Ejaculoid 1 Bottle 60 Pills Semen/Orgasm Volumizer Like Ogoplex

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Product Description

Ejaculoid - Bigger, Better Orgasms! Years of testing and research has finally resulted in Ejaculoid which is the strongest non-prescription semen volumizer available. Competing formulas are simply amino acids and vitamins - Ejaculoid only has ingredients

  • Similar to Ogoplex
  • More Explosive!
  • Better Orgasms
  • Longer Climaxing

Customer Reviews:

  • real name should be Itchaoid
    Awful product. The only thing it did for me was increase itching in the form of a real bad rash. If you want a product that works, just take some L Arginine 500 mg free form capsules. The one from Twin labs work great. ...more info
  • This one works.
    As you can see form my other reviews, I have tried several products looking for the on that works for me. It is clear, no one product works for every individual. You just have to try them out until you find one that works.

    This one works for me.

    Thanks for reading. :-)...more info
  • sperm increase
    i started taking these pills a year ago and started to notice an increase in sperm by week 4.....but now after a year i am shooting farther and have ropes of sperm when i shoot. it just keeps coming....more info
  • This stuff works!
    This stuff is great, even though I've had a vasectomy it still works fantasticly on me. My wife freaked out the first time I used it, she had multiple orgasms on the spot, there was so much semen, it nearly poured out of her!...more info
  • Does not work
    I tried this for 2 weeks straight I excercise daily, I don't smoke or drink liquir. This stuff didn't do anything don't waste your money...more info
  • Energy
    Although the name is funny... this product gave the greatest boost of energy than anything else that i have tried. I take one in the morning to wake me up! ...more info


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