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Splinter Cell: Double Agent brings back veteran agent Sam Fisher, for an enemy unlike any he's faced before. To stop a devastating attack, he must infiltrate a vicious terrorist group and destroy it from within. For the first time ever, experience the relentless tension and gut-wrenching dilemmas of life as a double agent. As you infiltrate a terrorist organization in its American headquarters, you must carefully weigh the consequences of your actions. Kill too many criminals and you'll blow your cover. Hesitate too long and millions will die. Do whatever it takes to complete your mission, but get out alive. New authentic gadgets, used by NSA government agents in addition to black-market terrorist weapons

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Customer Reviews:

  • Great but could be better.
    Enjoyed the game like the straight missions better than the double agents gigs....more info
  • What the @#$% went wrong???
    When video game companies change developers mid-stream on a franchise, you can only expect bad things *(see Call of Duty 3).

    Not unlike how John Gruden wanted to make the Tampa Bay Buccaneers HIS team, apart from Dungee's Bucs----second-party developers look to stake their own claim...raise their own flag on a successful game franchise---and more often than not---gamers pay the price.

    This game was helmed by Ubi Soft Shanghai...and man does it suck more than an overcrowded Chinese subway. They tried to add a "free will" aspect, which doesn't give you free will at all, but instead gives you timed missions and added, pointless stress that doesn't make the game more fun to play, but likens it unto getting a root canal.

    Sure the graphics are great---but I think in the four days since it's release, Playstation 3 owners can tell you that in this day and age---and when it comes to games----beauty ain't everything.

    Regardless, avoid this game if you're a fan of the other Splinter Cell titles. RENT IT if you haven't picked one up before. All in all though, this is a bigger ball-drop than "Halo 2" ever dreamt of being. ...more info
  • I didn't like it.
    I originally got DA for the regular XBOX, and played a few levels. I thought it was pretty good, but not as good as past Splinter Cells. When I finally got a 360 I decided to trade my XBOX version of DA for the 360 version. This turned out to be a mistake, and shortly after playing the 360 version of the game, I wanted my XBOX on back.

    First off the levels in the 360 version are different than the regular XBOX version. This is OK in itself, but to me the levels are just so boring an do not make much sense. To me it seems that the level were just thrown together with no thought on how things would play out when someone actually played the level. A good example is the first "real" level at the JBA headquarters. You had to do a couple of things for the NSA, and to do this you had to find time to go to a restricted area to plant some bugs. Your main task was for the JBA to go through a pretty simple obstacle course and open a safe at the end, all of which takes 4 minutes. However you are given 15 minutes to complete the task. How convienient, plenty of time to plant bugs. And what makes this worse, even after you finished your tasks for the JBA and NSA you will more than likely have 3 or 4 minute left, and then you HAVE to wait those 3 or 4 minutes IN REAL time for the guy to come check on you. How lame can you get? Its a complete waste of time. I blew it off, because it was one of the first levels, but the next levels I played were just as boring.

    Another thing that I found missing was the many of the cool things you could do or had access to in past Splinter Cell games is not in DA for the 360. Even the Xbox version has these things, but the 360 version does not. Example, you cannot remote hack, you don't have the visibility and sound meters on your opsat, the enemy tracker in your 3D map does not show enemy positions in real time, its only a snapshot; so if the enemy is walking, you won't see it on your map. the regular XBOX version of th game has this, why not the 360 version? I don't know if you can do the split jump or not, but I never had an opportunity to try it. You can unlock different gadgets by completing tasks without getting detected by the enemy, but why not have them in the game to begin with? It just makes the game more frustrating. One thing I hate about video games, is when they make you unlock stuff that should already be in the game.

    One of the only good things about this game was the graphics and sound. But even the sound seemed to mess up during the gameplay. Without warning the sound of enemy talk and weapons firing would go out and you couldn't hear anything except of the enviroment itself and sometimes the background music. In addition to this, my game has frozen a few times without warning, forcing me to start over. Another strike.

    The game itself played OK, the controls were pretty responsive for the most part but even that messed up. When the sound started going out, your controls seemed to be affected as well, and there was a slight delay when firing your weapon.

    One final thing about the gameplay that was pretty corny in my opinion, is that you have this stupid light on your suit that shows green when noone sees you, but as soon as an enemy sees you it turns red. Why is this nesccesary? This was not in previous splinter cell games, and I think a good reason for that is that it's not needed and it looks stupid. It's just more proof that this game was just thrown together without any real thought into actual gameplay.

    I thought I would never give a Splinter Cell game a bad review, but the XBOX 360 version of this game gave me no choice. I finally had enough, so I returned the game back to the store for a full refund. (Thank goodness I bought it used). I had to rebuy my traded game back for the lower used price, but that was OK with me. So instead of getting the full cost for DA for the 360 back, I only netted 20 bucks. Its still OK with me though, because I wasn't at all happy with the 360 version. I am back to the regular XBOX version of the game, and I couldn't be happier.

    If you have or thinking about getting Double Agent for the regular XBOX, keep it! To me the 360 version is a huge dissapointment and I encourage others to stick with the more polished regular XBOX version.

    I gave this game 3 stars overall, which was very generous, if this was my first Splinter Cell game, it would definetely be a 2. My review for the regular XBOX version of this game is coming soon....more info
  • "My son loves this game".
    I have probably spent thousands of dollars over the years purchasing games for my son to play on one of his systems.

    This game was actually far more than the typical shoot everyone, the more people you kill the better player you are mindless bunch that he was used to playing.

    This game made my son think and use skills to reach each new level and the skills involved much more than simply the ability to shoot. I know it is just a game but this game calls for patience and thought. Normally he flies through levels but even with the game difficulty level set at "easy" he is really struggling to progress. Finally a game that he cannot just breeze through!!! ...more info
  • Fun Game
    The graphics are awesome. The storyline is interesting especially since in this game you are a double agent. Like all past splinter cell games. While playing I cant get away from the feeling that I've played this game before. There isnt anything really that different from this title compared to the others. And the xbox 360 graphics are great!!!...more info
  • Splinter Cell: Double Agent
    Sam Fisher is a government agent for the society called the "Third Echelon" and says he needs to retire. Now, I'm no Splinter Cell master or anything. This is actually the first Splinter Cell title I've owned and played. I thoroughly enjoy the game and would recommend it to anyone who hasnt played the series and wants a start somewhere. My advice would be to start with the first but I cant find it at EB Games or WalMart anywhere. This is a Christmas present I had gotten along with the guide and Enchanted Arms. I wanted some variety for Christmas. Splinter Cell D.A. is very buggy at some points in the game and the story can sometimes be kind of hard to follow or even understand. BUT aside from it's story wise problems, the problems in multiplayer is kind of apparent as well. You can be on a team of Halo style multi, you always get people that cheat and jump outside the levels. Well, I love this game, and I hope you do too. 5 out of 5 or 10 out of 10. Which ever way you put it, this game is great. ...more info
  • Splinter Cell: DA doesn't quite live up to the hype...
    ...but it's still good.

    I have been a big, big fan of all the Splinter Cell games since the original was released. While I greatly enjoyed playing through Splinter Cell: Double Agent (from now on SCDA), and I do recommend the game (it is, in my opinion one of the better games released so far for the xbox360), it is not without problems.

    Story (3 of 5): I am torn regarding the story, because overall I enjoyed it and found it compelling. However there is one glaring problem with story that nearly kills it for me, and I haven't heard a single other person voice this angle yet.

    The story involves Sam Fisher of the NSA infiltrating a terrorist cell within the United States for the purpose of discovering their goals and connections to other terrorist organizations in the interest of eliminating as many threats as possible in one fell swoop.

    My problem is that this terrorist group is portrayed as a rightwing militia-style organization, all the way down to the terrorist leader's midwestern accent! In this age of radical Muslim terrorism and the reality of Islamic terrorist sleeper cells presently within the United State and Europe today, why the writers and creators of SCDA decided on portraying a threat so completely disconnected from reality is beyond me. It really verges on the ridiculous.

    This choice of antagonist is as silly as it would had been if, at the height of World War II, American movie studios started cranking out movies depicting America involved in a deadly war with, say, Brazil.

    Once I got past this point I did enjoy the story, although I found it to be somewhat confusing at points, especially late in the game. However, this may have been due to the fact that I was only able to devote about one evening a week to it, which probably made it more difficult to follow.

    Graphics (4 out of 5): The graphics in SCDA are quite good. While they are not a huge leap forward, I still found them to be impressive. The detail level found in most of the environments is compelling and realistic, very striking in some instances, such as the Mumbai level depicting a completely war-torn city, and less inspired others, such as the Terrorist HQ which appears to be a run-of-the-mill warehouse type facility.

    The character design was also quite good, some of the best I have seen in a game, actually. Only the main characters found in the PC version of Half-Life 2 and Gears of War look substantially better. I was actually quite impressed that with the NPCs I faced off against in each level, as each appeared to have a diffent face, instead of only three or four variations as is the case in most games.

    Control (4 out of 5): There is absolutely nothing new here. If you have played any of the previous Splinter Cell games you will know exactly what to expect. Over-all, the camera controls and player controls function very well, but this has come to be expected in this type of game over the last three or four years.

    I did occasionally have an issue with Sam's head getting in the way of something I wanted to see, but this problem was rare and could always be remedied by changing position slightly.

    Sound (3 out of 5): I found absolutely no problem with the sound or music in SCDA, then again, I am not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination. It didn't blow me away either.

    Gameplay (3 out of 5): Here is one of the biggest problems with SCDA. In the previous iterations of the series, you had a light meter located on the heads-up-display, which would let you know exactly how illuminated Sam was at any time. This has been done away with in favor of a little lighted device located on Sam Fisher's back. This device only has two settings: green, and yellow. If it's green, Sam is not illuminated and can't be seen even if a bad guy walks within two feet of him. If it's yellow, Sam can be seen from 500 yards away. There are no degrees of illumination as there were in the previous games.

    In addition, there aren't any locations in the game where Sam has to use his night-vision (NV) goggles to see. The darkest locations in SCDA can easily be navigated with the naked eye. In the previous SC games, every level contained corners so dark that absolutely nothing could be seen without the aid of NV. This made the stealth and hiding aspect of the previous games highly believably; whereas most of the time in SCDA Sam is sneaking though areas that appear to only be poorly lit as opposed to dark.

    I don't believe there was a single location in the game where I found Sam's goggles, so absolutely necessary in the previous games, to be of any help at all in SCDA.

    That said, I still enjoyed the traditional SC aspects of the game and was impressed with the terrorist HQ levels, as they added a level of stress and tension to the game that was different from any of the previous Splinter Cells. Multiple and competing NSA and JBA (the terrorist organization) objectives were fun and did add somewhat to the fun of the single-player game.

    One new item that completely fell flat was the "trust meter", which I expected a lot more from. It shows the level of trust the NSA and JBA have in you. Going into the game, I believed that the more trust the JBA had in you, the more access you would get to restricted areas, classified information, etc; while, on the flip-side, the less trust the NSA had in you the harder it would become to get their assistance in bringing the terrorists to justice.

    Unfortunately, this was not the case at all. The level of trust either organization has in you, as shown by the trust meter, has absolutely no bearing on the way the game is played. Most of the time, I was able to maintain full levels of trust with both the NSA and JBA concurrently, which doesn't seem like it should be the case. Only if the trust meter drops to zero does it have any effect on the game, and if that happens you lose the game and are forced to go back to a previous save. While it seemed to be a good idea, it was poorly executed.

    I know I have spent the majority of this section voicing problems I had with the game play, but let me just state that these problems primarily regard unrealized potential of new game play angles beyond the scope of the original three games. If you enjoyed the game play of the first three SCs you will enjoy the game play or SCDA.

    Multiplayer: I am not going to comment here, because I have only even attempted the multiplayer portion of SCDA twice, and I clearly don't have enough experience with it to make an informed comment.

    Overall: I enjoyed this game a great deal despite the problems I mentioned above. I have finished it once, and I will be going back through it again in an attempt to increase my score on several of the levels, as well as complete the game on the hardest difficulty.
    ...more info
  • not so fun
    Well I ordered this game as a Christmas present and the game was never delevered. I had no luck tracking the down the package, and a even harder time getting though to Amazon. So I can't review the game and have a even worse review for Amazon....more info
  • Fun but needs improvement
    I thought this game was going to be more rebellious from the other splinter cell games and give the player more freedom and not focus on the stealth and sneak tactics. I thought you would be able to use your gun and weapons more. To much of my surprise its the same as every other SC game, sneaking, cracking safes, hacking etc. You can't pick up enemy weapons which is frustrating when you have no weapons or no ammo. Graphics are pretty good cut scene animations are fuzzy and need work. Theres very little direction in to how you use equipment especially if your a first time player and thought the tutorial was useless....more info
  • Good Game...but flawed
    I felt like this game was a lot of fun, actually beat it 3 times. I won't go into the good and the bad since everyone else here has sumed it up. However, the game tends to freeze and the loading times are long...even on the 360!...more info
  • awesome game...
    what are the other reviewers smoking? maybe it is different from other splinter cell games...i'm not sure, i played part of one SC game previously and i didn't like it at all. but i loved this one. it's not an overly long game, but it's very well done. the graphics are great, the story's pretty good (except for some ridiculous predictable politically correct terrorists). all in all this is a fantastic game. ...more info
  • Michael Ironside should play Sam Fisher in the movie
    - Unreal Engine
    - No forced grab cover as with many new games.
    - Excellent main character voice acting, especially Michael Ironside. It really helps.
    - Excellent music. This really helps too.
    - Complicated story with interesting morality. I never understood irrational "ends-justify-the-means" ethics, which this game obviously employs, but it's certainly realistic to our ultra-nationalistic, ultra-militaristic government, so using it as a plot device in this game makes perfect sense. The enemy is mostly domestic so no one can claim anti-Arab, anti-Muslim or racism. Branching storylines and alternate endings as in a special edition DVD.
    - Very very interesting psychological training levels (although this is far too brief and actually doesn't really train newbies on most weapons and gadgets).
    - Sammy gotta girlfriend. Awwwww.
    - Map - don't know where to go? Look at the map.
    - I never once had to consult the internet due to bad design, didn't know where to go, what to do, glitches, etc. Double-plus good on that.

    - Deplorable recycled enemy voice acting during combat. Your enemies will even switch from new voice actors to completely different (old) voice actors if you enter combat. They'll say things like "let's try something different, fall back!" and other various quotes from older Splinter Cell games (Chaos Theory). Tons of them are from the exact same voice actor, which again is from older games and there is not even an attempt to make him sound like a different guy each time. How much effort could it take to get some voice actors into a studio to some new lines. You could get a bum off the street to do this.
    - infinite health nonsense like in Call of Duty 2, Gears of War, Rainbow Six Vegas, etc. no med kits, health packs, etc. I don't get this with the new games. It's a revolt against the old Doom health/armor tradition. Logically, it only makes sense if you have some sort of Halo character with a recharging shield or something similar. Sam ain't got that, WWII soldiers certainly didn't, neither do characters in other games - you might be able to give Gears of War a pass because they are wearing some sort of goofy suit in the future, but they really should either explain it (or explain it away) for this and other games. Infinite health changes the context of gameplay. There is no urgency to get to a health kit or be more careful if your health is down. Get shot a bunch of times? Just duck down for a couple of seconds, no prob.
    - too many timed missions (entire levels are timed in this game in which you must complete complicated tasks and aren't even able to run - you're forced to walk). It's annoying.
    - they took away the light and sound meters in favor of a lame traffic-light Homeland Security style color system. I miss the light and sound meters, they were cool. The color system is also redundant (they have it permanently on screen in 2 different places) -- why not have only 1 color alert (on his shoulder strap) and the light/sound meters for flavor. The light meter allowed you to see when you were APPROACHING vulnerability of exposure. Now they just have a yellow light which indicates only the exact moment of vulnerability, not when you are getting close. The sound meter similarly allowed you to see when you were able to surprise enemies more easily due to loud ambient noise.
    - grenade throwing system downgrade. They used to show you an exact arc of where the grenade would land - this was realistic because throwing stuff into an exact location is fairly easy in real life. Even children can do it, so I gather an expert military veteran can do it. Not anymore because it's gone. Why?

    Still an excellent game and I'm sure they'll give it a sequel. Chaos Theory was a little better IMO....more info


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