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Moira Kelly (Dangerous Beauty, "The West Wing") and D. B. Sweeney (Roommates, Memphis Belle) star as polar opposites who unite on the ice for a shot at Olympic gold in this inspirational romantic comedy from acclaimed director Paul M. Glaser (The Running Man). Brimming with wit, charm and plenty of breathtaking sports action, The Cutting Edge is a real winner!

She's a rich and refined pairs figure skater whose prima donna attitude has her skating solo. He's a brash, blue-collar hockey champion with a new injury and no future. With nothing in common but their dream of reaching the Olympics, Kate and Doug are each other's last resort. Reluctantly, they join forces, but its not long before the barbs C and sparks C start flying as the unlikely pair skate towards the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance at a medal...and a chance at love.

As far as ice-skating movies go (or those that prominently feature the cold-bladed sport), this romantic movie is one of the best, thanks to utterly charming performances by underrated actors D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly. The couple play, respectively, a washed-up hockey player and a prima-donna skater who end up in doubles figure skating together at the Winter Olympics. Of course, the mismatched pair fall in love. In between, there's a lot of verbal sparring, talk of toe picks, and surprisingly skillful directing by Paul Michael Glaser (Kazaam, The Air Up There). Direction here is critical--unlike in Flashdance, where the dancing was done in the shadows, face and feet obviously shot separately--and The Cutting Edge credibly highlights the actors and their professional stand-ins. This is such a fun, sweet story that the facts the film takes liberties with--including the alacrity with which a hockey player takes to Olympic-level figure skating--are easily forgivable. --N.F. Mendoza

Customer Reviews:

  • Far-fetched but cute
    I've read and gotten a kick out of both the negative and positive reviews of this film on this site. I would have to say that my opinion runs somewhere down the middle.

    The film starts off on a good note with clear character definitions. Dorsey is the womanizing jock who doesn't know the meaning of the word responsibility, but pulls through when he is needed. Kate is a frustrated diva who hides her insecurities by blaming everyone for her failures.

    Things get a bit hazy, though, as the film progresses. Certain plot points are never really explained. For example, how did Kate, who can't even keep a skating partner, attract the love of a Harvard business graduate? Kate isn't a people person. Why did Hale, her boyfriend for the first part of the film, want to be with her?

    Everyone seems to just know that Kate is a Wonderful Skater. And that's supposed to be enough to support this fallen diva? I think that once most athletes mess up at an Olympic event, their careers are finished for good.

    Why does Dorsey think that he has to prove himself to Kate and her father? He seems pretty self-confident to me, even though he's mad at the world.

    Later in the film, Dorsey watches a video of Kate's botched Olympic performance in 1988. Viewers see only a second of the clip, and it isn't clear what Kate did that was wrong.

    I agree about the drinking scene not being necessary. I was thirteen when I first saw this film and remember giggling during the scene, but now I find it a bit shocking. I experimented with alcohol in later years and learned the hard way it's not as light on one's body as is depicted in films and TV. Dorsey hits the nail on the head: Kate makes a lousy drunk!

    I thought the love story was cute, altough far-fetched. D. B. Sweeney carried himself well as the dreamboat leading man. I was looking at recent photos of the actor, and sadly, Father Time has not been his friend.

    Moira Kelly is attractive in a tomboyish way. There's a scene where she checks herself out in a mirror, and I thought, "Don't push it, honey. You're not THAT pretty!"

    The one character which I didn't like was the Russian instructor, Anton. Every time he called Kate by the Russian version of her name, Katya, I thought to myself, "Her name is Kate, you stereotypical dumb foreigner! KATE!"

    Far-fetched, but cute, is my final review. "Chick flick" is the perfect term for it. "Olympic glory" would be pushing it. ...more info
  • Olympic Nostalgia
    Everyone loves to watch Olympic skating... The Cutting Edge is perfect for those 3 years in between Winter Games. Just as funny and saccharine as I remember. Toe-pick!...more info
  • I love this movie when I was 14 and I am still loving it!
    I have to say I am a Number one fan of this movie. I watched it more that 50 times (seriously) and still get goose bumps. I just love the chemistry between these two actors and actress. They are perfect! I love it. I even bought the soundtrack of this movie. IT is awesome! " Kate, I love you, I saying out loud."---"We are doing Pamchengko"---"What? You think I'm saying this to get the program out of you?"----"Oh, you heard me."---"No, Kate, it's too dangerous."---"Then I'm putting it in." see, I told you, I'm an fanatic of this movie....more info
  • one of the best
    This is one of my all time favorite movies. It is a great blend of comedy, action (not in a lethal weapon kind of way-but skating), and non mushy romance . It is full of great movie quotes since through most of the movie the two main characters seem to hate each other and express themselves as such.
    The story is pretty much that two VERY different people (Kate is a snobby rich girl who is used to getting everything the way she wants it, and Doug is a rough, tell it like it is womanizing guy) hoping for olympic medals mess up big time 1 year and their only hope for next time is each other--and of course they don't get along, and fight about everything including the outfits and music, but their coach comes up with a new routine that if done correctly could blow everyone away and is a sure win--if they can get along long enough to practice it until they can perfect it.
    I've watched it probably over 30 times and love it every time, and the soundtrack is great too, it's one of those movies that leaves you feeling good, happy, and energetic. A great movie anytime!!...more info
  • Fun, if not terribly accurate figure skating movie
    Cultures and egos clash as a figure skater and a hockey player team up to go for the gold at the Albertville pairs figure skating. While the story is a bit cliched, the couple has chemistry, and the skating itself is fun with championship Canadian team Christine Hough and Doug Ladret doubling for the actors. The obvious holes (a hockey player reaching world class level in a couple of years??) are easy to overlook because the movie's so much fun. The most annoying thing real skaters will have to deal with is constantly being asked if that move really is, just impossible. (Bounce spins are cool but there's no way you could throw a skater into a jump from one and have her land it). Nice date flick...more info
  • the cutting edge: gold medal edition
    i love the cutting edge i first seen it when i was eight and i remembered it when i looked into one of my pictures when i was five so i looked it up and bought it. i think everyone should see this movie atleast one and if it turns out to be a favorite you should buy it....more info
  • Great movie
    This is really a great movie. Basically no filth, no sex on screen and a good story of two people falling in love. Very enjoyable....more info
  • Best Ice Skating movie by non-skaters ever
    D. B. Sweeney is a good straight man for Kelly, but this is Moira Kelly's film, and she knocks it out of the park as the spoiled brat trying to win Olympic Gold for her father. The editing is excellent to keep us unaware (most of the time) that these are not ice skaters, but actors pretending to be ice skaters.

    In the standard formula movie where the boy and girl start off hating each other and end up loving each other, this is much better than most, because of the strong performances by Kelly and Sweeney, and by a very strong supporting cast. A bit hokey at times, but still a very enjoyable movie....more info
  • The BEST Skating Movie EVER!
    I have loved this movie since I first saw it in the theater multiple times as it was so damn good!

    I was thrilled beyond belief to read in Entertainment Weekly that a new Special Edition DVD was coming out today. I didn't know, and was also thrilled to see -- for those of you who (also) didn't know it already -- that the FULL SCORE was FINALLY released on the Deluxe Edition CD Soundtrack Release and I picked-up both today!

    As for this Gold Metal Edition -- and for all you similarly panicked collectors -- PLEASE DO NOT PANIC! Amazon made a MISTAKE in the listing, The Gold Metal Edition presents the film in its WIDESCREEN FORMAT and not the erroneously reported Full Screen Format.

    The DVD includes the original trailer, the trailer for the sequel, and a brief 10 minute retrospective featuring Moira and D.B. but (regrettably) does not include Roy or Terry. A more comprehensive Cast/Director featurette/commentary would have been good to have -- there's no commentary at all -- but I'm very grateful that we got a decent Special Edition as well as the Deluxe Release of the Soundtrack with the Full Score. Still, it's better that we got what we did 15 years late rather than never having gotten it at all!

    This movie holds up amazingly well because of the acting, music, and skating sequences and it's a fairly realistic portrayal of relational dynamics and the triumph of hope over despair, triumph over tragedy, and love over hate. Considering how bad Ice Castles sucked I never thought I could love a skating movie until I saw this one. Interestingly, Moira mentions that she gets moved at the same point I always do which is the big "Kate, I need you... I NEED YOU!" scene.

    As to the sequel, solid casting of Scott Thompson Baker and Stefanie Kramer as a 20 years later version of Kate & Doug bodes quite well for it since any sequel had the potential to be a complete and total disaster. Kramer and Baker are hardly an impossible-to-believe-it set of casting choices for an older Kate & Doug. However, one does have to wonder why they didn't/couldn't just bring back D.B. and Moira since it is the movie that basically made them! Interestingly, in the retrospective, D.B. looks EXACTLY the same and Moira looks like she's aged a bit.

    It's a fairly inexpensive purchase to get this new Gold Metal Edition and it's so worth it when you think of how much the film has meant to all of us and to a new generation....more info
  • Corny and predictable but I love it all the same :-)
    While this is an older movie now, it's still fun to watch. I've always loved it. A now former ice hockey player still wants to stay on the ice and a current prima-donna ice-skater needs another new partner. What happens? Yes - you guessed it. They partner up to form a great team both on the ice and eventually off the ice. It's mushy and predictable, but it's fun to watch, and especially if you are a fan of ice-skating, you'll also love it too....more info
  • B-Grade Everything
    This is one of those films you find yourself laughing at--not because it's got good humor in it, but because of all the things it does wrong. The script is corny, the acting poor, and the story line trite and uninvolving.They don't even show any extended figure skating scenes, which would have at least added a nice note as that is always fun to watch.

    The dialogue between the two leads is supposed to be snappy, but with the wooden way they deliver it, it's just dopey (I'm surprised these two actors ever worked again after this film came out...) The two skaters bicker non-stop through the whole movie and then are supposed to fall in love at the end, though I didn't buy it for a minute. They are both unlikeable, as characters and as actors, so I didn't care what happened to them in the end...unless they would have fallen through the ice, which would have ended this dull ice skating movie on the proper note....more info
  • Cutting Edge DVD
    I have watched this movie since it came out on VHS. Finally I decided to buy it on DVD. It is a really cute movie....more info
  • AWSOME MOVIE!!!!!!!!!
    this is trully one of my favorite movies, i wished for it to never end , i just finished watching it right now in amc and just fell in love with it, in need of buying this movie!...more info
  • The Cutting Edge
    As expected, an old plot, a very old plot, done with new technology, new faces and in color. Like an ice cream sundae, always good for a few minutes of relaxation, with no lingering negative after effects....more info
  • I LOVE IT !
    I loved this movie when it first came out and bought after Christmas and my family loved it. I like the interview with the main characters - very funny. It was referenced in a hockey game later that week - still current after all these years! ...more info
  • A Real Charmer
    It's hard to say exactly why this little movie is such a charmer, but it is. It was only a modest success when first released, but has gone on to become something of a cult favorite on video and cable, enough so that a sound-track CD was released several years after the movie.

    Perhaps part of the reason is that it combines two well-known and durable genres, the underdog sports movie and the romantic comedy of mismatched opposites. He is Doug Dorsey, an Olympic hockey player from a mining town in northern Minnesota, knocked out of a pro career by a minor eye injury, who is apparently irresistible to all the ladies, except for her. She is Kate Moseley, an upper class pairs figure skater who missed out on Olympic gold by falling in the long program, whose sharp tongue has driven away all her potential partners. Out of desperation, her coach recruits the hockey player to be her new partner. As the script actually acknowledges, this premise stretches credulity, but then this is basically a fairy tale anyway (as are most romantic comedies, if you think about it). Will the hockey player be able to convert to an Olympic level pairs figure skater? Will they skate for Olympic gold? Will they bicker and insult each other and fall in love despite themselves? No points for incorrect guesses.

    If the ending is predictable, and the subsidiary players are stock (the gruff but wise coach, the gay male skating partner, the pushy father, the upper class boy friend), then perhaps the answer is that getting there is fun, with some twists and turns thanks to a funny script by Tony Gilroy, and terrific chemistry between D.B. Sweeney as Doug and Moira Kelly as Kate. Sweeney does an excellent job playing a guy who is an egotistical jock ("There are only two things I do really well, sweetheart, and skating's the other one!"), a bit crude, but who also has a sweet side to him. Kelly delivers her bitchy lines with flair ("What is this, last stages of Ukranian Alcohol Psychosis?") but also shows a very appealing vulnerability. Their interaction carries us through a pretty stock and predictable plot and makes it believable. Among the memorable scenes between them are a series of skating sequences in which the only dialog is the words "toe pick", their exchange of Christmas presents, the two of them getting a case of the nerves at the Nationals, their celebration afterwards, and of course, the lead-up to the climactic Olympic skate at the end. The sharp-eyed may be able to catch three scenes that feature a Bobby Hull Black Hawk hockey sweater which deftly underlines the emotional progression. Incidentally, the Nationals and Olympic pairs skating sequences feature genuine international competition level skaters and are choreographed by Olympic champion Robin Cousins, who also has a cameo as a commentator at the Nationals.

    A real feel-good guilty pleasure movie which holds up well to repeated viewings, a great chick flick and the perfect date movie. The DVD is pretty basic; although it has a choice of French and Spanish subtitles and dubbing, the only extra is the theatrical trailer, which has a couple seconds that were cut out of the movie itself....more info

  • Fingerpainting?!?! I LOVE this movie!
    The Cutting Edge is a movie I can't help but love. Cheesy but fun music throughout, and of course the storyline is very predictable, but there is just something irresistible about it. Kate needs a figure-skating partner. Doug can't land a position on any hockey team due to permanent damage resulting from an injury at an Olympic game. The 2 get paired together as a last resort by Kate's skating coach. It seems so silly...I mean, as I type this review, I'm thinking this is going off the charts on the cheesy scale. But if you love romantic comedies, this is one you will definitely watch over and over and over again. My cousin and I wore out her VHS of it back in college. Can Kate & Douglas achieve their dreams and win at the Olympics? Well, you'll just have to see, but give it a's a cut above the rest!...more info
  • Great DVD!
    Enjoyed the DVD! When I ordered the DVD on line, it took them three days to get it to me. Great customer service and always dependable. I can't wait for the BluRay edition!...more info
  • A romantic comedy that even guys (like me) will love
    This is the only romantic comedy I own so far (unless you count Grease - which has cars!), but I absolutely love it, and I'd recommend it to anyone. The chemistry in the movie is great, and even though you can tell pros are doing the skating stunts, it doesn't look bad at all. I would recommend this movie to anyone, even a man's man. If nothing else, you can mumble something about how it's good to have a movie for when the ladies are over....more info
  • the best
    I think this is the best of many ice skateing movies the romance and misunderstanding makes for a better story line. ...more info
  • sOoOoOo sweet i think
    Very excellent movie to watch
    This movie was worth seeing. Its how two people fall in love that seem so opposite that it would be impossible. Well love is never impossible and this movie shows that you can find love in the least likely place and its an excellent family film. I reccomend watching it because it always has comedy in it and its an inspiration to the audience.
    ...more info
  • Cutting Edge DVD
    I have watched this movie since it came out on VHS. Finally I decided to buy it on DVD. It is a really cute movie....more info
  • My favourite movie
    This is definitely my favourite movie ever!! an abselute must for all ice-skating lovers... Kate's sharp toung and the cold ice is a very good combination. But once again, in the end love concoured all. I loved it!!!!...more info
  • Cutting Edge
    Definately one of the best skating/love stories ever. It's humerous and both actors play their parts so well....more info
  • A great movie to feel good with.
    I rented this movie on a WHIM because I am a shoot-em up and gunsmoke lover. I found myself engrossed in the highs and lows , one liners and super acting displayed in this movie for a very enjoyable evening of entertainment. It kept my interest to the very last. I guess I'm just a sucker for love in the movies. I went on line and ordered the movie for my collection. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie, you will not be sorry. In some ways it's very much like A Christmas Card or A special Night, both of which I also bought.There is no need to cover the story line as others have done a far better job than I could have....more info
  • The Cutting Edge
    Doug is a talented hockey player and is a bit more on the wild side. Kate is a gifted ice skater who is constantly focused on practicing and perfection, and never seems to have the time or courage to live a little. They come from seemingly two different worlds. But when Doug's hockey dreams and Kate's ice skating dreams begin to crumble, they must come together and use both of their talents to win the gold...while they slowly begin to fall for each other.

    "The Cutting Edge" was a great movie! It had a good storyline, great ice-skating, and a nice mix of romance and comedy. The ending left a few things to the imagination, but I think if it had ended at any other time it wouldn't have been as exciting. There was some swearing and more mature content but no really bad swear words or anything really graphic. Overall, I recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good romantic comedy. I know that I really enjoyed it!...more info
  • If you're a romantic - you'll love this movie
    First things first, the price tag on this DVD is so low because it offers none of the extras that people buy DVD's for. The only extra is the theatrical trailer.

    But if you want to watch a movie that will leave you smiling and wanting to press play again, this is it! Sure it follows a formula and you can see the end coming from a mile away but the lead actors are so good that you get wrapped up in the story despite yourself. You will forgive the implausibility of the plot and the swiftness with which Doug Dorsey learns to figure skate and all the other distractions and just bask in the chemistry of D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly. I love this movie more everytime I watch it....more info

  • Ice
    Ice skating movie, to me, are the best movies around. This one is one of the best of them....more info
  • ice skating pleasure
    This is such a great movie, and the skating is wonderful. This is a must see...more info
  • The Cutting Edge - Gold Medal Edition
    The fil is good and interesting, you can enjoy and pass the time...more info
  • Edgy Chemistry
    While I had been mildly tempted by the film, I put off seeing it for a number of years. Well. My loss. Someday I'll learn that a good chick flick can still be a good flick.

    Fun. Fast moving. With lead actors who are comfortable on skates and expert at deliverying the witty, biting dialog. And there's an extra something here: the chemistry of the two lead actors which lifts this film from simply being a good film to a winning one for fans of romantic comedy/drama. Even guy fans--who'll probably moan sympathetically when Doug walks out on Kate in my favorite scene of the movie--you know the one I mean....more info
  • Not a Family Movie
    This movie has many scenes where the leading man is in and out if bed with numerous women. It also has a fair amount of swearing. These things ruin a movie for family viewing. I was expecting a clean, romantic story....more info
  • ice skating
    This is a VERRRRRY good movie. i have watched it SEVERAL time and would recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    when i heard about this movie the only reason i wanted to see it was because it had ice skating in it. being a skater myself i now how hard it is to find good skating movies out there, but this movie was so much more. i mean it had romance comedy and the acting was pretty good. what else good you ask for? i would definately recommend this to every one!
    ...more info
  • Cliches stacked on cliches piled on cliches
    Unlikeable one-dimensional characters (rich female snob/down and out blue-collar guy), poor directing (no real skating sequences), wooden acting, unbelieveable story and cliche after cliche after cliche. Space won't permit all the examples. Decent so-called "chick flick" but overall dull, emotionless, uninspiring, and unoriginal. ...more info
  • The best romantic comedy drama of the 90's!
    People may say that My Best Friends Wedding was the best romantic comedy of the 90's, but I have to say that this one is my all-time favorite! Julia Roberts is great and banked a lot of bucks for the movie studios, however The Cutting Edge proves you don't need big-name stars for a film to excel on all levels. You can read what this film is about already, I just wanted to say that if you have overlooked this or if it is not in your collection already, you are missing out! 5 stars!...more info
  • Magnifico!
    English has words for most emotions, but sometimes Italian is more effective. I saw this movie for the first time seventeen years after it came out, and I found it exactly "Magnifico".
    Ice-skating has always represented in my immaginary one of the forms of "gracefullness" that can be acheived in competitive sports. Another is surely gymnastics.
    This very well written movie deals with a beautiful and fascinating sport, but also adds to this advantage a story of failures, dreams, efforts and "Great Expectations" (Kate gives Doug this book for Christmas). The plot somewhat resembles "The Taming of the Shrew", with a femine character that is whitty, sassy and tempremental and a male character that steadily somehow tames her. However, we don't live in Skakespeare's times anymore, so the parity of sexes must be respected, with also the man giving in at last to love.
    Nothing is more romantic than the meeting of disparities, and this is exactly what happens here.
    A pretty, talented, rich, spoiled and introverse young figure skater, Kate Mosely, finds herself without a partner. Thanks to the long eye of her Russian trainer, she has the occasion of trying out the retired hockey player Doug Dorsey, that slightly intimidated by the girl and the situation, but at the same time desiring to skate again and compete decides to pair up with her in the attempt to qualify for the Olympic games.
    One of the points of force of this movie is the dialogue between the couple which is fast, humoristic and a pleasure to follow. Another is the evident attraction between the actors which goes right to the heart.
    The scenography is also very good, with the winter scenes that add magic to the atmosphere and the training scenes with the skaters alone on the rink.
    Obviously some of the sport scenes are impossible, as skaters have rightly pointed out, and the plot resolves as expected, but I believe this movie can be classified as a romantic classic and will stand the test of time.
    ...more info
  • A classic, great duo.
    This is a movie we watch at least twice a year.....we love the one liners. This is one of our favorites.....we lent it out and never got it back, so I am replacing it....more info
  • A Disappointment
    Having done figure skating for many years of my life, I was looking forward to seeing a movie about the sport, but this one definitely failed to deliver. When it origianlly premiered in the movie theaters back in 1992, I was 12 and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, so about 10 years later I decided to buy it on DVD. That was definitely a mistake! This movie lacks a lot of the sophistication that an adult viewer may appreciate. After seeing it again as an adult I realize how unrealistic, over dramatic and predictable this film is. I mean to start with, how and why did an Olympic level pairs skater become partners with an injured hockey player to begin with? In real life that would obviously never happen. The movie has a few funny moments, however it's very cheezy. Truly a disappointment. If you insist on seeing this movie, I would highly recommend renting it first....more info
  • "The Odd Couple" on ice...
    Just as "Ice Castles" had inspired a generation of ice-skaters in the late-70s', in 1992 the romantic comedy THE CUTTING EDGE created a similar effect when it burst onto the screen. An hilarious and touching movie, filled with great performances and a well-handled screenplay by Tony Gilroy.

    Doug Dorsey (played by D.B. Sweeney) is an injured former hockey player, who finds himself playing skate-partner to tiresome, pampered prima donna Kate Moseley (Moira Kelly). Before you can say "double axle", Kate begins her systematic plan to get rid of Doug using whatever means possible...but she doesn't count on Doug being every bit as tough as she is! As the pair begin to skate towards Olympic glory, could their fiery, "Odd Couple" relationship ever blossom into love?

    Both Sweeney and Kelly offer fine performances and their chemistry carries the whole film nicely. Roy Dotrice is a hoot playing Kate's addled Russian skate coach and the cast also features Terry O'Quinn, Dwier Brown, Chris Benson, Rachelle Ottley and Kevin Peeks....more info
  • Great movie
    I enjoyed this movie, it was an accurate depiction of ice skating sport, competition, and relationships between coach and partners. The actors realistically portrayed their roles and it was fun to watch....more info
  • Not a Family Movie
    This movie has many scenes where the leading man is in and out if bed with numerous women. It also has a fair amount of swearing. These things ruin a movie for family viewing. I was expecting a clean, romantic story....more info
  • Very comical, every guy that I have made watch it, loves it
    This is a very enjoyable movie. It works for both guys and girls. It fits into the "romantic comedy" genre, but I think it is so much more. The writing is wonderful, the acting is wonderful, the filming is excellent, and the action scenes are great. I think they casted the movie really well. There is great chemistry between the two leads, which is always the make or break time. They have done decent things since this movie, but I didn't hear of either of them until MY DAD :) told me to watch the movie! Also, the soundtrack is great :)....more info
  • The Cutting Edge
    A very temperamental Kate Mosley has dreams of being a skating champion who has scared off many potential partners. Douglas Dorsey has dreams of being a professional hockey player. When an unfortunate accident impairs his vision, and he is no longer able to compete at the professional level, his dream is altered forever. Doug and Kate are paired together toward a new dream.

    This is a charming romantic movie. DB Sweeney and Moira Kelly have good on screen chemistry, and the skating is well done.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic! A Ten!
    D.B. Sweeney ("Doug Dorsey") and Moira Kelly ("Kate Moseley") light up the screen in this charming movie about a hockey player and a snotty figure skater who are made partners in pairs figure skating after his hockey career comes to a premature hault when he suffers an eye injury, and she can't seem to keep a partner due to her overwhelmingly sardonic attitude. Doug and Kate are polar opposites, and certainly are not a match made in heaven as they begin training together for competitive figure skating, which hopefully includes a spot in the Winter Olympics. But as the days pass, and the months pass, their harshness towards each other turns into a little something more... Funny, sweet and a great movie for anyone, especially anyone who has ever had angry chemistry with someone. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Excellent Movie
    This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I have probably watched it over a dozen times. The sequels do not compare to the original....more info
    The movie was so great for.. it make me inlove specially to KATE(D.B. SWEENEY. She is so beautiful on that movie.. It is the movie that touch me a lot, the soundtracks of a movie and the story. the couple which they fall inlove with each other are mostly common in the movie, but this movie is such thing that u will touch ur heart.. "TOE PICKS".....!...more info
  • I don't want to sound too mean here...
    ....but I've never liked this movie very much. Maybe it's "a guy thing." I don't know many guys who are nuts about this movie. I've read several reviews here in which women reviewers have said that they showed this movie to their men and the men said they loved it. Ladies, I think your men aren't being totally honest with you! I think they're just trying to appear "sensitive."

    Maybe I should like this movie more than I do. After all, it's directed by Paul Michael Glaser - the original Starsky! I idolized Starsky and I feel sort of guilty for not loving his movie.

    This movie stars Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney. I've always liked Moira - she's kind of cute. Also, of all the actors named D.B., D.B. Sweeney has always been my favorite D.B.!

    So, it's not like I don't like the director and the cast. They're all fine. Even the story is okay. I don't even dislike figure skating as much as I probably should. Maybe I just don't like this movie because my ex-girlfriend (I won't name her - let's just call her Satan) made me watch this movie 30 times with her!

    Maybe I just got a little Cutting Edged-out. 30 times might be too much for ANY movie - even something great like Rambo 2. ...more info
  • A "must have" for skating fans!
    This is a movie that every skating fan (virutally) knows and loves. It's not the most accuarte portrayl of figure skating ... there has yet to be a skating movie made that IS and accurate portrayal of figure skating. But, it's fun and romantic and sweet and well acted. It's a bit fluffy, but that's what it's supposed to be. If you don't like figure skating --- or if you don't like pairs skating ... you probably won't "get" this movie. If you do, you will love it. A warning, though - if you know too much about pairs, you may find yourself arguing out loud with the movie at times, though....more info
  • A truly manly movie
    I keep telling my girlfriend this is a guy movie, and this is how I see it...

    A rugged hockey player named Douglas Dorsey (DB Sweeney) is on the verge of greatness. He's in the Olympics and his career is on cloud nine. He's nearing a lucrative NHL contract that will set him up with millions. A massive, if not illegal, check from a foreign hockey goon sends his career, his health, and his life into a tailspin. In walks the Russian coach (or is he a spy?) Pamchenko to change his world.

    He links Douglas up with vixen Kate Mosley (Moira Kelly), a virtuoso on skates whose heart is just as cold as the ice on which she effortlessly glides. Her weapon of choice: the deadly toe pick. TOE PICK! Her beauty, brains, and ruthlessness rival that of any Bond villain. Under the tutelage of the Russian, the two team up to take over the world and fill their pockets with gold...via the unjust scoring and judging system of the Olympics.

    Without a single on-screen sex scene or bloody hockey fight painting the ice red, Dorsey's vigor and testosterone must carry the majority of the movie. He's left to fend off another threatening injury - a head shot - while overcoming his partner's tendency to fold under pressure. To overcome the Russian's evil, communist plot he'll have to battle enemies at every stop, bed a gorgeous redhead spy from a heated rival while placating his neurotic partner, and pull off a miraculously daring last feat of flying athleticism that leaves his enemies and Jackie Chan in awe. Is it too much to accomplish? Does he have too much to overcome? It's a rip-roaring good time - complete with a superb early 90s action montage - that is sure to keep everyone interested all the way to the enjoyably predictable end.

    What?...more info
  • Technically a B movie but has the heart of an A!
    This has been one of my favorite movies for as long as I can remember. Even when I was young and I didn't understand all the jokes, but when I recently rewatched it...well my love of it was rediscovered.

    This is a film that basically takes a pridictable and unoriginal story of two people trying to succeed in their sport and end up falling in love and makes it instantly memorable for its snappy dialogue and fun one upmanship of the main characters. This film would be worth it for some its insults alone! Overall, I would say it is a diamond in the rough. But if you are looking for a serious film then this might not appeal to you, The Cutting Edge is pretty much a fun filled romp from start to finish!...more info
  • Repetitive
    Mechanical, predictable characters that do the same thing over and over: argue. I'm not sure why they even fell in love in the first place, they are total opposites....more info
  • Angry Chemistry
    I remember enjoying this film back when I first saw it, over 10 years ago. I hadn't rewatched it in quite a few years, but just decided to do so tonight. Sometimes movies aren't as good as I remember, but this one is. If you're the type of person who reads romance novels & loves that angry chemistry that some characters have, you'll probably be into this. The movie is about a figure skater who tries to make her comeback with an ex-hockey player (D.B. Sweeney). Plus Sweeney's character is also that red blooded sort of man who's more into sports & beer than literature & wine. The young woman is rich & spoiled, but also emotionally bruised & lonely. This is a PG movie, so don't expect any flesh. But do expect heat. Such as heated gazes. There probably isn't enough actual ice skating for big fans of ice skating, but it's enough for the casual viewer....more info
  • the cutting review
    I loved this movie, glad to see it out on DVD. Thanks Amazon for caring this item....more info
  • The cutting Edge
    Arrived quickly in stated shape, have watched several times and love the show. would buy from this seller again!...more info
  • The infection of passion binds the heart and frees a soul.
    I must confess this is one of my all time favorite films. My heart is drawn to romantic comedies, lives drawn to transformation and beauty. I experience all three connections every time I watch this story again and again. The story revolves around the sport of couples olympic skating as approached from to very unlikely directions. The story seemed quite plausible including us in the drive shared by our main characters and their step by step progress through ups and downs to the very exciting conclusion. The workouts were rigorous and the skating footage very powerful and thrilling.The romantic energy was electric and compelling as well as the ache of hearts moving foward and apart in the dance of fear and indecision. This movie feels like what we wish life was and, by the way, can be. Include this in your favorite story collection, today....more info


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