Hoover H2850 FloorMate PowerBrush 300 Hard-Floor Cleaner

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Product Description

All-in-one machine dry vacuums, washes and dries floors. Powered brush roll, one quart delivery tank, 13" removable nozzle, foot pedal switch to change from wet to dry mode, fingertip on/off, user controlled solution delivery trigger, easy empty tank - White/Lime Green

  • Bagless upright cleaner for vacuuming and washing hard-floor surfaces
  • Dual motors create powerful suction and drive the brush system
  • 13-inch cleaning path; squeegee nozzle; separate solution tank and recovery tank
  • Removable brush assembly; soft non-marring wheels; 24-foot power cord
  • Measures 15 by 12 by 31 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Pretty good, not nearly as good as my old model
    This machine is OK. I bought a floormate many years ago and I prefer my older model (I'm not sure of the exact model, but looks like the 3044).

    This machine cleans pretty well, but doesn't pick up the cleaning solution half as well as the 3044. Not a big deal, but I do need time to let the floor dry. Also, I couldn't consider using this machine for a spill cleanup.

    I'd highly recommend spending a few more dollars and going for the other models with the spinscrub.

    I also vacuum my house with my hoover vacuum prior to using this machine, so I never had any misconceptions on the vacuum/clean feature of the cleaner....more info
  • Great, When it works!
    I have bought two of these machines. One for my daughter, which I use constantly on her floors, and one for my daughter-in-law. Both machines work great and really do clean the floor well. However, my daughter's machine would slowly leak clean solution if it was left in the upper dispensing tank. (I'd read about this in one review, but thought is was just an odd occurance--wrong!) The answer was to never leave solution in the tank. However, after only 9 months of use, it began leaking all the clean solution as soon as you filled it. Now, it cannot be used to clean the floor at all. This is really disappointing. I've tried to find a replacement tank, but Hoover doesn't make it anymore and no one seems to have one. Hoover has no answer for the problem other than buying the newer model. My daughter-in-law has never said anything about hers leaking, and is still using it regularly after 18 months. When it works, it really does clean the floor well, but after this experience, I am unsure if I want to invest in another one. ...more info
  • Floormate review
    I've used these before - on the good side the tank is easier to get on & off. Negative this Floormate doesn't seem as powerful as the other one I had. It leaves water and doesn't dry or scrub like the other one. I also would prefer an item made in America. Once this one stops working I don't think I will purchase another one....more info
  • Great product at a great price
    Couldn't beat the price of this floor cleaner. It works very well on my tile and hardwood floors. So much cleaner than using a mop, especially with 2 dogs in the house. My only hangup is that I have to empty the tank quite a few times when cleaning my fairly small kitchen & bathroom. I think if I had sprung for one of the more expensive versions from Hoover they may have a bigger tank capacity. On the plus side, the tank emptying process is simple. Would definitly recommend this cleaner!...more info
  • If it only woked, I'd had given it 5 stars
    This is my fourth floor-mate third model in 3 years. The two problems with this model is that it puddles if left alone on or off, and the other main problem it that the suction "flap" in the Intake cup (for the lack or the actual word) keep closing even tho there is nothing clogging it. So it needs to be turned off every other minute so the flap can release itself. $129.00 for this? Do I go to the next model or Skip HOOVER all together? Does any one know of another company that make something like the floor-mate? It is a totally great idea if it only worked without the flaws these "floor mates" have....more info
  • The original spinbrush was much better
    I have all ceramic tile floors, two large dogs and a kid. I used the first Spinbrush that came out and was really impressed. It scrubbed cleaned my floors very well. When it finally gave out I bought the Powerbrush300 and have disliked it from day one. It has a single brush that turns like a vacuum sweeper which seems to smear the water instead of picking it up - the Spinbrush has several that turn horizontally. You can't remove the brush to clean it so for those of us with dogs the hair gets trapped between the brush and the top and I have to stick my fingers up inside it to get the old nasty hair out. I've stuck with it for a year but I'm ready to give up and see if the new Spinbrush works as well as the original one....more info
  • Love this Hoover Floor Mate :)
    I am very happy with this purchase. I have light ceramic floors and my grout was looking a little dingy. I dry vac first with this and then use the wet vac. My grout is looking better, and my floors feel nice and look clean. It is easier then the swiffer wet jet that was just pushing the dirt around. It really picks up the water and cleaner too. The first time I used the retrieving container had black water in it. The next time I used it the water was still dirty but not as bad so I know it is working. It is easy to put together and use too. ...more info
  • Stopped working within 30 seconds
    I got this out of the box...turned it on and it stopped working within 30 seconds. To me this is a bit of a negative. It is also bigger and heavier than I imagined. My one positive - it does roll smoothly across the floor. Wish I could have tried to wet option....more info
  • Would spend a little more for the better FloorMate
    This is my second FloorMate and while it isn't bad, I do not like this one nearly as much as the slightly more expensive ones. The brush system is not nearly as effective. ...more info
  • Auto shut off works too soon
    While this is a much nicer unit that the spinbrush, the automatic shut off in the water resevoir activates almost constantly. Even when there is no water in the tank the suction is so great that it closes the airflow. This is difficult to deal with since you have to turn off the unit to get suction back. It would be great if Hoover would fix that one small (but aggravating) feature....more info
  • Pretty good on hardwood, a few quirks to be accommodated
    Our house is all hardwood except for the bathrooms, which are tile. We were a little worried about using water on wood, but we took a chance and did a back hallway first before doing the more public areas. It worked fine and actually left the floor drier than a Swiffer mopping.

    Other than occasional Swiffing and spot cleaning, our floors had not been seriously cleaned since they were installed new 3 years ago. It did an acceptable job of cleaning up the "background" dirt and the floors came out really nice. After cleaning I tested a small spot with Windex, a scrub brush and a white paper towel and was surprised that nothing showed on the paper towel. Good enough for me!

    However, as others have said, almost any kind of extra-dirty spot required extra attention. I found if I spritzed a little Windex on the spots as I approached them, the machine pretty much got them up. A few of the worst I did have to loosen with a scrub brush. Yes, it was more work than it should have been, but it was still way less than doing the whole floor with mop and scrub brush. Plus the wood got far less wet that it would have with a mop (both quantity of water and length of time on the floor), and it ended up a lot dryer.

    Now the quirks: it has a filter interlock thingy that I assume is meant to prevent overfilling the dirty water tank. It frequently closes for no apparent reason and the only way to open it is to shut the machine off. PITA! So I clipped a binder clip to it and now it can't close. This means I have to be careful not to overfill the tank, but that's better than having to switch it off and on every minute. Also, the tanks are amazingly small. I had to drain the dirty water and refill the clean water countless times. Luckily it's easy to do. Lastly, when you're done, as you disassemble and clean and dry it for storage, it will leave a dirty puddle where it last stood that, particularly on hardwood, needs to be hand-dried.

    Overall I'm pleased. I wish I knew these things existed when I had 5 dogs, assorted cats and kids, and white vinyl in the kitchen!...more info
    I purchased the Floormate on the advise of a very good friend who has used one for a very long time. Upon reading the customer reviews, I was having second thoughts, but went ahead because of the positive feedback I had gotten from my friend. I am SOOO glad I did! To be realistic, if you are looking for something that is going to remove heavy duty stuck on messes, then this is not for you. It is NOT a commercial machine, and one cannot expect that kind of result. I regularly clean and vacuum, so to maintain my biweekly floor mopping, this works just fine. I didn't find it any louder than any vacuum I have ever owned. I also have five dogs who "run for the hills" when I am using the machine, but I really wouldn't want them following me around while I am scrubbing the floor. My hardwood and tile floors came up spotless,and while you do have to move slowly to get the best result, it is worth the time. Also, the floors come up clean using HALF the amount of cleaner they recommend. I would highly recommend this machine!...more info
  • Don't wasteyour time
    I bought this cleaner because my house is all hardwood and I have two dogs. I was hoping that this would help to give my floor a nice deep clean. It actually didn't clean anything at all. I couldn't get up the dog drool spots which I have to scrub out, but worse it didn't get rid of water spots which I can wipe up with a paper towel. This may work for tile, but wouldn't bother if you have hardwood....more info
  • works well on smooth floors, not on my rough tile
    This works well on my wood floors and on my smooth tile floors but not on my rough kitchen tile. It isn't able to get into the nooks and crevices like it needs to. I thought the dry vac worked well although I read other reviews that said it didn't(and I have 2 dogs and 2 children under age 4!). It does take more time than I would like, you do need to move slowly to get the floor clean and dry.
    I would recommend it if you have alot of smooth floors because it beats mopping and hands&knees cleaning!...more info
  • Not impressed. Not impressed at all.
    I've always been curious about this product, and despite owning the no longer manufactured Bissell Steam Mop, when this went on sale at Target, it magically jumped into my shopping cart.

    I have 3 very active little children who like to dump dish detergent on the floor and then squeeze ketchup into the mess. We have two dogs and a cat, all of which enjoy shedding amazing amounts of hair. My house is in a constant state of chaos. Anything that will enable me to clean up the sticky, gooey, dried on bananas and mountains of pet hair more quickly? I'm intrigued.

    We have approximately 1800 sq. feet of hard flooring on the main level of our home. Some of it is tile, some of it is sealed bamboo (like hard wood). All of it is quite regularly smeared in yogurt.

    I own a Dyson which has spoiled me to other vacuums forever, so I was highly skeptical of the vacuum feature on this product. But I was surprised. The dry vac did a decent job. I had to tilt it back to get it to eat cheerios and bits of dry noodles, but it certainly picked up the debris and pet hair. It does not get into the corners and up against cabinets and furniture very well, BUT it does fit under my cabinets which my Dyson does not.

    The vacuum is quite noisy.

    Encouraged by the dry vac results, I followed the directions, mixed the cleaner and filled the tank. I emptied the canister that had collected the dry stuff and clicked over to the wet vac section. It was just as noisy, of course.

    I started in my laundry room. By the very short time I had reached the front of my kitchen sink (not even an 1/8th of the way through my hard flooring), the tank was empty.

    Well, that's inconvenient. I refilled it wondering if I was squeezing the lever that releases the cleaning solution too frequently. I wondered if I could at least get through the rest of my kitchen and casual dining room (all tile) before reaching the Great Room where the Bamboo flooring started on this second tank.

    No go. I was out of water again by the time I hit the dining room table. It took me three times as long to not even complete a job that normally takes me about 30 minutes with a broom and my Bissel Steam Mop.

    The Hoover Floormate was at least no effort to push around, but I had to go quite slow, go over and over and over areas that the Bissel could blow through in seconds, and since the directions encourage you to go over sections again (without squeezing the lever) to squeegie the extra water up to aid in drying, it just took a ridiculous amount of time.

    It did an okay job at cleaning, I guess. I think this product would be ideal if you live in a home without a ton of hard flooring and maybe without such an active (read: messy) household as mine. I'm thinking my mother would like this.


    - Very easy to push around, takes almost no effort. Easy on the back.
    - Does an okay job at cleaning. Not so great at tough stuff like dried banana or apple sauce (yay for flung baby food).
    - Low profile, fits under cabinets.
    - Light weight.

    - Way noisy. Wouldn't dare use this in the hallway while the kids are napping or asleep.
    - Water tank is too small OR the lever releases more solution than is really necessary? My Bissell Steam Mop's reservoir seems much smaller but I can get the entire main level done in a tank and a half.
    - Slow process. You have to go quite slowly to get it to clean really well.
    - No little side brushes like the Dyson so it misses crumbs and pet hair up against the wall or cabinetry.
    - Obnoxious to clean/empty the reservoirs. Maybe the Bissell (I can't stop mentioning it! Bissell! Bissell!) has spoiled me, but no extra solutions, and no holding tanks to clean.
    - My steam mop cleaned better, I finished the job with the steam mop tired of the amount of time it was taking and mixing expensive solution (I realize others have said I can use other cleaning solutions).

    ...more info
  • So-so dry vac, not so great wet vac
    We bought a well-reviewed carpet vacuum from Amazon last year, and absolutely love it. After that positive experience, we were looking for something for our kitchen, bathroom and hallway floors and came upon this cleaner.

    Starting with the dry vac part, that seems to get smallish pieces of dirt fine, but anything Cheerio sized or larger it pushes around on the floor unless you lean the vacuum back. Which would be fine, but if you lean it back too far, there is a suction filter thing (made for the wet vac part) that sticks and you have to turn off the vacuum and wait about 10 seconds for the suction to release that piece before you can continue. Anyway, the small dirt and dust are really picked up quite well, but if any of you have small children (we have 3 boys under 6), don't have any expectations of this getting up mealtime messes.

    Now, onto the wet vac part, which was the main reason we got this. Very disappointing. We used the included cleaner, warm tap water, etc as the directions indicated, and both my wife and I swear the floor is no cleaner than when we started. It doesn't look cleaner, shine more or even have a nice smell that we could even close our eyes and pretend it was clean. Spills or stains that normally take 1-3 passes with a mop are taking 8-12 passes with this machine. We bought this to save time and/or get cleaner floors, and I can honestly say that this machine did not do either.

    As briefly noted above, if you have children, do not expect clean floors out of this, and I can't recommend this at all. This product may be suitable for people who have no children, no pets and only small dust particles and light traffic; I just know this isn't our house!...more info
  • Why didn't I get one of these earlier?
    I just got my Hoover Floormate yesterday and I LOVE it. Now I don't cringe when my son crawls on the kitchen floors and I don't live in fear of him getting e-coli poisoning. Now,to be realistic, you can't expect it to do jobs that require elbow grease, like caked on dirt, but it sure makes daily cleanup and maintenance a breeze! What I love is the fact that you don't need to drag out the vaccuum cleaner, mop and bucket, do the labor and then wait for the floor to dry or drag a bathtowel accross the floor. It is incredibly easy to fill the unit, take it apart and clean it, and put it away. Also, the older model is very reasonably priced, and I don't think the newer model is worth the extra money for the features. This unit does the job!...more info
  • Great For Daily Use - Nott Made For Heavy Duty Cleaning
    I read the reviews before I purchased this machine. I know from experience that reviews are extremely subjective and often times people misuse the appliance or simply expect more than a machine is capable of. So with this in mind I will put in my 2 cents.

    I have had my machine for two months and I use it about 4 times a week on a 200 square foot vinyl kitchen floor that accomodates two adults, a 4 year old and two dogs. Generally it works pretty well and is much more convenient than a regular mop and bucket.

    You must remember that this is a low cost residential machine and as such will not replace the suction and scrubbing power of a serious vacuum and elbow grease.

    The machine is set up to auto-shut off if you move the machine quickly or drop it down low. I agree with with the other writers about the poor suction capability but you must consider the overall design of the machine. A powerful adjustable head machine that would pick up more than dog hair and dust would be cost prohibitive. I see what Hoover was trying to do with this machine. They were trying to accomodate our scrubbing and vacuuming needs in one cost effective machine. They gave it a good shot but for all of us clean-freaks this machine doesn't quite hit the mark.

    The water/cleaning solution section is, in my humble opinion, to small. I run out of water quickly and I have a very small kitchen. But the good news is that my kitchen is so small I can take three steps over to the sink and fill it up. :)

    One more comment before I give my final review...remember to follow the instructions and use ONLY the kind of cleaners Hoover recommends. There's a reason for this. If you use regular household cleaners that cut crease you will damage your machine and it will most certainly leak and die! The grease cutting agents in regular household cleaners and soaps strip the bearings and fry the gaskets.

    So my final opinion is this. If you have a relatively small space and need a daily quick scrub it's a great time saver. It's a good overall cleaner if you need a quick vac-up of dog hair, scrub and mop. Any more heavy duty than that and you are back to the good old vacuum attachment, mop and bucket routine. If you are a cleanfreak, like me, you know that nothing replaces a good old fashioned hand-and-knees scrub. No machine will ever leave you satisfied. This machine was definately NOT made for heavy duty cleaning but for light daily use it's great.

    I am giving this machine 4 stars because I think it does what it was designed to do...light cleaning. I would have given it 5 stars if the cleaning solution bucket was larger and the cut off mechanism was a little more liberal and a little more suction power would have been nice.

    When Hoover finally comes up with a heavy duty scrubber with the suction power of a regular vacuum, scrubbing power of my own elbow and ability to get into corners and baseboards I'll be all over it! Until then, I'll settle for a daily scrub with this machine and a good hand scrub once a month.

    ...more info
  • Terrible, DO NOT ignore negative reviews!
    I ignored the negative reviews. What I got myself was a huge pain! This thing is a terrible vaccuum. It vaccuums dust and sand- if you go over it twice. It does NOT vaccuum Kix, Cheerios, Goldfish, dried Play-Doh, corners, under low clearance furniture, along edges of walls or cabinets... I was so disappointed. I usually use a Shop Vac with a wide brush floor attachment. I wanted something that would do 2 jobs at once and save me time. It took me twice as long to vaccuum. If an object is too large to suck up you are out of luck. Here is why...

    *The debris on the floor has to be able to fit in the same narrow opening that sucks up the water.
    *The rubber edging is set too low to the floor and pushes or flings larger objects ahead of it. If you go over it backwards you hit the first problem stated above.
    *The suction is not great enough to pull debris from edges and corners.

    In addition, the water and dry dirt end up in the same container unless you wish to clean out the container twice. The filters clog easily if you have pets. The fluid runs out quickly. The brushes are weak and ineffectual on thicker grime and spots, a hidden jelly stain or a drop of congealed juice for example. I did notice that the water method sucked up more dirt then the intended dry method. It does clean, I had dirty water as proof, but this product leaves too much behind. I was very bummed and it was a hassle to return because I live 25 miles from the store. I wish that I had accepted the negative reviews. I hope other readers will learn from me and not the hard way like I did! There really is no better way than a broom or a good cannister vaccuum to get dirt and there is a reason that the mop is still #1 after all this time! ...more info
  • Waste of Time
    We bought one of these for Christmas and it went back within 2 days. After trying twice, it took me over an hour to "clean" my kitchen floors. Some spots I had to go over 7 or 8 times - and even then it didn't clean all of it up. Plus you have to go sooooo sloooowwwww. And it is loud. This machine loses suction at the slightest quick movement and you have to turn it off and back on again. Also, the water it does pick up is dirty so you have to handle it with your hands to dump it out. I have a 2 year old and infant - I don't have time for this ridiculous contraption. Try a steam mop instead, like the Reliable Steamboy. They're cheaper, faster (I can have my kitchen done in less than 5 minutes) and leave your floors "white-sock" clean and sanitized - without cleaners or chemicals....more info
  • WOW! I can let my son crawl on my HW floors now!
    This unit is very nice looking and easy to move around. The vacuum function works very well also. When I first started using the wet vac function, I thought it wasn't working because it left the floor so dry! But then when I looked carefully at the clear plastic at the base of the vacuum, I saw the water being sucked through it as I passed it back and forth. Moreover, I KNEW it was working once I looked in the dirty water tank! It was in there and it was in fact very dirty! Also makes a good wet vac - the other day a big container of water spilled on my floor and I panicked until I realized I had this unit and when I slowly passed it over the puddle it sucked the whole thing right up effortlessly. I have two minor complaint and one major complaint (hence the 4 stars instead of 5). Minor complaints: you do need to pass over visible dirty spots a few times and you need to scrub anything caked on. But again, minor complaint since it takes second just to go back and forth a few times. Second my unit has a glitch sometimes it seems - hard to explain but sometimes it will just make a big suction sound and spit out a lot of water, so I have to shut it off and restart it, but again it just sucks the water right back up and I'm good to go. MY MAJOR COMPLAINT is that there is this small (removable) filter that sits over the tank that holds the dirty water, and after the first use alone, the darn thing STINKS of mold. Apparantly it stays wet when the water passes through it somehow, and when you use the unit somehow air passes through it so when the unit is on, you get this moldy smell blown at you. I tried to wash this filter and dry it out, but this is not curing the problem. I don't even know where to get these filters yet, hope they aren't too expensive as the only solution may be to constantly replace them if I can't take the smell. Otherwise I am highly satisfied with this product, and the price is outrageous....more info
    We had the original FloorMate which ran out of steam after 2 years of continuous use. This one can not compare. The shampoo portion leaks, it leaves streaks on the floor, the brushes are practically useless and we are generally disappointed and thinking of purchasing an upgraded model. ...more info
  • Good Scrubbing; Mediocre Suction
    I purchased this product for the hardwood homes throughout our home. The scrubbing action works well to get stuck-on stuff off the floor. The machine is easy to assemble and use. However, the suction seems poor. On the dry-vac setting, it pushes around even small pieces of debris (i.e. popcorn kerneal) instead of sucking it up. It often blows dust-bunnies around instead of eliminating them. I have gone back to the old manual Swiffer for dust-mopping.

    On the wet setting, it will pool water underneath it if left in one place for very long (so then I'm toweling up dirty water). I was excited to get this labor saver and it's better than a mop bucket but still leaves a lot to be desired....more info
  • Great hard floor cleaner!
    The Hoover H2850 is great. I always hated using a mop, which always just seemed to push around dirt, then you have a wet mop and bucket to deal with. This cleaner is perfect because you can vacuum up all of the loose dirt first, then use the water to clean. It gets my tile floor really clean and does a pretty good job of sucking up all of the water, so the floor dries quickly. It also fits in that small space underneath the cabinets, which is nice. My only small complaint is that it doesn't do a great job on the grout. But, minus a toothbrush and some knee pads, what does? Highly recommend....more info
  • A really good scrubber
    We have a light-colored linoleum floor in our kitchen. Needless to say, the floor shows a lot of dirt. We tried all different kinds of mops and power brushes to keep it clean. The only way the floor really got clean was to scrub with a sponge and bucket on your hands and knees. This method is rather time consuming to say the least!... So, we scouted around for an alternative method of mopping and noticed all the good reviews of this product.... We purchased it and couldn't be more pleased with the results!! It scrubs as well if not better than being on hands and knees. The first time we used it we couldn't believe the difference in the cleaniness. Now,happily we don't have any issues with our kitchen floor....Also, we have tried it on our tile bathroom floor and it gets the grout lines very clean. The only 'complaints' I have are that you have to go SLOW to get the best results and the machine is noisy. Other than those two minor issues, I would highly recommend this particular floormate to anyone with problem floors. ...more info
  • Changed my mind
    Edited after a few months use: Unit is leaking now, and drips water all over the place. Getting ready to find out how good their customer service is.

    I had initially reviewed this model and put in a pretty bad review (though nothing offensive of course), and it never showed up. Now I am actually glad it didn't because I have changed my opinion of this cleaner.

    One of my main complaints initially was that when using the normal vacuum mode, the thing would often "stop up" -i.e. cut off, because it "thought" that too much air was being blocked (it uses a dangling...stopper...that closes to regulate something). Sorry ...not very good description.

    Anyway, this particular function is quite sensitive, so in some cases, you will find your cleaner just shutting off, most likely when you make sudden, or big movements (like moving the handle close to the floor, or really tilting it in any way). It just doesn't like that in general and will shut off. This frustrated me to no end and I panned the whole cleaner because of it.

    Now, after I have used it at least 5 times...I kind of know its behavior, and I go easy on the vacuuming part..I guess I was a pretty wild/aggressive vacuumer...who knows. Anyway, it has not shut off like it did when I first got it because I changed my vacuuming behavior.

    But the real gem here is not the vacuum part of course (which I think works fine except for quirk above), it's the mopper, which is GREAT. No more wiping the stupid floor with Clorox wipes for this sucker! :D I love the job this cleaner does, and even the smell afterwards (using their Hoover cleaner at least...haven't tried anything else). It's not overpowering, or sickly sweet like a lot of those type cleaners...just smells...CLEAN.

    4 stars, and it would get 5 if the vacuum stopper were not so sensitive.

    Re: noise, yes it is noisy, but I recognize that it's the whine of a high efficiency machine...a quiter model would be nice, but I bet you would sacrifice power for that quietness.

    ...more info
  • A great Time-Saver.
    I bought this on sale at Target after shopping around for awhile. It was normally 129.99 and I got it for 99.99, so, to me that was a bargain. I have ceramic tiles and hardwood floors in my house and it is such a treat to vacuum and clean the floors all at once. No need to tote around the broom, dustpan, mop and bucket anymore. This has saved me time and is much more convenient.
    It cleans the floors relatively well. Not as well as say getting on your hands and knees, but it does a great job. Who wants to get down on all fours to clean your floors anyway? Sometimes you can see streaks on the hardwoods, which is mildly annoying. I think the vacuum works very well. It will pick up most anything. You will be absolutely amazed at how dirty the water is after you mop your floors! The first time I mopped my kitchen with the Floormate I was astounded at how dirty the floor was and I had mopped it earlier in the week!
    There are a couple complaints I have, but they are minor. I do not like the pedal that you have to press with your foot to switch from dry vac to wet mop. It can be difficult to press and I forget to switch it sometimes. I wish it was on the handle like the other models. Also, it is a VERY noisy vacuum. I have animals that run for cover when this thing is turned on. It does sound a lot like being in a wind tunnel. But, it is lightweight and very simple to move around. Overall, it was a great purchase and I do not regret it....more info
  • hands and knees clean
    This is a wonderful invention. It gets under the cabinets and right up against molding. It even pulled stuff out from under a wooden threshold between the kitchen tile and the dining room carpet. Very easy to use. I keep it handy for spills and puppy accidents. ...more info
  • Puppy problems solved!
    My husband and I have a 10 month old puppy and one who is six weeks old. The oldest is housetrained, but now we are starting over with a puppy who will proceed to use our kitchen floor as his bathroom until he learns better. We bought this cleaner tonight at Target (sale right now where you can buy the Floormate for $129.99 and get a $30 Target gift card for Free!!) We debated this purchase for a while, but we are thrilled with the initial results... the water in the tank after we tried it in the kitchen was so horrifying that we immediately set about cleaning the wood foyer that we did not even think was dirty... think again!! We are very pleased and will update our review if our opinion changes. As of right now, I don't know how we ever got through the puppy stage without this last time!!! Quick note - We found that using half the amount of cleaner called for works well with no residue! Enjoy an easy mopping experience!!...more info
  • very pleased
    I ordered this because my home has quite a bit of ceramic tile throughout and we will be putting in some wood floors also..it arrived today after not waiting very long at all and I immediately put it together which was very easy to do and I cleaned my kitchen right away....I love this machine....not only did it vacuum very well it cleaned and dried my floors perfectly and it was easy to push with the soft wheels. I was so surprised to see the color of the water that was suctioned off the floor...it was black....which tells me that this machine is really doing its job. As always I am pleased with Amazon and the products that they carry....thanks!...more info