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Mega Man Maverick Hunter X is a remake of the original Mega Man X title that first appeared on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game builds upon the original with new renderings of 3D character models, new environments and gameplay features that raise the bar for side-scrolling platformers. Mega Man Maverick Hunter X also includes an animated movie that provides real insight into the Mega Man X universe and even gives gamers a sneak peek at events that took place before the plot line of the first game. Plus to ensure that even the most veteran of gamers is given a real challenge, the level arrangements have been modified with item locations, map layouts and the strategies needed for completing levels all updated. The year is 21XX. A mysterious robot named X has become the model from which further Reploids were created to aid mankind. Unfortunately, some of the Reploids turned against the humans and were given the name Mavericks. In response to this, the Maverick Hunters, an elite squad of Reploids, were formed to combat these renegade Reploids and calm was restored until one of the Maverick Hunters, a powerful Reploid named Sigma, turned against the peacekeepers. Now X and his fellow Maverick Hunter friend, Zero, must prevent Sigma from executing his evil plans to destroy humanity.

  • Upon completion of the main game, a whole new story is unlocked where players can play as Vile, X's arch rival

Customer Reviews:

  • a solid remake of the original megaman x
    i bought this game because i LOVE megaman and i was a bit dissapointed. but its still pretty good. the good things about it is that its fun and the characters are cool(zero is my fav!). on the downside the graphics are choppy and the voice acting is medicore. you would know this,its also hard-but not impossible....more info
  • Incredible Game
    this game is amazing. The voices might throw you off if you have gotten used to just silent gaming.The megaman story mode is very easy, and im still working on the vile. The best part is that you can see a full length anime episode of the "day of E" explaining alot about megaman(at least i thought so).I am very pleased with my order...more info
  • A Must Buy Game For The PSP
    This Megaman X game is one of the best. Besides being a remake of one of the best SNES games ever made, this game is fun for a long time with great replay value. I love the new 3D graphics and how well the slight changes were made to certain levels. I've had this game for a while now and it's still one of my favorite games for my PSP. Overall I think this is a great remake, they didn't screw with too much stuff they just left most as is and the stuff they did change adds too the fun in this game. I think Capcom did a hell of a job remakeing the original Megaman X. I hope Capcom decides to make a remake of X2 and 3 because those were the only ones released on SNES. The ones on the PS had good enough graphics, they don't need to be remade. I'll just be waiting for a remake of X2 to come out, hopefully it does....more info
  • not too shabby for the price
    I'm not an avid megaman player, but i do remember playing them back in the day. For the price this game gave me a couple of hard weeks of good play time. I enjoyed it and would suggest it to anyone. Now i do understand that it is just a port of one of the original Megaman X series so you may want to research that before your purchase. ENjoy...more info
  • One of the best X games remade.
    Megaman Powered Up too hard for you? Maybe you should of picked up Maverick Hunter X instead. The game carries the same difficulty the SNES version had, but with beautiful redone graphics. The game has a sharp edge feel to it and the extra character you can play with keeps the replay value a little higher than it should, although it cant compare to the features of Powered Up. The armaments you pick up are scattered through the levels differently this time around and is actually easier to get to when compared to the old version. All in all, great game, fantastic price. If you do not get this game, you are a part of the problem....more info
  • Awesome remake!
    This is how a remake of a classic should be like, it has everything, enhanced graphics, better music, new content. just AMAZING. if you are a megaman x fan you definitely should buy this one!...more info
  • Nostalgia
    This game brings back so many good memories of my days with my SNES. I first fell in love with Megaman when my cousins and I played it on the original NES. It's good to see Megaman refreshed for the new decade. This game is not just a recycled version of the original Megaman. There are so many new things to unlock and challenged to overcome that it feels like a new game. The graphics and bitmaping are also gorgeous and make this game a pleasure to look at while you're blasting away at Mavericks. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of Megaman. Best 20 dollars I've ever spent on a game. ...more info
  • Best Mega Man X game, fantastic PSP game!
    Mega Man X Maverick Hunter X is a remake of the first Mega Man X which originally apeared on the Super Nintendo system. The gameplay is identical to the original, the graphics are amazing, and it has great voice work as well. When you beat the game you get to watch a cool 24 minute anime. Buy this game!...more info
  • super fun but a lil short
    great game but really needs something else to add to the reply value. Also a lil on the easy side. Should only be played on hard. Overall it kept me highly entertained...more info
  • This game is great, but...
    This game is great and I believe all of the other reviews covered it quite well, so I won't bother. But, I do have a question. What is the difference between this game and Megaman Powered Up?...more info
  • Review? From Me? Well, If You Insist...
    Let's just try to keep this short...

    I went into this not entirely knowing what to expect, but perhaps figuring something between a port and a full-out remake. Basically, it remains the same game - but having played the original SNES version since not long after it came out, I can tell you it doesn't feel exactly the same. Not in a bad way, don't get me wrong, just different. Vile Mode especially is like a whole new experience, compared to the SNES version. I didn't find it terribly difficult to pick up on, at least X Mode Normal Difficulty. Beyond that, as can be expected, it gets harder, especially (for me, anyway) Vile mode. If you're a fan of the original Mega Man X SNES game, I think you'll be in for a real treat. It may have differences, but I can promise you it won't take long to adjust. And you're in for a wild ride, on X Mode Hard Difficulty...heh.

    Note: Just don't mind the voice acting. That was probably the biggest let down in this game, for me. It's not terrible, it's just... Personally, it's just not really what I had imagined - especially for Launch Octopus....more info
  • brings Back Memories
    I have to say that I really enjoy playing this game because it brings back memories of playing the very first mega man on nintendo. It is a very fun and well paced game....more info
  • Classic Games Remade
    In order to breath life into a great classic game like this here is a good way to do it. The Graphics finally up to date slight changes and some the enemies were easier to take down but the difficulty setting put it were it belongs. Then you get to play as Vile and that was cool. All in all this Game is still great I very much hope and look forward to the rest of the MegaMan games getting thier turn like this....more info
  • Awesome X
    Megaman Marverick Hunter X is F***ing awesome. It's ONE of the best titles out there for the PSP, so if your shopping here for a good game on your little hand held, this is it, but let's go over a small review first:

    GRAPHICS: 8/10. Color, lighting, frame rate, special effects, shading, characters and backgrounds all looks great. You can say this looks slightly better than the Sega Dreamcast graphics at best.

    AUDIO: 7.5/10. Sound effects like gun blasts and explosions are superb. The voice acting is well done and some of the are very familiar as well. Though the music we remember from the good old days of course have been remix, but that's not a bad thing. It's just that when your playing the soundtrack just seems forgettable.

    GAMEPLAY: 10/10. Tight and responsive controls, no lags and the frame rate of this catches up the action extremely well. Which means no slow downs whenever the game gets chaotic. Platforming, shooting and the ability to choose bosses to battle against is all still there, but with a few minor tweaks from Capcom to improve playing style.

    REPLAY VALUE: 9/10. This game will get you going for about 3 to 4 times before you can put it to rest. The game offers a lot of versatility like play style. Plus there's also a new character named Vile which brings an entire different style of play (he as over 40 weapons!) and story. Finally there's also Hard Mode, though there's only minor differences between Normal Mode. For instance, regular enemies are tougher to kill, you take more damage, health items restores less and most bosses gain a few "special attacks."

    OVERALL: 8.75/10. Fun, simple and tons of replay value. Great game, very addictive.... ...more info
  • One Of The Best Games 4 Da PSP Right Now!!!!
    I Have to say Mega Man Mverick Hunter X is a very good game, in fact I'm still playin right this minute. If some of u people don't know dis is actually a remake of da original Megaman X fo da SNES. But now dey totally revamped the game in almost every way. 4 one thing the new 3d graphics looks absolutley amzing and fits well even though this game is a side scroller. They have also changed the music but people would barely notice unless they have played the original. Another exclusive is that they have added voice acting in the game, sum of the characters voice actors don't fit very well but otherwise its a nice addition.

    There are also unlockables to obtain like being able to play as Vile (X's arch rival), a 20 sumthin minute anime movie explaining the origins of all the events before X started all his missions, and also they added a funny thing and that is that X can use Ryus (from Street Fighter) special move the Hadoken attack. But everything besides that is still here from the original game. The game still has the same bosses, same special attacks, same annoying hard difficulty and same old Megaman. So do me all a favor and get dis game especially if u have nothing els to play on your PSP......



    OVERALL-4.4 (VERY GOOD GAME)...more info
  • Like Polishing up an Old Car
    Love the game, it's the one that started it all in the X series. Only thing I didn't like was that it's just X1 and since I mastered the original, it feels short. But other then that. Love it!...more info
  • Megaman Maverick Hunter X
    I must say that this is a pretty decent installment in the neverending megaman series. Once again, a crazed robot wants to take over the world, and it's up to Megaman and his friends to save it. The cool anime cut scenes make up for the bad storylines though. When I was playing this game, i noticed some of the same classic gameplay that there was in the previous games. Like there's still one "pro" stage and then eight around that, and there's still a big entrance for the bosses at thee beggining of each level. Some enimies are old too. The graphics are nice and remixed, the music, sometimes annoying is colorful and adds a nice touch to the game. Boss battles can get VERY annoying but if you have the right weapon, [their weakness] it can be easy. Also, you get to play as Vile, Megaman's arch nemisis, although I haven't gotten up to that part yet. There's a horrible demo of Megaman Powered Up which by the way is an awful game. Some of the levels are really cool though, like you get to jump into a huge punching machine and walk around, destroying everything in your path, and you get to basically shoot everything that moves, dodging, and even wall jumping. Riding on a flying platform, battling mini bosses, Megaman has alot to do in this game. It's even worth the 30 dollar price. So check this game out. It's a blast to play.
    ...more info


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