Berman Center Aphrodite Infrared Rechargeable Massager

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Great for beginners and advanced users alike, this rechargeable massager is used for external stimulation. The Aphrodite can be used as an all over body massager alone or with a partner, but also for sexual pleasure. The Flexo-Joint massaging head moves with you! Three attachments made of soft silicone provide the variation you need to experience a range of sensations. Turn the Aphrodite around and you can experience warm infrared stimulation that can be used all over the body, including the genitals.

Embracing your sexual pleasure isn't easy if you don't know how to reach orgasm—or if reaching orgasm is so time-consuming and complicated that you would rather watch television instead. Let's face it: Many women do not know how to self-stimulate, and even those that do are too embarrassed or nervous to try it, especially with their partner. However, if you don't know how to make yourself feel good, you are going to have a very hard time showing your partner how to make you feel good.

The Berman Center Intimate Accessories Collection was designed by women, for women, to give you and your partner exactly what you need: ergonomic designs, discreet packaging, quiet devices, and clear instructions (with diagrams).

Laura Berman, LCSW, Ph.D., an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and obstetrics/gynecology at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, has been working as a sex educator and therapist for 20 years and is considered a thought leader in her field.

Sex Toys
Sex toys can play a big role in helping women to get in touch with their sexual desires and release their inner vixen. However, many women still shy away from purchasing a sex toy, which is no surprise, considering how male-dominated the sex toy business is. Entering a sex toy store and purchasing a gigantic dildo, all while being leered at by the man behind the counter, doesn't exactly sound like most women's idea of fun.

Thankfully, women now have a niche in the sex toy field. You can now purchase a toy discreetly on the Internet, and in 3-5 business days, you will be the happiest woman on your block. More importantly, the toys themselves have changed. Forget the scary-looking implements with names like Big John. The Berman Center Intimate Accessories Line was created exclusively for the comfort and pleasure of women, which is why the toys are discreetly packaged, aesthetically pleasing, and quiet.

Enter Aphrodite!
Aphrodite is one of the first toys we created, and it is geared specifically to helping women achieve sexual pleasure for the first time (or, for the first time in a loonng time). Anorgasmia (the medical term for people who experience regular difficulty reaching orgasm) occurs more often than you might think— about 15 percent of women report difficulties with orgasm, and as many as 10 percent of women in the United States have never climaxed.

Named appropriately after the goddess of love and sexual pleasure, Aphrodite is a `sure thing.' Simple to use, Aphrodite is a foolproof way to help you enjoy orgasm, whether it is your first time or your millionth!

Great for beginners, this easy-to-use infrared rechargeable massager is used for external stimulation, with attachments that provide a range of sensations. Use with a water- or oil-based (not silicone-based) lubricant. Rechargeable batteries are included.
And, here is the good news: vibrators are for use among couples and single folks alike, and they are a safe, healthy, and normal way to experience sexual pleasure.

Allow me to banish some common vibrator myths (hopefully for good!):

  1. A vibrator will numb me or harm my genitals
  2. A vibrator will replace my partner
  3. A vibrator will cause me to become "addicted" and unable to have an orgasm without it

The Berman Center led a nationwide study of sexual aids and devices in 2004. The results leave little question about the benefits of vibrators and refute just about every vibrator myth out there. My national study found that:

  • Women who used vibrators experienced better sexual function and a more satisfying sex life. Vibrators were linked to higher levels of arousal, increased libido and easier, more frequent orgasms. Not surprisingly, women with vibrator experience were more sexually satisfied than their non-using counterparts.
  • Vibrators are not only for the singles! In fact, we found that while 30% reported using a vibrator, more than 60% of partnered women did. Vibrators have a place for couples and men are generally supportive if you include them in the fun.
  • Women with vibrator experience resoundingly disagreed with statements like: "My vibrator has replaced my partner" and "My vibrator use has negatively affected my sexual sensation."

These findings support the idea that vibrators bring only good things to your sex life. Vibrators enhance arousal with higher quality, longer-lasting foreplay and increase a woman's chances of orgasm.

  • See instructions inside front box flap.
  • For muscle relaxation or stimulation
  • 3 soft silicone tips for pinpoint stimulation
  • Discreetly shipped. Note: This item cannot be returned to
  • Charge for 12 hours before use.

Customer Reviews:

  • Oprah hits it on the head!
    Saw it on it must be good. She's right! Best ever experience....more info
  • B+
    Well I guess you get what you pay for. I bought this item for about $20 less than other sites listed it for. I'm pretty certain its a chinese replica...the heater never worked and the product is an inferior plastic. BUT the silicon is real and its an awesome change from the hitachi magic wand. I see now the price has been jacked up to other sites so I would say buy direct from Dr. Berman unless you find a deal that makes it worth it. no longer accepts returns on this item (although I wouldnt have gone to the trouble even if they did)...more info
  • aphrodite massager
    it works! only complaint is its a little big, and that it isnt water proof...more info
  • Love that it works as a massager as well as a sex toy!
    This is a great massager from Dr. Laura Berman's line. I think it's especially great because you can use it on sore muscles just as easily as you can on your erogenous zones! It provides just the right amount of pressure for absolute pleasure!...more info
  • Very Relaxing
    We were looking for a whole body massager and weren't having a lot of luck as everything was described as a sex toy and not a real massager this one included. I basically took a chance on this because it was rechargeable meaning no cord getting in the way so I bought this over a few others. It's quiet even on high and lasts about 45 minutes on a charge. Infrared works very well for tight muscles and works only on the lower setting. Some nights my wirfe does a lot of walking as a QC so when she comes home in the morning her legs are very tight and hurt but after 30 minutes of this she feels much better. As for a sex toy, I don't have a clue but I can see the
    possibilities....more info
  • The One on Oprah!
    This is the one I saw on The Oprah Winfrey Show. A woman had an orgasm after 20 years without one using this device and some advice from Dr. Berman! Real Sex for Real Women...more info
  • Very poor design
    I feel foolish since I placed an order for this vibrator immediately after Oprah's show. After waiting 4 months for Dr. Berman to get enough of these vibrators from China to satisfy Oprah's viewers, I found it to be big and clumsy, heavy and noisy. There were no instructions included as it stated there were and the infrared did not work. I am returning it immediately. My husband, who was most anxious for these massager was similarly disappointed. It is a real turn-off for sex. It might work for a woman who doesn't get orgasms, but she would have to have a muscular arm. ...more info
  • Order Incomplete
    There were no instructions with the product. I have tried repeatedly to get someone to send me the instructions for this item and after three weeks, I still have not received them. I will pursue this until I receive them but you can be sure it is the last time I will deal with Amazon.

    ...more info
  • aphrodite massager
    it works! only complaint is its a little big, and that it isnt water proof...more info
  • product
    I cannot give a review as the product does not work!!! I have sent it back
    and am currently waiting for a replacement.I will not receive said product until al least April as they are on back order!!!...more info
  • Did not work as defined
    I may have been the only person that purchased this for my arthritic hands. The item is supposed to heat up. I plugged it in, left it on for 60 minutes and the item never, ever did heat up. It vibrates if that is what you want but watching Dr. Bermans review she clearly tells you how warm this item can get. Could have fooled me. Returned it within 24 hours. Thanks to Amazon for great Customer Service...more info
  • replacement doesn't work either
    Not only did neither of these heat up, but neither one of them vibrated for more than a couple of seconds. Even if it did work, it's too big and cumbersome. Lots of hype for an inferior product....more info
  • Not what I expected, I fell for the "Oprah" buzz.
    I fell for the Oprah buzz on this product. I wish I had checked out other vibrators before I ordered it. It is very heavy, bulky and mine did not heat. Amazon's return policy is great, I was able to return it and get a refund because it was defective. I see others have had the same problem.
    My advice is to shop around and read the reviews....more info