Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue, 2-Ply Sheets, 500-Sheet Rolls (Pack of 48)

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Product Description

Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue is made from 100% recycled paper, with a minimum of 80% post-consumer materials. Whitened with an environmentally safe process--never with chlorine bleach--this tissue is the healthy choice for your family and your environment.

Made from 100% Recycled Chlorine-Free Paper
By choosing Seventh Bathroom Tissue, you'll be making an important environmental difference immediately. These paper towels are not whitened with chlorine and are made from 100% recycled paper (80% post-consumer, 20% pre-consumer). Hypo-allergenic, unbleached, fragrance-free, and made without dyes or inks, this tissue paper is safe for septic systems and ideal for low-flow toilets.

Post-consumer paper is paper that has been recycled at home or at the office. Buying post-consumer paper helps finish the job you started--of saving the earth's natural resources, including trees, water, and energy. And using products made from post-consumer recycled materials helps reduce the need for virgin wood pulp, which means more trees are left standing. Trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide--a greenhouse gas that's the primary contributor to global warming. In fact, a single tree, over its lifetime, absorbs about one tone of CO2. To put it another way, a ton of recycled paper saves seventeen trees.

If every household in the U.S. replaced just one roll of 500 sheet virgin fiber bathroom tissue with 100% recycled ones, we could save 448,000 trees, 1.1 million cubic feet of landfill space (equal to 1,700 full garbage trucks), and 161 million gallons of water, which is a year's supply for 1,270 families of four!

About Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation offers a complete line of natural household products designed to work as well as their traditional counterparts, but use renewable, non-toxic, phosphate-free, and biodegradable ingredients as often as possible, and are never tested on animals. Seventh Generation products are healthy and safe for the air, the surfaces, the pets, and the people in your home--and for the environment outside of it. Every time you use Seventh Generation products you make a difference by saving natural resources, keeping toxic chemicals out of the environment, and making the world a safer place for this and the next seven generations.

Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue is made from 100% recycled paper, with a minimum of 80% post consumer materials. Our paper is whitened with an environmentally safe process never with chlorine bleach. Our Bathroom Tissue is hypo-allergenic, safe for septic systems, ideal for low-flow toilets and contains NO dyes, inks or fragrances.

  • Two-ply bathroom tissue is soft and strong
  • Made of 100-percent recycled paper (minimum 80-percent post-consumer)
  • Whitened with an environmentally-safe process
  • Free of dyes, inks, and fragrances
  • Safe for septic systems and ideal for low-flow toilets

Customer Reviews:

  • Am I missing something here?
    I'd say 90% of the products I bring into our home are green so I finally tried this tissue, uh...Ow? I don't get it, why do so many people like this tissue? It's loud and crinkly, stiff and it hurts my kachanga! No thanks. ...more info
  • My new favorite
    Feel good about using it, and when you buy a case, you never have to worry about running out! Much cheaper than in the grocery stores. Will buy regularly....more info
  • Review from a former Charmin devotee
    To the point, I really like this bathroom tissue though I havent been as pleased with all Seventh Gen products.

    I have sensitive skin and formerly would use only Charmin with Aloe, but I find this tissue at an acceptable comfort level.. enough that it's the only tissue I buy now.

    It's comfortable, environment friendly and actually flushes better in low water tanks then any tissue I've used.

    I would recommend this tissue to anyone....more info
  • Not a bad deal
    These aren't the softest toilet paper around, but with Subscribe & Save you're paying about a buck for each roll of 500 sheets. I don't have a car, so this is a very convenient way to get toilet paper. The 48 rolls come in a single big cardboard box that you can easily reuse for shipping or storage. Eco-friendliness is not my primary concern when it comes to toilet paper, but it's certainly a plus.

    These are slightly abrasive, though not as bad as the dirt-cheap stuff my college's dorms bought. As another reviewer pointed out, Seventh Generation also makes a softer variety: Seventh Generation 400-Sheet Rolls (Pack of 48)....more info
  • Great T.P.
    This is great TP. And it's made from 100% recycled paper. I love the fact that trees aren't being cut down just so I can wipe....more info
  • Seventh Generation TP
    Since we live in a remote area, without utilities our waste disposal is two-fold. Do we haul it away or do we bury it? Hauling it away is expensive, so we have turned to as much natural products as we can find. Things have to return to nature quickly. Because of many allergies we have to find the most natural products to use in our home and on our bodies. I am happy to refer anyone with allergies or a concern for nature to a company - can you imagine a large company! - who thinks like we do. They're out there, guys! You can find them! There really are businesses out there who don't just cater to us, there are businesses out there started by people LIKE US! I like feeling good about buying Seventh Generation, because when I bury my garbage it doesn't come back to haunt me next year....more info
  • Makes me feel that we are doing our part for the earth
    Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue, 2-Ply Sheets, 500-Sheet Rolls (Pack of 48)

    The product is fine. It does what it is supposed to do. And,most importantly, we are doing something to keep the earth healthy. ...more info
  • Great TP, great price!
    Earth friendly TP that performs well, is delivered on a schedule and is affordable?? .. I was skeptical but the discount from the subscription alone made it worth a try for me. I'm glad I signed up for the subscription! Now I just need to convince myself that the eco friendliness of the product justifies the fuel used to ship it... hmmmmmmmmm.. ...more info
  • recycled, tidy & good quality
    I like rolls to be individually wrapped, and so this bathroom tissue works for me. The fact that it is of good quality and made from recycled paper is terrific....more info
  • Wasteful
    I bought these hoping they would be a decent product (like so many of the other seventh generation products) that could help cut down on our wasteful use of toilet paper. My daughter and I dubbed this, "self-destructing toilet paper" because it weakens the moment it touches anything wet. It is thin, dissolves a little too quickly and is harsher than the most cheaply made toilet paper I've ever used (think early elementary public school bathrooms). Its more expensive and you need to use more just to get the job done. I love green products, but I won't sacrifice quality ALL the time in order to get it. I will keep using other seventh generation products (and method, etc.) but there's no use in buying something if it doesn't work. Sadly, back to Charmin unless someone else finds a way to make somewhat soft and a bit thicker "green" toilet paper....more info
  • Good, but not Softest!!
    This is not as soft as Charmin, however this is better for the environment!! I do not mind using it as our everyday toilet paper. It does the job without falling to pieces or being irritating!!...more info
  • Great product, great price
    Our family has used Seventh Generation toilet paper for a couple of years. We're very happy with it. It's softer than many other papers yet holds up well. The price at Amazon is very good....more info
  • Very, very good product
    I think 7th Generation toilet tissue is a great's comfortable to use, it's good for the environment, it's economical and, again, and again, and really is soft. I'm very happy I bought it....more info
  • Seventh Generatio Bathroom Tissue 2 ply
    Why cut down trres to make tp. It just doesn't make sense. We've been using this product for years. I wouldn't switch back. If you want that super soft stuff it may not be for you. Otherwise it's great. Amazon seems to have the best price too. No more filling up your cart with this stuff at the supermarket and lugging it home. It comes right to your door and it's cheaper and better for the earth. What's not to love....more info
  • Surprisingly Good
    Seventh Generation Bath Tissue / B000C7OHFK

    I was a little apprehensive about ordering this tissue paper, because I was afraid that the paper would be just awful - I hate that rough, raw, brown paper that they use in public restrooms. I was surprised and very happy when this paper arrived and I really couldn't tell any difference, texture-wise, between the recycled paper and the store-bought paper I had been using. I've been using this paper for weeks now and I'm very happy with it. It's not abrasive, it hasn't caused any skin irritations (and I have really bad skin allergies, so 'm very relieved), and I feel a lot better about doing one more small thing to help out.

    I originally purchased a smaller pack from, but turns out to be the same price (adjusted for scale, of course), so I'll probably order the larger pack whenever I run out next time....more info
  • No crumbles, not rough, large rolls, eco-friendly!
    The title says it all... You have no crumbling like you do with the name brand (non eco-friendly) products, there are actually more sheets too! My guests have no idea it's recycled since it's not brown like my paper towels. I use it as kleenex also and its fairly soft. With the other brands I had paper dust getting stuck in my computers fan just from using it as kleenex. This kind has none of that! Just recycle the outer liner along with the tube and the cardboard box with no plastics to bother with! Get this much TP at Whole Foods and it'll be your whole pay check! I managed to convince others to get it with subscribe & save as it's cheaper than name brands on sale!...more info
  • One minor annoyance...
    The bulk Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue is great except for one thing: the sheets do not tear off cleanly from the roll. Even if you are very careful and use two hands, you'll often end up with half a piece in your hand. It was not a deal-breaker for my family (we've ordered a 2nd box) but it's quite annoying!...more info
  • Doin' my part
    Anything that I can do to make a smaller impact on this earth is great for me. It's just plain old TP. Nothin fancy, but the fancy stuff is made from old growth trees! I just can't understand how one could cut down a 100 year old tree to make something as temporary as toilet paper.
    Remember every little bit counts!...more info
  • Excellent Toilet Paper
    We liked this product because it is eco-friendly and we even recycle the outer wrapping paper and center tube.

    This is a good product and we don't even miss our Cottonelle that we used to buy. It NEVER clogs the toilet, unlike Cottonelle, and it doesn't have perfumes or bleach used in it.

    Great product to help the environment without sacrificing quality....more info
  • Better than you think!
    I've bought other Seventh Generation products because I like to be environmentally friendly. I've purchased and liked their cleaning products, laundry detergent and paper towels - all of which I've been very happy with. I was never wanted to purchase the toilet paper because I was afraid it would be rough or fall apart. I accidentally bought the toilet paper by mistake. I thought I picked up the paper towels until I got home and realized I bought the wrong thing. Instead of returning the toilet paper, I tried it out. I was pleasantly surprised. It's just as durable as other toilet paper brands. It might not be as soft as a name brand ultra soft version, but it'd not as bad as public restroom toilet paper either! I've made the switch and added this to my repertoire of Seventh Generation products I buy....more info
  • Too thick - they clog the toilet
    I like buying 7th gen products but this TP is just too thick for my toilet. I am glad to see that there is a one-ply option. Perhaps that will work better. ...more info
  • Not Soft Enough
    As much as I like to incorporate environmentally responsible choices into my household shopping, this toilet paper is not worth it. It's just not soft enough....more info
  • Great alternative to cutting down more trees
    Yes, I recycle as much as I can but the flip side of recycling is buying products made from recycled materials and this fits the bill. It is 2-ply and soft, yet strong enough for the task. I will continue to use this....more info
  • Environmentally friendly - Bottom unfriendly
    This is really abrasive - 1 points for softness - 5 points for trying to save the environment. Reasonable price. Won't buy it again....more info
  • environmentally friendly, good overall
    This is a small contribution one can make to help out the environment. It is reasonably priced compared to high end TP and it is not as rough as one might expect. I actually think it is much softer than the cheap TP. On the plus side it does not shred easily and there is minimal packaging. I am not ashamed to have our guests use it. If they do not like it, they can feel free to bring their own or use the gas station down the road. I have this on subscribe and save, so I know when to expect my next delivery. It costs 15% less and I appreciate the free delivery....more info
  • green toilet paper
    this is the cheapest way to buy this product. it's expensive at the grocery store. it lasts a long time and you can feel good about saving the planet. it has minimal packaging that you can toss in the recycle bin (paper plus a cardboard box, even the cardboard rolls when you're finished with the roll).

    it's the best way to buy a product that everyone uses. go green!...more info
  • OH MY GOD!!!
    This product changed my life. The comfort, the pleasure, the attention to detail. This is not toilet paper. This is God's gift to anuses everywhere. I love you....more info
  • feels softer than it looks
    As most everyone has already said, this doesn't look like the most comfortable toilet paper. I like Cottonelle myself, but 7th Generation is so much better for the planet. I find it's soft factor to be acceptable. Not the greatest, but acceptable to make the switch. I have also discovered that a roll lasts longer than a double roll of Cottonelle. What I do loathe, however, is that each unit is individually wrapped. What could be more wasteful? ...more info
  • Saving the earth and saving my budget
    We ordered this along with several other seventh generation products and are very happy with our purchase. Considering their entire packaging and product is made from recycled goods - it is a great feeling to know we were able to contribute to recycling and still being under our monthly budget. The product came delivered to our door via UPS and we filled our bathroom pantry with the product.

    The product itself sits somewhere between the Whitecloud and the Scott brand in terms of quality. Considering we priced this product at two local stores and a warehouse club and it was only about 2-3 cents more then we would have bought locally. We chose buying from Amazon subscription since it is easy,convenient and saves us time and gas from having to run to the local stores.

    For those that are budget conscious and environmentally conscious this product and other Seventh Generation products just can't be beat. ...more info
  • Good recycled toilet paper
    This is my favorite toilet paper. Not scratchy, or ugly, but still good for the environment. I like it even better than the non-recycled stuff I used to use. This stuff is strong and absorbant and it doesn't fall apart when you need to scrub....more info
  • Good Price - Good Product
    I was a little wary of buying this toilet paper since I'm used to using super soft stuff, but this really works great. It's not the softest or most absorbent(in comparison to other name brands) but the fact that it's good for the environment and does it's job well, works for me. :)...more info
  • Not disappointed1
    Completely satisfied with the product. The kids and I use this while the wife sticks with traditional TP... best I could do.

    Anyone know how is Amazon as a corporation reducing it's carbon footprint and trying to be greener? Does Amazon use recycled cardboard for shipping and recycled paper for receipts? Is there a plan for greener shipping?

    ...more info
  • Just because I care about the environment doesn't mean I want to wipe with sandpaper
    I specifically purchased the 2 ply sheets of toilet paper (instead of the 1 ply) because I enjoy a softer gentler tissue on the toilet. You need to use a more than you would of other thicker brands, and it doesn't feel so nice either. I can only imagine how much worse the 1 ply would be. ...more info
  • Great product!
    I've been a fan of Seventh Generation for a long time now. Their bathroom tissue is two-ply, and of great quality. I buy it by the case. I will use this product forever!...more info
  • Great!
    Great product. Not as absorbant or soft as most conventional TPs but it is an overall good product with much better benefits. I hope it gets softer though.
    ...more info
  • Well...
    ...the paper itself is a bit "former Soviet Union" but as everyone else has said it's good for the environment. ...more info
  • Wow - the same as any public bathroom
    I have half a case left and had to finally break down and get good old Angel soft. I can truly say this is a real dissappointment. I thought being 2ply and having a soft side would mean it would be a little better than a public bathroom and be good for the planet too. WRONG! I never expected it to be plush or even close to Angel Soft but I thought it would be tolerable. I'll continue to use it of course-until it's gone for good. But every 2-3 rolls I just can't stand it anymore. There will be HUGE MONEY to be made for the first company who figures out how to make an earth friendly but soft toilet paper. Unfortunately, my favorite company for cleaning products has miserably failed in this area....more info
  • Ooodles of TP at your reach
    No lugging it home. No running out and having to make an impromptu trip to the store. And you save quite a bit of money. It's a no-brainer if you use recycled bathroom tissue already....more info
  • 7th Generation Bathroom Tissue
    I was surprised to find each tissue roll individually wrapped. I guess it is as pictured, but I had a different packaging image in mind that didn't waste so much paper packaging. It would be better if the rolls were packaged together instead of individually wrapped....more info
  • Quality product
    We've been using Seventh Generation 2 ply TP for several years now. It's an excellent product. Not as soft as some, but very easy on the bum and then some. It's great to know my toilet needs do not contribute to the destruction of beautiful forestland wildlife habitat. Three cheers for appropriate recycling!!!...more info
  • Makes me feel better!
    ...In more ways than one. I have been using this TP for over 8 years. I used to get it from a company called Giam/Harmony. It is also offered at local grocery stores for a bit more money. I got tired of using thick TP which made me feel as though I was using a towel. I feel good about the EF element...even the wrapper is EF! I have tried the single ply...that is a little THIN. This makes me feel good, about me...the environment, and the price. I signed up for the auto-delivery so I think I will have an ample supply....more info
  • It works. What else can you say?
    Great product that for anyone. This is no flimsy tissue that falls apart upon use and does not feel like sandpaper. As good as brand names that use virgin hardwood from old growth forests. And they are great for the the environment. These are great compared to brandnames which have regular rolls around 260 sheets or double rolls but are only 400 or 450 sheets. These are 500 sheets and comparable in price. I would recommend anyone give them a try....more info
  • Glad to help the environment, but...
    the paper is not very soft. However, it's worth it to feel like you are making an environmentally conscientious choice. ...more info
  • Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue
    Good quality. Two-ply so takes less than most other products not made from recyled paper. Very satisfied with this product....more info
  • Great product but price increases are out of control
    Seventh Generation bathroom tissue is a great environmentally friendly alternative to traditional (non recycled content) bathroom tissue. It's relatively soft, and a case lasts a long time. However, it's becoming cost prohibitive given the current state of the economy; it's $1 or more a roll. Recyclable fiber is abundant, and its price is historically low. Nonetheless Seventh Generation continues to increase its price....more info
  • do NOT pay more for green: get less
    "Currently, there is no industry standard definition for natural cleaners."

    Imagine that.. as useless as carbon "credits"

    "The manufacturers of products in our Green Store have represented that they are not tested on animals,"

    No thanks... I prefer HUMAN product safety.

    ...more info
  • Its just toilet paper - an easy way to make a little difference
    No it isn't soft. It doesn't create the ultimate experience in bathroom luxury. But it makes me feel better to use eco friendly disposable products than to have a cushy soft wipe. I mean, really, its not like I spend my day thinking about how nice it will be to use a nice fluffy double thick tissue on my next trip to the loo. Its just toilet paper, a utilitarian neccessity in this part of the world. Let's not be so spoiled that we think we have to be pampered EVERY minute of the day!...more info


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