or tear. As I am raising a 'green' baby I am very conscientious about what chemicals come in contact with my son's skin. If you share the same concerns, these are the wipes for you!...more info
  • work great
    I love the seventh generation products for out daughter. However, I did not mean to order 12 hard plastic boxes of these. If you get the refills (which you can also get on Amazon, just make sure you pay attention), it is a lot less wasteful and takes up a lot less space. Having a baby is so destructive to the environment, I like to try to make the least amount of impact I can. I use these for the really dirty diapers and when we are out and about. At home I just use a warm washcloth. They are soft and work well.

    ...more info
  • excellent wipes
    Great wipes overall, decent ingredients, no scent. Only improvement would be the packaging so that it wouldn't hurt fingers to dig out another wipe when the next one doesn't come out. ...more info
  • Needs Improving
    We buy everything 7th generation and love the diapers. But these wipes in the box are impossible to get out and they are dry. They are thick enough and good with poops only if I wet them first. I am very surprised to find such a fundamental design flaw with the box as all other wipes seem to have figured this out. Also, the company needs to provide a better supply of refills to Amazon. It's ridiculous that you cannot count on having them available. At this printing they were not available. We may have to switch back to Tushies. At least I can get them out of the box and find refills....more info
  • NOT very environmentally friendly!
    I'm so sorry to say that these wipes are very disappointing...first of all, the wipes arrived in a pack of 12 plastic containers (whatever happened to the environmentally friendly packaging???). The containers themselves are terrible - I cut my finger on an edge while trying to feed the wipes through the pop-up top. The wipes are small and thin, and they don't feed through the top very well, so I had to keep digging for each wipe (not very convenient when you're in the middle of changing a diaper!) I really wanted to like these wipes, but unfortunately I'm going back to using Huggies and Pampers ones. ...more info
  • Great wipes for sensitive tushies
    I've been using these baby wipes along with the Seventh Generation disposable diapers since the birth of my daughter and I've been very happy with both products. The wipes are gentle on my daughter's skin, and make cleaning messy baby parts a breeze. They do have a slight odor - they are not completely unscented as the name suggests - but the odor is nonoffensive and sure beats the alternative. ...more info
  • Must for sensitive skin, but REALLY expensive
    Combined with the 7th Gen diapers, our twins' diaper rash DISAPPEARED! Big financial investment however. Wipes on their own are not worth it. ...more info
  • chlorine free wipes
    I have enjoyed using these wipes. The only thing that doesn't work well is the box dispenser mechanism. However, the fact that they are gentler to the environment and are softer than Huggies wipes makes it important enough to continue buying this product....more info
  • the best wipes
    these are the best wipes. I have tried several types of wipes & just knowing they are chemical-free makes me like the the best. they have no scent, which is nice. the only bummer is they are totally smooth, no texture at all, which I guess is a plus of other wipes - but I am able to get even the nastiest of situations cleaned up with these wipes!

    p.s. it's best to buy the case that just comes with packs of the REFILLS so you don't get a billion plastic wipes containers too....more info
  • Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

    I bought these baby wipes because of its natural ingredients and safety for a baby. However, I was very disappointed with the wipes. The wipes are very thin and I don't think that they are worth the money.
    I gave it two stars because of natural ingredients. So far, the only wipes that I found that are thick and cloth like are Huggies brand. Too bad the Seventh Generation wipes didn't work out.

    ...more info
  • Wipes too dry
    Great product without the harmful chemicals of other wipe brands, but quite dry right out of the package. I added water to make them work better....more info
  • It's ok
    We bought this cause it's cheaper than hXXXies and it comes with individually packed smaller boxes. Compared to hXXXies, it's thinner and less moist. Due to lack of moisture, it's harder to clean baby's sticky stool. ...more info
  • ok product bad package
    A company that is focused on environmental issues for seven generations should not be using a number 5 plastic to package their products. It is not recyclable in most cities.

    They could easy package in a 1 or 2 plastic or a Biodegradable plastic.

    Also the container is half full why not fill all the way and use less packaging...more info


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